Red Bull Street Style World Finals 2012 Italy

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Japan's Kotaro "Tokura" Tokuda was crowned the Red Bull Street Style Football World Champion. The Japanese baller dazzled his way to the world freestyle football title, which took place at the Roman amphitheatre of Lecce (Italy) in front of World Cup winners Fabio Cannavaro and Pippo Inzaghi. The Italians presented the trophy to the 22-year-old, who beat out Irishman, Daniel Dennehy, in the Finals. Check out the Highlights from the event: /> />___________________________________________________________ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Red Bull on Facebook: /> Red Bull on Twitter: /> Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: /> Sign up for our Newsletter here:

KOZ StreetFutsal
Best of Japan Freestyle.
内田博貴Hirotaka Uchida
世界の舞台で勝つ! 「世界一」とは強敵を倒した証。 そのために重ねた、自分を越える努力に、心から尊敬する。
Dan Rodriguez
Dude of all the things I've never seen there somethings that absolutely impossible to do.
Lilyo so
Sean Garnier is better
I thought that dude was Neymar at first
Dan has so much class about it. He's awesome
Nijyo Risa
aha, goo job my takura;) you are the best! but don't be satisfied with only this competition!
Props to Daniel. It takes big man to admit that best man won.
Faisol Jeksea
tokura freestyle amezing
Jairo Alejandro Choton Cabrera
Espectacularrr lo maximooo....saludos de peru
Electro Falcon
como se llama el de rastra que viene a lo primero con una moto?alguien me dise plis
daniel , he has good sportsmanship he did lost but did not sore
Mauricio Games
tokura samurai que humilhou brasileiros em outro video
Jacopo Costantini
I was here +-+
javier lopez
muy bueno
Hedi Fyodor
How to participe in this competitions??
Aakash Mash
sean is consider best freestyler but why he dint won anything
Robinhod Donal Pardamean S
Aakash Mash
daniel frm ireland u seem like scenery
Lego Gamer
tu mio
Nerd Gamer
Martino Piazza
ma vaffanculo a takura
Kwasior #EKIPA
Sean Garnier <3 Street styyle
TammyAnne Afragola
Can I get that ball?
Shubham Jamwal
FABBBB .................................
tokura, so humble
keren dah
Emmanuel Burelo
I play much
Anyone who has EVER seen a Michael Jackson music videoclip combined with SOCCER FREESTYLING?  NO?  Then you should check out the MJ music vid on my page!! #viralformichael  
Mariano Morales Valazquez
Y quien es ese chino es un genio
manuel may
Tokura no tomes esa basura!
Evelyn Cristina
Ei Jing Tan
Santiago Cavalcante
Davide Tolone
Check out my skills !!!
Tomas Zamora
I'm so hapae dreem cum true
Diegonovic Vico
Is not football but them if they believe
Cony De Sandoval
El chino era muy bueno XD
I doubt that the judges are unbiased, I've seen other competitions where the judges are strongly biased
Jeffry Pak Karto
LoVe U ALL...
And I'm happy when I make 50 touches followed...
Thumbs up for 'Dan The Man' <3 ...For you Achievement Hunter
Jerry Fuentes
Arkangel k ase ayi XD
Jono Chau
I can't do any of those tricks! Wow.
omar mohamed
lol niCe
Roy Ho
benkhouya said
great vid ....
Lionel hec
i can do that, hold my beer
Jack Geco
FORZA ITALIA bitches..
Christian Nina
Una vez que dominas bien haces cualquier cosa igual te sale xD ami tambien me pasa
En lo Unico que le Ganamos a los Asiaticos en el tamaño del Pene ._.
Emmanuel Frimpong
Daniel is DENCH, What class.
Corey S
this video should have been way longer
Felipe Pizarro P.
jajajaja....bandera de Chile.. INFALTABLE!
Tokura's the only one in the world who can do the 'back flip catch' thing ! hes the best !
i can do that, hold my beer
Joshua Lim
The athletes in this sport are so much more sportsman like than in football. Compare this to the numerous divers we see nowadays, it warms my heart as a hardcore football fan when he said Tokura is just a better freestyler than me. Keep it up and I hope this beautiful sport goes to the next level.
Tokura looks liike he is 15
Freestyle football is awesome, but we have to work on our fashion sense xD
Silvio Zini
E bello come video e sono molto bravi
sebastian alvarado17
Shino jotoo
Cozzi azzi
a facc do cazz
Maofree Lookmapa
U can see albanaian flag in this video :) Fabian Duro is an albanian freestyler ... he took place this year xD
Lex Musicchannel desire is to be at World Finals in 2013...see you there my friends! <3
Lobo Les
Jayc Bonfils
"Tokura's just a better freestyler in general,he definitely deserved to win..." always so full of class is Dan the man #Respect
cosz pk
Japan smashing
Aoun SG
I'm so happy... uhhh, This is dream come true. Sure.
I didn't even know this was possible or existed until today. AMAZING!
samy sicra
sean is best
Zesty Afrikan
Good sport. Lost with class
Lecce, Salento, Puglia!
Cida e Adilson Oechsler
the guy comes all of football shorts and tennis shoes comes from the sean, freestyle has style, has a rasta head and humiliates worldwide
Cida e Adilson Oechsler
Séan is the best in the world!!!!!!
Cida e Adilson Oechsler
I agree, this is fucking French +
Laci Gojda
This is REDBullshit :) i like it!
sean is better!!
damian borowko
gangnam style!!!
Tsutomu Shimomura
nice japan style! :D
Kamalio is that Baws!!!
Thats how Youtube makes its money you goon, otherwise we would have to pay to use it!
Simon Karl
That wasn't fair, Tokura drank Red Bull!
Josh Ochoa
eh ive seen better than this look up the guy that help made 2012 fifa street tha nigga is sick
Radek Radek
Sean Sean Sean !!!
Aksel XL Rui
The worst thing I know in the world is none-freestylers who think they know a lot about freestyle, while they actually doesn't know what a skatw is.
Usama Zia
Redbull please next time bring some professional Football freestyler judges those ωнσ кησω about freestyle not like this time look at ur creativity judge he have any experience σғ freestyle αη∂ guys make him judge he did man unfair designs eg- Sèan vs Ghunter and Takura vs Kamalio sorry if u mind but its true just think about this thanks.
Why wasnt touzani participating
you cant buy exactly this monta ball but look for monta freestyle balls. But most freestyler hate these balls :D
Matej Vasilj
Where can I order this ball? :S
João Magliano
que? eu não entendo japonês, desculpa
Big Boozy
jinga jong jong
This is Japanese.
Big Boozy