How To: Shammgod + Between the Legs | Tutorial ft. Dusan Bulut 🔥

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Learn how to master the #1 3x3 player in the world Dusan Bulut's signature move. The Bulut Move! Humiliate your defender with this advanced technique combining the Shammgod and Nutmeg, burning your defender and leading to an easy bucket! Subscribe to the FIBA3x3 channel: /> More on: /> /> />

Kuang Eu Tay
Tried it. Ended up hitting my opponent in the nuts
Alfred Eng
2:32 kyle dropped his phone lmao
2:10 rip phone
Jury Bounackoff
Bullut move????:))) OMG, guys! Proffessor did this move in 2013))) Bullut move...crazy)
Isnt that Bodirogas "whip" between legs? What is shammgod?
All Rice
The Professor did it first. But not in this level of competition.
be KI
xenon destiny
I know what move I'm doing now
Алексей А
this move was thought up by Stuart Tanner from a long time ago
Aleksandar Parezanović
Probaću večeras.
Pink Mamba
Rving 211
ex3 o exb....hmmmmmm
Flip Baller
Number 1? Romeo and Pringle is better than him
Boss J
European big3?
Easy bucket is not always accurate.
YaoHong Yao
Bodiroga, ginobili have done it better!