Three Days Grace I Hate Everything About You Live (Legendado)

Não se esqueça do Like :)

rishabh bhatnagar
this band is far better than others like linkinpark and skillet
lucineide Roberta
Eu amo essa música ❤ ela me faz refletir sobre a vida...
kevin johnson
dude Adam kicks Matt's ass anyway in a singing same sing battle but duhhh right?
cretaceo strapulazza
is there a full live of this show?
Antoni Paiva
Nostalgia pura! Grunge is not dead!
Rafael Marques
Ótimo música, foda!
Rahil Mansuri
Here we are at 240p again
عاکف شاہ
Real 3DG
Fuad Fyad
Eu odeio tudo sobre você! Por que eu te amo?
Canal Do Napalm
Essa music é show
Josy Rocker
Amo dms essa banda 💝
дед максим
Quentin Ferrentino
This reminds me of my ex
Абдулбосит Усманов
does anybody know how this concert is called
Dima Sebastian
Thank you for the upload!! Much love from Romania <3
Diego Fernando
no one can replace this singer, his vocals are way better than the new one... can't imagine this song in someone's different vocals..