Casper the Friendly Ghost - There's Good Boos Tonight

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes friends with a little fox.

God this still makes me cry
Walter Romero
liek this if you cry everytiem 😢
You never realize how dark these old retro cartoon can be till you watch them 20 years later...
This messed me up so bad when I was a kid...and 20+ years later it still gets to me.
Josh Blaushild
Fox Hunters deserve to get arrested to prison. They call fox hunting a sport, but I say it's a crime.
Kaycee Chesnut
This. this is the episode I've been looking for all these years
Issy B. On Air
I've always kind of identified with his loneliness and how he felt alienated. I get choked up too from the moment he cries after his bath all the way to the end when he reunites w the little fox.
Giggity King
Narrator: And so Casper and Ferdie lived happily ever after Me: They're ghosts Narrator: Well, they still ended up being happy together.
Señor Senpai
This made me cry as a kid... Still does ;~;
Chaotic Neutral
This was one of the saddest moments in my childhood. Poor Casper spends the first half sad because he can't find a friend and when he finds one, it was so heart-breaking to see him getting chased and then killed. I was glad that they got a happy ending when he became a ghost as well but it still made me sad as a kid. It still does to this day. Such a underrated moment in a children's show
DWolfLycan III
I have the original tape for this, so when I originally saw it as a kid, it was touching, as I got older into my teens, I legit cried about it cause its a touching story
Fucks me up every time...
Violetta Colt™ (Purple Guy's Wife)
This make me cry every time
Xaelvik 1
Like a lot of people, this episode really disturbed me as a kid. I remember thinking it was the saddest thing I'd ever seen when I was eleven. I've been wanting to view it again through the eyes of an adult. It's still sad as heck, but there is something really sweet about it as well: even death didn't end the love the two had for each other, or their friendship. They get to be together forever.
It's brave in a way cartoons can't be anymore. Casper was dead... and Ferdie was dead. But it held out the hope of something beyond. It's rather more adult than anything you'd see from the Vietnam era onward.
Powerpuff Katie
That’s sad but I’m happy Ferdie became a ghost and stayed with Casper. I would also love to be Casper’s friend.
This always made me cry for some reason as a kid... it still chokes me up even now.
Ayesha Ramazan
Iv spent so long looking for this. I remember this clear as day. Oh how I loved this, choked me up every time when ferdie died
Toxic gummy Worms
Crying 😓😖😭😭
Gale Phorse
Maybe I shouldn't of watched this again. What with putting our dog of 17.5 years down not to long ago.
Daria Elena Dodoloi
I cry every single time..
King Izzy
when I was a kid I cried when Casper cried
Detective Rick Burwitz
Frank Iero brought me here and I'm not disappointed
Why am I crying???
olu hamilton
i remember this cartoon. Even then it struck me as too serious for a CARTOON. messed me up when ferdie died!
Ye Boi
This used to make me so freaking sad oh my gosh I would cry every single time
At last Casper has his true friend ever after.This episode made me cry.Love you Casper👍
B - Doel
I miss my childhood 😥
Valar Morghulis
30 years old, still crying.....
John Jerry
I still remember watching this when I was a kid... oh the memories.
Frank why are you like this
A real "Lost Lonely Soul" .
I always cried at the end as a kid. Good times.
Nostalgia! I was like 4 to 5 when I watched this animation... Also the ending taught me a sense of compromise too :/
🌸Shopkins Pesky🌸
Casper is so cute like if you agree.
so many people are here because of Frank. yeah, me too
Elizabeth Rodgers
This makes me cry too y'all during the fox hunt and the end
Kirsty Dodgson
Awww 🥺 that was one of the most upsetting yet beautiful things I have seen
Purple Dragon
I made a try not to smile/ challenge out of this. I lost.
Sfefi Pinsone
I'm not crying i just 22nd march in my eye.
Tr. Da.
My heart broke at the very end 😭💔
Dani Bd
Who else is here because of Frank Iero?
omggg i used to cry at this every time back when i was just a little kid lmao but im glad it had a happy ending!!
Stergios Steven Argyrakos
I remember seeing this as a kid. That was well probably 18 years ago
Derrick Giroux
"Lived happily ever after?"
night fiera
I'm glad I am not the only one who cries while watching this
brandon addams
This make me cry 🤕😭 poor casper 👻🐺
May god bless casper. He's so friendly.
Dani Bd
Frank never disappoints
chris maruo
That's the most beautiful ending ever sense years ago
Thanks, Frank.
Giggity King
*The Fenton RV comes to this scene* Jack Fenton: Alright ghost, prepare to become the fenton catch of the day. *Uses the Fenton Thermos to suck up Casper's ghost* Casper( As he gets sucked up): CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS!?!?
Elif Özçelik
Imaginative Light
Chicken Dinner
it's 2017 and i'm here for Frank Iero
Kumaboi 615
*sobbing softly* Hey, who left this bowl of onions here?!?
Ami Quinton
Holy crap this cartoon makes me cry EVERY TIME....
Payten Brown
Frank gives me life 😂
Aaron Fairbanks
I love foxes especially ferdie
TBH watching Ferdie get chased was more traumatizing to my childhood than him actually dying. Seeing him so scared 😭
"lived" happily ever after
Chicken Dinner
Casper is me tbh
Kody Maxwell
That scene at 4:01 through 4:30 is like Andrew Waltrip mourning over his parents' death. Mrs. Georgina Leary comforted Andrew Waltrip and adopts him.
jxkervs edits
Frank Iero brought me here oops
off to find out who frank lero is.
Greg Heavy
I can say with absolute certainty that this cartoon has changed me 20 years ago
mikayla gorelin
here bc frank
Powerpuff Katie
This makes me sad I would be Casper’s friend
Wizzy Ace
Who came here from a goodnight post on a Instagram meme account
PlantGuardian PS4Live No Commentary
This still makes me cry
Flukey Nonthawat
Came here from Michelle phan's instagram.
Get's me every time...
Bendy The Devil
But good thing the fox was okay at the end
Deviantart King of 97
As a kid I didn't understand what was going on, but how the hell did they get a way with this. Man it's dark😂
Jackie Trujillo
Dang the fox died nooo l cry that was sad. When Casper bury him and the fox spirit comes back to him. I believe in that there is after life when u die. It was a happy ending.
Frank Iero wants me to watch this so...hope you're proud of me.
I first read "cannibal friends" on the book Casper was hilding in the begining.. xD
JonBenet Lamper
frank ieroooo
the mad
we say that this episode, is a mixture of emotions, sadness for on once hand, and happiness on the other, although it is a bit controversial, since casper loses his new friend, who died, but then recovers him in a ghostly way, that seems much for a series intended for children (despite the good humor of this cartoon).
night fiera
I'm glad I am not the only one who crys while watching this
I cried ;-;
Kitty Cat
I cried when I was 7 and still do
why did i laugh at casper crying at the end
Herberth Alvarez
3:57 Me when i try to leave my worries.
Ferdie? I watched this mad long ago and I could've sworn it's name was Gerdie. Did I come from Earth 2 or something?
spooky scary skellytons
wow ok
FlammuleFox The Hentai God
awwww poor foxes : (
Olivia Quijano
*Casper's Parents come over to comfort their Upset son.* *Casper's Mom:* Oh, Casper Honey. Don't Cry. I am sure Ferdie is with as a Friendly Ghost, like you. *Hugs Casper.* *Casper's Dad:* It's OK, Son. Ferdie is right here with you, now. *Both of Casper's Parents hug their Son, to try to comfort him.*
Melissa Cooper
I cry at the scene when Casper discovers Ferdie has been killed. I can relate to losing a best friend. I was devastated when my cat Luna died of old age. Unlike Ferdie Luna didn't come back as a ghost. She just crossed over as it were. I still miss her everyday.
Face Reality
this story is sad
Amelia Beckley
Well gee that's sad!!
This traumatized me as a child.
Angelica Antezana
Anyone have any ideas who is the voice actor for the narrator in this episode? I love his voice!
Man why do i remember this?!!
Daniel David
God I spent YEARS looking for this particular video... I can’t believe I found it
Even though they're reunited at the end, it's still sad. Really hits home, whether you've lost a pet or a loved one.
yana romanova
i'm not crying, you're crying