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For full episodes of Fast N' Loud, visit /> Richard reveals his top 5 favorite rides of all-time. Can you guess which car came in at No. 1? | For more Fast N' Loud, visit /> Subscribe to Discovery! |

Isaac N
Well that was disappointing.
"NO!  I don't like 4door Novas."  LOL
John Molina
I got to go with the 1978 Trans Am best car of them all
celso guajardo villarreal
son los numero 1 y este episodio de los cara duras estuvo muy bueno . saludos
Kevin Comer
what a d bag
Es DeeKay
My old man had the same Trans Am. I loved riding along in it to and from school. Everyone at school wanted to know how it was, riding in that big car. Back in those days, everyone drove little Renault R5's, Beetle's, Ford Capri's and Peugeot's. American cars were a rarity in Belgium and turned heads everywhere we came. Good memories.....
Not even a Bandit car. First of all its not a WS.6 performance package car like the original. Second it has the wrong shaker scoop for that engine and so called garage missed it and didn't correct that.
Carl Pinson
Wish 🙏 I had hurts car BANDIT
Who cares what this guys favourite car is??
I agree with Richard's #5  1978 T/A  You can't beat the sleek lines of a 2nd Gen.  I have a Gold one by the way with 59k miles on it
Also those are not factory T-tops. They were installed aftermarket.
Co Carr
His #2 is the 36 Ford 3 window. He says he doesn't have one, but right behind him is the car seen in every episode. The cream car.
Is this show still on or has it been canceled?
Nick Marks
the trans am is the coolest ride man . pure classic
I thought the bandit trans am was a 77 not a 78?
Kandy Marquez
Richard la subasta no dejan nada sólo poco
Falk Sprenger
meine top five wären genau anders drum ;)
It was a 77.And I guess he is a Ford nut not to like a TA.Out sold Mustangs anyday.
j c
I like hondas
aaa bbb
69 Fastback Ford Mustang
David Smith
hi gasmonkeys I'm from the UK I don't miss an episode ov u arron no 1thx send me a goody bag plz thx Andy
Love the 32 Ford but I want the Tudor over anything else. Stuff a redone Flat head or even a small block Chevy (not a 350 because EVERYONE puts in a 350), like a 283 or 327 and you're ready to do. I would love though to get my hands on a nice Chevy 3100 pick up from 1949-1951. Nice little rides they are.
1st car...i got one..
Stephen Kilburn
Matt Harley Derringer
Ford guys bla
Ted Bine
Mad max Interceptor!!
April Watson
Richard is like the sexiest man alive!!!!
Pham Khoi
Dont this guys look like Robin Thick's dad?
KHRIS300 _
damn richard got a beer belly
nice list
Z & Z
like if they both should have had at least one mopar
My fav is the badass F40
ret laster
1978 trans am <3 best looking and driving car out of them all.
J.P. Craven
70's Trans Am? Frickin' ugly, that thing. I wouldn't want to drive one.
37 lincoln #1, 67 mustang, and an early 50s Buick they had some mean grills especially 50 Buick special model 46SD
Thanks for your response! Do you think Richard will never fix-up a 280Z "because it's foreign"? your comments? I owned an '87 300ZX and found it was great on comfort: tons of leg room and inflatable seat cushions!
The 280 ZX is nice, but the 280Z with a small block takes the cake for me as far as that type of car.
Terence B
1965 Pontiac Gto (can't go wrong with a goat)
he put it up for auction but it didn't bid high enough so he kept it
1970 el camino woohoo
Cars? Who can look at the cars?
better yet a 1979 trans am! oh, oh, better than that a 1983 Datsun 280zx!
Fano Boss
1971 Buick Riviera GS...'nuff said
Jeanine Adams
My first car.. JA's TA Luv It!!!
I don't think the car shown was Richard's.
Pontiac Firebird
That was a 1977 trans am...
Love this show and Richard is a real nice piece of eye candy!!! My favorite car is the '68 camaro! To own one of those is #1 on my bucket list!
look to the right, see AARON'S TOP RIDES ?
anyone know when comes the f40 episode
Mr. Chiweeni
What are Arron's top 5? He's the dude with crazy good talent and some humility.
Each to there own i suppose...My choices might be very different though if i actually drove every car i love.... Doubt it though.
Dylan Jenkins
'92 F40!
I like Jaguar E-Type :/
Ahren Gowdy
I have a 1978 Trans Am Y88 Gold Edition. It is still in the process of being restored, but still, it's definitely one of the coolest cars out there!
Harley Kelly
I have the player!
Chainheart Machine
This guys driven WAY more cars than youll ever drive, of course he will go with Ford. Chevy has been trying to pick up the pieces for 30 years... Cracked Heads, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time - good luck with your next Chevy!
Battle Born FLB
Chevy is better than Ford. :-P
@ShopTalkWithJason what's wrong with Fords?
I luv Fords too Richard!
they did.
Peter Silva
1978 TRANS AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Figures the guy would like a Found On Road Fagstang. I don't care if it is a Shelby (Race In Peace), It's still a fucking piece of F*rd! '32 F*rd 3 Window Coupe body, frame, grille, and rear fenders with a Chevy motor. No shit it's the greatest car ever! Everybody loves a Deuce! Come on, Richard! You seem like an OK guy, get some better cars in there!
Who's smookie?
Hey Richard, I was hope one of your top 5 would be a 1990 Ford Escort (GT) Hatchback, like mine! It may have a dented fender (or 2) and smokes like a train, but it's nice. It has cup holders! Fast 'N Loud Baby! For LIFE!!!
Who honestly gives a fuck what Richard's top 5 rides are? He's a pretentious dick on that show most of the time, and for no reason cause the guy with the beard does all the admirable work. They should be asking him what his favs are.
Joe Andersen
Stop spamming cause no ones going to look at ur videos
Missy Tammi
Jonny Cat234
smookie and the bandit had a 1979 trans am
Tony Galle
The mustang is tits and worth a shit ton of money
Anthony Alston
I only watched for the trams am lol ;) the other cars were cool too