Cyprus - Ayia Napa Nissi Beach Fig Tree Bay Blue Lagoon Paphos Farmagusta #cyprus #drone #ayianapa

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Aerial Video shooted in Cyprus - Ayia Napa , Nissi Beach , Fig Tree Bay , Blue Lagoon Paphos Aerial Video Drone Mavic Pro. #cyprus #drone #ayianapa #farmagusta #aerial Video filmed with DJI MAVIC PRO . June 2017 Αεροφωτογραφία βίντεο στην Κύπρο - Αγία Νάπα, Παραλία Νησί, Κόκκινος κόλπος, Blue Lagoon Πάφος Αεροφωτογραφία Drone Mavic Pro. Βίντεο που έχει γυριστεί με το DJI MAVIC PRO. Ιούνιος 2017

cyprus drone video mavic dji ayia napa nissi beach fig tree bay blue lagoon Κύπρος Αγία Νάπα Παραλία Νησί Κόκκινος κόλπος

Flying here tomorrow for my friends wedding... can't wait!!!!!!!!!
Vina's Journal
Wow.. beautifull.. blue lagoon is my fave beach.. and give me idea to go to fig tree beach..
Peter Popovic
Great music
Nomadic Colours
Beautiful and that music, wow!
Sergej Sadovskij
Music author? Name of composition? please...)))
Hey there! Loved your video and loved Cyprus too. Can I use some of your images for my personal holidays video? I will definitely mention you in the credits if I ever post it on social medias! Thank you!
juan nann
wow! love this video!
Jacob Roberts
going there shortly for hols,love tune, will do my homework and find out name
Nice video, that’s given my a few ideas
Kypros Kesidis
is it allowed to fly drones at the beaches and places with public? do you need special license?
Antony Mckittrick
Hey, We run Bucket List travels with over 3.5 million followers on Facebook. Could we use and edit this footage and post on our pages. we will credit your work in the caption of the video. is this ok?
Longlive Macedonia
Turkey ?
Nathaniel Berkeley-Biggs
Ayia Napa looks awful. Look at all of those people! And it’s all rough Brits, ugly tattooed women from the North and their spitting swearing husbands and benefit brats eating chips on the beach!