Gold On The Ceiling | Rockin'1000 That's Live 2016 (Drummers' Choreography)

24-07-16 Rockin'1000 That's Live - Orogel Stadium - Cesena IT I thought about this choreography since the first day at Rockin'1000 then i've tried to make it possible with my friends (the drummers) and this's the result! "GOLD ON THE CEILING" - THE BLACK KEYS played by the biggest rock band in the world! 15000 people - 1000 musicians - 17 songs - 1 show Follow Me On: - Facebook />- Instagram />- Twitter />- Website /> "This's my drum cam, this's not the official video" #rockin1000 #theblackkeys #biggestrockbandonearth #1000musicians #sevennationarmy #lorenzosetti

Adrian Annyndra
Cant hear the guitar :(
Mario Glebbeek
I didnt even knew where Cesena exactely was before i saw These great vids..Now i Know:-)
gabriel Drummer
DAMMMMMM That's a huge load of drummers
Barbara Fling
Cool, but they don't have your flair!
Andrej Shamin
Отличное шоу
Davide Franzin
Amico io ero dalla l'altra parte...strato azzurra dietro poggipollini. Un abbraccio.
Muholov Muholov
+Lorenzo Setti . I really like that you have no tattoos. It is now a rarity.
gabriel Drummer
GUYS WEAR EAR PROTECTION you'll because DEATH AND WILL NOT hear guys. It's for your safety