Yoga For Complete Beginners - Relaxation & Flexibility Stretches 15 Minute Yoga Workout

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In this Yoga video workout, Katrina Repman and Meera Hoffman shares a very basic Vinyasa yoga flow for complete beginners ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail />♥ Help Support This Channel />♥ Subscribe To Our Podcast /> #WellnessPlus #YogaWithKatrina #BeginnersYoga -------------------------------------------- #Yoga For #CompleteBeginners - #Relaxation & #Flexibility #Stretches 15 Minute Yoga Workout In this Yoga video workout, Katrina Repman and Meera Hoffman shares a very basic Vinyasa yoga flow for complete beginners and show you how to do Sun Salutations. These basic stretches are good for relaxation and improve flexibility. This easy 15 minute Yoga class will help with energy. Follow Along with Meera and Katrina! Meera Hoffman & Katrina Rupman teach Yoga classes in Austin, Texas. Visit Meera Hoffman's website at; Visit Katrina Repman's Website at; /> Complete List of Meera & Katrina Videos /> Follow our Social Media /> /> /> /> /> /> Related Videos Stretch Routine for Full Body Flexibility, Partner Stretching for Dance & Cheer, How to Yoga at Home /> Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Relief, Beginners Home Stretching Exercises Workout, Austin Tx /> 8 Minute Yoga For Energy Boost - Vinyasa Flow For Beginners Workout /> Amazing Acro Yoga! How to Stretch with Acroyoga for Flexibility & Strength, Yoga Workout /> Meera & Katrina Yoga Playlist /> Music by iChill Music Factory Song: Indigo Sky Album: Chill Away © Copyright 2014 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Hailey Dlm
Some of the comments on here are just absolutely rude. If you didn't like the video that's fine, but there's zero need to insult the women who put themselves out there to help you. I really enjoyed the video, and will be looking in to others they've done. Thank you, ladies - you're beautiful, strong, and I appreciate you! <3
This was nice. I sucked at it, but I did my best and it was nice. 
Andy Shepherd
This is my first ever yoga,I'm a 52 year old man. Ive never believed yoga could be so powerful. I love this, absolutely love it. I can't believe how good I feel after only a few times doing this, thanks.
I tried relaxing with some nice yoga, and my hands went into my ceiling fan.
You name it +Charlie Wallace, those two beauties are always breathtakingly adorable! And Meera with curly hair is extremely angelic looking. Thanks for this eye candy again and the lovely exercise video.
Dam this stuff harder than it looks! Well either that or I'm just reeeeally unfit and shit at this.
Happy Doggs
I am 14 and this is my first attempt at yoga. I just finished this video and I gotta say, im definately a stiff person with minimal flexibility but after this video my legs feel quite stretched. Im wondering, if I continue yoga could I one day become as flexible as the ladies in this video?
April Bailey
let me instruct you all on your very first introduction to yoga...but first my hair.
Tina Dorian
wow, I absolutely fell asleep watching this. what a calming voice.
I have high anxiety so this particular lesson was very helpful for me. I couldn't do all of it perfectly, but I tried and it helped. Thank you!
The Paper Prodigy
your voice makes me want to take a nice comfy nap
Bubbly Robbin
I'm a beginner and I couldn't even through half of this video. I guess this video made it's point... Even if you're just a beginner you have to be extremely flexible.
Hair comment threw me off. Random! But I like the video! But yeah like the hair 😬😄
beginner stuff for a flexible person.... i could not even touch my feet, im a skinny person but not a stretch one...
Tomara Elaine
I love your hair wavy, Meera. I love watching your videos because your voice is so calming and soothing. I watch your videos at night to help me sleep. Thx for the videos
Redfish Incorporated
I tried this routine but I kept spilling my ashtray.
Autistic Burrito
this made me fall asleep -_-
Madeline Graf
Thanks for this! I'm excited to learn more about yoga. The soothing voice was really nice, and I loved the wavy hair, since you asked. ;)
Marc Gariepy
Meera thanks a lot for this vid. and your hair looks simply beautiful and so does your friend.
i watch these vids all the time to fall asleep ^^
Cody Smith
The hair looks gorgeous, love the length. ;3
Also wow at Katrina's physique! She's gotta be an athlete on a sport, right? Quite awesome! Meera's voice is always relaxing, thanks for this video.
Lamiya Abbasli
You are really amazing..Thanks for everything you do.Great Job👍 keep it Please 👌
Hair looks very nice... Waves giving it character, suits you. Taking this class first, waiting for my mat to arrive.. Thank you for the videos, much appreciated.
Diorene T
lol wasnt sure if i was doing it right had to keep looking lol
Aya Ahmed
I loved the video. I found it kinda of weird that she asked about her hair, but oh well. It was very relaxing and juts the right amount of challenging. The hair is nice by the way. Thanks for the workout.
Kelly Rose
As much as I enjoyed this video, I find it not suitable for beginners, or at least those who have very limited flexibility. I didn't have enough strength to do most of these and I'm sure if I keep practicing it I would get better, but my problem is; if you are doing these moves incorrectly, can you damage any muscles or joints? I don't know but it seems to me that you should start with flexibility and work up to doing some of those? Lovely video, its just frustrating when you're not able to get through even a beginners video :/
Robin Rhodes
This is the first video that I've seen of yours which I enjoyed a lot and will be doing daily. I think your hair looks beautiful. I've always loved long hair and I'll always keep mine long. Your hair is so pretty I'm sure it looks great if you just comb it.. 😃
Sus Cruz
Girl you made me swet. Thank you so much I loved it <3 Great way to start the day!
This really helped me prepare for morning jogs
Thainá viana
very good! I'm feeling good. I never thought about doing yoga... It is my first time and I loved!
Ah what a beautiful addition for my day, thank god for Meera, that's what I say! Do you do yoga just for exercise/health or do you get a spiritual/psychological benefit as well?  You appear calm and in control ;)
Eli Manson
Ahh a simple sunrise salute. How nice.
I'm a new yogi and have enjoyed your clips so much. I am having a tough time at work but when I get home the first thing I do is watching your clips and practice yoga with you. It's like you are with me and help me relax. It really does. Your voice is pretty and calm and relaxing and that helps a lot. Thanks so much.
Len Medley
Her voice was very calming.
Nami Lim
What microphone are you using? The sound quality is really clear! And thank you for the video, I'm a beginner so it's difficult for me but afterwards I felt great! Thank you for taking the time to create these videos and upload them :) To everyone else, if you don't like this video then just go somewhere else, instead of leaving unnecessary comments. A 10 second comment about hair doesn't deserve so much negative commentary.
adeliyah warren
im relaxed now!
The blondie looks a bit like Carrie and that's kinda creepy.
Paola Castillo
Starting 2017 with this :)
Breanna Dobitas
Great video and love your hair!
Syd Teagarden
Perfect video! I was doing yoga 1hr a.m. & 1hr p.m. until I was injured, lost strength, flexibilty. Scrolling thru vids I found yrs to be the best as im now a beginner again. I'll continue to watch- A+ ladies!
i feel super relaxed! i needed that. thanks!
Lucas Roy
This was fun! And I like your wavy hair <3
Emily A
this was an excellent video and i thank you for that, but this video had a pretty quick pace compared to what i'm used to. i'd always either fall behind during the video when there's breathing, or make myself light headed.
Hán YIWei
omg this is so helpful this will probably be my morning routine for a while then I'll move up to higher
Heather Collins
Thank you so much for the great video!
‘Tis I The Frenchiest Fry
This is a perfect morning routine for me, thanks!
I'm tired of been stiff and want to be a bit flexible. this video was very helpful and was truly for beginners. i have a lot of work to do but thank you ladies for the video
Hessah M.
I love your channel and the way you do yoga ❤️❤️❤️😻😍😘you are a winner!
Charlie Wallace
I have a definite preference for wavy or curly hair, Meera.  So that's my vote.  But you (and Katrina!) are very beautiful with straight hair, too! This video was so relaxing!  I could feel my blood pressure lowering by the minute.  And that "little snake" pose is simply breathtaking ...  ;-)
Cadhla Mcateer
Ravi Nain
Good video. First one is a Surya Namaskar.
I work at a hospital and we all know how stressful some days can be. One of the RN' s is a yoga instructor and I'm glad to have her on board. She teaches a class twice a week at work, and me being slightly over weigh, I've never felt so better
Leah Smith
and you guys are gorgeous.  yoga makes me feel so positive!
Marta Plebańska
In the beginning everything is great, then they start to touch the ground and their foots, and I am like "HOW, HOW, HOW?" No flexibility at all, can't do this again.
floral queen
omg i did it so  relaxing
Jorja Dustin
Very good yoga for beginners.never in my life done yoga to now.
Paige Mika
what happened to part 3 ?
Great video..;)
Shabir Ahmed
Great yoga for relaxation and flexibility. Thanks.
Yenoska Garcia
Im a 12 yr old. And i think this was amazing! Im pretty stiff so it helpednwith my legs a lot. Now i wont have much problems at school with flexiblity.
yoga is best
rock star2345
Yep, your butt (I mean hair) looks great
I've been working on my flexibility for a while (particularly splits) and I feel as though after one time of doing these yoga exercises it made me get closer to the ground than before. I definitely will be doing these exercises more often. Thank you.
H Snyder
This not beginners wtf
Judi Burns
Marvellous video, superb teacher, thank you so much . I'm doing yoga to your videos twice a week, 1 and 2 and feeling so so much better. Meera your hair looks very pretty !
Jasmine Garmony
Can I do this twice a day>?
yolee aku
*inner peace*
Kelley Frazier
I feel amazing after completing this yoga session. Thank you!
Deanne Crosby
I've only done this for two mornings now, but I feel like I can already see a difference in myself! I'm so happy I found this channel! Thank you! +PsycheTruth 
As a guy who goes to the gym regularly and does a lot of weight training, i really never realised how inflexible I was until I tried this. I can't even touch my toes, so as you can imagine, this was difficult and I got a bit of a sweat on; you guys make it look effortless!
*karmic lawyer*
Jake Lee
feel amazing
Abigail Druck
This is perfect for beginners! My sister and I had never tried yoga before and this video was perfect! We now enjoy doing yoga regularly!
Joe Smith
She emphasizes the "s" sound too much when she talks. I've noticed that a lot of English speaking women do this, but I don't know if it's a biological thing or cultural.
Hollie P
I really wanted to try yoga but I wasn't sure if I would like it so I tried it with this video and I love it now! You have a great way of teaching and a calming voice!
Chaitali Soudatt
Juliette Moonstruck
2:30 faux raccord, les filles ont les cheveux détachés, puis attachés comme par magie.
love this!
Cheryl Lynn
Thank you!!
Manasha silva
i'm not build for yoga. no flexibility at all.
Alys Mariah
1st experience pretty Deep☺️
Ashley Yeung
Thank you so much for sharing This is my best morning routine I enjoy doing it everytime!! :)
Anna Watts
loved this!! i do this at least once a day and im trying to improve my flexibility!! thank you for this video!
Katy Tamayo
thank you for this video, I actually feel relaxed!:)
Jay Rena
this is not for beginners my back hurts
Wavy for sure
yolee aku
Divine Love
You have such a calming voice :) Love this, thank you!
Luna Cat
I love your hair and that was so relaxing thanks so much
Knit Yeah
This is wonderful! Thank you so much for making it available!
i need to work on my micro bend at the knees ): maybe yoga just isn't for me
IwannBeOnTop 24
Thank you! Your hair looks beautiful all wavy like that.
WOW Lots of energy!!!! Namaste ☼
New subbie here!!
your hair though :O
Thanks for sharing! It definitely helped to relax me.
thank you for a great video- very calming voice and great work out /stretch :)
Jamie ramirez
I really like this video .helps me relax after stressful day . I like yoga 💜