Best Fights RUGBY player: /> /> /> A rugby player is against two MMA fighters!!! This rugby player mixed up his stadium with a ring on STRELKA. He was given two MMA fighters. Look at this!

STRELKA - Street Fight Championship
NEW SUPER FIGHT 2019 !!! RUGBY PLAYER VS SUSHI MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUXZSI4QoFs English, Germany, Poland, Portugal, italiano, France, Spain, Turkish, Arabic, 日本語, 한국어, भारतीय भाषा subtitles included !! Best Fights RUGBY player: https://youtu.be/R7-aYhgX5xI https://youtu.be/B2g7CcxzYFg https://youtu.be/cla0QtZdKUE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JmLX9y62uE
Title is Turkish Video is Russian and Subtitles are English Oh yea and there is a Asian referee with beard
Seb Mat
i’m the english comment you are looking for 🤦🏽‍♂️
Fabian XD Rodriguez
Like si te salió en *Recomendados* :c
Miguel Mendoza
Hubieras dicho un peleador profesional con dos tenistas sería más parejo
The rugby Player is Pretty slow and he has no combos. The "mma fighters" didnt Even cover up.
x-_ A1M_-y
Also die erste Runde war nh richtige Faust würde ich mal sagen😂😂
I know you kid
In MotherRussia this happens on daily basis.
ste wie
This is the most russian video i ve ever seen
Let me guess this was in you recommendation🤔
Pozhiloy Pavuk228
Мне кажется что регбист не только регби занимался...
david aguilar
4:36 speed 0.25 is epic
Juan Ma
No la cabia una al de remera gris
fast punch
Люди , которые зрители .Вы выглядите как дегенераты .Парни выходят и бьются,ну сдерживайте вы свои эмоции , особенно дамы , сидят и лыбу давят и смеются, ничего тут смешного нету ,я понимаю шутка в тему это одно,но когда это выглядит именно так это ужасно глупо ,а парням уважение .
When I saw the title I thought the rugby guy was fighting two mma guys at the same time
One hitter quitter to the first “MMA Fighter” 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂
Ricardo Hernandez
This guy might be a rug be player but he diffently knows wat hes doing is not a pro but diffently trained
Gustavo Gabriel
Cadê os BR xia aiii
Nobody here is an mma fighter. This is just street fighting
участие в таких мероприятиях - верный способ заработать законное право парковаться на местах для инвалидов не далеко от входа в торговые центры
Gentleman we call these MMA FIGHTERS newbies
Les deux combattants étaient juste horrible aucune vitesse aucune maîtrise du sol et je parle même pas de la technique de boxe 😂
Derek Wagstaff
More like 1 mma fighter vs 2 rugby players
Abdullah AlQrni
انا التعليق العربي اللي تنتظرونه ⁦👌🏻⁩ مانقلد أحد عوافي
Делай что-нибудь, в стойке он тебя убьет (С) я чуть не обоссался! )))
Ayigit Asar
Türkler her yerde sanırdım burda yokmu sesimizi duyalım+1
kadir yıldırım
4:06 daki pozisyonun aynısını nicola aniston ın videosunda gördüm
Jimmy Kudo
I want another fight, the guy who's doing warm up vs the rugby player.
Dj Eiden
Alguien de Perú ? :V o Latinoamérica ? Denle like :v
Suicida 20matar
O problema é que é difícil prever um golpe que não seja de um lutador treinado
chris french
"I'm a ruby player", he says. Ha! What a fighting spirit; that man hits hard and accurate!
король ночи
Бля что я смотрю не увидел тут боя нормальный боец выйграл бы регбиста т. к. У него не какой техники просто какими-то танцему занимается. С соперникоми ему повезло,1 был какой-то додик без реакции а второй очкошник
J Oso Flawless
Bruh that ground game sold him out definitely former MMA. What regular rugby player knows how to perfectly time, defend and escape a rear naked choke. That composer. The grapple defense....smh played
I feel like I'm in another world reading through these comments
Регбисту бы технику,и будет машиной
Конор Младший
Я смотрю этот потрясающий бой каждый год,ставь лайк если ты с 2019 года
Вот ещё бой регбиста https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ScOlWx59ug
J Day
Why is that guy in the ufc lol
Ah Russia, where white people haven't been turned into pussies.
El segundo luchador le planto cara,buena segunda pelea 💪
Connor Cox Music
That first mma fighter was really good.
Jacques Hughes
A nice guy and a goo fighter - very humble. A RUGBY player fighting with a broken arm!!!! No wonder Russia a slowly becoming good at rugby.
Kevin Avery
Sooo uhhh, when the MMA fighters gonna jump in?
Travis Taylor
If those guys were MMA fighters I’m George St Pierre.
Cyrille Cerisier
C'est dur mais c'était un combat digne. Merci au perdant qui garde un discours propre. 👍 Bravo rugbyman 👌
Bi Türk yokmu orda su artistin bir dersini versin amk önüne geleni dövdü yarragim
Snn Krds
O ne sikim başlık amk. Aynı anda ikisiyle dövüşüyor sandım.
いくら格闘素人でも基礎体力とか筋力とか並以上だから強いw 何よりラグビーっていう打たれ強い競技という強み
Cactus Avian
How long youve been training for this hit? im a rugby player. What is your favourite drink? im a bartender. Where do you live? i have 2 houses. What is your name? agree 100% with you.
Стьопа Incognito
вот это машина :)
Herobrine YT
Playing "Skillet-Monster" on background
Evgeniy Barkalov
Да хрена, регбист с Батьком со своим. А с Батей любой может!
Life Star
I think the other guy in match2 just slipped and lost however he played well.
Two MMA fighters you said hahahahahahahah
Ryan Mercury
За регбиста лайк.
Josh Ellison
Someone expects people to believe these are two MMA fighters?? Maybe two wannabe MMA fighters.. or two MMA fans... Don't be stupid.
Kobe Bryant
“MMA fighter” lmao
Alfonsius Putera
English comment coming through...
Louis Cypher
Subtitles damn it, i really wanted to know what they were saying lol.. The winner was a tough mofo, seemed almost bored during the first "fight"
first figth OMGGG
Ahmd Gr
1:22 🤦‍♂️
IceONE ๋
У первого Фляга аж засвистела. В своем мухосранске слышал
Kody Clark
Dont scroll down, Its not worth it lol
idiyer Bill
the rugby guy acutely is mma fighter others are not real fighters hollyshit
3:11 暑いっていいよるやん
Ang Nazareno & My Vlog
thats a cool fighter (the Rugby Player)
That's no rugby player.
Joey Moreno
I don't speak this god damn language 😂😂
AJA Joey
If that guy fought someone how actually knows something he would be demolished
Louis Cypher
Patrick Swayze?? WTF is that about
pro tein
素質がすごい 格闘家になった方がいい
Iker Ronaldo
3:35 Ponle Pausa😂😂😂😂
Никита Крамер
Тот что микрофон передавал, пиздливый такой, мне кажется он в еблище когда-нибудь отхватит
R0dz OP
Ni parecen luchadores... GUARDIA ARRIBA
Crok Crok
5:00 in .25x speed
Mulatto Melo
1:21 😂why he gotta knock him out that fast lmfaoo
king saitama
Wrestling zero, grappling zero, ju jitsu ZEROOOOOOOO
Daniel Ilibman
"MMA fighters" my god if they are MMA fighters then i'm a cucumber no no scratch that i'm pickle rick.
Jack d
No way is that guy a current Rugby player and just trying the ring for amusement. That dude was lightning quick with powerful punch and knew where to land it.
Алеша Драчкунов
Монах-Регбист .. Хотелось бы увидеть бой их
Helber Pereira
Achei q ele ia lutar contra os 2 de uma vez ahuehsuehe
Elmar Jabarov
Откуда регбист,который говорит,что не занимался единоборствами,знает как бороться в партере?))))
Taylor Gaston
Adidas is missing a golden sponsorship opportunity.
pacho Yamaguchi
Hajar bang Pikir si mboten
John LeBron
Damn he came in wit a knocker 😂😂🤦💯
Киллас бугага
4;58 пиздец ахуенный момент) от души втыкает)
Крутой чувак, без спора.
와우`~ 한방에 ... 후덜덜덜 `~~ 자막있으니 좋네요``
Corey Goldwaves
This us a Russian Meet.-And-Greet
Jose Clebe Santos
Ah, sim. Me desculpem pela ofensa, escolheram dous homens aleatório. Então a mensagem do vídeo era fake
How the hell did i end up here.... but amazing stuff you are doing . Respect
Semih Çırpıcı
Türk yorumu arıyanlar +1
Rugby player was a former MMA fighter I guess Either that or he has like 3 brothers and keptfighting his whole childhood
럭비선수한테 깝치지마라 저번에 학교 럭비동아리 부 애한테 깝쳤는데 이 세상 맷집이 아니다