Destroying Windows 10 With Viruses

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Welcome to TechnoMeter's first upload! In this video, I'll be destroying Windows 10 completely with Viruses. Inspired by Reign I. Check out his awesome content: /> DO NOT TRY ANYTHING THAT IS PERFORMED IN THIS VIDEO UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A VM!! BGM: rgLed - Windows 8 Error Dubstep Remix! By Andrew Kot Link to the eargasm: /> Facebook Page: /> Youtube: /> Well hope you enjoyed the video!

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Reign I.
3K VIEWS...? OMG!! edit: 100k views? now please excuse me while I jump off a cliff edit 2: well I did jump but.. *bonzi rescued me*
1 like= 1 window saved But also is it kinda cringe that he made bonzi say hello goodbye window 10 :v
Kevin Wang
Still works better then my pc
Amber Is My Gold
When mom says "ur gonna get new computer when the old will be bad or destroyed"
Every year, 6 269 Windows 10 computers die because of viruses. Help save one now. 1 Like= 1 Windows 10 saved. Help us save lives. Help us save Windows 10 from creepy old stalkers.
Fizz Rocket
(Windows):Why you do this? Why ? Did i did something wrong? Please ! Don't do this!! (Me):It's for youtube. (Windows): Ok. Just turn on virus protection. (Me):No. I won't. (Windows): :-(
Windows commited die
but i only killed my windows with downloading *one picture*
Computer : *Goes crazy and glitches* Bonzy Buddy : *Stays smiling and stares at the butterflies*
o O
Make a video of you getting 10 viruses then using the best virus protection you can get and see if you will clear them out
Gaming Kenny
Like and i do delete system 32
The Fiording
Purified Meme
Windows 10 boi: Are you sure....? Techno: YASSSSSS Windows 10 boi: ok....... Virus: AHAH HEY BOIS AM HERE TO TAKE OVER DA COMPOOTER Windows 10: AHHHHHH YOU BETTER STAHP STAHP AHHHHHHHHH Techno: i had to for youtube... ;-( Virus: DAS RIGHT Windows 10: good bai..... AUGH x-x
Soso happy Namjoon
*The song fits with the video*
Reign I.
wow 133 subs already? good job man.
Honestly the butterflys virus is pretty cool
What are you looking at
This is the reason I pay for internet every month
Nice to meet you, Goodbye Windows 10
I get scared watching this
Windows has encountered a bug. Species: Butterfly
LilyBilly Boi
Is the computer's funeral planned yet? 😂
XxDarthVaderxX Gaming
Destroy windows 10 with 10 viruses
Reacting Maniac
My windows 10: BROTHER
Bladud FPV
Didn't do anything that wouldn't be fixed with a restart. Low level adware like Bonzi which doesn't even connect to external servers anymore, cmd del failed due to unauthorised access and only used the safe version of MEMZ hence the "clean" in the name.
Shamin Fazal
Windows Defender Anti-Virus comes back from break and sees this. Windows Defender: *WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE???* Edit: Dang I got 50 likes Edit 2: I got 100 likes already Edit 3: 200 likes? Jesus Edit 4: 300 likes... Edit 5: 400 likes? I'm not going to edit anymore. Just let the likes keep going. Edit: The 1k special will be the last edit kthx4understandingbye Edit 6: 1K likes, let's party in the replies! Edit: I'll just host a party every 500 likes...
Wahoo Studios
Destroy a mac with viruses
The second in command of mr flimflam
People are gonna use this on school computers
What! the turtle
Why i love Windows 10 😭
Andres is the best
One time I farted in the apple store and they got annoyed from me, it is not my fault they did not have windows GET IT windows... is a computer type, yeah that was a bad joke.
Joshua Phillips
Why did you make this at 5 am?
I wish I could do this to my computer every time I lose/or die in a game
I think this computer in the video work better than the one I have, well when a PC crash the music player after 20 second I don't know if this can be still call a computer
How did he Recorded it?
Moon The Umbreon
You destroy windows 10... THANK YOU windows 7 is way better
[2o0p] T1ger
*viruses on desktop*
I shall destroy my computer too... It has a lot of viruses-
6969 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
1 like = 1 prayer for windows 😩
The Fiording
I don't know why, but i feel bad for that Windows. I want to rescue him :(
Thott Begone
When your plane lands in Russia and you forgot to turn off your hotspot
WolfnessHD PvP y SkyWars
Best 5 mins of my life
Jerry Lee
Now that's a lot of damage
Caithlyn Stas
r.i.p windows 10
Here let me try.........
Fire God
and that's kids how you destroy windows 10
everything batchy
Delete system32 acsses dinied you cant delete system32 with normal windows fool
peachy milkshake
The glitch at the end is on beat 😂
Hehe. You made it frown at the end.
Oliver The Oreo
now we just need protogent
GamingPlays YT
Perfect meme: _When you hate getting notifications about Windows 10 Upgrade_
•Anime Siri•
I dont wanna Destroy my Laptop😭😭😭😭😢😞😖🙁
Nifa Sian
Wait, this isn't vinesauce
The Vigilante
Poor windows 10:(
Landon Dull
then you should take it to a computer store and see what they think
lol pl
:( r.i.p windows 10: (
It didn't look that viruses until MEMEZ came in and deleting system 32 xD
Mysterious xxx
5;37 Monday,January 16 . . . . . . . . . That was my birthday lol
Warner the Gamer
What if... Virus destroying Windows 10?
How is the butterfly in desktop a virus?? Im confused. Can someone explain??
Mark Calton
okay i won't do this at home! ... Next day of school... *does it on the school windows 10 pc that cost most of the school's money* Probability of... Expel: 99.9% Remain in school and everythings normal like nothing's happened (except the poor pc): 0.1%
Smilin Catfish
hurts me to watch this ;-;
Chara Dreemur
school computers we are coming
Welp Good game windows 10 you did a good job defending the Pc while he turned Virus protection off :D
Jessa Ciervo
What virus here
S a g e P l a t a n o
0/10 (pun intended)
Nicolas Garcia
I never knew the purple gorilla was considered a virus
Man At Publix
Don’t try this at home but you definitely use it at school. EDIT: How the hell did this get over 400 likes?
VLaD iNfiNiTe
4:05 windows system is died!
Have a nice day xD
Dent Darkness
10\10 lmao XD
Thesis Muzic
"So, What are you good at?" "Me? Oh, not to brag but, I'm good at installing viruses to a computer"
The Nuclear Boy
One word... Insane pc destroyer
Phantom GhostFazbear
An IMac Ad For Destorying Windows 10 With Viruses Video LOL
NeoSlayer X
Congrats on becoming famous within a first upload!
I prefer *p r o t o g e n t*
Michael Chong
Do this to someone u hate
Ivy Gacha
Now let's destroy my sisters computer
Judy Chen
RIP your pc
wtf are you doing at 6am
LolDed XD
When you don't know what to do in life
sort ulv 2
When your computer celebrates 420.
Wait so is bonzi buddy actually a virua/malware or is it just annoying?
nep nep
Money drop
*"Nice to meet you, Goodbye Windows 10"*
Rafael userminecrft
LOL R.I.P =[
You what no respect for money
Ninja Hyper
Danger For Apple Lovers
Nobody has privacy these days..
Al ex
When I try to use a computer...
Cj Sanchez
You could just give it to me you know
Dad: Hey son! How's the new Computer? You: *Well oof me...*
30 wpm
*🅱onzi is hot 😍💦*
Komputerowy Maniak
password : TechnoMeter
roblox and more
Rodrigo gonzalez
Captain Blaumütze
(Windows): Why yoi bully me