Destroying Windows 10 With Viruses

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Welcome to TechnoMeter's first upload! In this video, I'll be destroying Windows 10 completely with Viruses. Inspired by Reign I. Check out his awesome content: /> DO NOT TRY ANYTHING THAT IS PERFORMED IN THIS VIDEO UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A VM!! BGM: rgLed - Windows 8 Error Dubstep Remix! By Andrew Kot Link to the eargasm: /> Facebook Page: /> Youtube: /> Well hope you enjoyed the video!

Reign I.
Fizz Rocket
(Windows):Why you do this? Why ? Did i did something wrong? Please ! Don't do this!! (Me):It's for youtube. (Windows): Ok. Just turn on virus protection. (Me):No. I won't. (Windows): :-(
None of these are viruses, they are just beautiful code changers
Lee Everett
If you not like this Your laptop or phone samsung window gets a virus
XXX CocaineSniffer
And this is what happens when you try to play free Minecraft on a computer
4:35 Bonzi buddy watches as the computer is about to die
3K VIEWS...? OMG!! edit: 100k views? now please excuse me while I jump off a cliff edit 2: well I did jump but.. *bonzi rescued me*
Techno Meter : Don't try this at home Someone : Why don't we try outside. Me : God damn...
Electro- ice3234
To be honest only the memz virus broke the windows
Lalametralladora :v
*Windows 10 has left the chat*
PewGooPew !!!
Roses are red, Violets are blue, This isn't a clickbait Video. Whew. Whoa, thanks for 44 likes at the time of this edit!
UPLOADING VIRUS.EXE ████████████████] 99%
Brittany Seville
How did you record if the pc was crashed with da viruses
Paolo Quartana
the real question is: how did he have the clip if the pc was infected?
Wait, so if there's a windows, Is there also a window?
Anonymous Duckling
Damn.... *That's a lot of damage!*
Doglas D
He forgot about Ligma
How was the screen recorder still working?
4:56 bonzi is me in the middle of a school fight
Reign I.
wow 133 subs already? good job man.
WS Channel
R.I.P Windows 10
C_a_t_z xD
*Windows 10 has left the chat*
Darth Vader
Lol bonzi buddy just sitting there as reality collapses into chaos
Now thats alot of damage
Joshua Phillips
Why did you make this at 5 am?
This hurts to watch
Mikael Hockaday
V.m Nani.(nevermind) ehehe that's clever using a virtual machine).
Jason Weatherall
Didn't even use protection smh, gonna get it pregnant now
mystery yretsym
*WINDOWS10.EXE* is not responding
Shamin Fazal
Windows Defender Anti-Virus comes back from break and sees this. Windows Defender: *WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE???* Edit: Literally why am I getting likes
Rip Windows 10, we will remember you :(
Pixel Gamer111
I did the same thanks for a cool video. LOL😂
When you see a comment with all replies saying *_THE_*
ulises Orta
Window 10:dont kill me pls Me: dieeeee diee diee 4 the sake of yt
Gamerboi HQ
People are gonna use this on school computers
nibba u gay
ThAtS a LoT oF dAMaGe
Akiko Senpai
ɪ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ sᴀɪᴅ... "ᴅᴜᴅᴇ ᴘʟs sᴛᴏᴘ ᴛʜɪs ɴᴏᴡ"
Who hates Window 10 Like Pliz
2019 anyone?
Windows has encountered a bug. Species: Butterfly
Tun Saha
Install shadowsocks virus and then see what happen Because THIS VIRUS CAN DESTROY WINDOWS DEFENDER WITHOUT ALERT
C9 Pepe
y didnt you leave a link to the viruses for me? No i am just joking my pc costs a lot i dont want viruses in any device lmao
Edi Gamer 64 Boss
00:03 WINDOWS 10
Russian hackers be like:
troll boi 9811 _
*installs viruses on windows 10* Windows 10: am I a joke to you?
Wayne Johnny
Ok I get it You’re using a Mac and use Windows with Virtual Box so then you just have to delete the Windows and you’re good, no viruses
OmkPlaysPro_ YT
This video is better than YTR 2018
How about just destroying the computer
Mr.Conejo Amazing!
yo buscando una pc gamer y tu destruyendolo :v
XxJaandarxX King
Glonic The Hedgehog
Destroying with virus 666
Xuri Bonifacio
*R.I.P mr.window age: 10*
Emin 5787
Die you downgrade.
Loco Squad
What has he actually done and who is bonzi and whats he Doing??
Thott Begone
When your plane lands in Russia and you forgot to turn off your hotspot
Can I infect my computer with flu now
*When you wanna buy fortnite and delete it*
Mikael Hockaday
2:15 I thought that that was the result of the uh virus errrr the uh b.g screen but nevermind also that home screen is cool yk.
10,000 subscribers with no videos Sensei
Have you tried turning off and on again?
1 like= 1 window saved But also is it kinda cringe that he made bonzi say hello goodbye window 10 :v
bahgat salah
The viruses deleted nothing you deleted the system32 folder
OuraGan DarkCrow
Mission passed Respect+
Δ Chedi Δ
Guys I need some help here something happened to my laptop (╥ω╥`)
Komputerowy Maniak
password : TechnoMeter
MistyplayzYT 2nd
And bonzi is just chilling watching the computer die.
David Milliard
Microsoft Edge is already a virus You forgot Microsoft Edge you *_CrAckEd PeaNuT_*
The Amazing Panda
i had no idea all you had to do to become popular was destroy your computer, it's simple!
Lucmax Gamer YT
Mi pc destroy when i open minecraft.
Man At Publix
Don’t try this at home but you definitely use it at school. EDIT: How the hell did this get over 400 likes?
Jacqulyn of All Trades
When a girl actually tells you what's wrong
haha now I know why my pc ran into a problem and couldn't come back 3 times...
Mikael Hockaday
Ahem er i wonder if y'all ever searched up how to install a virus.
SoMeGuY bRo
He broke the window
Thesis Muzic
"So, What are you good at?" "Me? Oh, not to brag but, I'm good at installing viruses to a computer"
Romario kelly
What in the world?
A bean you've never seen 0
I did it and now I don't know how to restore it back
Only 3 minutes and then MEMZ? Dissatisfaction level 100. Sorry but dislike.
Landon Dull
then you should take it to a computer store and see what they think
Zombie Gaming
Mr. Stark, i dont feel so good...
Hedio2365 gaming
Zuck you Windows 10
Edgar Avalos
Bonzi hella *thicc* no cap
If my Mother on my PC......
Fire Goddes
and that's kids how you destroy windows 10
zErotiiq xD
4,3 mil views... Props to you
Tom Anderson
GoAnimate Voice Detected: Brian
Naprosto nahodný člověk.
BUTTerflies on deskstop
Jamojijk GT
N O. W I N D O W S 1 0 W E R E H A R M E D
Chara Dreemur
school computers we are coming
Softonic approves
Just Games
Me: Die, Windows 10!! Windows 10: Why? I don't wanna die :( Windows 10 Defender: Am I joke to you?
Endie Candy-伍林
10/10 background music
No one survived, not even windows 10 Except for the butterflies, they were fine.
Thebestcomment 101
*wreck it bonzi*
Savannah Sarden
Yay viruses
Asriel Dremurr
Delete Sistem 32 Xd
CreepyPastaPunch Fan
Anthony Boudames
The viruses were paid actors
Fortniteislife 123
Bloody Legend Savage Why tho