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DANCE STYLES including HIP HOP, POPPING, LOCKING, HOUSE and EXPERIMENTAL MORE AT /> Filmed by Benjamin Tarquin and Yoram Savion Edited by Yoram Savion /> © YAK 2010 What is exactly the "Juste Debout"? "Top" hip hop dances have a different impact on people. Until then, there was no event presenting the various styles of "top" dance: Popping, Locking, Hip hop new style and House dance. That's why, in 2001, Bruce Soné, lover of the dance for a long time, and the MPT Victor Jara, led in that time by Pascal Gilbert, decided to organize a journey of perfection in New York. The idea was to reward 5 better students of classes. The classes were taught by three great US dancers and choreographers: Brian Green, Shannon Mabra and Jazzy J. In 2002, the organizers did it again, but this time, by making the Americans come in France. The purpose was not only to touch more people, but to allow people who couldn't afford move to US to see great names of hip hop dance and by that way, to develop hip hop dance in France. "Juste debout" was born. World wild key event for all! Thousands of spectators coming from the four corners of the Earth attend the most important event in the world in terms of hip hop dance, discipline called "top". The concept: award dancers amateurs or professionals- for their originality, musicality, spirit and homogeneity. 4 great techniques of top dance are explored: Locking, Popping, Hip Hop and House Dance. A 5th category, Experimental, is offered, referring to new influences and opening top dance to new horizons. It is an unavoidable meeting for all professionals of dance (producers, choreographers, artistic agent, dancers) French and foreigners. This meeting is a way to discover talents of tomorrow. Internationals preselections facing an exceptional jury Preselections: about ten dates organized abroad and in France, the last stop at the city hall of Paris. Only 16 duos of dancers are selected for the day of the Meeting in Paris-Bercy. The winner dancers of the preselections confront each other, 2 versus 2, per dance category, in front of a professional jury. The jury composed of strong personality recognized of the hip hop dance, award 4 winner duos and a soloist winner dancer in experimental. The Preselections, the dance Workshops given by the jury and the Meeting create an innovating area, meetings and convivial exchanges one of a kind for dancers all around the world. Juste Debout, it's also a magazine Juste Debout it's also, since 2005, the first bimonthly free magazine in France in the dance world. This magazine, that currently don't have any equivalent in France, either in paying or free press, is delivered in 20 000 copies in dance school around Paris and in France for huge cultural events dedicated to dance. You can find the Juste Debout Magazine on the top page of the website. MORE AT /> more tags: turf dance tuttin turf feinz dead silence get active chonkie f krumpin poppin lockin e-ninga E ninja no noise will jerm sco boi idummy t roy scoot breaking breakin break dancin break dancing locking tutting battle popping robot turfin turfing turf fienz groovin boogie music tunes ipod cliff hanger flexin feetwork smooth street dancin allie cat lil wayne clown walk hyphy movement e 40 too short mistah fab yu youth uprising young 16 yoram isolation cuttin feet hand work funk hip hop beats clowning clownin boogaloo the lab americas best dance crew yak presents twins in paris october 2009 la loco club nuit night danse dance turf turfing new style breakin breaking krumpin kruming turfin waving popping spins tuts glides Hyphy Street Show juste debout 2008 preselections new style Juste Debout The Twins Meech Joseph Go hip hop dance jumeaux twins maerican got talent incroyable regis fun break new style tv arts et spectacles Philemon Psycho Hip Hop Juste Debout 2008 Abitwins Criminalz Krump Newstyle Yugson Tip Top Wanted Posse Incroyable Talent Twins Newstyle Criminalz Laurent Larry Breakdance Popping Smurf Dance Moves criminalz cew


@beka amilaxvari ¡Gracias!
Destin Mwano
2015 and this is still one of my favorite Yak films videos, YakFilms never stop Yaking
2:52 ownage
0:21 .. Thats so raven ?
beka amilaxvari
Aloe Blacc - Whole World
For those asking about songs (sorry if posted before but can't see it anywhere) 1st song : Ludacris - The Potion 2nd song : Finale - Arrival 3rd song : Chase And Status (Ft. Kano) - Against All Odds
Sooooo Siiiiick!!!! Love it! :D
yaz yazmo
why there is no song list yakkkk
6:02 on the face xDD ... <33333 lovvved~
Rafa Leônidas
this move is very very nice good move
Page Larry
Xelectrion shads
@HonestHeartsClub Pepito!!
Tuto Style
please song at minute 2:15
@BitchSlapperable Hooow yea :D
David Moreu
2:19 Who is she?
jarid del rio
muy bueno me gusto mas el de los niños pero mucho mas salah
2:20 I fell in love...
Marieke Vlaanderen
Hi friends! Does anybody know who danser in 2:19 min? Thanks)
2:50 reminds me of the water bender from avatar LOL
Ned Wufeus
classic!but whats the name of the guys at 6.13?????
imanol de la selva
la chica del minuto 2:23 quien es
sub bassline
the second song mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
sub bassline
the second song
JD 2011 prelim is in NY people! Feb 5th MAKE IT
sub bassline
for the love of god you write all the shitty songs like ludachris and nobody writes about the second song....PLEASE SOMEBODY THE SECOND SONG
sub bassline
please the second song
wtf?! poppin john and haspop entered JD 2010?? I was there and I didnt see them
Man I need to go to Paris!!!
Pepito at 2:53 is some of the sickest stuff ive ever seen!
Nael Chrisafidis
@Naelakos i thing this is what you looking for! /watch?v=YqJ_7_WHP6g&feature=related ;)
Samy Pnotease l'Hypnotiseur Tout Terrain
@Naelakos well! you're probably right...do you have a link for a recent salah dancing show? I really like his style but I havan't seen him for a while...
Nael Chrisafidis
@samysany Hmm.. i think he's the same, maybe the clothes makes him look a bit heavyer, but i think the speed depent on the music flow! :)
Samy Pnotease l'Hypnotiseur Tout Terrain
@Naelakos I was thinking that Salah seems to have gain weight...he seems...I don't know...a bit heavyer and slower that he used to be!
Nael Chrisafidis
@samysany Hello samysany! i'm not sure! i think it's the clothes!! Please reply at english because i'm not good at french! :)
Samy Pnotease l'Hypnotiseur Tout Terrain
@Naelakos : il a l'air d'avoir pris un peu de poids là, non?
Nael Chrisafidis
Salah <3
Ned Wufeus
does anyone know the dancers at 0.18 ????
the second song is Finale - Arrival enjoy it ;)
no problem... make sure you check out our other videos too, subscribe to YAKfilms !!
Arrival & Departure from the album A Pipe Dream and a Promise
The second song is by a detroit rapper named Finale - go cop the whole album... it's hot!! Achetez-le, il déchire!!
what's the song that starts at 2:10 ?? the lyrics are so difficult to discern!
yo can somebody PLEASE tell me who those 2 chicks were..how can i find them or look them...OMG!!!!!!!! 3:58 -
@buddylove5584 do you know the second song?!!! because i want this cool song!
Dominic Abante
hiphop worldwide!
Jino Fort
no im talkin bout the song at 4:21
chase & status ft. kano - against all odds.
Jino Fort
what is the song that is on at 5:00 min