Mid-Season Catch Up | Season 5 | EMPIRE

Catch up on everything you might have missed so far on season five of EMPIRE! Subscribe now for more Empire clips: /> Watch Empire Season 5 videos: />Catch full episodes now: /> See more of Empire on our official site: />Like Empire on Facebook: />Follow Empire on Twitter: />Follow Empire on Instagram: />Follow Empire on Tumblr: /> Like FOX on Facebook: />Follow FOX on Twitter: />Add FOX on Google+: /> Golden Globe-nominated EMPIRE continues to be one of the most popular and acclaimed shows on television. At the end of Season Four, the Lyons lost Empire. However, Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie (Golden Globe winner Taraji P. Henson) finally found their way to each other and said their “I do’s.” In Season Five, two years have passed, and the Lyons have yet to reclaim Empire. The family has experienced unimagined tragedies and now must join forces to rebuild from scratch. As their plans begin to take shape, they will be forced to learn – once again – that fame and fortune come with a hefty price tag. Mid-Season Catch Up | Season 5 | EMPIRE /> #Empire

Dang I hate they about to ruin one of my favorite shows over Jussie big stunt smh😔
Jessie a
I wonder how they will write jussie off the show
Queen Green
Finally empire is coming back😁😁
D.N.C. Greatness
First comment!! I think Jamal is gonna go back to London with Kai because of all that Jussie drama. Takeem better be endgame and my baby Andre better not die. And as far as cookie and lucious they'll be alright they always are. And last but not least Kinsley's gotta die.
If they actually have the balls to kill off Andre ....... his character would be truly pitiful tbh all 5 seasons he had the worst life smh
Kingsley knew what he was doing the whole time
Wataba Nur
If it's Andre in the coffin and Jamal is out of the season, Empire is down 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Chester The Zexter
They got a lot of nerve putting Jussie at the end 😂😂😂
SaiyanZ Entertainment
It later came out Hakeem paid the guy who shot him
Cookie Crumbs
I'm offering you the throne............With ME as copartner💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
super nerd
MEGA--Make Empire Great Again
Liah Henry
I honestly believe that Kingsley is in that casket. Cause one part of an episode/speed up, Becky did say to Luscious “you didn’t know” as in maybe Luscious didn’t know that Kingsley was his son....now Andre, I’m sure all of us would be devastated if Andre passed but I’m pretty sure Kingsley’s in that casket.
Miss Collins
I think Andre quit the show to be with his wife
Christian Moore
I feel like they originally planned to kill off Andre, but may have to bring him back now because of Jussie.
Nicole Noray
Its weird watching this since the jussie situation😞
Dream Chaser97
Can’t wait. March 13th can’t come any sooner
Tamyra Carpenter
i can't wait for the show to come back on
Jenny Xoxo
Andre is not in the casket they wouldn’t make it that obvious lol empire is all about plot twist and surprises
Empire for life 🦁
Laminda's Random Opinions Reactions & Reviews
I wish Jussie hadn’t made this big mistake. Empire won’t be the same without him. I know they said that they wrote him out of the last 2 episodes but they probably will kill him off they just won’t tell us bc they don’t want to give the storyline away. That’s what I’m scared of but I hope I’m wrong. Jussie is a biggggg part of the show. If he is fired from empire the show won’t make it. He’s a major part of the music. It won’t be the same without him. It’s so sad this happened
Yea i cant watch empire with out jussie he was like the best singer ugh
mark hackly
Jessie was the star..... Chicago has a lot more to worry about then Jesse.... Empire is garbage with out him.... Lofl
Hex Hub Music
Jussie was trying to make his own episode...
Angel Wilson
hurry up empire god❤❤😘
Alaija George
Man I can’t wait like cmon‼️💯can’t believe Jussie not go be in it😔
Amber Randall Art
If Andre or Hakeem is in that casket, I’m done with Empire.
Rochelle McRyans
I'm so ready for the second half of the season it's always a rollercoaster👏👏👏👏
QueenB 4856
Andre is not in the casket. They took us three months later & Cookie told Lucious that they were prepping him for surgery, no names given. I think Jeff or his mother is in the casket. Becky was sitting with Lucious at the funeral not Cookie. Also, Cookie wasn't devastated enough after trying to revive Andre, she's trying to prepare Lucious about his other son not destroying him & most importantly, Quincy & he his mother would've been at the funeral if it was Andre who died. They weren't.
Tangie G
Okay... I just assumed that it was going to be jussie Smollett character that died. Not Andre. I'm done watching the show now.
Tìñy Media
Andre is in the casket😫, why though I could feel it😭😭
I bella
J aime trop cette serie surtt la cookie elle est trop class j zi hate de voire la suite des episode en france bisous aux acteurs🙌😘💟
truth seeker
The show won’t b the same there going to kill Jamal off
Stephanie Robinson
Andre just looks good dressed up or run down. I like that rough jail look for some reason.
Nelliel Amimaru
Thanks empire for having the premiere on my bday best present
Althea Orr
You know with all that's happened with the Smollett K I'm starting to wonder if he is now going to be the one in the box and they're going to have to change the story line
Sasuke Thugchia
6:51 why it gotta be popo 🤣🤣🤣
That James Kingsley story reminds me of The Young and the Restless story of Adam and Victor.
Angelique J
I’m pretty sure that’s Kingsley’s mom in that casket. She’s dying anyway and Becky said he didn’t know 🤷‍♀️
A Joint Joint
They can do Jamal how they did Aunt Viv. Problem solved
Ruru Home
I still blame Lee Daniels for the Jussie hoax. If the return episodes doesn’t turn out the biggest ratings after this... 🤦🏾‍♀️
Lillie Brintley
If you're not watching Empire something is wrong with you....
Claudio Oliveira
Jussie Smollett it’s the best in ruining things 🤪👍🤪🤣🤪🤣🤣🤪😁🤪🤪🤣🤣
Vanda sóvágó
They already shot it that maybe Andre died but they will reshoot it so Jamal will die you know why ...
Helenea 22
They too bold. Yall fired the dude, and have at the end talking 😂
chico realg suave
This show not gonna be the same without jamal
Tink Herndon
No I really wish Andre don't die
They kill me each & every time the way they roll their eyes, then walk away from Lucious when he’s done something years ago he never mentioned! 😂🤣
YES IT COMES ON IN THIS month but im said jamal not gon be on it no more 😢
Desharde McGuffie
Empire came a long way I mean from season 1 to season 5 and this season of Empire was good and crazy and funny at the same time looking forward seeing and how the rest of this season gonna go and I only watch Empire because of Taraji aka Cookie Lyon 😍🤗❤🤷
Andrea Umba
I've been waiting for so long
Zeryah Thompson
Second>can't wait to watch see JUSSIE SMOLLET face makes me miss him so much😘😘
andiswa mzimba
Truth be told...Jeff is more like Lucious
да здравствует коммунизм и республика
Ahhh!!! So excited!!!!
Mystic Manaphy
Whoa!! Hope Andre isn't in the casket, he has acted so much better than the past few seasons after Rhonda. What if Kai is in the casket? Him and Jamal are engaged, and he did do the story about where all the money in Empire is going to. He could've found out about Cookie's past with that man who stole the painting from the Poker Game with Lucious. Happy to see March 13 come soon.
Tasha Rob
man, I have missed a lot!
Courtney Davis
That is Cookie in the casket because, she said in an interview, when Empire hit 5 seasons she was leaving the show.
Joseph John Anzur
Now you are talking and you have refreshed my memory and I anxiously await the next episode! Long live the Lyon Family!
Benjamln Lewis
I c Empire came with some N.O.504 FUNK in the beginning of the season
Casandra James
This kingsley guy is messing with the wrong family
Laura Haley
Kill Kingsley not Andre. Not to mention Andre the sexiest all man on the show don't get me wrong big Terrence has had his day. And he still looks good now. But it's something about that Andre character
K. R.
Excellent Work Staff..Question?...lol
David Jackson
Man I hate the whole series is coming to a end soon 😒😔😖😢😭
Sky Lovgren
Hakeem is dead??🤷‍♂️😧😯😲🙀 Edit:The Andre is dead🙀😧😯🤷🤷
Maybe it’s Kingsley’s in the coffin
Michael Cooley
Thank you for your faith and wisdom 🙏
Chicago Hood
Benjamln Lewis
Something is Wrong with Terrace Howard for real
jeffrey messa
they are crazy too suspenseful for the bleeding heart
Starr Wright
I can't wait to catch up!!!
Precious Loves Lopez
Love this show👍👍👍👍👍
Emily B
I live crazy Andre...he's too much
The Queen
I'm going out into the snow for a sandwich at 2am.
alicia jones
Mario is gonna take Jamal spot I see it
Tamson Meyer
Can't wait but there came a few on Catch up tho
armelle kalioua
hello please we need empire saison 5 in french version thanks
kawaii Lover_xoxo
12 more days wow time and days go by fast
Rushine Walters
Every season lucious kill somebody💯👊
Josh Gale
Season 5 got me snatchedT
Cheryl Sawka
I don't like the way the show is going.
Marnique Jacobs
This is a beautiful episode
Ok so WHAT happened to Andre?
Althea Orr
That Still Remains to be seen with all the negative publicity
Marjorie Moet VanHook
Are there any more episodes after 18, they just left me hanging n waiting........I need updates of what’s going on with my fav show
Enobel Amoatey
She said Juanita and I'm like why u calling me Teana. I'm Juanita
Preston Pfeil
Your move. Criminal security team
Mariam Renne
Am I the only one who likes Kingsley?? 👀
Theo Dora
Wow so many the strength of character..i love it 😎👍👍
Atacha Richardson
We need andre in this I would not watch another show of empire again if he is not on this show
Isabella S
when is the rest of the season coming out ?
Georgi loves 💜
This was uploaded on my birthday 🎁
Shae' M.
Kingsley mama's in the coffin
Graziela silvia
love empire ❤❤
50 cent should come in at young ceaser
Ito Mario
So season 6 didn't start yer right?
Kee Melody
I think the empire gon be over its not gon be the same without jamal they gon get someone else like no