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Official track "Bastards" from MACHINE HEAD's ninth studio album, CATHARSIS, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Order album at Tour Dates: Subscribe to our YouTube: /> ORDER AT Nuclear Blast: />iTunes: />Amazon: />Google Play: /> LISTEN ON Spotify: />Apple Music: />Deezer: /> FOLLOW MACHINE HEAD: Website: />FB: />TW: />IG: />YT: />On Tour: />Spotify: ---------------- "BASTARDS" LYRICS Yesterday I told my sons "sometimes the bad guys win" And that it made me scared about the world that we live in But I had to reassure them that it wouldn’t be for long Sons we have to be ourselves We have to be strong I said “boys you are the future, so let this be a lesson There may come a day you have to fight off their aggression” Cause fear and hatred won today, the darkness ate the light But both you look in my eyes, it’ll be alright In every step you take I'm with you all the way Cause I would die for you To do what’s right for you In hopes that when I’m gone You’ll carry on these words I wrote for you Till then… I’ll sing Stand your ground Don’t let the bastards grind you down Be bold, be strange Don’t let their fears make you afraid There’s hope, they’ll change Well I looked out to the world today, thought "what a bloody mess!” They stripped our morals from us, put 'em under house arrest And "liberty" and "country" are the words they need to speak A little “god,” a little “freedom,” if we don’t agree, we're weak And every politician stood there idle and so smug Empowering the racists and 2nd Amendment thugs Wall St. and the billionaires, convinced us they’re so smart Saying “vote with your wallet, instead of with your hearts!” But we won’t go away! You won’t forget our name! The pussy generation, the PC and the brave The protesters that slink along the streets of misery And so… I’ll sing Stand your ground Don’t let the bastards grind you down Be bold, be strange Don’t let their fears make you afraid There’s hope, they’ll change We’ll change Change No, no, no, no, no (FUCK NO!) No, no, no, no, no (FUCK NO!) No, no, no, no, no (FUCK NO!) So give us all your faggots, all your niggas, and your spics Give us all your Muslims, your so-called terrorists We’ll welcome them with open arms, and put ‘em in our mix We’re better off together now, embrace our difference Remember there is love! Our words can stop their guns Forget the rednecks Living in the past We’re never going back now, we've reached critical mass And so… I’ll sing Stand my ground Won’t let the bastards grind me down I’m bold, I’m strange Won’t let their fears make me afraid There’s hope, they’ll change ---------------- Catharsis track listing: 1. Volatile 2. Catharsis 3. Beyond The Pale 4. California Bleeding 5. Triple Beam 6. Kaleidoscope 7. Bastards 8. Hope Begets Hope 9. Screaming At The Sun 10. Behind A Mask 11. Heavy Lies The Crown 12. Psychotic 13. Grind You Down 14. Razorblade Smile 15. Eulogy Catharsis special edition bonus DVD track listing (filmed live at The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 2015): 1. Imperium 2. Beautiful Mourning 3. Now We Die 4. Bite The Bullet 5. Locust 6. From This Day 7. Ten Ton Hammer 8. This Is The End 9. Beneath The Silt 10. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears 11. Darkness Within 12. Bulldozer 13. Killers & Kings 14. Davidian 15. Descend The Shades Of Night 16. Now I Lay Thee Down 17. Take My Scars 18. Aesthetics Of Hate 19. Game Over 20. Old 21. Halo Bloodstone & Diamonds World Tour 2014 – 2016 (Bonus Live CD for box set): 1. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent 2. Take Me Through The Fire 3. Now We Die 4. From This Day 5. Ten Ton Hammer 6. Locust 7. Desire To Fire 8. Killers & Kings 9. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears 10. Crashing Around You 11. Darkness Within 12. Imperium 13. Block Bloodstone & Diamonds World Tour 2014 – 2016 (Bonus Vinyl for box set): Side One: 1. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent 2. Take Me Through The Fire 3. Now We Die Side Two: 1. From This Day 2. Ten Ton Hammer 3. Locust Side Three: 1. Desire To Fire 2. Killers & Kings 3. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears 4. Crashing Around You Side Four 1. Darkness Within 2. Imperium 3. Block

I feel like the only real reason why ppl are hating on this is that it's political. Which is stupid because metal and rock bands have always had political messages. Nothing new here. Metal and punk has always been more left leaning too. This shouldn't shock anyone.
Ace Nine
“2nd Amendment thugs” Really 😂😂, is this the same band that said let freedom ring with a shotgun blast 😂
I honestly don't understand peoples hate for this song. Guess I'm in the minority with this one.
Jev Miller
This sounds like the band recorded their mid life crisis.
Trump Derangement Syndrome in full swing
I can appreciate the genuine passion that obviously went into making this but I've got to be honest, the song itself doesn't do anything for me... (still going to give this album a fair chance though once it comes out.)
Jeremy Sanchez
Congrats Machine Head on having your own Lulu.
Best thing about the song is how it pisses off racists and other Trump scum. If this song upsets them enough it might shave a couple of minutes of their worthless lives. I'll never understand how anybody would want artists to create music that's not inspired by how they feel and think. That's the whole goddamn point. If you want music that has no soul and means absolutely nothing, go listen to techno or justin bieber or whatever. If you have a problem with bands that are angry about something, you should not be listening to metal in the first place.
metal lord
SJW Head
Jesus Christ what a train wreck.
Ryan Cawthorn
Insulting members of your fan base that have a different political opinions is never smart.
Florian Jenders
After reading the comments, I think Robb might be onto something with those lyrics.
David Coffman
thumbs up if Rob Flynn is a soyboy
Metalmuscles 138
You never go FULL SJW.
The Bonez
Pathetic attempt to grab the SJW and Antifa fan base. Bandwagon much. RIP Machine Head
panzer 1
There must have been an ice cream truck passing the studio when they were recording this.
Andriy Vasylenko
The 4 chords, and in that exact order, 95% of modern pop music... I can't believe what I hear
LOL this is a flaming bag of dog shit I got the 1,999th dislike though, that was cooler than the song.
Sigh... I still love ya MH, but this was a lame attempt to pander to people's feelings and join the rest of the entertainment industry, making money off irrational fears and emotions, while demonizing half the nation as thugs and racists, when you likely have zero idea what's going on outside of your little California bubble. You and everyone are entitled to an opinion and should express it in your art. That's the whole point of art... However, this was a song based on ignorance, fear-mongering and overall disappointing to hear coming from a long-standing, very talented band. :-/
Phillip Clark
I think Machine Head have finally gone SJW on us.
Wojciech Man
What a pice of crap.
Brennen Copeland
These lyrics suck!
This 2nd amendment redneck just threw a 20 year old machine head shirt in his wood stove, thanks Robb.
Uncle Donnie
RIP Machine Head
Mike Peer
This was so ham fisted I'm considering the recipe for Christmas dinner. So I'm assuming you're liberal? Me too, but calling an entire group of people racist and homophobic isnt intellectually honest. Didn't you notice all the Republican "rednecks" opposing a lot of Republican led legislature this past year? Social justice is going to fade out when people start growing up and realising it's not as bad as their professor told them. Stop embarrassing the left.
asdasd wrqwrad
Already a contender for worst lyrics of 2018
I don’t understand why a band that spent the better part of its career protesting organized religion would so openly and so suddenly proclaim its love of Islam...
Jon Strickland
So this is what a mid-life crisis sounds like
I can't wait to buy this cd so I can run it over with a truck then burn it
Machine Head is definitely for beta males. I'll stick to my Pantera, real metal for real men. Phil Anselmo > Robb Flynn ;)
Irish Grown 152
Rob please keep your political views out of music and also stop eating soy it's making you a soyboy sissy.
Nellson Stout
This sounds like a South Park song gone terribly wrong
Peter Kostowic
Dropkick Murphys is heavier than this...
Eric Seminole
Im not into welcoming terrorists Rob. What's up with that anyway?!!
BF4 Parizeau
Hes now said the N word with a hard r multiple times.. interesting coming from a man so opposed to racism.
Caio _ps
Its OK for bands to change, i get It. But this is literally the worst metal song of the century. If you say this is OK just because you are a fan, you are not a real fan.
Chris T.
Lol is this Eminem's Revival unplugged?
James Johnson
Haha look at all these tough guys in the comments. Great song.
Eric Moore
I've been a Machine Head for a long time, but this is just bad.... Like cringe worthy bad. Rob Flynn doesn't have the kind of singing voice to pull this type of song off.
Filippo Bistaffa
I really hope this is a joke
Aidan Demaria
This is actually hurting my head.
Triggered Trump deplorables are so funny! Hahaha..
Jenny Wakeman
So far, all three singles suck, can't wait for this album. *Fart noise*
I'll be excluding this track when I download it. Leftist garbage.
I love this!
So far the album is not for me.... Very lame..
dawn mcelroy
this is terrible what we're they thinking.
Sea of Shells
One of the absolute worst songs I have ever heard.
Xavier Schroeder
The lyrics are great at the beginning, but slowly descend into apologetic bullshit. Overall, pretty good musically but it's complete message isn't great.
I love this song. It's like Machine Head but almost Bob Dylan-ish. Not incredibly so but you get my point. I really do like this song and as the lyrics say Flynn is bold and strange, he's going to stand his ground and he won't let the bastards who dislike the song get him down. I'm kidding by the way. If you don't like the song it's your opinion obviously and I'm sure Robb would respect it.
Fred Durst
Another reason to hang myself! Thanks Robb!
Marc McD
The chorus sounds like the song ‘I’m yours’ by Jason Mraz
Darkice Metal Film
when they change style to country !???
Gareth Pugh
Massive fan of the band, but this song isn't my sort of thing, probably says more about me that MH, big thumbs up for trying something new and different though. Still really looking forward to the album, still 14 other tracks to enjoy, and the title track and ‘Beyond the Pale’ were awesome….
The worst "Machine Head" song yet. And I've heard New Resistance and Is There Anybody Out There.
Old man, dead band.
Robb might have had some sort of "good" intention - whatever that might have been - while making this song, but the end result sounds incredibly corny. How corny? Corny as in like Blind Melon's "No Rain" and James' "Ring the Bells" were to try to sound metal. Oh, and then there's the kiss-ass SJW message. *ugh* This song was/is terrible; truly a "bastard" of a song. So excuse me while I go listen to "Davidian", "Wolves", "Imperium", & "Aesthetics of Hate".
Beautiful composition, the original theme passed in the original way. <3
Free Freddy
if you had daughters and lived in the north of england these lyrics are NOT what you would be singing, robb. what happened? you used to be anti pc and have your finger on the pulse of the world, you used to sit left of center politically, and you had the utmost respect for your fans. now? you seem to have gone the same way as jim jeffries... swinging left in entertainment keeps you relevant. sorry, my friend, but it doesn't work that way in music. your fans are your bread and butter... there's no alternative platform to put you on so that you'll still have fans. the music is still good, if less technical and in your face, and this song in particular is a slow grower, but the message is wrong. the lyrics you write aren't the world I, or many MANY others see. the lyrics you write are the same as the lie that is being threaded into today's western societies. you cry about trump. trump isn't the best person to run a country, true, but after getting through the media lies you see he's doing way better for your country than most presidents in the past. he's done more for the world, if the truth be told. no, I'm not a big fan of trump, but he's way better than the unbalanced, lying warmonger you nearly had. I'm still considering myself a fan, but all I ask is that you don't start pushing your politics on everyone. don't be telling me to accept more muslim child rapists and grooming gangs into the community where I live, or to turn a blind eye to female genital mutilation to make you feel better about yourself and your 'virtuous' beliefs. you aren't 'woke' until you open your eyes to the leftist lies. rip sweden, germany, spain and france... and soon the uk.
Bands evolve and individually any artist who has a career as long as Rob's means he's gonna explore different styles of music, just because a band release an album everyone loves doesnt mean theyve then gotta start trying to recreate the same shit over n over, this is clearly from the heart and it's what Rob was feeling at the time, he isn't there to please every fan with every song, that's impossible, he's an artist and puts out his art, if you don't like it, don't listen to it, it's pretty simple. Personally i think this is great, sums up shit in the world at the moment
Callum McCracken
it's not that the song is a political statement, it's just dreadful anyway.
It being political isn't a problem. It sounding like ass is. Seriously, leave the Dropkick Murphy's to do this kind of thing. The fact 10 years on we got here from The Blackening is ridiculous.
This song alone is the reason I'm skipping their Pittsburgh show.
Madera Paulice Dornpartment
Let freedom ring with a slam poem blast!
I don't hate MH, I just think Robb Flynn is on a big ego trip with this album and has completely lost his way with everyone in the band being a yes man because they've got kids/mortgages and their heart isn't in it, it's the blind leading the blind, what was so wrong with stuff like Aesthetics of Hate? Too technical? Too much effort? Robb's been spending too much time blogging and not enough time focusing on crafting good songs, he is clueless as to what MH should sound like, 9 albums in and they're still finding their sound? Also while the music changes Robb's vocals lack versatility, he's been doing the same semi-nu metal whispser-to-scream, semi-harsh, semi-singing style only without excelling at any, he should take an example from Burton C Bell's studio recordings and try harder. The whole band should try harder and that's what I dislike most about what MH have done for the past 3 albums.
Stokely Calm
Bastards has tro be one of the worst songs of the year. It describes Machineheadperfectly. Had Machine Head just took a shit, recorded it and uploaded to YouTube, it would’ve sounded better than this song. This is the worst rock song I've heard since Green Day's Nightlife, it made me blink-182 times. It kinda sounds like what happens when an Aerosmith fan tries way too hard to be Aerosmith. When people ask me what I think of Machine Head, I’m like who? Do you mean Motörhead? Fun fact: when Machine Head is not making shitty music, you can usually find them trying to audition for a role on Sons of Anarchy...even though their leader Robb Flynn could clearly play Kevin Sorbo. Notice how the song starts out very calmly and escalates into some violent has the bipolarism of a 90s Adam Sandler. It will lure you with its calm first two minutes telling yourself “it’s not so bad” kinda like beginning meth addicts tell themselves. Then at (2:00), you will get blind-sided by the most raunchy, God-forbidden sounds of what HAS to be coming from a tortured CIA detainee. Yes, straight out of Guantánamo.
Sounds like pub music for St Paddy's Day.
I've slammed most of MHs new stuff but I kind of like this one. I just don't like it as a MH song lol. What ever. With the lyrics, couldn't give a shit what he sings about, I have never paid attention to anything a metal band sings about lol.
Hugh Mungus
Well this sucks, Rob Flynn is going to write nothing but Anti-Trump songs for the next 7 years.
Ronnie Bruner
SJW crap needs to stay out of metal.
And another band gives into the shitspew of left wing politics, the lyrics are basically some Tumblrtards blog about unfair life in the WESTERN WORLD is, sitting back in there comfortable chair and complaining on the internet, R.I.P Machine Head
Facundo Oblivion
This has to be a joke
Justin Smith
It's Machine Head! If they played near anyone of you, you'd be first at the door. I can't wait to hear this live and watch everyone sing every tune from this album
Winter BolosS
It's like the "Lulu" of Machine head ...
Cameron Staley
And i question if this is the same band that made Halo and A farewell to arms... Fs
make machine head great again! Drain the swamp lyrics and music!
Love it! Yes it's different for Machine Head but when have they ever tried to do a country song? For a first go at the genre it's better than fine and the actual message is fantastic! Mixing is a bit off but other than that I don't get the hate unless you follow the orange in chief xD
Левацкий рок?Нет, спасибо, я не голодный
Marius Moorkamp
Trump plays harder riffs than this crybaby Flynn
Peter Petterssen
I think this song should've been released under a different name than MH. A band with a history and a great legacy can lose credibility by doing this. Credibility is critical and losing it can even taint your previous efforts, because you start to view those in a different light. Good bands should release less stuff if new material is not up to the standards they have set themselves while being brilliant.
Lana Gray
Love this so much. So many idiotic comments from TRIGGERED snowflake trump supporters lmfao..don't get mad y'all been duped by a self serving narcissistic con man just because you're not the brightest crayons in the box LOL. Well written and what a wonderful message to those of us woke enough to listen
Rob, this is horrible. I once owned a few MH classic albums, but I've snapped them all into pieces. You brought this on yourself Bro. I am clearly no more a fan, sorry.
Jarrod Carroll
When you vote, have kids, and are fed up with our nation's leaders, you'll have a newfound understanding of Rob's message. Bonus, this track sounds like MH got drunk with the Dropkick Murphys and spit out a fun inspirational tune. Kudos...
Robert Edwards
Sorry amigos, Can't Stump the Trump. #maga
A tad too cheesy
Ivaylo Hristov
Man, I was so hyped up for this album.... what a massive disappointment!
Major Dropkick Murphy vibes lol. I could well be nuts.
MH going full lefist SJW?? WTF? One of my fav metal bands sold out!!!! Jesus!!!
Tom N
A political song that claims how prejudice is wrong ,yet goes on to use the slur "rednecks" in the line "Forget the rednecks" ? How hypocritical, especially considering how he lumps in all trump supporters together as "bastards". Is that not the literal definition of prejudice?
shadow content
my first time hearing this song, im in love!!!!
Tyrell Scott
What a steamy pile of turds.
Glad theyre finally being seen for the fakes they are
Lyrics like this show how many entertainers are not in grasp with the average person. I do not like everything President Trump has done or said both during the campaign or his presidency. That being said show me one thing he has done (not something some one else has claimed he has done) That has been racist. I'll wait...
Black Mantram
my god this is bad!
Luke Gallagher
brilliant and powerful
lee collins
My chemical romance sprung to mind when I heard this
Issacle Gamer
This might be just me, but I absolutely love this song!