Official track "Bastards" from MACHINE HEAD's ninth studio album, CATHARSIS, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Order album at Tour Dates: Subscribe to our YouTube: /> ORDER AT Nuclear Blast: />iTunes: />Amazon: />Google Play: /> LISTEN ON Spotify: />Apple Music: />Deezer: /> FOLLOW MACHINE HEAD: Website: />FB: />TW: />IG: />YT: />On Tour: />Spotify: ---------------- "BASTARDS" LYRICS Yesterday I told my sons "sometimes the bad guys win" And that it made me scared about the world that we live in But I had to reassure them that it wouldn’t be for long Sons we have to be ourselves We have to be strong I said “boys you are the future, so let this be a lesson There may come a day you have to fight off their aggression” Cause fear and hatred won today, the darkness ate the light But both you look in my eyes, it’ll be alright In every step you take I'm with you all the way Cause I would die for you To do what’s right for you In hopes that when I’m gone You’ll carry on these words I wrote for you Till then… I’ll sing Stand your ground Don’t let the bastards grind you down Be bold, be strange Don’t let their fears make you afraid There’s hope, they’ll change Well I looked out to the world today, thought "what a bloody mess!” They stripped our morals from us, put 'em under house arrest And "liberty" and "country" are the words they need to speak A little “god,” a little “freedom,” if we don’t agree, we're weak And every politician stood there idle and so smug Empowering the racists and 2nd Amendment thugs Wall St. and the billionaires, convinced us they’re so smart Saying “vote with your wallet, instead of with your hearts!” But we won’t go away! You won’t forget our name! The pussy generation, the PC and the brave The protesters that slink along the streets of misery And so… I’ll sing Stand your ground Don’t let the bastards grind you down Be bold, be strange Don’t let their fears make you afraid There’s hope, they’ll change We’ll change Change No, no, no, no, no (FUCK NO!) No, no, no, no, no (FUCK NO!) No, no, no, no, no (FUCK NO!) So give us all your faggots, all your niggas, and your spics Give us all your Muslims, your so-called terrorists We’ll welcome them with open arms, and put ‘em in our mix We’re better off together now, embrace our difference Remember there is love! Our words can stop their guns Forget the rednecks Living in the past We’re never going back now, we've reached critical mass And so… I’ll sing Stand my ground Won’t let the bastards grind me down I’m bold, I’m strange Won’t let their fears make me afraid There’s hope, they’ll change ---------------- Catharsis track listing: 1. Volatile 2. Catharsis 3. Beyond The Pale 4. California Bleeding 5. Triple Beam 6. Kaleidoscope 7. Bastards 8. Hope Begets Hope 9. Screaming At The Sun 10. Behind A Mask 11. Heavy Lies The Crown 12. Psychotic 13. Grind You Down 14. Razorblade Smile 15. Eulogy Catharsis special edition bonus DVD track listing (filmed live at The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 2015): 1. Imperium 2. Beautiful Mourning 3. Now We Die 4. Bite The Bullet 5. Locust 6. From This Day 7. Ten Ton Hammer 8. This Is The End 9. Beneath The Silt 10. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears 11. Darkness Within 12. Bulldozer 13. Killers & Kings 14. Davidian 15. Descend The Shades Of Night 16. Now I Lay Thee Down 17. Take My Scars 18. Aesthetics Of Hate 19. Game Over 20. Old 21. Halo Bloodstone & Diamonds World Tour 2014 – 2016 (Bonus Live CD for box set): 1. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent 2. Take Me Through The Fire 3. Now We Die 4. From This Day 5. Ten Ton Hammer 6. Locust 7. Desire To Fire 8. Killers & Kings 9. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears 10. Crashing Around You 11. Darkness Within 12. Imperium 13. Block Bloodstone & Diamonds World Tour 2014 – 2016 (Bonus Vinyl for box set): Side One: 1. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent 2. Take Me Through The Fire 3. Now We Die Side Two: 1. From This Day 2. Ten Ton Hammer 3. Locust Side Three: 1. Desire To Fire 2. Killers & Kings 3. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears 4. Crashing Around You Side Four 1. Darkness Within 2. Imperium 3. Block

panzer 1
There must have been an ice cream truck passing the studio when they were recording this.
Ace Nine
“2nd Amendment thugs” Really 😂😂, is this the same band that said let freedom ring with a shotgun blast 😂
Nellson Stout
This sounds like a South Park song gone terribly wrong
Slippy McD
The chorus sounds like the song ‘I’m yours’ by Jason Mraz
Sounds like pub music for St Paddy's Day.
I love this song. It's like Machine Head but almost Bob Dylan-ish. Not incredibly so but you get my point. I really do like this song and as the lyrics say Flynn is bold and strange, he's going to stand his ground and he won't let the bastards who dislike the song get him down. I'm kidding by the way. If you don't like the song it's your opinion obviously and I'm sure Robb would respect it.
Jeremy Sanchez
Congrats Machine Head on having your own Lulu.
Beautiful composition, the original theme passed in the original way. <3
Trump Derangement Syndrome in full swing
Darkice Metal Film
when they change style to country !???
Dmitry Intolerant
band for lesbians
Personally I have been playing this constantly since first hearing it, and it still gives me goosebumps. Keep being yourselves Machine Head, its why I became a fan back in the 90's and its why I still eagerly look forward to everything you produce. If you just reel out the same tired shite I just wouldn't still be a fan. All the love to you guys.
Левацкий рок?Нет, спасибо, я не голодный
So far the album is not for me.... Very lame..
Eric Fredrick
Winter BolosS
It's like the "Lulu" of Machine head ...
Madera Paulice Dornpartment
Let freedom ring with a slam poem blast!
Osman López
temazo ctm, me encanta que machine head después de muchos años haya retomado en cierta medida los sonidos nu metal de "the burning red" y "supercharger". A los true metal 666 les duele que una banda evolucione y experimente, entiendan que no todos los discos van a sonar como "burn my eyes" y "the blackening" .
Cameron Staley
And i question if this is the same band that made Halo and A farewell to arms... Fs
Walter Mazzeo
I love it actually - heard it 10 times now. Agree with everyone who say to go ahead and take risks!
Jaime Abad Caldeiro
This isn't the best MH song, but it is very catchy. I like the lyrics tho.
A tad too cheesy
Matthew DiBernardo
Flynn wasn't kidding when he said don't expect a heavy album.......
I've slammed most of MHs new stuff but I kind of like this one. I just don't like it as a MH song lol. What ever. With the lyrics, couldn't give a shit what he sings about, I have never paid attention to anything a metal band sings about lol.
Raí Tolkki
Machine Head é Machine Head... Até na sua versão mais suave como toda banda tem, eles conseguem manter o alto nível. Foda demais!! #CoverDoTenaciusD kkkk
Thrash McNash
This sounds like the band recorded their mid life crisis.
Nicholas Breecher
I found a machine head song I like for once and apparently the community reaction is the exact opposite xD Politically I am almost entirely opposed to the band but I like to see anyone take a genuine stand for what they believe. First amendment should hold no bias!
The worst "Machine Head" song yet. And I've heard New Resistance and Is There Anybody Out There.
Peter Petterssen
I think this song should've been released under a different name than MH. A band with a history and a great legacy can lose credibility by doing this. Credibility is critical and losing it can even taint your previous efforts, because you start to view those in a different light. Good bands should release less stuff if new material is not up to the standards they have set themselves while being brilliant.
Be bold, be strange!! Right on!!
One word to describe this: GENERIC
Tjard Gustavson
Great Song, Rob! ;)
John Duffy
I'm not saying remake The Blackening but Clenching and Farewell to Arms are how you write political songs with impact.
3:31 my reaction to this album
And another band gives into the shitspew of left wing politics, the lyrics are basically some Tumblrtards blog about unfair life in the WESTERN WORLD is, sitting back in there comfortable chair and complaining on the internet, R.I.P Machine Head
The [M] Show
I listen this song on live anda i cry...breautifull song guys
Anthony Burgis
Man I love how much this good song pisses people off KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MH
You know, I really don't mind the change in musical direction. I think the music is actually fine. For me it's the lyrics that are iffy. Yelling obscenities at people on the other side of the political spectrum... The last thing we need is more polarization. Instead we should try to understand each other.
Major Dropkick Murphy vibes lol. I could well be nuts.
Black Mantram
my god this is bad!
gilberto hernandez
too much pendejos hating... if you want something really heavy why dont you try carry a piano on your back
🤘😌🤘 Thank you for this. It's fucking beautiful. 💜
Ivan Malek
This sounds like a really bad Dropkick Murphys ripoff lmao
Cynical Scorpio
*first 2 minutes* Meh, it's fine *rest of the song* Ugh, why
Gary Langston
I will stick with Slayer and Megadeth.
Alex Temple
Fourth grade civics class takes a stab at politics. Heart in the right place, but appalling execution.
Andreas Mueller
Best track off the album so far... (although I don't mind "Beyond the Pale" either).
Javier Rodriguez
Not familiar with Machine Head, but this was great. Love the pub sound.
Jennifer Howard
Thank for standing your ground! Amazing lyrics!
Totally bit Dropkick Murphys sound
It being political isn't a problem. It sounding like ass is. Seriously, leave the Dropkick Murphy's to do this kind of thing. The fact 10 years on we got here from The Blackening is ridiculous.
Big Shaggy
Missed the political history lessons I see... MAGA!
S Ryan
Obviously, this tune is about the message, and they said it well. Respect!
Florian Jenders
After reading the comments, I think Robb might be onto something with those lyrics.
k 1
Wtf rob flynn? Who told you this was a good idea?
Quite possibly the worst rock song of all time. This makes "Nightlife" by Green Day look fantastic in comparison.
Gareth Pugh
Massive fan of the band, but this song isn't my sort of thing, probably says more about me that MH, big thumbs up for trying something new and different though. Still really looking forward to the album, still 14 other tracks to enjoy, and the title track and ‘Beyond the Pale’ were awesome….
Benju Jocelyn Manderico
I’ve been with machine head since the beginning. I love this song. It’s passionate. So many of you lack that. It’s sad. Keep rockin MFNH!!!!
Jon Strickland
So this is what a mid-life crisis sounds like
Scorch 308
Aaaaaaand you added the one thing you never should to metal. Politics. Rip Machine Head
Austin Turza
The beautiful thing about music is that you can express your feelings and thoughts however you want, but I am tired of hearing political messages in my music, movies, video games, etc. It's simply something you can't get away from.
MH you have hit a new low, why does it seems like I'm listening to Slipknot? smh
Oh rob Flynn when will you realize your views are not rebellious, you have the most politically safe views
Rob saw one episode of Sons of Anarchy and said "that's our image until Adidas jumpsuits and cornrows are back in style, guys.
cosimo ruggiero
Guys hate me , but i love this
crazy burkey
Thanks to the dean obidawa show Caller turned me onto this. Oopppsss.🙂5k folks
Rob "I'm in my mid-life crisis trying to stay relevant with the kids these days" Flynn
The predecessors of this and Eulogy were Darkness Within and the Acoustic version of it. However, while on Darkness only the lyrics were full-on cheese and the tune was pretty good, in Bastards and Eulogy, the lyrics AND the tune are.... lacklustre at best. Bastards and Eulogy are the main negatives on the album. Other negatives include the lyrics of triple beam and Razorblade smile which are puerile. The problem with bastards’ tune is it’s the very well worn chord progression on the chorus. Most pop songs have the same one or variants of it. Once you hear it you can’t unhear it. Basically the song is 100% predictable. The rest of the album is pretty scorching.... songs like Volatile and Grind you Down... excellent. This album - 6.5/10
Ο Επιστήμων
First reaction: WTF MACHINE HEAD??? Then shit went down. Sounds like some out of control madman that somehow managed to remain positive. And I mean that in a good way. The song was a total curveball, but still I enjoyed it.
Vidar Burström
Best song of machine head.
Steve Hunt
You cant expect a MASTERPIECE like the BLACKENING every album...but that will be timeless at least
An empowering and brilliant song, a beacon of hope with a twist of metal.
john vanharten
Reminds me of the Dropkick Murphys!
Fred Durst
Another reason to hang myself! Thanks Robb!
Piotrek Jabol
sounds just like polish band El Dupa Natalia w Bruklinie, wonder if kazik knows that?
Randy Doering
Most truth I've heard in a long time. Bring it back
Ashley Paige
I love this. I love the message and the positivity it brings. I think it’s extremely brave to release this track knowing you would possibly alienate a portion of your fan base. We need more of this in rock music! Kindness and hope for peace.
This song is brutally honest and epic. Great tune!
Bands evolve and individually any artist who has a career as long as Rob's means he's gonna explore different styles of music, just because a band release an album everyone loves doesnt mean theyve then gotta start trying to recreate the same shit over n over, this is clearly from the heart and it's what Rob was feeling at the time, he isn't there to please every fan with every song, that's impossible, he's an artist and puts out his art, if you don't like it, don't listen to it, it's pretty simple. Personally i think this is great, sums up shit in the world at the moment
Jarrod Carroll
When you vote, have kids, and are fed up with our nation's leaders, you'll have a newfound understanding of Rob's message. Bonus, this track sounds like MH got drunk with the Dropkick Murphys and spit out a fun inspirational tune. Kudos...
It sounds like 'Cool for Cats' by Squeeze lol
Lee Murtagh
Devin Townsend - Higher
Chris T.
Should've thrown in a "TeeHee" for good measure Robb.
Raymond Morrison
This is so cringe lol sorry Stephen if your reading lol
The Dman 0310
Not bad, but not that good. Machine Head's St Anger. Ok, but not their best
Duane Dangel
I played this for my son. He knows what he need to do to be REAL man.
Conor Somers
Ok... I'm gonna go listen to The Blackening now.
Mark Fry
I love every album you guys have done. I appreciate that this is different, it's just not for me. Still love you guys and will still be a fan, I hope this album isn't your last.
Tina B
Im going to the March 3rd show in Oakland! I'm so stoked to see them!!!
Joe Mac
Stop people being hateful by being hateful towards them... Hypocrite Head
I know I have an incredibly small penis but
Good music and good message bro keep up the good work !
Maxime Geonget
Wasn't expecting that AT ALL coming from MH but I gotta say : I definitely love it !!!
THIZZKITZ // James Fraser Music
Mad respect. This is risky stuff. I don't know yet how I feel about it but I'm really happy it's NOT what I was expecting. Much love.
Joshua Woodard
I've bought every album from you guys, never again though.
this is great ( songs doesn´t have to be fast all the time )
Stand ur ground Don't let the bastards grind u down Be bald be strange Don't let there fears make you afraid There's hope. They'll change Defend your personal opinion against other's. Do not allow those who's parents were not married at their birth deplete your self confidence. Be braver than them, and don't be in normality. Do not fear something because they're fear it too. You can hope that they will become different to how they are currently, do not worry. This is proof that I need less memes and more sleep 👌😂👌
SAEuropean Patriot
Chris T.
Lol is this Eminem's Revival unplugged?
Jaymz Balestra
This song does move me. Even if it's not MH style, this turns up my day