Athlete - Half Light (Official Music Video)

Follow Athlete: Music Online: />Facebook: />Twitter: /> Lyrics: Sun got stuck, as it's making its way back down We find ourselves, in a familiar part of town And all that I've seen, means nothing to me, without you. So when I see you next, we'll make the most of it Tell the sun to start moving again The taste of your kiss I've still got on my lips And I'll take you there with me Head crashed down, air condition myself to sleep A great night out, that will continue to the end of the week And all that I've seen means nothing to me, without you So when I see you next we'll make the most of it Tell the sun to start moving again The taste of your kiss I've still got on my lips And I'll take you there with me It's you and me connected to a satellite It's you and me and love through a machine It's you and me connected to a satellite It's you and me and love through a machine So when I see you next we'll make the most of it Tell the sun to start moving again The taste of your kiss I've still got on my lips And I'll take you there with me

Errol J. Molina
Esta canción me hace recordar muchas cosas!!
Karla Lucero Reyes
Estuve buscando esta canción años! y ahora que la encuentro me enamoro nuevamente de ella ♡♡♡ Es música de verdad, buena música
Chuka Amur
This song is real masterpiece
jet-li statham
havnt heard this since 2006... A Great "memory song".. bringn back a good memory of the time flys.
dhairya thakker
Love from India
Ian Watson
wicked song, wicked vocals/arrangement, hope these boys still tour :)
Third Nicart
Seriously? Just 130k views?? This is the music.
Beautiful song! Beautiful video! With beautiful animals too😍
Ricardo S. Rojas F.
como pasa el tiempo. recuerdo cuando esta cancion era nueva. ahora es casi un clasico
12 years since I used to listen to this nearly every day, I was 17 then now I'm 30 in 4 months...time please slow down!
Chirag Pawar
athlete please upload a full hd 1080 60fps version of this video!!
I will forever listen to your music guys, thank you <3
Andreas Mercado
Gavin Woods
George Ezra brought me here
Mari Sousa
música perfeita <3 viajando aq~~
bocha heikham
Thanks god i found you guys again after a decade i lost u guys...this particular song melody was only left lingering in my mind but i fogot the name of the song and band names...but finally i found you again...stay strong guys...
Chirag Pawar
Ohh... Athlete thank you for making my childhood memorable with such great song
Yuridia Villanueva Avilez
No me cansaré de escuchar este tipo de música
Laura Sánchez
This song... 3
Joey jardison
damn. I miss my ex girlfriend every time hear this song.
Stoic EzGmail
Es el soundtrack del momento más bello de mi vida!.
Ronald Abanto Echegaray
athlete oh si 
Used to love this song on the radio and then it faded away, so I set out looking for it with no knowledge of who sung it or what it was called- 18 months later- here I am!
Victor Mendoza
Such a nice song!
Fanny Alexander
dimas agustian
suci bedia
incredible !! are you guys still alive ?
Lucia Carolina Suastegui
Freedom <3
Incredible song!! one of the best I never heard... this song transport me to a beautiful fantasy place.
Where is this band? are they still together?
Anne Farquhar
Hadn't heard this song in years until today in the town and i couldn't stop smiling as it reminded me of how much i really love my boyfriend and how much I miss him when I'm not with him <3
Fran García
Ah that's the stuff !!
Loves it I do.
Cosmin Sebastian
@danyelnecula92 That is what Mike Strutter said in his show. Season 1 episode 1. Hilarious.
The Zombie
que buen tema de las mejores canciones que he escuchado en mi vida muy buena cancion de verdad
its sooooooo vry hot and cool!!!!!dont have words to describe how i feel!!
Terrific start, draws you in.
Drugs Bunny
"And all that i've seen means nothing to me, without you"... My dad died last year, I always used to tell him all the cool and interesting things I did. I actually did a lot of it just so I would have something to share with him. Ever since he passed away I have deeply missed having somebody who's worth sharing my experiences with. So when I see him next, we'll make the most of it <3
aangnen Pongener
ive got dz song...4m da past 4 yearz itz still stuck inn my head ,,,,
Samarjyoti Deka
i am surprised to see sum1 disliked this one... kick their ass of those 5 persons... they dont know what is a gud piece of music....
Naomi Stark
first Athlete song i ever heard <3 loved them ever since! seeing them live tonight in Manchester, can't waittt!
This and Wires are thier best stuff since Vehicles and Animals, loved that album was so light and feel good like this, but i not a fan of thier last couple of albums. Hope they go back to the feel good nature next time.
i did a guitar cover of this song check it out.
Fantastic song, the lyrics are of someone in love
Davie Twaddle
Superb stuff!! Second fave...after hurrican of course!! =)
Ollie Wells
saw u guys at tramlines festival in sheffield....u were awesome :D
I'm so jealous. We got the Saturdays.. I should have gone to Hull. I wish they'd release some more stuff, they were amazing!
Kieron Henry
We've got Athlete playing our end of year ball at Hull University! It's gonna be epic!
ONE week to go.... ATHLETE @ LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY SAT 30th MAY Tickets are on sale on seetcikets. gigantic. Also available on the doors £10 NUS & £12 NON
this is a tune man
Tim Harris
i was looking for this coz id heard it my car and i thought it was really good the lead singer looks a bit like me lol.
the way he sings is the thing that makes it great!!
Dana Tolman
no.. i can't hear it. stfu!
I like their music, but sometimes the lead singer's accent/inflection on the lyrics are a bit annoying..if you can hear it you know what I mean
Leni Jones
im going to see them live 26th of august :)
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As with the previous single, Wires, the content of the song is autobiographical. The lyrics speak of singer, Joel Pott's, regret at being far away from his family whilst on tour, of how difficult it is to conduct a relationship with them over the telephone and how, when he finally gets to spend some time at home, he will 'make the most of it'.
Porunga sama
Que nostalgia me trae está canción. Y el vídeo perfecto 😏👏
Cardeve Delgado
Best music in 2005 till now i still listening to this one
neil Mad ph
Love this band,,cool as coldplay
Andres Samario
this song emebers me the cute girl that i love
chiller lager
I love this song why it's only 160k views this is a great song
Silverius Guntur
Pocketninja G
1k ❤️
Camilo Moreno
2019 👍🏻
Estefania Alvarez
LA rola.!! (= Hermosa.. This song is so fucking beautiful... TT-TT   Love through a machine.. 
Juan Aurelio Bejarano
Hitoned Sob