Power Rangers In Space - Shell Shocked - Meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Crossover

The Power Rangers meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles This scene is from Power Rangers In Space "Shell Shocked" episode. . #PowerRangers #GoGoPowerRangers #Hasbro Subscribe for More Power Rangers: /> Shop for Power Rangers here: />Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: /> All-new episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers air on Nickelodeon.

When you're 19 with no job and no dreams this is where you come
The zoom-in of the Red Ranger at 1:48 is hilarious!!
someone was high when writing a script...
jimbo g
Why is the Red ranger so salty
BLoop BLop
LOL! The zoom in on the Red Ranger with his expressionless helmet but so clearly angry is gold.
Bat Duck
That awkward moment when some random turtles do more than trained Power Rangers in a fight.
Meel wallace
This is what happens when you stop watching power rangers after the originals leave, you grow up never knowing this had happened.
Stephen Sparacino
Since when was there a girl turtle
James Antley
someone please turn 1:49 into a gif and PLEASE let me know when you do!
Mr. Friendship
*_Avengers Infinity War looks great this year._*
for those born after 1997: 1.) this was a crossover with the second tv series of tent called "The Next Mutation". 2.) Yes they had a fifth female Mutant Turtle named Venus De Milo. 3.) It was shown in 1997 after the run of the 1987 series ended it's run. 4.) Also produced by Saban. The reason why they milked this crossover.
Zack Attack
they need to remake a better version of this were the rangers dont know them mistake them for bad guys and have an awsome fight only to find out there good and fight a really strong tmnt enemy also NO girl turtle,even my little 4 year old sister hates her
Frank Gallagher
The TMNT just made The Power Rangers look useless.
C Court
Now I have to see the rest of this episode!
SuperMarshall 2.0
I kind of wish they made the crossover with the Turtles a seasonly tradition. That way things could get really interesting.
When worlds collide.....
Kent Brown
I don't care what anyone says this was awesome
Brian Kasslin
Jetix was my entertainment dealer. They had the best stuff, pure action and quality.
Lol, at the last minute you just see red Ranger like No wait don't leave MEEE!
red ranger  is pissed you trying to still his girl.
Coral McNaughton
"Lighten up Andross, they're on our side!" Me: TMNT AND STAR FOX?!
Faja Man
better than the Michael bay version
Jahin Alam
Infinty war is the most ambitious crossover in history Me : Shows this video
Hdofu Fox
Venus: "Hiyyyyaaa..... you want a piece of cheese?"
Angelo Johnson
This episode was legendary back in the day. I was so excited when it came on i couldn't control myself.
Vincent Ly
Power Rangers is proudly owned by Saban (SCG) and Hasbro. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is proudly owned by Mirage Studios and Viacom International.
"We couldn't believe there were power rangers either! Pretty trippy!" lmao
Alex Reindeer
HAHA Most peoples don't know Mei Pieh Chi or Venus de Milo.
Nostalgia overload
Alex Phillips
We need a modern remake of this crossover in the comic books at Boom! Studios & IDW Publishing. But with one major difference: the OG MMPR, not Rangers in Space!
Mustang Jones.
woah, why's a chick turtle that looks like leo? That shit's creepin' me out.
AJ D Malawi
0:48 Venus De Milo: *U wHaNnnnA PieCE oF MeE?*
This is DEFINETLY going into my "Liked videos" playlist.
Aniket Mitra
for those of you who are unaware of Venus, the fifth turtle. She was the only turtle with magical power
Vine aquí por ElSmoshPit de la semana.
TopZehn Army ^^
1:49 >mfw sum skrub tries to get in on mah gurl
philip beaumont
I kinda remember this. Sheesh, it's been a long time.
LovelyB Carter
*Fangirl Sreams* So Cool !!!
roy zodogoza
one of the greatest moments in childhood history :)
This was a great moment in my childhood, but as an adult i just...i just cant..lol
So many youngins showing their age here. There was a live-action TMNT show back in the day that aired at the same time as this did and it was a crossover.
Dan Devlin
The Verge...
DR. corevision
İ want venus and kirby togheter
Patrick Branch
there were 5 ninja turles
Guys you could see it in Netflix
John Haggard
"You want a piece of me?"
Yes kids...this actually happened
Haha what kinda of world do they live in?! Do the power puff girls also live there? xD
Brighton DeChienne
This is just perfect. Just... perfect.
Black Dino Ranger
Ahhh i remember this episode very well, when I was a kid watching this episode I was amazed when I saw my favorite 2 childhood things combined in 1 show.
Michael Whitehorne
I was curious to know how they'd make that guy explode
Flames of Greg 97
2:33 Mad Bro XD
its Aztec /:
I've given up on all humanity
Scary thing: 20 years later PR and TMNT are on the same network again.
Jan Mervin
i still have cd
Khairul Anam
One of the greatest crossover of all time!
this episode got me messed up
Rodimus Rider
To my regret this is the only episode of In Space I saw as a kid and I didn't even see the whole episode
Robert Stark
This was good, but I would have rather seen the original rangers meet the turtles from the 1990 TMNT movie or secret of the ooze for that matter
Claudio Mella
Oh, it's the ninja turtles and, ejem, you know... The other political correctness female adolescent turtle: Venus.
Andros is the only one with any sense, as usual
Davidson 1111
CVC y y TT edvr Braya webb
Oh god yes
Felipe Avila
Cuba e USA Juntos KKKKKKKK
Mila Vink
1:45 when somebody is flirting with your Crush
Everett Mongin
When I first thought this was a thing I thought I must of ate or drank something that made me tripy
Señor Gooba
this was childhood back in the 90's. and i have to say its just as good as shows as adventure time and regular show. coming from a child.
I remember watching this episode when it first came out I was so excited to see to of my favorite childhood shows colliding together
Excitedtree 4293
The turtles just save them and their so confused I'm a TMNT fan but on rangers side on this one I'm the red ranger in real life at the end
subscribe for no reason
they could do this, but not a clifford the big red dog crossover with clifford puppy days?
Son Goku
We all know that raven from teen titans is the best character of all time
Walter White
Still trying to wrap my head around this one. It would have been better to not have a team up at all, since Turbo couldn't meet Space...
Is it just me or did shit just get real?
Jermo Gonzo
I wish I wouldve seen this as a kid awesome team up but it wouldve been better with the original PR and the originnal NT since idk who the hell is the turtle chick lol
TImothy Zeiler
Hubert Worthy
It was fantastic. Show
Roman Reigns
i was like whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat....best cross over
Well. The costumes suck. But, I mean, at least the acrobatics were alright.
Crossover episode?
Shawn Jones
It's been 15 years since I've liked Power Rangers, but I must admit it. This would probably be the greatest episode ever. I might have to watch it.
John Pinkerton
Ahhh sweet childhood...when none of the costume's headpieces would fit me.
Devin Sutton
Because he's a buzzkill
She was a new character specifically created for a show called "Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" that aired the same year as In Space. It was also produced by Saban Entertainment, which was the reason this weird crossover happened in the first place.
Words cannot describe what I just saw... Also, since when was there a female turtle? I gather that her name is Venus but, erm, when did she happen?
It happened when Jetix was still a channel.
Shaun Blyth
why didthe red ranger get left behind?
Gangster Freddy
Power rangers in space "Shell Shocked"
its a real episode
luna solari
im glad they brought back Venus
A female TMNT? WTF?
Whoa whoa whoa, what the shit are you talking about. I like Both Power Rangers and Adventure time! Besides what's bad about a kids show that takes place after an apocalypse?
Visual Riddim Productions
holy shit the fighting is excellent! LOL!
nano pyro
when did this turn into dragon ball z?
Aysha Wattellier
I never liked TMNT The Next Mutation but the episode when Power Rangers In Space met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is my favourite! :D
Daniel - Man of God
this is weird...
Ikr right that cant be possible
What!? When the hell did this happen?
this is epic, not like that stupid shit named adventure time