Roger Waters-Rock in Rio-pro-shot 2006- Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Live at Rock in Rio Lisbon (Portugal) 2006-06-02 "This recording was made from the portuguese Sic Radical (TVCabo satellite) The Video come straight from satellite it means no reencoding done to keep the quality higher." Setlist : 01 - The Happiest Days of Our Lives />02 - Another Brick In The Wall part 2 />03 - Mother />04 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond />05 - Have A Cigar />06 - Wish You Were Here />07 - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun />08 - The Gunners Dream />09 - Southampton Dock />10 - The Fletcher Memorial Home />11 - Perfect Sense part 1 />12 - Perfect Sense part 2 />13 - Leaving Beirut />14 - Sheep /> LINEAGE: SIC Radical channel (TV Cabo) Band Members: Roger Waters Jon Carin P.P. Arnold Graham Broad Andy Fairweather Low Carol Kenyon Dave Kilminster Katie Kissoon Ian Ritchie Harry Waters Snowy White

The Prog Station
There's something missed,you're not feeling the same feeling like in the original.Much less soul.And where's the god damn guitar solo at the opening?!!!How could they skip on this?!!
Ben Culture
Please give a thumbs up if you miss hearing "Part IX", the instrumental that Rick Wright wrote to end the song on the Wish You Were Here album version. I mean the slow and sad piece in 4/4 time, the very last part of the song. I wish Roger or David would include it when they play the song live.
Ben Culture
Yes, it's quite an edit, isn't it? I love the first solo, specifically on the record, where it was direct-injected (DI'ed) into the mixing board with no amplifier. Hard to get that sound onstage. The "2nd" guitar solo suddenly morphs into the "3rd" solo, skipping right over the keyboard solo. I liked the "In The Flesh" live version, where they at least tried to represent most of the whole song, not just the first half. I really love Rick Wright's "Part IX" but no one ever plays it live.
Ben Culture
I like this song better by Roger Waters without Pink Floyd, than Pink Floyd without Roger. Roger still sings with passion, despite his limits. David Gilmour singing the song just never sounds right to me - and it's outside his vocal range, too. Also, as I remember noticing at the 2008 Dallas show, this band plays the song more at its original tempo, nice and slow. White and Kilminster really rock the guitars!
Iz Moe
Snowy White is loyal to his Goldtop :D
Where the fuck is the first solo? Jesus, I don't like such changes...
That's not Jim Root of Slipknot, It's Dave Kilminster. He's been touring with Roger Waters since 2006, and is still playing with him today.
Sergio hernandez
i have a eargasm in te minute 1:49
splash 2009
syydd Barrett shineeee onnnn
Roger why the hell did you cut the intro??? This is my favourite song, as well as the favourite song of very many other Floydians, and the intro is a very important part of the song! It starts with the first keyboard, then comes the second keyboard with the trumphet sound, then comes the clean guitar, then the distorted guitar, then the bass and drums, and eventually the vocals. This is part of what makes this song so special! So you can definately not remove the guitar intro! In 2002, Roger performed the whole song with almost the same backing band. It was great! Why didn't they do that here?