How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube: An Easy Tutorial

Visit our new website: /> Learn to solve the 3x3 cube with an easy, straightforward method! This method is widely known as layer-by-layer (LBL), and can be used to solve any scramble. It’s designed specifically to reduce intense thinking and memorization. Time to solve the cube! This tutorial comes with a worksheet, which contains all the information taught in this video: /> Time stamps --- Introduction and basic concepts: 0:42 Notation: 2:40 Cross: 5:09 First layer corners: 11:40 Second layer edges: 17:07 Top yellow cross: 23:15 Positioning the last layer corners: 25:45 Twisting the last layer corners: 30:47 Positioning the last layer edges: 34:01 Troubleshooting guide: />Walkthrough solves: /> Some cool cubing stuff --- Puzzles to get started on: />Competitive speedcubing (US Nationals 2016): US Nationals 2016 highlights: 8 cubes underwater: 4.73 Rubik’s cube world record:

Priscilla Alendy
00:00 intro 00:43 basic concepts 02:41 notation 05:08 step 1: cross 11:40 step 2: first layer edges 17:07 step 3: second layer edges 23:16 step 4: top yellow cross 25:45 step 5: position the last layer corners 30:48 step 6: twisting last the layer corners 34:02 step 7: positioning the last layer edges
Pip G
Who else's cube is mixed up? Only me? Great....
Anonymous T.
Am I the only one that messed up the 5th step like a billion times? Edit: Wow! thanks for all the likes!
Labib Siddique
Thanks. The best tutorial of rubik's cube. After all I have solved my own 3×3 rubik's cube
SrimanNarayana Vema
This is one of the best tutorials in solving a Rubik's cube. I learned a lot, I hope others did too.
Noah LockHeart
How to solve a Rubik's Cube 1) Get your Rubix cube in your hand. 2) Throw it at a wall. 3) Glue the pieces together.
I did it! (After 2 days of trying) Only tutorial I could actually follow 👍🏼
(solves the white cross) Okay, this isn't bad. (tries the righty alg) and now i'm screwing up....
Molly Palko
2:18 watching on 4th of july Coindidence? I think not Merica
aarsha sajeev
Best and easiest explanation available in youtube..anyone could do this if the instructions are followed correctly.
Jakwefa kerr
WHo here messed up in the middle and got so pissed
Jason Jason
Finally solved my first 3x3 cube in my life! I can rest in peace. Thanks a lot.
Lennoz 1379
Wow he points out every detail about the Rubik’s cube thanks for teaching me
Susan Medler
lol I've watched a few tutorials and still cant even get the daisy
2:48 Him: You can make a single or even... Me:Gasp Him: A DOUBLE TURN Me:hasheartattack
Can you make the title of this something more click-baity so that it can compete with other tutorials? It's by far the best tutorial on YouTube that I've seen, so I want others to use it!
FogonDoesArt TB
This is the best tutorial ! I did have to watch a couple of times to get it but in The end I could! Now I can solve a cube in 3 mins Thank you
John Laurens
I messed up and im crying cuz it was the last step ;.; 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
Joy G
Oh my God I'm so happy! Finally after years trying to figure out this frustrating cube finally I made it! Thankyou sm OMG u explained it well I'm so happy! I'll use all my acc. to like ur video lol
Do you happen to have some sort of teaching background, by any chance? I ask because this is, by far, the best tutorial on the Internet. Never have I seen each step laid out so clearly and concisely - even the official Rubik's cube channel couldn't accomplish what you have. Even a total moron can solve a Rubik's cube with this guide. Congratulations on a job well done.
Cat Doy
*learns to rubiks* *brings rubiks to school* kids:woah can you teach me that
Grace Cooke
I got up to solving the yellow face and it got all messed up and now I have to start all over again :( Edit after 3 days: DID IT!!!
Tom G
Best guide out there. NEW LEARNERS KNOW THIS you do not have to be a genius to solve these things. This guide (as I now have learned) simply shows you the algorithms to apply to different situations. If you are patient and focused, you can master it in a a few hours. Now, all my friends are super impressed and think I'm some visual memory genius when in actual fact, it's the simplest thing that anyone can learn. I try to teach my friends how to do it as well but they give up 5 minutes in thinking they have to be Einstein but if you simply persist, you'll learn how easy it really is.
Daniel 123278
I have been doing these steps on my Rubik’s cube for hours now and I keep messing up forgetting steps and now I am suicidal
Piggy AJ
Thank You soo much! Even though I had to go back sometimes, I finished it in the end. This is by far the best tutorial!!!😁😁👍
Thanks, only took me 3 months of carefully studying this video
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Thanks, first time ever I have solved by watching your videos. Thanks again
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WOW! It's actually easy!!! Thank you ,I am so excited 😁😙
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Thank you soo much for your guidence. Your teaching way was soo simple, patient and easy to learn. Thanks a lot sir.
May Bjuha
My gosh, thank you so much. I've solved it.Really nice tutorial.
im so confused im following the exact steps but i cant get the t shape
Ghost Phil
Thank you! After some time of practicing I finally got it
When I do the last step my whole cube just messes up
Rajesh Sharma
Wow..Managed to get it solved. Great Video - Thank you
For the top yellow cross, the line technique isnt working for me. Idk what I'm messing up but I'm sure it's all correct
Thank you so much I finally solved my Rubik's cube!
Bro I'm so wrapped I finally cracked that shit so proud thank you for vid
Yuv Patel
Victor PONCE
My solution is different. I do top layer then opposite layer then middle layer last. Yup. Learned that in the Navy. Me an my buddies cracked it. The year was 1981. Yessir😀
Ethan Thai
No ads? I respect that
Mark Cummings
Just wanted to say thank you for your video it took me about a month but I figured the music cube out thank you for your video it was very helpful and I did it👍😊😁
Mangya Nayak JATAVATH
How many times I done At last layer corners shift is going wrong Pls help me
Lx Shiriga
whos here watching this video while their mixed up rubik's cube is just there next to your left side
I messed up but got back on track by using the algorithms already explained so far. Gonna practice everyday now. Everyday one routine until I know it by heart. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed solving my cube with your help!
Mars Enthusiast
this video took me only 2 days to study and now I can solve a Rubik's cube, thank you so much!
Usayd Aubdoolary
I finnalyy did it after 1 day thx thats was a lot of fun
Vrishab Bharath
Finnaly done with the cube after 3 weeks
Gionee M5lite
dude i'm from Tamilnadu, india... i can'T solve The cube by usinG some oTher TuTorials... i solved iT wiTh your help... Thank you so much for This one...
Khalil Ibrahim
Thank you I did it with your video 🙏🏽❤️
Hassan Kh
Seen this vid 2 yrs ago, and learned how, now iwanted to make sure that istill remember so icame back😇😂
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I DID IT IN TWO DAYS!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much. I can’t believe what I just did.
The Don
It's 1.22am and I just solved my first rubiks cube ever! I'm ecstatic (and tired!). Thank you so much!
Lanie Lim
Thank you so much!!!! A few struggles but I was able to do it :) My parents were impressed and wanted me to teach them 😂😂😂
I completed the cube for first time in my life, what can I say except "Thank you Sir".
Carson Essi
Wow I wanted to die through every step😘
The way you told us on how to solve the daisy is really hard... Because Your cube looked different to mine I would advise starting from the full cube ( I mean fully solved)
Amani Mayassi
I always solve the White by myself and then I mess the whole thing up and solve the White again
jihad khadder
i love you ! thank you so so so much i spent 3 days teying it tell it worked i am the happiest person in the world
Abhiman thapa
Thank you so much for making a awesome video. Initially so hard to figure out I watched carefully many times and finally learn how to solve it. Thanks for this video.
TheGaming Pro
Nice work But I messed up the last step , the positioning of the last layer edges
Hahaha, I just completed the cube my dad has been trying to do since the 1980s. He’s so mad, it’s great.
After 20 or more tries (no but actually) it worked I made it I solved the rubik's cube for the first time
Sunita Devi
Thanks because of you I could solve the cube
JohnPro Bercero
Yay! Ibloody finally done it. For 3 day straight.
You might want to mention that step 6 will scramble part of the already solved pieces, but those affected pieces will be restored once all 4 corners are twisted properly (anytime the righty move is done for a multiple of 6 times). The righty move done twice twists the DFR corner clockwise. There are 5 basic patterns, all corners twisted correctly (0 rightys),1 corner counter clockwise + 1 corner clockwise (6 rightys), 3 corners counter clockwise (6 rightys), 3 corners clockwise (12 rightys), 2 corners anti-clockwise + 2 corners clockwise (12 rightys).
who else thinks it's so satisfying finally being able to complete a rubiks cube?
Allan G
7 hours later: I’ve yet to get one of the three options shown in step 4, I’ve always got at least one extra yellow, and that completely fs up step 5
L McEwan
I’ve never been able to solve a Rubik cube until this video😁😁. And trust me... I’ve looked at a lot of videos💛💛😁
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Thanks.. great tutorial
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Extremely goo and helpful. I highly appreciate how well you have broken the problem down into simple steps. I loved everything about your video. Thank you so much! Absolutely loved it.
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Why this video is good 1.Awesome video 2.Easy understanding 3.Good vocal skills of narrator 4.Broken into steps
Crazy Ayuvish
Thank you Sir for your great help!!!! Actually I just bought one a year or two ago but could not ever solve it. Today your vid came into my recommendations so I grabbed my Rubik's cube and did as you told me and VOILA!!!! there I have it solved only because of you!!True story!! Thank you very much
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Who else watched the whole video without having a rubik’s cube? 😂
I watched almost every single video in youtube but I couldn't solve it. But I watched your video at last and solved it. Thank you so much
kundan kumar
I can't seem to find the worksheet in the description. That PDF link sends to a website where a lot of searching resulted in no worksheet. Great and most helpful video, but I would really like to have the worksheet for further practice as it is hard to remember all the steps and I don't want to come back to a YouTube video due to data limitations.☹️
i just solved my first rubiks cube!
11:07 step 3 second layer edges.... What should I do if all my edge pieces have yellow stickers? O.o
Zlatan Ramic
17:30 what do i do if i have yellow pieces in the middle
LavishGraph 22
I have solved a rubiks cube for the first time thanks to you! I tip my hat and left a like to show my gratitude!
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out of every tutorial on youtube. you have by far the best. Thank You!
Faintest Of Breath
I solved my first Rubik's Cube in less than a week thanks to this video. Thanks a million for the tutorial!
gooby goober
On the 7th step there is an easier way to do it If you do not have a solid side do this Right alg, left alg, then reverse right alg, then reverse left alg, Once you get your solid color position it where it's in front of you then look on the left or right side look at the top middle color if it matches with one of the colors of one of those sides your gonna start on that. For example: solid in front of me flip cube left to check color green with rest orange then go back to solid color flip cube right color blue with rest green so you would start with right alg, then left alg, then reverse right alg, then reverse left alg, then your done If you have a question I'm happy to help :)
prashanthi Gonuguntla
Thank you for the video. Explanation is super
Luke Gaming
thank you sooo much because of you I solved the rubix cube and my dad gave me $100!
Callie Rae
what if when you look on the top layer for a white corner on step two, there isn’t one??
Dipan Das
Super video! The last step was so fast even playing at .25 seemed to be fast!! Good job.
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Yes i have solved superb tutorial
Thank youuuu so much because of you I was able to solve a cube in 1 day. Now I can solve it under 5 mins consistantly
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Jule Rulez
I learned how to solve it myself.(i just knew that i should solve the first row then second then corners and middle in the end) Totally different fomula's! Came here to learn proper way -and could learn-but im dissapointed that there's x5, x3 moves-it takes too much juggling!Thank's a lot anyway! Maybe theres short formulas too?
mario paraschiv
but my yellow side is a u form... wtf do i do
prakash balu
Whenever I try to make all yellow in side step-6, cube getting messed up. Help me.
Itsjustme_ jj
Your video help me soooo much unlike other videos! And it only took me 1 day!!
Rod Porterfield
My daughter bought herself a cube...but I've been at it since we got it home! Couldn't figure it out...then I found your tutorial. It took me all day to get used to performing the algorithms without screwing it up, but I did and it's solved!!! Now I can get some sleep (it's 2AM)!!!
Mohammed M Hilal
So I've seen many videos and this is the only video worked out with me! Thank u!
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Thx so much i gave a subscribe
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i can't solve 1x1
Friendly tip : 30:48 Step 6:Twisting last the layer corners. Dont stop once the yellow sticker has been twisted. Complete the righty algorithm. If you stop in the middle, your cube will be scrambled, by the time you are finished twisting all the corners. Learnt this the hard way. @@UCfZGUwLPuHca5ZO_crTUOlA - Awesome tutorial. I completed my first cube in 3 hours. Great job.
Reuben Lange
In step 3 he says spin right but actually spins left
I just learned how to scramble it...