Fish -LIVE- Kayleigh Markthalle 2016

Fish spielt auf der ´farewell to childhood tour´ Kayleigh in der Markthalle.

Mark Ingle
to think I saw this first at Hammersmith Odeon on the 1984 tour, 11 times on the Misplaced tour and subsequent Clutching tour and still am not fed up of it here in 2016....a little older and less energy but still as vital....
Mike Nicholls you are spot on Fish is now almost an embarassment which is a shame as Mk1 Marillion were fantastic
Andrzej Mruczek
Bardzo jestem ciekaw, co powiedziałby o tym nagraniu Tomek Beksiński...
Magno Barbosa
One of the most remarkable songs of my youth ... remembrance of people, places, occasions ... all good.
Massimo Necci
The only one!!!
Román Oviedo
Wow... 2.5 tones below original key! :(
Big Dave Kilbride
not good a shame
Mike Nichols
All of my heroes are getting old (as am I). Fish needs to hang up the Mic and write poetry. Steve Hogarth sings this better now.