Tony Hawk crazy tricks compilation

Made a video of my favorite skater, Tony Hawk. Enjoy! Music: Her Bright Skies - Heartbreaker

The Michael Jordan of skate, the Muhammad Ali of boarding
John Doe
Nothing like borderline punk alternative rock and skateboarding. God, I miss the 90s and early 00s.
Hey do a kickflip! - Tony Hawk (The Legend)
Wesley Melfe
U know it's an old video when the link to the song is for myspace
How does he still have kneecaps after all these years?
and i struggle just to do an ollie -.-
All Purpose
Mute video Search "Superman by Goldfinger" Play both at the same time youre welcome
Aaron Gonzalez
Not that hard, just press circle and push left...
Authentik __LOGIIC
I can’t even do an Ollie 🤦‍♂️😂
raditya marzuki
100% legend.. & humble guy
Mtt Music
Someone give this man a super ultra mega park
Time to bring out the playstation 1 and my tony hawk proskater
Make Pro Skater great again. Pro Skater 6. Make Tony Hawk great again.
Blaze Maynard
This vid made me start skating 4 years ago this month
This guy is like the Ken Block of the skateboarding community ;)
Vatan Sana Canim Feda
You guys remember tony hawk on ps 2 ? Good old times
His name fits him perfectly
Dave Smith
He's so badass
wefwefwe wefwef
I know this guy from?... zeke and luther?
Xavier Xavier
I’ve heard of this “Tony Hawk” guy. Is he any good?
omg the music was so fucking good, best song ive heard in a long ass time, dont understand people saying the music sucked
†Jack. M†
That's my boi!!!! Tony I always been proud of ya -cough- even though I never met you before xd
How is the old Music 😔
mark kevorkian
i miss the days of the killer vert skaters.
Shoel Howlett
I can't ride a skateboard in a straight time without falling off
Joanna Cha
I can't even stay on a skateboard for 5 seconds... going in a straight line
Diego GM
The music coudnt be other but NO CIGAR
Hans Klopek
Before the smart phone era. Nice
old times,best times!
257 FILA
Really great chillhood memory.. Tony hawk pro skater ps1. #legend
Rodrigo Ramalho
Dope, it inspired me when I was a teenager and I'm seeing this man skating 10 years after and I still feeling the same thing! Thanks Tony!
SpongeBoBe BonGKopf
I missed tony hawk underground for ps2 :(
They should Remaster Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 💯🎮
Pizza Box
Damn Tony is the god of verts 🤘🏼😵🤘🏼
Emirhan Tuncer
Tony hawk ❤️ best
Legere Fortuna
That is sooo cool!! The TecDeck was such a big hit that they made a life-sized version
muhammad rivaldo
I love his name : Tony HAWK, DAMN
Two and a half minutes. . . Is that it. . . And to this music. . . But he’s a legend . . .☹️. Edit : wow just realised its 8 years old, but still he’s a legend
Sam 1998
If you're jealous and you know it clap your hands *clap* *clap*
Aksel Phian
I came back here because of the “do a kickflip” by tony hawk
AdikMusic OfficialTM
looks like EDM MUSIC OR RAVE.
Amy 2676
I never know this guy was real..ps1 moment..
Mojo Player
You do all this tricks in a row on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and get 1000 points...
Tyler H
Is that thing like glued to his feet? How the hell does it stick through all those flips and shit. It's amazing
johnpaul maestre
Who else miss the old trick of a legend? 2018?
Asad Ullah
Living legend... Do a kickflip!
Justin Cruz
I miss playing Tony hawk proskater 4. Good old days
Him: Me: **dabs**
i always find it funny how he's the best skater and he looks the least like one, hahaha looks like he just came out of the office
Jo Ski
I keep this is old but look at the crowd! I grew up with him and Dave mirra on my wall 👊🏻
Kordor Marwein
"do a kickflip"
Ben Harnett
But can tony hawk skate?
Wyatt H
I saw him do the 900 live and it was amazing at the time... With today's skating and what those pros risk on the street like for example with Jaws' gaps and ledges it doesnt look like mich anymore lol.
Man, I miss the early 2000's when I was. Little kid. Good rock music, skate boarding was at its peak of popularity cause it kicked ass, the best games like Tony Hawk unground, Halo, Half life, etc. I miss getting out with my friends when we were kids and just shredding on our boards and bikes down at the local park. Than coming back home and play some Xbox and Playstation. I rarely see any teens like me these out skating like they used to. I'll admit I don't get out as much as I used to, and my skills suffered cause of it. But I still get out and shred every so often with my friends. I may still only be 16, but I still that was a long ass time ago. Plus I can't get out as much due to the fact that American cops suck and won't let us skate anywhere, even at the damn park, just cause it's right next to the station. I just hope Florida or Vancouver Canada is a bit more popular with skating. Cause up here in Wisconsin, I can't find anyone that does skate!
This video should be much longer
Clint Watson
You gotta love and respect the Hawkman!!!
Joel Sanchez
2018. Legend for ever
Hey Dol
Tony hawk & PS1 Legend X-D
tony hawk: does a bunch of insane flips but falls once. me watching while eating ice-cream: lame
Svetlana Lupesku
omg..he his AMAZING!!
valdi vall
You should put Guerilla radio on the song, or bulls on parade.
That Guy Luis
Lot of haters here, he is the reason why skateboarding is where it is right now. Just a fuuuckin legend
An Autistic Cookie
And I'm over here struggling to do a kick flip 😑
Silvia Torres
tony mi favorito
this boi dont need cars, he can just ride to heaven with his dank 8/8 m8 meme board
zala reberc
sick!! in a good way..
Emilio Lee
Back when skaters wore baggy jeans and didnt care what you wore
American Express
That guy is insane always has been always will be. Huge fan, he made skateboarding so fkin huge lol..
Kevin Erives
You blocked the best one with your goddamn publicity
Vincent Mendoza
Tony Hawk signed my skateboard what Tony Hawk promotes - Safety an Crazy Tricks. Got Love Tony Hawk.
Chris Carrier
The sport has evolved so much that this footage is no longer impressive. A pioneer none the less. Long live the bird man
Renee Lee
Best skater Ever
Jason Koo
defying gravity and shi... you know the vibes
Nemo The Kid
a legend in his prime
Hs Kn
Aaron kyro would say first try on all of these
Dirty Rose
Living Legend! The reason why Skateboarding is what it is today!
Joan Saag
I'm the only one who imagine the score points in a corner of the screen, increasing with each crazy pirouette?
Keith Bittinger
Would you consider Tony Hawk to be the Michael Jordan of skateboarding?
All that tricks is easy like a pro ! - - - - - - - - - - - IN PS3 :3
Judah Kruth
Complex brought me here
David Gray
open another tab and play your own music while watching :)
Harris Sharif
3:08 how O_o just how?
Zhar Borneo
Remove thw backsound, i want to hear the crowd ...
Thank you for best childhood ever Tony.
Tony Hawk is amazing. That song though is so generic it's embarrassing!
Sam Desquitado
jesus Of Skateboard. respect.
-Mute -Play Papa Roach - Blood Brothers.
Scope Galaxy 234
You man bro!#!♡♡♡♡♡°360
caroline Alonzo
Birdman is like the best name you could have in the skateboarding bussiness!!!!!!!
swag xbl
6.6 million views YT CHANEL-666 upload-6 years ago 😳
Saffin Alimamy
I never knew this guy was real, thought he was only on PS1 games xD
Remember before every skater wore Thrasher?
Mario Wennars
Silva João
nice graphics, which platform is it running on
Aggel Man
I do the dragon flip
Vergil Sparda
I now know why his name is included on names of Skateboarding games This guy is a legend..
Tony is a true legend
Ha! I’m just as good, if not better than him! In Pro Skater
Mohammed Fayeez Shaikh
Who has played Tony hawk game in ps1....????