Ronaldo at Inter: A Brief History Of

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In 1997, the world's best footballer, Ronaldo, moved from Barcelona to Internazionale. This video recalls the difficult time he spent at the Italian club, his unfortunate knee injuries, and the lead up to his move to Real Madrid. ► Subscribe! It's free! />► And turn on your notifications for daily content! ► Please comment, share and like! ► /> ► Follow Tifo Football on the socials! - Twitter: />- Facebook: />- Instagram: /> ► Want to win £2000 FOR FREE with our Premier League Predictor game uMAXit Football? - Website: /> ► This was Written by Nick Miller, Narrated by Joe Devine and Produced by Henry Cooke! - Nick's Twitter: />- Joe's Twitter: />- Henry's Twitter: /> ► Music sourced from The Philosopher 2 by Peter Sandberg ⚽⚽⚽ Tifo Football, formerly uMAXit Football, taking an illustrated look into the beautiful game. ⚽⚽⚽

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Don King
Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter and AC Milan yet he was loved by all. Only Ronaldo can do that.
ONE of the best videos you've ever made
Harvey K
Ah yes, Dial-up. The bane of us all.
Luccas Reis
Greatest talent of all time. Oh how I hate injuries...
2 big mistakes. Lothar matheus won the Golden ball in 1990 and he was playing for Inter milan. Real Madrid paid r9 45 millions in 2002 solari came to Inter in 2005...
Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter, and Milan... Ronaldo knew loyalty.
I am not so sure Solari was involved in Ronaldo's transfer. Solari left Real in 2005 and Ronaldo came to Real in 2002.
Kris Nikolaev
We still love him! One of the true greats for sure⚫🔵
Medical StudyBuddy
Lol so Wenger also tried to sign Brazillian Ronaldo :D :D
Rongion Pakendek
at that time, there are 2 "phenomenon" in italy, "Il phenomenon" (Ronaldo) and "Il phenomeno Vero" (Del Piero), with same problem : INJURY. What happen if they are fit? maybe italian club reign over Europe will continue past the '90s
Ahmad Aboud
wow.. im emotional
He was a magician. He was Messi before Messi and tbh he'd have gone down as the GOAT without those horrible knee injuries. What could've been... When he came back, he was half the player he was and *still* the best around. Even won a balon dor. My favourite footballer ever
Ninja Warrior UK Community
Great informative piece on a legend of the game. Love the illustrations
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would love to see a video like this on the whole of ronaldos career
Alex Rincon
Best player in history to never win the champions league IMO
The greatest striker of his generation. Great video as usual, uMAXit! Love it.
Ivan Urrutia
Best striker ever... Forza Inter
Suleiman Mustafa
Ronaldo, Simeone, Zamorano, Zanetti, Djorkaeff, Jugovic, Nesta, Nedved, Mancini all in one match back when Serie A was the hardest league in the world. Although this was Uefa Cup Final.
Loved him from when I first saw him playing for PSV watching Eurogoals on cable 😍
simon piccirillo
This is brilliant , have you got one for Zidane? For Leicester when they won the league? Such a great way of telling a story!
محمود كدو - Mahmoud Kiddo
as a football fan, my heart shattered when I watched that knee injury.
WWESuperCard Glitchez
Can you do this for his time at his other clubs? Top video!
Jay inri
he robbed himself chasing something greater, going to serie a in that time was a death sentence, although the best league as far as competitiveness had he stayed at barca he wouldnt have gotten that drastic injury, best way to some it up is ronaldo was like a tail of a Shakespearean comedy, where the hero is blessed by the gods but then stripped of his potential, leaving behind nothing but a dreamlike state of potential for what was soo promising
Billy McGhee
If his injury record wasn't so bad then he could easily have been the best of all time.
Ronaldo was fantastic, but the hyping up in the comments is ridiculous. I am old enough to have watched him play, and he was excellent, perhaps top 10 of all time but certainly not the GOAT, maybe if he hadnt succumbed to so many injuries
Internazionale Boss
Thank you for this
O. M .C
Nostalgia is making people overrate him in these comments. No doubt an incredible talent but not the GOAT. What Ronaldo and Messi have done from behind the striker has been incredible. Maybe without injuries he could have been up there. Also I bet some of the people here have never even seen him play.
The better Ronaldo?
Liam Walsh
Great video, one of your best for sure. More like this!
Hurts as a inter fan tbh
pee is stored in the balls
one of the best if not the best player of all time and he still was not close to his best potential.
Chris Gerrard
Goat. He was way better at everything then everyone else. If he was injury free then he would've been the best.cause of his short career none puts him above other greats. But if u look at his stats n gameplay ull know what actual beast he is.
Great video ! Keep them coming !
Kurt Zouma
Shows how great your content is only 9 dislikes in 3 whole days love umaxit!!
Free Spirit
He was the goat....
Rrishi Mishra
Those who love football , for them , this channel is by far one of the best :-)
This channel is pure quality! Good job
A video about Inzaghi's Lazio would be nice :D . Good video by the way
Kim Muigai
that photo of Ronaldo with his arms out is so iconic
Munka Munka
The stupid thing is that fools compare pele pele to him. He's way better than pele. Pele played in a semi professional league. And he's 1000+ goals are mostly from friendlies.
mazingred chuck
I love Ronaldinho very much , but even ik Ronaldo is the G.O.A.T Maradona,Pale ,Best ,Cantona, Cruyff don't even make half of what he was ,considering Ronaldo never reached his full potential.
Lik Lik
best ronaldo ever!!!
Jandjeemuje Mbaeva
Best striker of all time
Brian N
Do you collect money/donations through patreon or something? Sorry if I missed something.
Nash Tarique Hood
what a sad story
Nick Anuzis
lol at the kid using dial up stopping calls
rock dude
nice video man
Adam Ford
He's the GOAT. Best player in the world at 20! If he didn't get injured then just imagine what he could've done.
M. O.G.
Awesome vid keep it real respect booyakasha :D
There has never been a player in the history of the game who as an individual had the best of every attribute required to play the game. All the other greats of the game had at least one flaw.. but Ronaldo as an individual player was simply flawless His playing attitude was savage and really enjoyed humiliating opponents He was one of the fastest sprinters but it his acceleration speed was his greatest weapon.   No difference in full sprint speed with or without the ball and usually dribbled at pace. He was almost 6 foot and 90kgs.. Big.. strong.. and had fantastic balance. He had a powerful shot with either foot.. and no weaker side when dribbling or shooting. As for dribbling he was a freak.. A mix of Maradona and Ronaldinho.. and close ball control like Messi. To top it off..  he exploded onto the scene like a rock star from a young age at the highest levels. By 21.. he played 200 games.. scored 179 goals. Became top goal scorer in 3 leagues and twice crowned the worlds best. Fenomeno.. R9.. Ronnie.. Calcio.. The Keepers nightmare.. whatever they call him..                                                 There is only ONE Ronaldo
john pacino
El Phenomenon, Ronaldo skill, close control, dribbling, puts him along Maradona & Messi, as the three best "technical" players of the last thirty years.
Magic Man on Messi and his 100 goals year/season.
Takeshi Watanabe
Awesome Video!
Still think Messi and CR7 would be better than R9 if he never got his injuries
"Only started 19 league games, scored 14 goals despite injury problems." What a legend.
Onur Ayvaz
Great vid! Love Ronaldo! Damn that guy with the eraser...why couldn't you just leave his tendon alone?! Is there one of these vids on Maradona?
Arman Paknahad
Great illustrations ✅
Khalid Alwardi
The greatest of all time! A true legend a phenomena!!! There will never be another ronaldo no matter how many new players come! When ronaldo played that was the true football era at its top
Leadout Sam
Love this 👋
I saw him throughout the 90s man. I remember how desperate me and my dad were for him to join Arsenal. Still the G.O.A.T though....
Mujeeb Ahmed
ronaldo was managed by woy hodgson at inter! 🤣🤣🤣
janus lie
so sad inter had 2 best strikers at that time in ronaldo and vieri but they rarely pairing in line up, if both of them are healthy it will be nightmare for opponent defenders
Prime Reckoner
Best striker ever and he didn't even reach his peak. The ultimate role model of football and this is why players like zlatan, zidane, henry, etc. (Who by the way are as old as him) look up to him.
Saswata Roy
Well he was one of the most charismatic attacker you could ever wish to see. Blistering speed/agility/technically gifted and a composed finisher of the game. The way he was destroyed by the injuries were a shame! . Its really very sad for him and also for us becz he was an entertainer. But I think If he would stay at Barca he could easily achieve more silverware and he would not get injured so many times like in Serie A . It is still a wonder to me why he left Barca - A side that can help him to become the very best of his time ; a side where players like Figo Enrique Guardiola Stoichkov and others were right behind him to support. Barca was the perfect club for him not Inter
Cameron Hirtle
Ronaldo had the best raw talent of any striker I have ever seen.
Great video but Solari didn't go the other way until 3 years later...
Saswata Roy
It has been very long time since his retirement. Now I love to watch Messi and Neymar at Barcelona. Both are amazing with their different abilities but Ronaldo 9 is still my favourite player. That one season at Barca (96'-97') he was out of this world. 47 goals in 49 games which may be general in mordern days but not at that time. It was unimaginable for anyone who had played at such young age. He had everything. If you put the explosiveness and skill of Neymar, skills of Ronaldinho and tge class of Messi together you might get what Ronaldo was in that time between 96-99. Inter was lucky to have R9 at his prime
Kaz lemon
Seria A ruined alot of my favourites player's carrers throo injury
Mey Haqim
the only man rip the italian defender system and league 90. The immortal ronaldo
De Rossi
Jimmy Dixon
He should have stayed in Barcelona.
Best CF/ nr 9 ever... Van Basten is second in my opinion but even who doesn't come close to R9.
It is funny how some trolls do not know that CR7 is not the same as R9 haha
Ismail Chothia
You should do Ronaldo at Madrid
Ronaldo Luís Nazàrio de Lima
Li martin
i think ronaldo at the young age 18-20, was the greatest ever to achieve that level at that age. messi or CR7 or i don't think any one can compete with real R9 at that age. however even without injuries, i think its very unlikely, R9 can stay at the top of his game like messi and CR7. anyways still a shame to see injuries take out a legend like this. i wish R9 was like robben, gets better with age XD
Niv Football
Then he won the world cup!
Carlos Perez
He is the most complete striker during my life time.
B George
Solari didn't go the other way as mentioned in this video.. He played for Real with Ronaldo rather for 3 more seasons.
Reactionary Roman
That was the most painstaking era as an Inter Milan supporter. Knowing you had the worlds greatest talent, someone that just in his first season looked like he could lead them to a title and possibly to a Champions League win, but seeing him out with such devastating injuries. Five years of watching and waiting only for the club to build itself up around new players. What if indeed.
CFC Comps
could've been the greatest ever fuck injuries man
que lindo video gracias
They're not Inter Milan; they're Internazionale
Antony Ogwo
This piece makes you beg for more... until I read, "Ronaldo in Inter..."
George's Opinion
All because of dial up Internet😂
Siddhant Redkar
Great video! Ur content is one of the best out there! These Football times also did a beautiful article on Ronaldo at Inter and how his time there will always be accompanied by a "what if ?"
Rain ouchen
Around the 5:49 mark, you made my back neck shiver. I really likes this video. Thank you.
Anzo Emore SB
Great video
Alex A
Scored in his first six or seven games? The narration and the voice overs don't link up and now I'm confused
As a young 7 year old boy i idolized hi i still remember the world cup 98 and pretending to be him in my room with a ball. Little did i realize he was a kid also and yet miles ahead of anybody...what if....what if
The best ever despite his injuries. No one cones close.
David Mieles
Syed Anwar Ahmed
+uMaxitFootball Can you Guys please do a video on in depth research in Liverpool Current Defensive vows plx plx
Rizky stones
if only Ronaldo took care his body like CR7
Donald Russell
Michael Owen is prolly more injury prone
luis _
My hero, greatest ever
Kevin Hernandez
i teared up halfway through the video remembering my youth and how i've never seen anything like ronaldo even with no knees... o fenomeno que grande!!!
Luke 2020
Pretty sure he wore number 9 not 10 at inter