The Wagon Wheel TRAP + Panda Orders Taco Bell - GOLF IT FUNNY MOMENTS

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Hope you all enjoyed the little improv skit at the end! Thought it was too funny to not include. Enjoy!
Justin M.
Who would win • The game that makes JigglyPanda rage • 1 Taco boi
What kinda intro was that😂😂😂
CE Rewind
17:50 to 22:21 i was dying of laughing
Greatest Ever
a round pizza
There’s gonna be a video about cards against humanity on mini, jiggly’s, and wildcats video where one of them plays a card that says “do you know they have Taco Bell on door dash” and everyones just gonna die from laughter
It took me a minute to realize the Taco Bell guy was smitty
Robert Shaffer
Oh shit that is smii7y doing the drive through guy, I actually thought Anthony called someone and was for real ordering something. I was like, "damn, this is the coolest fast food worker ever."
THG Timon Heyman
... im confused by that Taco Bell stuff. Was that Tyler or what???
Hey Anthony new haircut?
iron hulk
Taco Bell on door Dash
Andrew Romo
Did you get a hair cut? looks nice.
The Solo Rider
I legit thought he ordered taco bell until I realized it was Smii7y
courtney doss
This taco bell call was the funniest thing ive seen this year
early gang what up (Daithi and Terroriser aren't in the video but Ireland gang what up) XD
Kali Jay
Lmao I like how they blamed John for jigglys burp but john was talking before it ended
Problem Child_10
The last four minutes are priceless. Had me laughing hard haha
Anthony's video with the save! been bored all day
Andrew Romo
9:18 you spin me round round baby round round baby song
jesse gonzalez
that fresh new cut panda
ivry coleman
17:49 is when the real magic starts.
Myst Riolu
Is “TacoBell on DoorDash” the new “Po-op”?
Ethan LuBean
Nice haircut panda! (It looks just like mine.)
Connor Ritchey
I love your vids please leave a like
Tyler Clark
That ending 😂. Definitely could see that being animated to make it even more hilarious.
The shade
Is it just me or does panda hair look gut
Emboarking 95
(Jiggly calls his mom)"PENIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!" Mama jiggly: "Ok talk to you later"
Jamie Dynosaur
Gamming Zone-YT
Did you know taco bell is on door dash
Mr.Squeaks animation
At the end with the Taco Bell stuff that guys sound like smii7y was it him
"Cheating never works". Incorrect, a class that cheats together passes together tbh
Clifford Weatherford
Watched the end skit bout 30 times in a row. Still die laughin every time😂😂😂😂😂
10:20 didn't know jiggly was in the goonies...
Emrakul TPE
big drunkily panda
Dustin McKeen
How do you drink your whiskey panda?
xxxtentacion 21
Is it me or did Anthony’s hairline went back a couple inches
Call MeDaddy
Show me de wae
Presto Games
ben estrada
Never laughed so hard
Ham SandWich
Yay Im Not That Late
I really want to know if the ending was real
Aaron Scalzo
the end OMG so funny
josh rook
hey jigg , what yeezys you got ??
Refuse to LOSE
That good ass hair cut
Jay Blake
We need the taco bell as an animation.
Dustin C. Russell
Even if that were real it would still be the second biggest order I've seen someone get at Taco Bell.
Elias Eldridge
I really thought you order taco Bell hahahah had me dieing
Emilee Watson
hey panda! I watched Ohm's recording and you seemed not really yourself, so are you alright?
Connor Ritchey
Random_Human #6,371,409,257
JIGGLY! Get vanoss to play getting over it
Kevin Labnon
11:47 HE SAID THE N WORD! 😱😱😱
Big jiggly Anthony it rhymes
I thought he actually called Taco Bell?!😂😂
Wildcat= My Least Fav Out of The Crew
lock down
It made me laugh so hard thank you hahahahahah
Atticus Ulysses
Not a bad result considering how Smi77y loves to... you know...
Exactly 880,000 subs... very nice!
Terence Vespoli
Omg the Taco Bell part of the video had me laughing like crazy while I was in a Taco Bell lol
Cheating never works, unless you're the New England Patriots.
3TH4N Eonehundred
They making fun of nogla in beginning was priceless xD
From now on i will comment "Did u know they have Taco Bell on Door Dash" on every one in the vanoss crew video like if u shall do this idiotic thing with me i am no 12 year old but fuck it it was too funny
Shane Leonard
My dad said he will buy me an elgato if i reach 1.1k subs! please help, i only livestream on my ps4 & its harder to edit videos, because then i have to record my stream with my phone when its done & get the parts i want. please help i would really appreciate it. Thank you :))
Dalton Ashley
Andrew Mclaughlin
🐼 Hey Bigjigglypanda 🐼
Mr. Alaska
That ending 5 minutes had me on the floor😂😂
Love you! Can you wish me a happy birthday would make it complete 😊❤
Hollow-Heart Hill
This has to be one of the best fucking tangents in a while
Dunkin' Devan
I'm eating taco bell right now 😂
Cooper Patterson
4:16 the way he stretched out his face has me dead😂😂
Alexandra Rivera
It was all cool until Kryoz actually said “Why is this hole so tiny? It’s like a young girl.” Very. Creepy. I mean, I have no malice whatsoever but it came across very weird. Even someone in their video said “I’m uncomfortable”.
Courtney Mitchell
i was, during this entire video, wheezing and laughing till i cried
Big Edds Lore
dude this was one of your best vids man loved it keep it up
Go ahead? *hangs up* *picks up phone* DoOr DAsH aNd tHeY gOt tAcO beLl ANd dOor DaSH!!¡!!11
Kyrokii Ian Z
Taco Bell at 19:20
Xavier Rosas
17:54 Taco Bell on Doordash
Richard Villasana
Jiggly inserts himself into the one part of the conversation that he's not meant for and got caught by his recording LOL
Dewayne Dingess
Just omfg you are the best panda!!! You always get me to laugh I'm having a shit day at work. Just watch 1 of your video's and I'm busting up laughing. Thank you for all your hard work man. Can't wait to see what you got coming next.
dose that mean i can like....fuyck it?
Matthew Montondo
I have a question who here remembers when taco bell used to use a chihuhula or however you spell that dogs name?
Enrique Vargas
Taco bell at door dash!! Lmao
Rob Koreman
do more improv man. that was hysterical.
Brett Dillinger
I swear I thought that smi77y was actually working at Taco Bell for a minute.
Rebecca Perkins
So I discovered the best thing ever sometimes I rewatch videos on different channels cause I love supporting everyone in views so I was going through my setting cause it was lagging alil and decided to put on captions its hilarious most definitely a must the things it tries to register will make you cry
Ron Moser
Hey jiggly remember: VoldaJiggles
King Azaz
5:40 The most perverted laugh ever to be
Joshua Ussery
Anthony, you and your friends are ab excellent match
i guess smittys an smityit
Joel Kahre
The Taco Bell order killed me lol😂😂
5:22 XDDDD
Wheels 0f Fury
19:18 Panda took everyone to Taco Bell & Wildcat & SMII7Y work there. Animation request is sent for everyone.
Ohm 2018: There's an aternet demension were this is happening
Edge Lord
Somebody needs to animate that ending
Edge Lord
"Ya I'm inserting them analy" I fucking died. The thing is I am in school study hall so every one around me was looking at me thinking is he alright.
Food Boy