Adult Swim logo history

I decided to take 35 Adult Swim-related logo combos (29 from 24 TV shows, 1 from a movie, 3 from TV specials, and 2 from video games) and put them in order from earliest to latest. Originally, the logo from all of the games on was supposed to be here, but I couldn't find the day that the website was founded. Also, note that the logos from one of the current shows on Adult Swim, The Jack And Triumph Show. Anyway, enjoy! This video was made with iMovie.

Williams street and The Skull is creepy...
I used to have nightmares about the Williams Street Skull.
dat hardscope tho
Pandaweed Xl
Williams street is the one I remember way back when I was a kid
you forgot superjail! (2007) , space ghost coast to coast (1994) , stroker and hoop (2004) , tom goes to the major (2004) , the drinky crow show (2007) , frisky dingo (2006)
Williams street logo really gave me nightmares when I was young
Sharon Hocutt
1:25 this movie if you get the speed down enough
Dude, astro base go is creepy as heck. the 9th version had me have a nightmare.
Calvin Jacks
The Slow CN Skull Sounds Cheep
Note: the sounds of the logo Williams Street is a Hammer Striking before an iron surface.
Brandon Hollingsworth
6:00 The one time cartoon network studios shows footage for a show for Adult Swim.
5:08 Is this Sandy Cheeks?
2:38が酷すぎる というか怖いの多いよ
CubeFan Productions2008
4:20 Skull!!
I survived alive from this rocky horror Adult Swim logo show. To mention some good ones, I like 2nd Man on the moon
BBC Media TV Mapping
Seventy Thirty's car is so doubtful!
Kaiden and Kia's 2nd channel
fragical kid:goobye, goobye.
Plushblue EP
Hmmm...does the Starburns Industries logo kind of resemble the chef from Vegeta stock powder?
Christy Hafer
william street claims adult swin as their own sponsores
Katie Hudson
oh my god it universal tevison omg
Random Stuff
You're missing the recent ones from Squidbillies and ATHF Forever
Michelle Wee
i love cartoon network productions.....
Keagan The Movie Guy
The logo at 2:45 was also the series finale of moral oral
hello goodbye.
Superstar Candy
Who loved Stoopid Monkey studios?
john lorenz yebra
cartoon network skull
schmickler 83!
You forgot the Boondocks and the last season of Aqua Teen.
Priscilla Booker
Robot Chicken
lisa breyettedawson
Titmouse/DreamWorks Animation Television/Netflix 2012-2013 Taken from Season 4 of Turbo FAST on Netflix
lisa breyettedawson
Titmouse/DreamWorks Animation Television/Netflix 2010-2011 Taken from Season 3 of Turbo FAST on Netflix
Latasha Real Husbands of Hollywood
Robot Chicken
Yani Circuitburst
Feels good to know I wasn't the only kid that got spooked the Williams Street logo and the skull I thought I was just weird because of how my mom barely reacted to it lmao
Enrique Anaya
lisa breyettedawson
Titmouse/DreamWorks Animation SKG/20th Century FOX 2014-2015 Taken of Turbo: The First Epic Movie on Netflix
lisa breyettedawson
Absolutely/Sick Duck/Working for Monsters/Naked Faces/Williams Street 2009 Taken from The Pilot “Tim and Eric Awesome” on Hulu
lisa breyettedawson
Ars Nova/N-Bomb/Cartoon Network Studios/TBS 2009 Taken of Black Dynamite on Hulu
lisa breyettedawson
Shadow Machine Inc/Stoopid Monkey/Tom is Awesome/TBS 2009 Taken from Season 2 of Final Space on Hulu
lisa breyettedawson
Big Idea/Netflix 2015-2016 Taken from Season 1 and Season 2 of VeggieTales in the Big City on Netflix
The First Frederick 'Darkwing' Cat
4:19 Skull too big and in 2D, please make skull little and 3D!
lisa breyettedawson
Absolutely/Sick Duck/Working for Monsters/Naked Faces/Netflix Taken from The Pilot “The Tim and Eric Show” on Netflix
lisa breyettedawson
Dickhouse/TBS 2008 Taken from Season 1 of Final Space on Hulu
Simon Fork
Could somebody upload the Adult Swim logo from Venture Bros.? (You know, the logo that appears every time before an episode starts.)
Eva Albarn
The anime kid
I like Willam street And the skull But idk about the others
So nobody gonna say anything about dickmouse™ working for both adult swim AND MTV
Fred Guy
First Look Pictures/Williams Street/Presents (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie for Theaters Variant)
Ryan Iles
Wait Why Are Warner Bros. Television Doing On Adult Swim?
Kristy Nation
CN Skull gave me a heart attack
Kristy Nation
Williams Street Sound is Mark VII Limited
kaos ascendent
Smf is a medium for me But astrobase go is I guess nightmate
Michelle Wee
With Cartoon Network Productions?
Royale Knight
Who loved seventy thirty?
Salvatore Petrucci
Stranissimo! È stranissimo perché come fai a fare uno dei loghi più strani della Adult Swim?
i love the pffr logo
Williams street, titmouse, PFFFR, the hello good bye girl, the Astro thing, dickhouse, stooped monkey, & abso-lutely will always be in my memories
Calvin Jacks
Can I Do A Update To This
James Network
5:08 Chinese Spongebob? Is that you???
ken taft
4:12 I T S A G O O D S H O W
Egg Dog
Stimpy Cat
6:06 I love this jazz.
*I T S A G O O D S H O W*
ken taft
0:26 H E L O W G U D B I
is too GUD too show
The Starburns Industries logo is no longer on Rick and Morty as of Season 3.
patrick ward
BBC Media TV Mapping
5:56 CoOl
Cheyenne Cyr
the creat studios horse looks like tofu
Atomic Decay Animations
Your missing Home Movies
I wonder why they stop using the skull logo?
Nicky Bryant
devinswag64 2
day day cheatham
Bye Faity
With CN Skull Logo?
patrick ward
5:07 WTF?
day day cheatham
Dakari Roy
That p.f.f.r one scares the crap out a me.
Kacper Animation
Spooky Face mouh cartoon network : AH!
#Yvette Fan
YFM&PCFan276 / EnzoTheGreatWare
what about home movies
Andrea Santos
I hate pfffr 😡
Golden Kirby Studios
Am I the only one who finds a large majority of logos for studios like Williams street and others like that Columbia statue really uncanny and disturbing for no reason.
Kaiden and Kia's 2nd channel
who liked Stoopid Monkey Stoodios? I didn't.
Shnobbs Studios
No Boondocks?
Luiss2007 Yesrobloxgoanimate Nodoracailou
RIP To Cartoon Network 1999 to 2007