Akon - Locked Up ft. Styles P

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sooraj vinodh
Who else is here after Trippie Redd and 6ix9ine?😂😂
badgal kassyyy
Who here becuase Trippie Red’s 6ix9ine diss 😂😂😂🧼🧼🧼🧼
Who still listening in 2019?
jonathan cromartie
when my mother use to put me on punishment and take my video games 🙁 R.i.p mom I'll be 25 this July 2016. miss you mommy😍😘
yungslatt yungslatt
Who came here cuz of trippie?😂 EDIT: Thanks for the 1K💯📍
Jessica Cottrell
2019 this song still riding
Adrian Damian
For all the homies on lock we ain't forgot about y'all 💯
I see all them trippie and 6ix9ine fans on the REAL OG music, I bet they never knew about Akon before that video 😂
69,Cosby and bobby singing this 💀💀💀
Time Star
I'm sure 6ix9ine Will make a remix 😁
I sing this when I'm in detention
LaVar Ball
Anyone here because of Trippie's post.
Akon's first big single. Remember hearing this on the radio 8 years old and shit.
2019 porque meu gatooo, ele faz miau
Jonathan Quinteros
6ix9ine singing this right now
Nathanael De la rosa
Cosby singing this everyday 🤣😹
Dee Don
This is the best song for when you come home from prison
Rap like this never dies 💪🏽 did you know that ?
A historia que eu canto hoje é do meu gato Eu sei que ele roubava os outros, por isso que alguém matou Era inteligente, gostava de peixe
adam ozturk
Angelo Garcia
i feel like this everyday at Work. its my Theme song
Math mes vidéos
June 2018???
Mano W
2019 ??
Since yall came after the 6ix9ine shit, experience what real music is right here. #stayhumble
BenThirty Productions
Styles P is underrated in this!
Lang Conteh
Who's here 2019.Wish you all happy New year ✨🎇
Steranco beatz
Anyone else going on a huge music throwback session?!!?
jade galloway
Like for 2018
T Nk 1234
When you get a detention
Oral Green
Fatima al-mahana
Me when my parents don’t let me go out with friends.
Brings me back to 2004 when I was almost locked up, . I stopped hanging around the gang I used to hang with...Changed my life around when I heard this song, it woke me up. Now I'm graduating from college
J dtfb
Who still bumping in 2018
December 2018???
Kenneth Martinez
Yes they are Trevor at there and stay out a lock up lock up and no joke to be in and it not very good for some people they got problems in their lives they don't deserve to be locked up not all of them there are some good people out there that get locked up for nothing but set up 3 she's a real b she's a real come down and save us and lift it up into heaven in the Sun. Amen and God bless you all and I think you got there and don't get in no trouble amen and God bless you all and Merry Christmas and baby girl Christmas
Who came here from trippie redd trolling on 6ix9ine video
Doobie Doo420
I been listening to this song way before 69 even came out. Thumbs up who else? Been listening since Day one
Tisha Steen
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imperator conqueror
2019 ✌
Mackenzie Ellsworth
2019 anyone
angleson santos
alguém do brasil 2018 curta
xHiTTmAN 408
I remember downloading this off limewire when it first came out in 2004
elizangela78 Pinheiro
Massa as músicas do Akon! Gosto de todas...
The Under Dog Uzumaki
Trippie Redd brought me here.😂😂 😂😂 Who else here cause of Trippie??😂😂 Lemme see you.
lipe correia
Hodge twins brought me here :0
ザマス: Zamasu
O meu gato, ele faz miau.
Javier Damond
Akon was that dude, I remember listening to all his songs as a jit😭
Free 6ix9ine
2019 squad where u at
Nathan Mufc
Knowing that 11 year old these day are missing out on bluetoothing akon songs to eachother on sony ericsons makes me sad
John Conroy
Who's gonna help me kick it in 2019
Fla Clã
ilyas ibrahim
Trippy lmao
Y0u'rE FiReD
0:32 6ix9ine😰😰😰 that is what his thinkin in his head
If 6ix9ine brought you here I feel sorry for your parents.
Jose Martinez
Tekashi69 brought me here , also because Last Moses is coming no bs this time
The names Codey
January 2019?
Ryan Hits
Meu gato ele faz miau
this song made me want to go to jail just to sing it lmao
Bailee Sylvester
If y’all still listening to this in 2019 like
John Wick
*E o meu gatoooooooo, agora faz mingaaaaaaal!*
Keara Chandler
Akon Did His Damn Thang When He Made This Right Here, It Was Very Relatable For Alot Of Ppl #Salute Styles P Bodied This Song 💯🔞👌😎🎶🎧💪
3118 NL
Who here from 69 en trippie 😂
Jersey Boy
this is how i feel at work
Adriano Silva
Tiago mancha
Alguém em 2019 aí
Chris Tolliver
Trippie anyone😂?
Yusef Talib Siraj El-Bey
I cant believe how much hip hop has fell off, I miss these days turning on BET and watching something I could relate to
ddb gaming09
This Is going to be 69
Christine Thuo
Akon is so sweet to release a song in honour of tekashi
Devine Darden
Bill Cosby was bumping this everyday
Toereed Shittu
Fábio Soares
The best, 2019....?
Lil Chaz412
So who remembers when songs weren't only 2 min
Josue Alvarez
This my jam since way back when I was a kid.. free my carnal see you soon g 🙏🏼
when you gonna meet the gang and ur mom don't let you go...
Alberto Gonzalez
Anyone in 2019 jammin this
When hip hop was hip hop
Who here after Trippie Sneak Diss 6ix9ine getting locked up 😂
Laced Nightmare
Who here after herring 6ix9ine got life and no bail free 6ix9ine
big boaayy quan
If 69 brought you to this song then you need to sit and re-evaluate your life
Whose locked up in 2019??
When times were simpler...
Cxrti Gabyy
Who’s here After Digga D mocking Loski😭
Luciano Teteu
Mc gorila melhorou 100% essa música kkdkkkkdkkk
Styles P never gets the credit he deserves... America, please fix the justice system.
Socorro Cardenas
during my dads years in high school he was locked up he always used to play this in prison
Famous Way
Free69 !!
rip xxtentacion
10 years ago but still better than music now
Askhowfly _
sad 69 brought me here
Teneal Morin
I never realized how strong this was till i got older an heard it
Brandon Garrett
This song gots good beat and sound good
Ivan Vasquez
I bet 6ix9ine singing this rn
Trippie redd😂😂
Neka Souza
Vim pelo triipie redd
Hannah Ellison Hannah Ellison
My dad was listening to this song before he went to prison and I started listening to it. A few years later I forgot what it was called and now Im so happy I found it. But my dad's out and in heaven. Love and miss em!