The Ending Of The Dark Knight Trilogy Explained

If you're new, Subscribe! → /> Christopher Nolan's epic Batman series ended on a somewhat confusing note. Batman was essentially dead, Bruce Wayne retired in Italy, and all the villains met a slow, dramatic end. But every resolution seemed to bring yet another cliffhanger. So what exactly happened with the finale of The Dark Knight Rises? Here's an explanation of what really went down in the ending of Nolan's Batman series, and what it meant — and still could mean — for the future… Blast survivor | 0:26 The light knight rises | 1:41 Room for a sequel? | 2:30 Setting a tone | 3:47 The standalone series | 4:37 Read more here → /> Comic Book Movies /> Doctor Strange Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice /> The Real Reason Marvel Won't Give Hulk A Movie /> How Marvel Characters Should Really Look /> The Real Reason Amazing Spider-Man 3 Didn't Happen /> Dumb Things In Civil War That Everyone Just Ignored /> The Real Reason Marvel Won't Give Black Widow A Movie /> Website → />Like us → />Follow us → />Instagram → />Vine → /> Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.

What other movie endings would you like to see explained?
Officer K
Am I the only one that absolutely loved The Dark Knight Rises?
Mr Magnificent
Christian Bale is the best Batman ever.And Heath Ledger was the best Joker ever.Infact all the cast of TDK Trilogy is perfectly match with characters.Hit like if u agree
Sean-Luc Shanahan
Video explained in 1 sentence: Everything you thought about the series and its ending is absolutely correct and not confusing or ambiguous whatsoever.
A friend has always said this to me: "The dark knight either dies a trilogy, or lives long enough to become batman and robin." XD
Took Looper 5 years to explain the ending of The Dark Knight Trilogy.
one of the best trilogy ever made
confusing? it wasn't confusing at all. it was a great ending
Krabby Patty
that franchise ended 5 years ago and now u make a video about the ending
Jamael Hatcher
Christian Bale is the only Batman in my eyes
Hoss Mazz
And who can ever forget the legendary performances by the 3 actors, Tom, Heath and Bale..
blueberry smasher
Tom Hardy really killed it in his portrayal of Bane... as did Ledger as the Joker... great actors forever enshrined in DC Universe.
Marvel may be winning now but most of those movies I watch once and that's it, this trilogy I find myself watching a lot I literally watched the one with the joker two nights ago lol
Jack Gran8
i litterly just watched the dark knight rises about 20 mins ago 😂😂
R.I.P. Adam West
maybe joseph Gordon levitt should have played some sort of version of batman beyond
Sub Zero
The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises are the two best comic book movies ever made. Nolan completely changed the game. Even Marvel fans (myself included) pay respect to this masterpiece of a trilogy.
Coniver Divide
the dark knight trilogy will be the best dc movies and in general superhero movies ever in my opinion and no other superhero movie will get the same respect as the nolan trilogy
zaim rozaan
Nolan, please.. Continue this trilogy
i still stand on the fact the dark knight was the best batman movie the best DC movie and has the best joker/ dc villain. I dont see another director today doing what nolan did for batman. He literally saved the name.
Christopher Nolan needs keep making dc movies
Cam Crawford
Not going to overlook that you totally never explained the ending at all...
Vincent Maliga
I know Joseph's character most likely became the new Batman. But remember when Bruce said the point was Batman can be anybody. I believe he meant that metaphorically bc remember he also said he didn't want copy cats and that if John Blake were to fight crime he should wear a mask. I think John became his own hero and actually became something similar to Nightwing with the help of Lucius. Their relationship is probably exactly like Dick Graysons relationship to Lucius in the Arkham Knight DLC. And his approach to fighting criminals is head on instead of ninja like. I don't think he would use guns like Red Hood bc as soon as he kills someone with it he throws it away. He's a master Detective like Tim Drake. The villains he probably would have to face are Riddler, Black Mask, and Penguin. They should make a quick short comic book about his adventures since we obviously can't get a movie
Army of Blood
There are people who needed this explained?
Dashing Dreww
I'd love for Nolan to come back and do batman movies again
Does this trilogy need explanation? No. It's pretty straight forward if you just pay attention.
KingNate_69 HH
Anyone else miss Heath?
No super hero movie from DC or Marvel comes close to these films. Great trilogy.
your gonna need some real balls to try and add more to that trilogy
Batman beyond/Batman of the Future! Would make an amazing movie.
OK Tony
The Dark Knight ending was not confusing. Nothing was needed to be explained.
Why would I even need an explanation?
Malyssa C
Sequel meet nightwing. GIVE US NIGHTWING!!!
Nikhil Rao
It would be so good if Nolan makes a sequel of the dark knight rises...😭😭😭😭... Nolan we beg you....
Troy Castles
well done Captain obvious
imperator maxim furiosa
so it took 5 years for guys in the looper to understand the ending😂😂
Goldfishboy Vapes
The dark knight was my absolute favorite
Reed Birmingham
I really want a sequel for the dark knight
tyler slaven
I still pray Joseph Gordon Levitt with be Nightwing in a movie one day
Does anyone else have lumbago?
you never knew what happened to the joker. He just got arrested. Or the scarecrow.
The Almighty god
love this trilogy becoze batman doesn't try to show him self as a superhero !! he's a guardian .... A SILENT GUARDIAN ...THE DARK KNIGHT
rishi kumar
its not batpod(batman's bike) its called the bat(it has some long, uninteresting Wayne Enterprises designation), whats wrong with this voice over guy, first it was joker's car from suicide squad (Vaydor) now on batman
Frank Houttave
The DK trilogy should have been the Kickstart of the DCEU and WB should have given Nolan and some true DC comic book fans all creative power over the project.
Brett PGH
Don't forget what happens next. All of Gotham's criminals are still on the loose, and the new Batman has zero training. Batman spent years training with the League of Shadows and could barely keep Gotham safe. Blake is a cop and...well that's it. He might have access to Batman's toys, but he has no idea how any of it works. He's dead, week one.
Ace Breao
This shit was like 5 years ago bro. Everyone gave up on it
Kevin Ndolo
Christian Bale was always the Best Batman. I'll also miss the Dark Knights Trilogy Soundtracks.
No Jones
I'm still pissed off about this ending!
One Shot
your 5 years late
Yo Chris Nolan is such a crazy good filmmaker and he should make a Robin movie. Or Denis Villeneuve.
Salty Claflin
Did you see at the end it said his name was robin so there may be a Batman and robin coming soon
One of the best trilogy's Hollywood has ever produced. It's up there with Star Wars IV-VI and The Lord of the Rings I-III.
I hope they dont make it into a universe and ruin it like he MCU. It ended perfectly.
If it says I don't know about it,,,I will be happy,,rather eating my head
Rahul Mandal
Gotham is at its best in Batman Begins! Best Villain in The Dark Knight! Best story & Best ending of Trilogy in TDKR!
Funny, i watched the movie again on this day and now i found this in the recommended videos :D Good quality videos! I still hope for any sequel for this masterpiece of trilogy
I'm still mad at C.Nolan!!! smh come on man you and your brother are great writers so at least give me the Ridler before stepping away!!!
Loved the series but I wish they done more with Robin.
Be Fresh
but who uses their legal name as alter ego😁😁, they would die within couple of days of being hero. Bad guys will know their identity pronto.
Itz SuBz
The Dark knight was the best batman
Sayan Sadhukhan
Nolan should have take over dc!😒
Nate M.
Oh man! I so badly wished Nolan had continued this series. JGL as Robin fighting alongside Bale's Batman would have been so freaking cool!!
The ending of Dark Knight rises is just poetic justice. Alfred told Bruce that he wanted to see him Italy with this family. Alfred had to see it in the end.
Daddy Stalin
2:02 W H Y D I D Y O U S A Y T H A T N A M E
belgium comics
1:36 how is that possible? The bat shoud be been blowing to pieces. How coud he find out about the othomatic pilot.
Kiks official
Forever and always the best trilogy ever❤
Nope this needs to be left exactly where it is. It is THE PERFECT TRILOGY
Sayantan Biswas
Wow. This video was completely and utterly pointless. You guys had literally nothing of your own to say
Shadow Ninja
This film isn’t canon
Bogy 1 Kinoby
These films are true masterpieces, symbolic, deep and powerful, their substance will never be improved on without Nolan, Heath, and Hans Zimmer. The true Trilogy.
I would really like to see a dark knight returns tho 🤔🤔
NeymarRonaldoMessi Jr
So It took them 5 years to realise...
What's the point of this video, TDKR came out like 6 years ago, are there people who need clarification on the ending for some reason?
KnightFall 76
Aw we never got to see penguin , dr freeze , riddled , clayface or manbat
Erick Rangel
This video is 5 years too late...
Wyatt Matthews
anyone else think the best thing about Joel Schumachers Batman forever is Val Kilmer
Napoleon Solo
The auto pilot was repaired by Bruce Wayne That means he didn't die
Kian Kamyab
0:07 it was France not Italy, Alfred says it at the start
Killer King
Wait batman was dead alfred was just things wasn't he🤔
Pablo Cuadras
Perfect trilogy
It would be nice to make him NightWing so it leaves batman as symbolic to save the city
SSGoku 71
When the bomb was about to explode Batman dropped it and flyed off
Nightwing 123
The Triolgy that still makes Marvel fans Tremble
Chris Stokes
The best trilogy ever made. Simply perfection
deca gon
i like this kind of ending that has conclusion but its up to the viewers how the ending is explained
Lewis Shepherd
Joseph Gordon Levette should play nightwing for the upcoming solo Batman film
This trilogy needs to be continued into a comic book form
The Ink Pot
Nolan is like DC’s Russo Brothers
Donnie Brooke - Pro Wrestler / UFO Hunter
Cyrus P.
This is simply the best, and most inspiring trilogy of all time!
Aaron Walden
Simple explanation: it sucked. Period.
Bundesliga Live
Give us The Dark Knight Returns!!! Based on the equal named comic.
Jonathan Hollingsworth
Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Red Hood in the DCEU
TheDarkKnight •NK•
Why Gotham city in TDK trilogy doesnt look like Gotham?
Aaron Evans
how are people still making videos about the end, ITS FIVE YEARS OLD
Great series, had the perfect ending
Gabe Dunham
Best trilogy of all time though no doubt
Blitz Magnus
No movie will ever surpass this. Even Marvel took notes from this. Masterpiece
Chip The Duck
Woah! The voice is the same dude who voiced Frisk in "If Undertale was realistic"
Juan David Redondo
One owe patch outside daily supervisor west
This Trilogy is amazing