Andrew Bayer - From The Earth (Oliver Smith Remix)

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LIKE Anjunabeats on Facebook: /> iTunes:  Beatport:  /> Audio Jelly:  />Track It Down:  />Juno:  />Dance-Tunes:  />7 Digital:  /> Andrew Bayer's experimental debut artist album "It's Artificial" broke new ground for Anjunabeats - hailed as an "incredible album of sophisticated electronica" by global dance bible Mixmag. One of its most popular tracks, "From The Earth" now sees a full single release - including the much sought-after Breakfast remix and a new interpretation from Oliver Smith. A heavenly blend of intricate production prowess and soaring melodic textures, the original "From The Earth" is a perfect example of Bayer's unique talents. Blending a deeply electronic sound with classically informed musical motifs, Bayer's music manages to sound both timeless and futuristic at once. Tweaking it slightly for DJ and dancefloor purposes, Bayer's own Club Mix is included in the package. Well loved since its appearance on Above & Beyond's "Anjunabeats Volume 8", Breakfast's mix has been a firm fixture in Above & Beyond's set since. Turbo charging the original into a euphoric, cascading peak-time trancer, Breakfast's mix retains the original's musicality - but drives it straight to the dancefloor. Adding a fresh interpretation, Oliver Smith continues his recent purple patch with an upbeat, uplifting mid-tempo trance rework. Anjunabeats is the trance label owned and A&R'ed by Above & Beyond. "Anjunabeats makes everyone else look silly" Mixmag. "The world's most consistent trance label" DJ Magazine. Anjunabeats Online Website: />Facebook: />Youtube: />Twitter: />Google+: />iTunes: />Anjunastore: />Mixcloud: />Soundcloud: /> ------------------------------------------------------------- Anjunabeats Anjunadeep Above and & Berond Trance around the world progressive house Euphonic Tri-state Road Trip Club Dance Dans Dansa Danza Music Música Muzik House музыка musik Progressive progresivo DJ Mix Clubklubb Disco Discotheque disk диск Record Official Track Release Trance International 2011 Rave Party partido parti FESTA Fiesta Night Out Anthem Summer Miami Ibiza Electro Electronic Electronica Электро electrónico Celebration Break Carnival Dub Remix Quality HD High Definition

Andrew Bayer From This Earth It's Articficial Anjunabeats Anjunadeep Peak Time Mixmag Anjunabeats Volume 9 Anjunabeats Volume 8. Beatport Electronica Trance House Euphoric Above \u0026 Beyond Oliver Smith Club Mix Breakfast Remix Maor Levi Mat Zo Dance

this song has grown on me... so I deleted my previous comment :D
Akeem Frank
how can anyone not like this? paino @ the start so amazing that it sends my mind in gridlock
Tomas Hyri
Oliver ;)
Gabriel Buchanan
Life SHOULD be celebrated everyday.
Stebson Gold
I swear....
FINALLY A REMIX! Original is amazing, but THIS IS TOO!
but breakfast remix is awesome
nice work Olli!!! Clap clap
I don't know how you do it Oliver, but only you can remix a song that's already unreal and make it even better than it already is. Shapes, Meet Me In Montauk, and now this.
Jordan Lauzon
Love this remix! Heck, I love this entire release! Thank you Anjunabeats for making an obvious attempt at making EVERYONE happy 8)
Najoui Salaheddine
4 Dislike Guetta - Tiesto - Armin - Nicki minaj :D
Where did finish his creativity? Where are those sick tunes like Cirrus, Tomahawk or Nimbus? I just can't get this....
@snow1778 YES!!!
@ThisIsJura By commenting what you did you brought the attention away from Anjuna's releases and on to the subjects of opinions. You may diasagree with with other peoples opinions but you cannot change them because something was done with good intentions. Hate is just an extreme disliking of something, I hate cabbage but don't argue with or insult people who like it.
didn`t this track come out a few years ago?
@ThisIsJura Just because a song is filled with good intentions does not mean everybody will like it. Looking at the song as a song wilturvill hated it. Not accepting his opinion is narrow minded
@ThisIsJura It's his opinion and taste in music, you can't critcise him and shouldn't insult him for voicing it Everybody doesn't love / hate the same things
marcello silwa
this song and amazing
Yoan Mitov
Great remix!
Jean Carlos
qual nome q se dá a este estilo?
Best remix IMO, tops the Breakfast one.. my soundtrack to winter this year!
DJ Lithium
@ThisIsJura Because no matter how you slice it its a very commercial sounding track. i used to buy almost everything I could from Anjuna's labels but when they stopped pressing vinyl I bailed for two reasons. 1. No vinyl and I only play vinyl and 2. When they did that it opened them up to totally cheesy stuff across the board for all their releases from there on in because vinyl djs don't play cheese.
wil turvill
Wow! I hated the original and breakfast mixes... this however is a beauty.
wil turvill
@ThisIsJura It is beyond idiotic you can't accept that people have different minds which respond differently to different stimuli. Did you like this remix? Or did you just feel the need to take time out of your meaningful life to insult someone you don't know? Hell, now I've wasted 2 minutes of my life... Cheers, thanks bye.
Could people just calm down. If you don't like a video there is a dislike button, use it. No more of these stupid ramblings trying to act intelligent. Its music, its with it.
@LantoAnjuna didnt know he was gone =P
Harutun Panosyan
@budbundy87 will start working on a cover now!
Harutun Panosyan
taught myself to play this on piano!! :) incredible song..should i post a video?
Perfection :')
I love above and beyond, but this remix is infinitely better.
beautiful melody!
I love this remix.
J Ne
agreed the piano in this is amazing. way better than the breakfast remix. i think this remix suits the title of the song PERFECTLY
Beautiful !
Selim Faroque
Lol stupid people, can only whine about other people´s comment. The music is more importand :P Great work Oliver!
Adrian Blust
Amazing! Life should be celebrated everyday.
Adrian Blust
It's beautiful isnt it! Absolute bliss! Remarkable.
Nasakoto Yakata
Over the top!
Just WOW, YES!!!!
Great song but it just sounds like, Chicane - Poppiholla?
Jeff cabral
Fantastic! When I listen to this song, time stands still, and I find myself in a state of real peace and happiness. Beautiful song.
@wilturvill How can you "hate" something that obviously has been made with a lot of heart. You could not feel it, but hating a track with such a heavy message in it is beyond idiotic..
@543joe My point is that you could dislike the original/breakfast mixes but not hate it. It's been made with nothing but good intentions (homage to his passed away brother). If you been around for a while, you know that those tracks do Anjunabeats justice.
@543joe Anyway, it's good to see Anjuna's releases still raises discussions right?
would be great if there was no breakfast remix, just inferior to the forementioned remix
Na Pa
Breakfast's kicks his ass
The Renegade
@ThisIsJura Anyone can hate anything they want. Its what opinion is all about. As long as its done in a respectful manner there's really no need to call people idiots for not liking something.
@shiroyanagawa arty is great! i meant the "around the world" remixes...those are freaking bad!
true anjunabeats tunes! not those shitty arty remixes!
Electronic Music Lab
@WhattYouSay so are homosexuals, i really like this mix but not a smuch as i love my kitten. Do you have my crayons by the way i have to finish my drawing
If you can listen to this without shedding a single tear, you don't know what it is to be human.
@543joe That's not my point...I'm well aware of the fact that music is subjective but there's a big difference between not liking and hating it. I just wondered why he HATED it instead of just not liking it. But let's end this discussion, I've had enough of it. Art, Film or Music is impossible to be liked by every single person, but you need good reasons to actually hold a grudge against it. I still don't know why wilturvill hates the song and frankly I don't care anymore.
@WhattYouSay and yours is even worse.
Chicane - Poppiholla
Chicane - Poppiholla
Adam A
pancil pan
tiesto & armin??? wtf?
While listening this, there's no world outside, just the moment and thousands of memories and images spinning in my head. It means that this is a good trance track.
Maksims Volkovs
remix of the year!
Finally a great track from anjuna!
The richness of the original is lost in this remix. Now its just looping of the melody.
mmhmm reminds me of chicane poppiholla. I like it a lot. Gotta say oliver smith, andrew bayer and matt lange are taking up a big share of my ipod at the moment.
Wonderful Track!
this songs gets me in such a good mood im just gonna ignore those stupid hate comments :D
It's impossible to hate this song.
Evan Martin
5 people should never use youtube again for disliking this.
Chaider Lima
chooonnn !! tune it up !!!
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
he can fuck my ears rly :> oli is a beast
So beautiful. Wow