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Yoga For Beginner's Mind - 20 min. A zen like place where you don’t know all the answers and you don’t have to! You trust and enjoy the ride. This practice invites you to drop all preconceptions and open yourself up to all of YOUR possibilities. The ones that have existed since the day you were born. This month I am taking time to nurture my spirit of enquiry. I invite you to do the same! With beginner's mind practice, we will be lighter, creative and open to more possibilities. Let me know how it goes down below. Enjoy! Get your FREE Yoga Calendar: /> More at Instagram: @adrienelouise Twitter: @yogawithadriene Facebook: Yoga With Adriene Shop:

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Yoga With Adriene
BEGINNER'S MIND! SUCH A POWERFUL TOOL! This week, find other moments in which you can integrate this practice. Sitting down for breakfast, driving in traffic, putting your babe to bed, greeting a friend or partner. This week, what is one place you will implement this practice?
Gill Smith
After 2 years of my daily YWA, I really enjoyed this ‘back to beginnings’. I do this every day and follow every little detail in your voice to get maximum benefit .... wonderful. At Halfway Lift I always remember your tea cup on the back of the neck ! It works every time 😂👍🏻. This 20 mins was perfect for my sunny Sunday morning here in England, thanks Adriene 🧘🏼‍♀️🙏💞
Jennifer Fissette
I first heard of beginner's mind when I found meditation last year. Meditation coincided with two counseling sessions I went to because I just felt off with more anxiety and sadness than I ever care to have to deal with again. That's when the therapist recommended your yoga. I think this is so important and recently listened to a podcast that discussed the idea that we all want to be masters of knowledge/various crafts/life etc. without first being the apprentice. We have all of these expectations of instant gratification and reward when we haven't taken the time to learn something (sometimes by failing at it numerous times first), and I think we need to be willing to apply beginner's mind all through out life so we can keep learning and earn new skills, and eventually perhaps become masters of whatever it is we choose. I think the negativity associated with judging others would also improve if we all have this beginners mind. Wow, getting all philosophical and mushy here. Feeling great! Namaste world! :)
Kelly Morgan
I need this right now 😊 definitely giving this a go!
Cam and Kels
such a good class as always!
*Having a beginner's mind is probably one of the most beautiful thing. I'm so used to raising the bar, or at least maintaining the bar. I'm almost scared to lower the bar. It gives me anxiety if I do less. Any advice around this?*
Tiffany Smith
This was a great way to start my week off being mindful and aware. Thank you so much for this practice. :)
Aoife Kenny
3,2,1 video has dropped, mat is down, let's get Sunday started 😁
Julia Leonetti
This week I set the intention in being at peace with what "ends" or in my case, takes a momentary break. I am coming to the end of my first year of teachers college and since I love it so much and had a great time, I cannot imagine not going to class, seeing my friends, seeing my boyfriend too(!) a few times a week. Where I want to find peace is within myself, to feel peaceful that this break is suppose to happen, that it is necessary for us teacher candidates to reboot and recharge. I accept it. I accept it, and flow with it. Last summer was a tough summer for me, it is when my anxiety started so I have been reflecting a lot on that recently, seeing how much has changed. I am so happy for it all though, I have told myself that, because it led me to this practice, being more mindful, loving more, being kind more often and loving myself. I am so thankful for my panic (crazy right?) because it gave me a lot of new and amazing things. < This has officially been the longest comment ever! Thank you for this safe space to put my thoughts <3 Namaste <3
von craig hughes
Nurull Aulia
Hi Adriene! Just wanna say thank you because of your videos, I've been practising yoga for solid 3 years. I thank you for being an awesome teacher ❤. Namaste!
Great lesson.
Narzissmus verstehen
thank you :)
Tina Condic
Good morning
Elisabeth Müller
I am still a beginner, so this aspect of going back to the first time wasn't too hard. I enjoyed the slower pace bc it enabled me to be aware of the smallest movements and their effects on me. I noticed that I feel like doing more grounding practices. It has been a while and feels so good. Today, I practiced yoga for the first time in the presence of my dog. He seemed confused. 😃 And gave me a big kiss. I laughed so hard. He laid down on the mat but left some room for me. 😃😃😃Laughter and yoga go well together! As lovely funny Adriene knows very well. Thank you! 😘
Cara Berry
Has anyone got any tips for being able to move the leg from the back to front (downward facing dog to lunge or similar) in 1 movement. I just can’t seem to ever do this
Brittany Damron
Hello fellow yogis (about 2000 of you who just watched this with me)!!! Namaste! This was a great reminder for me to use the beginner in me to view not only my daily practice, but just life in general. Side note, parrots may be cute, but when a bunch are squawking while trying to do yoga, not as cute. HAHAHA.
Malbolgia's Spawn
Good morning from East Coast U.S. of A. Thank you for your patience and your inner peace transcends to help me find my own. You are a great instructor and I'm so happy I found you.
Mr Gïdds
This was my first time ever doing yoga, and it was the most amazing thing I've done in the longest time. Thank you!!!!
Caris Allen
This was AMAZING! I am so grateful for this practice. I think we as humans (or at least me) in today's society feel so pressured to prove that we know so much, have all the answers or are an expert at something. We rarely even allow ourselves the initial time to just not know anything without feeling inferior, and we have to have it all together just to be good enough. But as I'm learning, the truth is no one has it all together, no one knows everything. Not parents, teachers, CEOs, spiritual leaders. We're all so beautifully human, just figuring it out as we go. Nothing we know is absolute, and what we do know is so minute in the grand scheme of things. But I struggled a lot with that in the beginning of my yoga practice and in my life. I've been practicing with Adriene for almost 2 years off and on now and I still so often feel like a beginner and it truly used to bother me. I felt like I was doing something wrong or not growing fast enough. Now I'm beginning to see the beauty in beginning. :) Yoga isn't about being all extra bendy or knowing every pose and Sanskrit name by heart. It's just about you, and being there, present, with your mind, soul and body as one. I don't want to pretend to have all the answers, I am now very content with the idea of being a student of life. And I can't wait to take this practice into my daily life, every single day. Thank you so much Adriene for the light that you bring and thank you to all of you for practicing with me! I am in immense gratitude that this is a practice where knowing everything is never ever required. Namaste.
This and That with Denise Jordan
I’ve been away from the practice for about three months so this beginner mind set was good. What I liked best that you’ve done is the 30nDay series with True. That was my introduction and I loved it. Next favorite is Peaceful Warrior. I’m a beginner so these practices helped me get started. BTW, you’re the only yogi 🧘‍♀️ I follow! I love what you do for people just learning like me.
eda alanson
suddenly of of depression loup, thank you adrianne
Jazzygamer123 Jazzygamer123
First ur the best XX
The Daily Stress
Today is my second day of yoga and I’m loving it. Thank you so much for your help
I love the feeling that came with tapping into my beginners mind! So much love and motivation! Namaste 🙏🧘‍♀️❤️🌺
This is now one of my favorites!
Hi Adriene! Can you please make another "Yoga for Seniors" video? :) I want to get my grandparents to try yoga, but they are in their 80s and think they are too old to try new things, especially physically. One also has back problems and the other is very inflexible (and stubborn). I think they would really benefit from your videos! Thank you! And lovely video as always<3
Justine Warnick
One thing I don’t miss about the beginners mindset is the struggle to stay present without being distracted. It was nice to return to something so simple and be able to be right there the entire time. I started practicing with you many years ago but have been returning daily since the first of the year. I cannot thank you enough for what you have encouraged me to achieve mentally and physically. My girlfriend often jokes that Adriene is my best friend because we meet every morning for a few sips of coffee and yoga, and I take her with me everywhere in my mindset. Thank you , thank you, and I’m so happy to be a part of this community ❤️
Chrissy Cerminara
I'm 52 years old and am only 5 months into this whole yoga everyday practice, so I'm still a beginner. I still have lots of, "huh?" happening but then I'm starting to understand how to make this my own and that feels pretty amazing 💜🌿
Thank you, Adriene! Very good timing for us here in Europe :) Have a lovely Sunday, y'all!
Manny guitar
Keep learning 😇😇😇
Rafa Romi
I like you in a namaste kinda way... Inspiring and real... I especially love Mr Benji... And the fact that you and Benji color coordinated for today's video... Adorable
Katie M
This was more challenging than I expected. Which means I need to come back again another day. Thanks for the timely reminder Adriene. There is a breath of fresh air in beginners mind!
I've been sick with all kinds of flu for past three weeks and I couldn't get back on track with practice, so I truly felt like a beginner today. Thanks Adriene!
Aaron Truitt
Thanks for these awesome videos :)
What does beginners mind mean? Does it mean a mindful practice for beginners? Love adriene, doing yoga has changed my life!!! 😁
DaReal Dedo
Nice! something to wake up to... thanks Adriene!
Adrien! A year back, yoga was my life blood. I literally couldn't function without 1 h of your videos a day. But then I went through a pretty nasty break up and in October I quit doing yoga. Now I feel like it's time to bring such an amazing force and practice back in my life. Since October I've grown so so much as a person, but I've always wanted to return to yoga. When I sat down today, the first time in months, I cried. From today on, I'm going to relearn what I have lost. Even though I have a lot of flexibility left, my strength is practically gone. There is so much in both body and mind I have to learn over and yet so much is just coming back naturally. Ever since I started doing yoga I've wanted to be an instructor. When getting of the matt last year, I though that wasn't going to happen any more. But I now I have a new faith in myself, and it feels amazing. Thank you for everything you've unknowingly done for me.
Janey Bakarbessy
Thank you Adriene, this was what I need for this week and I am gonna use this the whole week as I have a important meeting on Friday. This was very helpful to go back where I need to be. Fingers Crossed and again thank you!
Nermeen Farid
Watching you here from Egypt😍I'm a beginner and I loved the video and you made me fall in love with yoga, It's so relaxing.Namaste ❤️❤️❤️
Best feeling I have had with yoga yet! Beginner's Mind is amazing, would love a 40-60 min version. Keep up the wonderful work Adriene.
Language And Information provider
Hey Adrienne, You do many Yoga videos for beginners. Make some for Advanced Yogis too
Just what I needed in this gray Sunday morning! I feel ready to tackle the day!
Madelyn Brouillard
Halfway through my practice I opened my eyes and was surprised by a giant boaring beetle walking across my mat next to me. It freaked me out and I got rid of it, but the rest of the practice definitely challenged my being in the present moment, as I kept scanning of other bugs in my bedroom. <3
Kris Kuhn
“Beginners mind” “Circling back” “No Yoga robots” has resonated with me from the first time I heard those words from you. They very much changed how I practice and even how I live. I was so excited to see this video and a brand new way to enter into Triangle Pose! Thank you Adriene and whoever and whatever else helps get your wonderful videos on YouTube.
Ana Montoya
That first plank was soooo awesomeee. I have never felt sooo strong and powerful but at incredible ease at the same time in that particular pose. Beginner's mind is the most amazing experience. I am a high school teacher and I am a couple of days away from summer break and this made me realize that, even at this point of the semester I can still have the capability to be surprised and amazed by the subtle treasures hiding in the routine. I am sooo excited to try this mind set these last few days that I get with my students. Thank you Adriene, awesome as usual!!! Oooh and btw, welcome to Mexico. I hope that my fellas down there in the City are making your visit a wonderful experience. Te quiero mucho, Adriene!! Abrazos!!
Eri Sal
Thank you, Adriene.
I wish I had been so present my first time on the mat. I was so worried about the shape. Today, I connected mind and body in a fresh way AND gave myself recognition of how much my practice has grown. 💚
OG David
That felt good
Megan Van Zyl
I a currently travelling through South America and find it is so difficult to incorporate yoga when you rarely have a quiet moment or your own space. Today I had some peace and it was lovely to tune in and go back to the basics! Thank you as always for uploading a wonderful session! <3
marco buelvas
I yoga wit yu Adrian
Ashley Soto
Brought me back to the roots and allowed me to feel that brand new exploration all over again. Thank you Adriene for always reminding us where we come from, how we began, how to have that wander in our hearts and on the mat. Namaste!
LOVE IT! Thank you for all you do for the Yoga community Adriene!
Lisa Marie
Thank You for sharing!! I’m a new subscriber and new to yoga, very inspiring 😉😊. I feel wonderful afterwards...
Debbie Searcy
After 3 years, I’m returning to my mat today. You’re video was just what I was looking for. Such great timing. Thank you!
I did this after a week off any exercise due to a bad cold. This was just the right length and intensity for getting back into the groove. Thanks Adriene.
Patricia 1
Adriene you are doing such a Great Job! I just want to say Thank you, because all the Videos that you do are motivating me, help me to Stay positive and help my body to be healthy! :) i Really appreciate that your Videos are free 👍 Thank you for beeing such an Inspiration to me! ❤🌞 👍
the past few weeks ive been going through a major depressive episode and this video really helped get me back on track. thanks you much
Annie Fish
I just remember that from one of my first yoga practices with you I realised I had a freckle on one of my toes. was just amazed that I'd never realised this little guy, but hey ho.this was definitely needed! it feels good to explore with the heart leading the way <3
Khaira Waite
Ive been following YWA for years now, and I think I fell in love with your modesty and open mind to finding what feels good instead of slamming into poses. I love this video for taking us back to that again. Its perfect timing to refresh the mind into a beginner viewpoint for me because I just got registered for my yoga teaching certificate which I will start in August, and I was just discussing how I will need to keep my mind open to a new way of seeing yoga as a teacher instead of a student. So very excited. Thank you, as always, for this amazing journey you have taken me on. Without the 30 days of yoga challenge that I tried 3 years ago I dont know if I ever would have stuck with yoga the way I do now. So thank you Adriene for helping me find what feels good on a daily basis. ♡ Namaste 🕉
Beverly Anello
I’ll keep working on it! Adapt, adapt! ...altered positions needed for this episode.
hannah pogue
Ah well, it has been a few months since my last practice and I have been scared to roll out my mat, thinking that I did not want to face my body, that I had let it down. Tonight I couldn't ignore it's pleas for practice, so I chose this video hoping it would be easy on my rusty limbs... it was and so much more. I found myself in tears just 2 mins in. I've missed it so much and my body was beyond forgiving. Thank you Adriene for not only the video but your beautiful commentary. Somehow you just know exactly what I need to hear, Namaste!
Gina Alves
Yoga for beginners was perfect! I am actually a beginner yogi and it was such a peaceful way to start my day! Thank you!
Zara Wilkins
Just did this in the airport after no sleep and feel so much better thankyou xx
Maria O'Neill
This could not have been more perfect. I completed TRUE and was so proud of the daily practice I had cultivated well into 2018 but life has got in the way of my practice over the last couple of months and I have not been as regular a visitor to the mat as I would have liked to. Getting back to my beginners mindset gives me an easy way to get back to my daily practice without being worried about any lost progress. Just perfect. Thank you Adriene.
Andreea-Daniela Ene
Absolutely love it! Thanks a lot! 🙏
This marks Day 1
Alberto Zaffonato
It was a great way to start Sunday. Thank you very much. Namaste
Liv Stecker
I happened to click on this video when I decided to practice again for the first time in months. Dude. What an awesome reintroduction. I am excited to start from scratch and learn all over again why I love yoga. Thanks girl!!!
A Noble Focus
My first yoga practice in a long time. I’ve been struggling to get out of bed lately with my depression and anxiety but I am working towards pushing out of it and this morning was a good morning. Thanks Adriene 🙏🌞💛
Gabrielle Adams
Hello. I'm a beginner. I only started today (10/5/18) and well when I try and do some of these poses, my legs and arms wobble a lot but I don't fall though. I basically feel a bit weak when that happens and well I could say I'm 17, 5"3 and around 44kg sooo..... I found this relaxing however I find it really hard to do the lotus position and when I attempted it many times I failed but then I succeeded and well uh it hurt my ankles a bit and I want it to be more comfortable. P.S- I do have shortish to mediumish legs soooo.... Just letting you know lol.
Sarah L
Perfect timing, enjoy Mexico! Thank you for all you do!
seek inwards
Always in tune Adriene! Started a new job yesterday. I "used to be" the type of person who tries to skip the vulnerability of beginners. This practice helped me to remember that as my yoga practice advanced I learned the importance of "backing off" and "subtleties" as a form of self love and deep listening. Now to translate that off the mat in to our new beginnings! Thank you Adriene for leading the way! Thank you community, for doing your best each day! Much love
Emma B
Hi Adriene. I’m 22 years old and started practicing yoga through your channel 5 months ago. I was suffering from exhaustion, low self esteem and eating disorders. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart - working out has always been a very destructive and manic thing for me, but your videos made me fall 100% in love with yoga- I love to roll out the mat and feel strong and happy from the practice! Your yoga made me recover from exhaustion, love my body, eat what I love,and most of all start to actually love myself. I practice yoga every morning and almost every evening with your videos, and you have completely changed my life forever. I introduced your channel to my mom as well, who I believe have suffered from similar things as myself, and she is also loving the impact you have made on her life. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for saving lives. I wish you all the best in the future and pray that you will never stop posting free yoga! Love, Emma xx
Beth J
I woke up grumpy despite the beautiful sun in the UK. I got on my mat, listened carefully and now I feel light and appreciative of this practice and the way it's changed my mood. I will enjoy this day now. Thank you sweet Adriene xx
Kate Magargal
Couldn’t stop thinking about Madonna the whole time (“for the very first time!). Haha. Loved this... made me reflect on how focused on ‘doing it right’ I was as a beginner. Being a beginner again allows me to explore all the things I missed that first time around.
Webki M
You are amazing! Thank you for all the time you put into this ♥
Vijeta Umarjeet
Hi Adriene, I have minor scoliosis in upper back and had a patella surgery in 2011. I always sceptical and confused how to choose the kind of yoga forms for my condition. I have trapezitis and pain is only worsening. Plz guide with some exercises I may begin with to strengthen my core without causing stress on knees. Thanks for your amazing videos! Kindly help !
van torres
I could easily do it as a beginner because I stopped practice for 3 mo the I broke my ankle and I’m gently getting back so it 100% felt Like a beginners for me. Thankyou and May I be able to continue and get even further than where I was before my injurie. Namaste🙏❤️
Eleanor Stone
We all need to start again from the beginning in so many ways. Thanks Adriene once again!
Woke up 20 min ago. Now I'm awake! (Thanks :)
Kiki Barnes
This was a great refresher! I'd love to see a summer edition 30 day yoga plan! It would be so nice to follow you with a summer 30 day plan to refresh and get excited for a new page this summer! <3
Leslie Field
Yummy Yummy. Thank you team YWA!
Cute doggie is a yogi too!
Afra Gulener
I fell and hurt my back while practicing handstand 2 days ago. This video was just for me 🙏 Namaste
Linda Vilela
thank you for this video Adriene, i love your calm, funny and peaceful vibe. just starting my yoga journey :)
Shadan Zahrooni
Gracious as always. Not gonna lie i felt like a beginner's mind before clicking on the video not knowing what to do. Trying this out in a couple of hours. Thank you Adriene
Zofia Zalewska
What about adding music to your videos? That would be great!
Nicole Mostofa
i wanna learn french :P
Keira In Tokyo
Thankyou Adriene! Great start to my day :)
Pretty Thoughtful
As someone who has been practising yoga for a few years it's so easy to get caught up in the mindset of 'I'm not progressing at all'. Unless that's just me?! Anywho, taking it back to basics makes me realise how far I've come!
Rhiannon Nia
What a lovely practice! I tweaked my lower back today which I thought might hinder my practice, but actually it helped me to focus on a beginner’s mindset even more, and to think of exploring the poses in a way that didn’t hurt my back. I found a lot of nuances in some of these poses - who knew there could be so much juiciness in a lunge!!! Amazing. It’s so important to return back to a sense of wonder and amazement at beautiful things like yoga: after practicing for a while, it can start to feel more rigid and structured, and while that is important in its way, moving and grooving and finding your own flow is good too. What an excellent reminder! You’re the best, Adriene! Now, to go and apply this to my everyday life. See you tomorrow everybody! Namaste xxx
Sara Bihaouline
what i like in this practice the most is when you think there is a pose that you "CAN" do easily and casually and when you return to the beginner mindset and reopen your mind to learn everysingle tiny move you realise that actually there are many details which make it special that you disregarded all this time, and today in this practice i tried not to overlook them and i really felt so good.
I'm a week late but it was so needed. Thank you!
I really enjoy these slower, simpler yoga practices. The rest of my day and efforts are spent on difficult activities and taking the time for a little therapy at the end of the day is so appreciated. Thank you!
This is perfect after yesterday's practice! It's so important to stay curious and always be open to learning and trying new things. It was nice to practice yoga with a pair of fresh eyes and limbs 💕
Liz Beardmore
A great practice to finish the day. Off to bed now. Thank you and namaste xx
Erica Aguirre
Do you have any video recommendations for study breaks?
LeAnna B.
I live for Sunday morning practices tbh 😅 I must say tho, beginners mind was a bit tricky for me since I move at a tad faster pace usually. But this is def. something to keep in mind & return to often 💕💕
Eric Rinehart Piano
Always so timely - about to go teach a piano lesson to a student with Autism. Something I have never done before which always makes me a bit worried that I will be able to successfully manuever the lesson when the unknown is sure to come up! This helped though