Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes

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Yoga for complete beginners. 20 minute gentle yoga class to give you greater relaxation, more energy and joy. Relaxation pose and crocodile poses to relax the lower back. Shoulder exercises to relax the neck and shoulders. Sitting forward bend for flexibility. Inclined plane for strengthening the back. Spinal twist for good massage of the abdominal organs. Final relaxation to really let go. You will feel full refreshed and recharged. Try it out! Demonstrated by Aruna, instructed by Sukadev Bretz of . Music by Yogi Hari /> Check out our long-haul yoga tours to amazing countries like India, Thailand or Egypt. Deepen your yoga practice in a beautiful surrounding and visit lots of power places in these exotic countries:

Patrick Channing
13.38 i found it so difficult to lift my butt off the floor im quite heavy lol
Kaya Malenda
I felt so relaxed by the instructor's voice. Twenty minutes went by so quickly. As I am new to yoga, I was able to follow his instructions with minimal viewing; he spoke slowly and articulately. I will continue using this video for another week or so  to become acclimated to steps of relaxation throughout my body. Awesome workout!
Nancy Charest
Exactly what I was looking for. I am rehabilitating and need something slow and gentle like this! Thank you!
Anniie Turner
Wow, first time trying yoga. I suffer from depression and anxiety. This has mean me feel really positive. Thank you! Your voice is really calming too.
This video made me realise how inflexible I am
Taylor Rich-Lane
This was so relaxing, it was like 5 minutes instead of 20! I only struggled with the alternative version of the inclined plane, but practice makes perfect :) thanks for the video!
I’ve been coming back to this video for a few years now I love it so much! It’s so relaxing :) and the instructors voice makes me feel so at peace
Michelle C
Anyway to know what the music in the background is? I have been watching this video for many years and would like to purchase it from your website. Thank you =)
Loyson Paes
Very calming voice by the instructor. One of my most widely recommended videos on yoga for beginners
Jake Ruppert
great video,i'll be doing this from now on to help my back problems
Aruna does it well and listened very well. She has a nice butt.
Anna Smorek
Incredible! Love this routine, thank you! x
beautifully done, an example of the real yoga experience beyond asanas and stretching.
1037 37
So thankful for this. Thank you. much love. 🙏
Eliana Sanchez
That was a great experience! I really felt the energy flowing through my hands. Thank you 😊
Melissa Melissa
I haven't felt this relaxed in Years!!! I absolutely love this video...I've been doing it every morning for almost a week now. It puts me in such a positive and relaxing mood. Your voice is very calming. thank you so much for sharing!!:)
Thanks for posting this,my first ever experience of yoga and it feels so relaxing,great video,thanks again
Lucy Sparks
Thankyou so much. My first attempt at yoga and it was just what I needed. Great instruction,gentle pace..perfect for a beginner.And the prana... wow! :)
Tamara Euabnks
the energy you feel after is amazing! thanks!
Phlash the Band
Perfect start, or just quick relax & energizer!
Bryan Madera
great video even your voice verry relaxing such an amazin experience att mariel tejada
All these men commenting on how "sexy" she is worries me. She looks to be about 15 years old. I'm probably wrong, but she looks like a minor to me. 
This is the best video ever I've done it at least 50 times. I've done some of the other ones too but this one is pure bliss. Namaste
Roberto Carlos
This video is an act of selfless generosity, Thank you I feel better! =) I'm gonna keep doing this! Namaste
Annette Marie
First time ever trying yoga. This was best one of several I tried. thanks for sharing
Sara Đorđević
this video changed my life! most yoga videos are focusing solely on the excercises but your video has such soothing music and voice, it makes me go into a relaxing and meditative state. thank you!
Daddy Dana
much information very yoga
faith bailey
i feel relaxed
Anya Walsh
Thanks so much for this <3
Linda Javier
I have a lot of stress and anxiety issues. your video gives me peace, and I can start my an amazing, rejuvenating, and relaxing way. Thank you so much! P.s. I love your angelic (in a manly way) voice, Videa!
Success Maroline
thank you for this video
Rin Leigh
i feel amazing right now
Thank you for sharing. I cannot do the inclined plane. My spine was fused many years ago and it didn't go as planned. Other than that, it was great
James Mercer
I've been following this class each morning for 10 days now and feeling so much better for it. Thank you. I also really love how Sukadev says 'centurrr and lonngurrr', it's so calming :)
kool pit
Nice video and audio formats for us benefits of gets who be beigner can learn easily and quickly get Success results in
Marija Bukarac
Thank you for sharing this!
Eld Dave John Otarra
wow this is my first time doing yoga and I feel amazing! thank you for this video!
Manu Hicks
I just did the Beginners Yoga. I can feel the Energy flowing. Its Awesome!!!! thank you. Namaste
Ana Lopez
It was very relaxing thank you
Tenzin Tsethar
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and positive energy
Amanda Fairchild
I like his gentle attitude and how he considers those of us who are less flexible too.
Houseplant Adventures
yes this video was very good, definitey felt waay more relaxed at the end of it, Will be viewing again!
annapoorana sahayarani
yoga vidhya s very super,i realy enjoying ,watching vidios.very gd.i lik it.
Jeanette McGregor
This is my first real attempt at yoga and this is the video I'm starting on. I love how I feel after doing it!
this is the best video ever love u felling relax & fresh mind ....
Somnolent verve
I clicked this thinking meh I'll be lucky to do ten full minutes, didn't know twenty minutes could go by so fast, cheers this was very helpful :)
Nix Pix
I sometimes follow this yoga class in the morning and I swear each time I do I have a better day than usual
Tiffany Boncek
This is a great sequence thank you very relaxing
Rebecca Howard
I've been doing this everyday and it's really helping to strengthen my muscles and help me to relax. I really enjoy it
sue smith
I'm 64 and have just tried this. I have never tried yoga before and i found this wonderful from the very first try. I'm looking forward to becoming a bit more flexible over time. I already feel more relaxed. Thanks for sharing.
so relaxing!
Tiff Shinn
this is honestly the first time i've ever done any yoga. i feel really great! can't wait to try more!
Anthony Tidwell
This is my first time doing yoga. :3
Andrea Meany
I just did this today for the first time. I'm a complete beginner. I do lots of power walking for fitness. It was so relaxing and I really felt the stretches particularly the back and buttock. I will definitely do this on a regular basis. Thank you
Claudia Stein
Thank you so much! :)
I was up at 5 am. It's been a rough everything but I've acquired a great, brand new perspective. Sometimes I just can't focus and my consistency with how positive I feel about my life dwindles. It's hard for me to get started, but I've heard and seen the benefits. I did this once and felt a little better, so I decided that I may need a double dose and did it once more. I must say this is going to be another transforming, magnificent experience. I just want to feel good consistently. Slay those little tiny thoughts that come in and tell me to fear, hindering me from continuing down my path. This was my day one. Looking forward to diving in.
Katya Tv
that was a wonderful first Yoga experience! thank you!
nela cortez
Is the CD available for sale I'm interested to purchase one thanks heap.
Loved it. Such a nice 20 min session. Thank you!
Jenn Fur
I really liked the positive reinforcement at the end.
Heather-Marie Steele
I mastered this session, and it was very helpful. Thank you for sharing. How can I find more videos from you, for beginners in progress? It's a hot mess to search for the videos I'm looking for, both on YouTube and yoga-vidya.
I love how it's for beginners but this chick is more flexible than I could ever hope to be xD
Mathilda Kamerman
Thank you!
Thank you!
This was my first time trying Yoga stretches and relaxation it was wonderful thank you for sharing!
Jagruti Unakar
Excellent...Thanks for sharing!!
Kokee 99
My favorite yoga 🧘‍♀️ i do this everyday
Odette Krijthe
Thank you! I instantly felt my energy change doing these, I am making them part of my daily routine! Namaste :)
Dominique Nikki
wow very relaxing!👍
Jayasri Nagrale
by far the best yoga video I have seen and worked along with. adding it to my morning routine. thanks a lot. all the best!
I do this every day, love it
Samantha L
That did not feel like 20 minutes at all! Holy shit, I'm so calm now. Much much love.
Angellal Taylor
This was a new Experience for me, thanks, God bless.
Gracie Lou
I love this, makes me feel very mellow and calm..
Natalie Davis
Thank you for this video. I am always intimidated by yoga poses and don't enjoy the emphasis on getting all the poses right and aligned. This video really helped me to sink into/relax into the basic poses and feel the benefits. I will try to do this as my daily routine. Thank you again! X
Simona Suchánková
Remembering Love and Light Language
thank you so much
Sumit Yadav
Wow you said Namaste!
If you are looking for inner peace don't read the comments just close the tab when your done
Holy moly, this felt amazing. I never stretch or anything so this is a nice change. I have neck and lower back pain and this felt amazing.
Diella Ocran
This was fantastic, I feel very relaxed, full of energy and positive vibes. Ready for a powerful day!. Thank you.
Sandhya Kumari
This is a great video
Science And Tech Hub
Excellnt Love from India
truly fantastic experience, its been the first time that i've experienced a yoga "class" whether it be online or at a studio, where its about the spiritual and mental experience. A lot of yoga I feel has been just about the I Thank you for the video!
Shilpa Parikh
Will this also help in weight loss? Love ur video btw! Simple and not too much talking like others. Straight to the point. Good one!
Sara West
It’s my first time with this class. Really enjoyed it. I’ll be back whenever I can. Thank you so much.
Narendra Sharma
yoga good for health people should doyoga dr narendra sharma painclinic
Veronika Tulaeva
Good flow for beginners. Soft yoga.
pham1ly ph1rst
@ 8:00. Wow.
Fatima Zahraa
I feel so relaxed thank u so much
Po Kris
... Fastest 20 minutes of my life. Wow.
This is the most down to earth beginners yoga video on YouTube, I find your voice very soothing, this was wonderful thank you!
If you think this looks like porn, youve never seen good porn
Ghufran M
I love this video! Thank you for posting this greetings from Bahrain!
Juan Pablo Sala
Thanks a lot, it was great!
•°∆ L↑∆ΠDEF
Aleksandra Milošević
This is wonderful! Thank you for this great video!
Ari Ni
As I am not flexible at all. Yesterday I couldn't make I leg touch my chest but today when I woke up, my body was aching but I don't know if it was from yoga, running with my dog or volleyball xD so I tried to make my leg touch my chest and it worked
This is so amazing! I couldn't be more relaxed after doing it, thank you so much!
Dr.Raghavendra Hallur
Thank you, very nicely made !!