Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes

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Yoga for complete beginners. 20 minute gentle yoga class to give you greater relaxation, more energy and joy. Relaxation pose and crocodile poses to relax the lower back. Shoulder exercises to relax the neck and shoulders. Sitting forward bend for flexibility. Inclined plane for strengthening the back. Spinal twist for good massage of the abdominal organs. Final relaxation to really let go. You will feel full refreshed and recharged. Try it out! Demonstrated by Aruna, instructed by Sukadev Bretz of . Music by Yogi Hari /> Check out our long-haul yoga tours to amazing countries like India, Thailand or Egypt. Deepen your yoga practice in a beautiful surrounding and visit lots of power places in these exotic countries:

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Ari Ni
As I am not flexible at all. Yesterday I couldn't make I leg touch my chest but today when I woke up, my body was aching but I don't know if it was from yoga, running with my dog or volleyball xD so I tried to make my leg touch my chest and it worked
z1 bharti
*Anyone??? Sept 2018* 😍
Jake Ruppert
great video,i'll be doing this from now on to help my back problems
Kaya Malenda
I felt so relaxed by the instructor's voice. Twenty minutes went by so quickly. As I am new to yoga, I was able to follow his instructions with minimal viewing; he spoke slowly and articulately. I will continue using this video for another week or so  to become acclimated to steps of relaxation throughout my body. Awesome workout!
This video is so much better than the other "beginner" videos. The other videos move too fast, and make me feel bad for not understanding what the make seem so simple. The music, the setting, the voice, this guide was ideal. Now I feel like I can actually start getting into yoga at my own pace.
Patrick Channing
13.38 i found it so difficult to lift my butt off the floor im quite heavy lol
This video made me realise how inflexible I am
Great video. I've been using an awesome program and I got incredilbe results. You can find it here while it's still online:
Anna Smorek
Incredible! Love this routine, thank you! x
Lolla Nels
This video probably saved me and helped me create some positive energy!
Charter Con
Very relaxing, soothing, and refreshing. I'm going to start doing this every morning, and maybe in the evenings as well. Thanks for a great video, I will surely be referencing again soon. 
This is the best video ever I've done it at least 50 times. I've done some of the other ones too but this one is pure bliss. Namaste
Parantap Sharma
will it be good to bath with cold water just after this routine?
Daily reminder:
I can do this!
I couldn't do the lower back exercise thing at 13:50 or so.. does anyone have any suggestions of a modified one that would work the same muscles but more gently so I can build up to it?
Selena Coul
Thank you for this video, this is the first time I've attempted yoga in many many years and after feeling incredibly still and awkward in the beginning, but by the end of the video, I felt elongated and fluid and felt the positive energy flowing through my body.  Thank you. 
Anniie Turner
Wow, first time trying yoga. I suffer from depression and anxiety. This has mean me feel really positive. Thank you! Your voice is really calming too.
Kyla Payne
Ive just done this video and must say it is so relaxing the music moves and the voice is so calming i felt completely chilled out
Deanna Lynn
I have done this "yoga for complete beginners" video class hundreds of times. I am now a super experienced complete beginner.
This is the most down to earth beginners yoga video on YouTube, I find your voice very soothing, this was wonderful thank you!
truly fantastic experience, its been the first time that i've experienced a yoga "class" whether it be online or at a studio, where its about the spiritual and mental experience. A lot of yoga I feel has been just about the I Thank you for the video!
It has been much too long since I did any yoga, now that I have a mat I'm glad to get right back into it!
Татьяна Филиппова
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pulkit jain
gift from great India to whole world...(yoga).. wish all health and happiness.
Somnolent verve
I clicked this thinking meh I'll be lucky to do ten full minutes, didn't know twenty minutes could go by so fast, cheers this was very helpful :)
Aleksandar Ruseski
Best yoga video for absolute beginners. The first time I tried it I felt like I was in clouds.
M Carr
Anyway to know what the music in the background is? I have been watching this video for many years and would like to purchase it from your website. Thank you =)
Christina Lujin
I never comment on videos, but have to make an exception. This was amazing! I felt like a whole new person afterward. I plan on doing this one every day for a good long while. Thank you so much!
kool pit
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Khadijah Nasrin
I just done this I feel so great it was nice and easy thx
I love how it's for beginners but this chick is more flexible than I could ever hope to be xD
Chayse Felt
I haven't felt this good/relaxed in at least 6 months. Thank you so much
Nancy Charest
Exactly what I was looking for. I am rehabilitating and need something slow and gentle like this! Thank you!
David DeLaRosa
im interesting in trying it.. heard a lotta good thangs about yoga . i practice meditation and excersize as part of my health routine . looking forward to mixing in some yoga down the future !
Amanda Fairchild
I like his gentle attitude and how he considers those of us who are less flexible too.
Gayathri Raghunandan
Excellent yoga for beginners. Made me day.Thank you
DrChristina K
This was my first time doing this and let me just say I'm completely relaxed 😍
Yuliia Novosad
Найкраще відео для новачків. Дякую!
Itsme Me
wow wat a killing body she has.
Taylor Rich-Lane
This was so relaxing, it was like 5 minutes instead of 20! I only struggled with the alternative version of the inclined plane, but practice makes perfect :) thanks for the video!
Aleksandra Milošević
This is wonderful! Thank you for this great video!
Rutul Shah
wow!!!! that is really awesome..feels so relaxed...thank you
Tiffany Boncek
This is a great sequence thank you very relaxing
Hello Instructor, I searched some basic stretching youtube yoga video and it looks like many of them completely forget how stiff people can be. Its very nicely made and your instruction is complete. I think this is the true beginner stretching.
Leikili Maile
Aloha and Mahalo (thank you) I am 52 have gained much weight and had let myself get unhealthy, decided to change began eating much healthier drinking more Water (half my body weight in ounces as a guideline) and found this Absolute Beginner yoga and have been following along with this video for nearly two weeks, when I started my big tummy made it more challenging but it has gotten smaller since my lifestyle change , I feel so much better physically & Spiritually , I used to groan a lot more when I started because my body was so tight but now in such a short time I am more limber and relaxed Thank you so much for making this video and sharing it with all of us , Mahalo
Natalie Davis
Thank you for this video. I am always intimidated by yoga poses and don't enjoy the emphasis on getting all the poses right and aligned. This video really helped me to sink into/relax into the basic poses and feel the benefits. I will try to do this as my daily routine. Thank you again! X
Kristy Tucker
This is the best beginners yoga. I feel so much better!
Belle Larson
I am new to yoga and have a question. I have low sugar problems and am wondering do I have to do this on an empty stomach?
This was my first time trying Yoga stretches and relaxation it was wonderful thank you for sharing!
Bryan Madera
great video even your voice verry relaxing such an amazin experience att mariel tejada
Andres Hernandez
Wow...over the past few months this became a routine i do every few days now...
Lola Ngân
Im 14 years old and i like yoga
rick padgett
Thank you, I am just getting started and your presentation was very clear and presented at a easy to follow pace.Very well done!! Thanks
Allan Smith
What, no one is talking about her ass? For goodness sake.
Sunayana karki
Its been about 3 weeks that i have started following this video. It is greatly helping me in my digestion. How long should i follow this video? When should i move to the next yoga video? please suggest!!!
Andrea Meany
I just did this today for the first time. I'm a complete beginner. I do lots of power walking for fitness. It was so relaxing and I really felt the stretches particularly the back and buttock. I will definitely do this on a regular basis. Thank you
Ana Lopez
It was very relaxing thank you
Lucy Sparks
Thankyou so much. My first attempt at yoga and it was just what I needed. Great instruction,gentle pace..perfect for a beginner.And the prana... wow! :)
Kaicie K
Ah the only problem I have is relaxing. I'm a very stressed out person and the only way to get me to relax is to prove to me there's nothing to stress about. And that's illogical soo yeah
Holy moly, this felt amazing. I never stretch or anything so this is a nice change. I have neck and lower back pain and this felt amazing.
lloyd dixon
If no one has the guts to say it I will... phenomenal camel toe
Hailey Woodlief
This helps me center myself and prepare for doing homework and studying each and every night. Thank you!
This really made me feel very good. My back was hurting after working construction all day and its great now. Im sorry i also have to mention that the woman in this video is very attractive as well.
Jason Trujillo
wow! awesome! great first time thank you
Nelisha Neil
THIS IS AMAZING. 20 mins went by just like that i swear it felt good like if you're stressed out or you have muscle sores, this can truly help you! Btw, this is really really amazing for first timers like me! Thanks so much for this video, my mind and body feels so relaxed.
Tom Joules
I think her camel toe is outstanding
Michelle Brooks
love it. I am relaxed😑😤😥😌
Veronika Tulaeva
Good flow for beginners. Soft yoga.
Thanks for posting this,my first ever experience of yoga and it feels so relaxing,great video,thanks again
sue smith
I'm 64 and have just tried this. I have never tried yoga before and i found this wonderful from the very first try. I'm looking forward to becoming a bit more flexible over time. I already feel more relaxed. Thanks for sharing.
Alyssa Young
Camel toe 😂☝🏻
Rebecca Howard
I've been doing this everyday and it's really helping to strengthen my muscles and help me to relax. I really enjoy it
Daddy Dana
much information very yoga
Roberto Carlos
This video is an act of selfless generosity, Thank you I feel better! =) I'm gonna keep doing this! Namaste
C- Sam
i like yoga......girl~
James Mercer
I've been following this class each morning for 10 days now and feeling so much better for it. Thank you. I also really love how Sukadev says 'centurrr and lonngurrr', it's so calming :)
Never having done yoga before, I've always been skeptical. But this was excellent. I feel stretched and relaxed, and 20 minutes went by so fast!
Itsme Me
wow feel and enjoy the curves.
Carly Gummer
This is a fantastic video for beginners - I love practicing this before bed!
Dr.Raghavendra Hallur
Thank you, very nicely made !!
Phlash the Band
Perfect start, or just quick relax & energizer!
B Cute
great video but i struggled with 13:52, i'm too heavy
Harold Tarosa
What time of the day is it good to do Yoga? Should you it be before breakfast or after breakfast?
Head Movement
I only got as far as lie on the floor and breathe deeply.
Joy Apaflo
It's so relaxing, with easy instructions. Truly for beginners.
Jayasri Nagrale
by far the best yoga video I have seen and worked along with. adding it to my morning routine. thanks a lot. all the best!
Sumit Yadav
Wow you said Namaste!
Tamara Euabnks
the energy you feel after is amazing! thanks!
I do this every day, love it
Vlogs by Salma B
Very relaxing and enjoyable great way to ease into yoga 🧘‍♀️ thank you
Ishah C
Great video for people starting out with yoga, very relaxing and energising :)
Kris Marta
... Fastest 20 minutes of my life. Wow.
Linda Javier
I have a lot of stress and anxiety issues. your video gives me peace, and I can start my an amazing, rejuvenating, and relaxing way. Thank you so much! P.s. I love your angelic (in a manly way) voice, Videa!
Alicia McDonald
i want to start yoga, and out of all the videos this seems the best!! Going to start this asap!
Heather Steele
I mastered this session, and it was very helpful. Thank you for sharing. How can I find more videos from you, for beginners in progress? It's a hot mess to search for the videos I'm looking for, both on YouTube and yoga-vidya.
Dylan S
i have to say i feel so different, and his voice is so relaxing 
Marija Bukarac
Thank you for sharing this!
Monce Contreras
Wow I felt great after :) thanks
Remembering Love and Light Language
thank you so much
Gracie Lou
I love this, makes me feel very mellow and calm..