Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes

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Yoga for complete beginners. 20 minute gentle yoga class to give you greater relaxation, more energy and joy. Relaxation pose and crocodile poses to relax the lower back. Shoulder exercises to relax the neck and shoulders. Sitting forward bend for flexibility. Inclined plane for strengthening the back. Spinal twist for good massage of the abdominal organs. Final relaxation to really let go. You will feel full refreshed and recharged. Try it out! Demonstrated by Aruna, instructed by Sukadev Bretz of . Music by Yogi Hari . More Videos on

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@ tehrealjake: Wow! Great experience! Thanks for sharing! :)
Great video. I've been using an awesome program and I got incredilbe results. You can find the link on my channel
Zoey Legend
Went by really fast and super helpful for someone like me who is constantly stressed!
Cupa Draws
Doing this and following along made me lose my mind and relax and i started spacing out. great vid.
diamond l
I love this video just start my yoga journey and I can't believe how relaxed my body got in the ending it was scarey it a good way lol this is really helping me get to know myself body, mind and soul 😊
This video is so much better than the other "beginner" videos. The other videos move too fast, and make me feel bad for not understanding what the make seem so simple. The music, the setting, the voice, this guide was ideal. Now I feel like I can actually start getting into yoga at my own pace.
Leikili Maile
Always awesome, helps me feel better I move so much easier and naturally when I am consistently doing these stretches and others, Life seems Brighter and attitude Joyful, I was so beat up prior to beginning this and other stretches, I remember not being able to walk well, I would use the hand rail to pull myself up the stairs, now I don't my posture is erect and I don't suffer daily, drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water has also made an improvement once I got over the excuse of peeing too often and did it anyway :), Praise GOD for me just doing it, cause my worlds a better place Lol :D
Linda N
Wow! I feel great! Amazing video.
pulkit jain
gift from great India to whole world...(yoga).. wish all health and happiness.
Uri Ari
I was up at 5 am. It's been a rough everything but I've acquired a great, brand new perspective. Sometimes I just can't focus and my consistency with how positive I feel about my life dwindles. It's hard for me to get started, but I've heard and seen the benefits. I did this once and felt a little better, so I decided that I may need a double dose and did it once more. I must say this is going to be another transforming, magnificent experience. I just want to feel good consistently. Slay those little tiny thoughts that come in and tell me to fear, hindering me from continuing down my path. This was my day one. Looking forward to diving in.
Deanna Lynn
I have done this "yoga for complete beginners" video class hundreds of times. I am now a super experienced complete beginner.
Akosua GorJess
This is really relaxing. Couch potato friendly
Cypress Esparza
just started today and this is by far one of the best videos I have watched! super easy and extremely relaxing!!
Rebecca Beck
this actually works I feel so relaxed
Sohail Khan
Nice 😘😘😘boobsss Mustt gand h 👌👌👌yrrrr 😘😘😘😘
Caroline Constantin
Than you for sharing your video. In time I have come to notice a big change in my body, soul and mind. Namaste
Kat Lowe
I have been very sick for about 2 and a half years.after 6months,i had emergency surgery that all but cut me in 2.I have been struggling to get better and decided to try some yoga.This beginners video has been great for me and once i master it,i hope to move on to something longer.I have one question.The exercise at 14 minutes.It seems impossible and I cannot even lift myself from the floor.I think I might be doing it wrong??
Grayce Bee
Ready for a wonderful YEAR! Thanks for being my first yoga of 2017!
Krystina Z
very helpful.. thank you.. anxiety is a pain for me.. but this really helped me relax
So refreshing, Thanks for the video. <3
Queen Tiffany
That was awesome!!
lila berry
just did this and it was amazing— I feel so relaxed and at peace now after a long day of school. thank you! :-)
Pradeepa SA
I'm new to yoga what step I should follow to start yoga or shall I start yoga directly by watching ur video
Jack Madden
Wow, she is just toooo cute! So what is this Yoga or some shit?
Youtube Addict
get me and my kids ready for bed every night. thank you
Tamiko Blake
Well this worked out a little pain i had in my back. Do i continue doing this video for a while or do i move on now to something else?
the video that started it all
TheMoneyTeam Bicboi
I like her cameltoe
erica s
wah i feel like this is the REAL yoga
Bryan Madera
great video even your voice verry relaxing such an amazin experience att mariel tejada
My Scrap Menagerie
Love this! I should have been doing this years ago. But I can't do the one where you have to lift your hips up with your elbows behind you. The only way I can that is if I put my arms behind me WITHOUT bending them. Then I can lift my hips up a bit. Is this ok?
Never having done yoga before, I've always been skeptical. But this was excellent. I feel stretched and relaxed, and 20 minutes went by so fast!
Tom Joules
I think her camel toe is outstanding
Victoria Comeau
Thank you for this video. I love yoga, and this is going to help me achieve a healthier lifestyle. I have fibromyalgia, so there are some poses I can't do (yet), like that reverse plank, but I'll get there! I love that this is so my speed, most of the other "beginner" yoga classes and videos are not really geared towards beginners. I am going to do this every day, thank you thank you thank you!
Ali Zeeny
I just had my first Yoga class today! It was amazingly so relaxing and I loved it!
Lynn Barrett
First time ever doing yoga. This is a great beginners class.
Remembering Love and Light Language
thank you so much
rick padgett
Thank you, I am just getting started and your presentation was very clear and presented at a easy to follow pace.Very well done!! Thanks
Patrick Channing
13.38 i found it so difficult to lift my butt off the floor im quite heavy lol
very good for lower back stiffness. Thanks.!
lloyd dixon
If no one has the guts to say it I will... phenomenal camel toe
Hailey Woodlief
This helps me center myself and prepare for doing homework and studying each and every night. Thank you!
Asia Poles
I been doing this yoga exercise and it is great very relaxing.
Allan Smith
What, no one is talking about her ass? For goodness sake.
This was a wonderful video. It is just like how my yoga instructor taught her class. The same feeling of a calm and relaxed body and mind. Thank you for the great video.
Taylor Rich-Lane
This was so relaxing, it was like 5 minutes instead of 20! I only struggled with the alternative version of the inclined plane, but practice makes perfect :) thanks for the video!
Ramesh S Nadkarni
Essential asanas for fitness. Thanx.
Thank you for sharing. I cannot do the inclined plane. My spine was fused many years ago and it didn't go as planned. Other than that, it was great
Relief Yoga And Physiotherapy Center
This yoga is very easy and save...and anyone can do this... if you do this yoga you will be fully fit.. Yoga is very important for our regular life... Our Mission: Promote the art of yoga and fiscal fitness.
Daily reminder:
I can do this!
Madalina Caramarcu
omg i relaxed so much i almost fell asleep. favorite video ever <3
Sandhya Kumari
This is a great video
كوين هبه
wonderful l love it l will do everyday
Katya Tveritinova
that was a wonderful first Yoga experience! thank you!
Miri Piri
I really just found this video...tried it and loved it!!! Thank you so much...I really felt good...first beginners video where I don't feel that it is about loosing weight, getting a more beautiful body etc. I just got the feeling that this could be the beginning of a journey :)
Tina Kelly
Thank you, I need a gentle yoga program to help me get back to yoga after a break of 13years and some ill health. Hoping to regain my former fitness level.
Jayasri Nagrale
by far the best yoga video I have seen and worked along with. adding it to my morning routine. thanks a lot. all the best!
A Junglist
I've recently started a core strengthening program issued by my Chiropractor and thought I'd compliment it with an introduction into yoga. This for me is by far the best I've found on youtube for absolute beginners. Thanking you very much for this great start into what I hope will ultimately be a sound body and mind.
Jake Ruppert
great video,i'll be doing this from now on to help my back problems
I have a lot of nerve and muscle issues especially in my feet (I had to adapt some positions so it was more comfortable for me lol) this helped me so much! Thank you!
Anna Smorek
Incredible! Love this routine, thank you! x
Anniie Turner
Wow, first time trying yoga. I suffer from depression and anxiety. This has mean me feel really positive. Thank you! Your voice is really calming too.
Lucy Sparks
Thankyou so much. My first attempt at yoga and it was just what I needed. Great instruction,gentle pace..perfect for a beginner.And the prana... wow! :)
Alexia Peart
thank you for this relaxing video and i'm going to start doing back yoga been very unfit
Ron Fader
Am I still getting the health benefits of yoga even if I cannot stretch as far as the woman in the video does? Will my flexibility improve with continued stretching?
Lolla Nels
This video probably saved me and helped me create some positive energy!
Samantha L
That did not feel like 20 minutes at all! Holy shit, I'm so calm now. Much much love.
So relaxing..great beginner video! Thank you!
Holy moly, this felt amazing. I never stretch or anything so this is a nice change. I have neck and lower back pain and this felt amazing.
Derek Griffey
This is AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much!
Harold Tarosa
What time of the day is it good to do Yoga? Should you it be before breakfast or after breakfast?
Ana Lopez
It was very relaxing thank you
I couldn't do the lower back exercise thing at 13:50 or so.. does anyone have any suggestions of a modified one that would work the same muscles but more gently so I can build up to it?
Shilpa Parikh
Will this also help in weight loss? Love ur video btw! Simple and not too much talking like others. Straight to the point. Good one!
Marcos Ferreira dos Santos
I only would like to thank you from Yoga Vidya. I have seen this video and practised almost every day in the past 4 months, and each time makes me feel better and eager to know more about yoga. Namaste!
Sunayana karki
Its been about 3 weeks that i have started following this video. It is greatly helping me in my digestion. How long should i follow this video? When should i move to the next yoga video? please suggest!!!
Alyssa Young
Camel toe 😂☝🏻
Lola Ngân
Im 14 years old and i like yoga
If I do this every day and lose weight will my flexibility get better or do I need to add anything else? First time doing yoga! It felt extremely good!
Sondra Wyrick
omg it feels so good and yo voice is so relaxing the music is relaxing but wen u said hold the leg I farted lol 😂 I'm relaxed tho that feels good thank u lol 😂 fart mission accomplished 😂
Иван Иванов
I love yoga. United Russia approves.
Edite Lipsky Tsevi
Fantastic Yoga stretching for beginners. feel so calm and centered after this with less back pain. Also enjoy several of your other YogaVidya lessons. Namatse
This is first time I did yoga and followed this video now I will do it lifetime it's amazing.
Bitter Truth
very nice simple and easy. but how many days should I keep doing these same.??? When to change for some other exercise?? plz answer
Kaal Chakra
Thank you INDIA! 🙏
Yuliia Novosad
Найкраще відео для новачків. Дякую!
Gee Beezy
thank you
A to z music cuts
what is the use of doing this yoga . can anyone reply
Gracie Lou
I love this, makes me feel very mellow and calm..
Mithun Kumble
What an amazing video. Love it. I want to do Yoga every morning.
It has been much too long since I did any yoga, now that I have a mat I'm glad to get right back into it!
Alicia McDonald
i want to start yoga, and out of all the videos this seems the best!! Going to start this asap!
Thank you!
I do this every day, love it
Vlogs by Salma B
Very relaxing and enjoyable great way to ease into yoga 🧘‍♀️ thank you
Kylie B
A little pain in the upper lumbar region from this but a lot of my lower back did stretch a bit (miracle) Thank you. I was so used to HIIT for fitness. My back pain has been the biggest negative pull of my life and apart from swimming (which I dislike) this is something I can definitely do. You've got a new subscriber. Happy evening to you :)
cerulean tear
I wish I did this video more often. It is a great way to stretch out and relax.
Belle Larson
I am new to yoga and have a question. I have low sugar problems and am wondering do I have to do this on an empty stomach?