► This Simple Morning Habit "Accidentally" Melted 84 LBS Of Fat ► ◄ ► CLICK HERE to Learn How To Sing Tips To Improve Your Singing Voice ► ◄ The Sacred Riana Frightened All The Judges And Simon Hit The Buzzer,

Claudinsia xx
2:07 That moment when Simon Cowell scares you even more than Riana
Equestrian Girl
Lol everybody got scared when Simon hit the bottom
Tien Tien
Wtf !!! Why am I watching this at 10:30 pm?? She scared the shit out of me. Iam gonna watch Tom & Jerry cartoon now.
RainbowWolf19 -
I watched this at midnight I’m sleeping with one eye open
Miss Tiff
I couldn't stop laughing after Simon hit the buzzer! XD
Protection Blood
*This is also why I love Simon as my favorite judge😂*
Pari Tripathi
It was supposed to be scary but I ended up laughing in half of the video. 😂
The Veteran
Why doesn't ANYONE ever show the full video? It ends up with the paper and photograph she left on the desk catching fire!
Mashiro Okigawa
hahahaha, I freaking laugh when simon hit the buzzer all audience where shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Evee 3
I wasn’t scared I was impressed... Somehow
Jane Manuel
actually in all her videos... i wasn't scared.. i was keep on laughing.. not because of her creepy performance but on the reactions of the judges and people around 😂
Cathy L
Simon's probably like "Oh Lord someone come save me already?!"
Laura Ferreira
the best way to scare the judges.... Having simon to press the button during a scary apresentation
peace2killa 23
Lady Judge: 'and what's under the polaroid? Mel B : DON'T EVEN ASK! lol, cant stop laughing. And Simon was always a jerkiest judge haha!😂😂😂
HottyDoggyBoi Chippy
When Simon did the holy Cross I laughed so hard.
Sprinkled Panther
An also scary thing is that Riana didn’t even move when Simon pressed the buzzer... 2:07
Dodol Udang
She's from my country.. We proud of her.. Riana from Indonesia
Sacred Riana came from Asia’s Got Talent to America’s Got Talent I love my life
Ghostgun10299 Videos
Simons face in the thumbnail was priceless 😂
Smol Potato
I legit got scared when Simon pressed the button
jeffrey melliang
What never changes: She always chooses Mel B
Cee CC
Simon hits the buzzer in perfect timing for everyone to be startled and scared 😂😂😂😂 but seriously sacred Riana is awesome .......👏👏👏
Jasmin Reyes
It is ... bob the billder can we fix it... NO!!!!!
Shim the puppy C.
"You should go away now go away :(" 😆
Suffian Marghani
Who else is here from Asia got talent
Jeffreyy Abdrsd
Audience reaction when simon hit the buzzer is priceless 😂😂😂
Kurt Garcia Vlogs
I died when howie said Yous Should Get Away Now!
FlameGamer 505
What she did was using a lens that had bobs photo on it
Squiddy77 YT
With the power of CGI and photoshop anything is possible
Χριστινα Λαμπρακη
Serliousy? She has a talent and you say to her go away, serliousy?!?!? She has feelings too and you are ruining her talent she tried so hard to got this talent
Lina pk
Look what simon did in 0:40 .. i cried 😂😂
Dhonye Ridwan
OH MY GOD I so scare it tòoooooo stop watching this and playing with your friends
the midnight wolves
Them holding the ➕ they like Da Holy jesus will destroy you!!!!
Astrit TO
Im watching dis at 11pm. This is not good
KatieCorn Bug
She would be a good killer but don’t be one Everybody hates them
Itz Ken
She won Asia's got talent already... BY SCARING THE JUDGES
怖いけど共感する人がいない日本人のためにコメのこしとくよ…… ワイだけかな……w
Patience ugbem
Mel B praying??
I think he did it to troll everyone as a joke
jennie kim
LoL background music should be "let it go let it goooo". Love the way she moves her neck
Vanessa Henriquez
I was laughing when she drop her doll and Simon jumped
Amimal lover
I think simin pressed the buzzer to scare everyone Lmao
GOAT Deotare
At 3 am While seeing this , fan's speed started changing , light started flickering As the video ends , electricity gone 🤐🤐🤐🤐
Erin Shepard
Did anybody else get a chill when Mel B turned the picture over showing Bob behind her
Phunpha Vashi
She is not scary ,She is amazing Guys Iam beneath a heavy blanket 😨😨😨😨help
brotaxo 123
Mel:i said bob Simon:*RED BUZZ* Heidi: ahhhh Mel:why would you do that?
Yogita Suri
2:04 even riana didn’t scare the audience,but simon scared the hell out of everybody
Lynn heart broken
scary but the end omg bob is right behint me you should go away now g-go now
Why am I watching this before I go to sleep dude 😭😭 btw Simon's buzzer was awesome
Cirdan Vlogs
Girl Walks Past simon: Simon: MAY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPEL YOU 00:40
Esta BaRed
GET OUT!!! She's on AGT, this season?! GTFO!!! She was on Asia's Got Talent. She's AWESOME AND SCARY AS HELL. Not sure if it's legal though. I guess so, if she's on AGT.
Durraj Besmir
When Simon push button the magic girl get scared. ....awesome
Ke Yu Duan
She is just a magician
Antonia Lacson
0:26 When she dropped That doll simons like "OW HELL NO!" And at 0:59 Simons like "OH HELL NAWW GIVE MERCY" At simons mind his like "OH HELL THAT THING COMING TOWARDS ME"
Mary grace Panlaqui
When Simon press the buzzer everyone scared and laughing 😂..even me hahhaa
My heart died when simon hit the buzzer lol
Miftahul Jamilah
david beckam
Jenny Phan
Bush Patrol
The photo was well edited lol. But she's great :D
Marshy Moo
2:07 I like how Riana was the only one who didn't jump, adds to her creepy aesthetic
Khawla Allaw
Simon u r the best Thanks , thank u so much ❤️😂😶
Unknown gachatuber
Riana:walks up to judges Simons mind:HAVE MERCY
Darren Sue
She know how to Use Scare Jump.. Good Job..
Angelinsky Brechtefeld
I wondered if The Ghost friend of Riana did her make-up in the dark when all the lights turn off.
Anime D KrieG
Di luar negri di kagumi di dalam negri malah di hujat 😂😂😂
Lil’Gacha Gamer
I shouldn't have watched it...... 👀 I already knew it would scare me.....
Cathy Avendano
Simon..Youre Next!!😂😂
Claudio Oliveira
Show de horror na minha opinião. Não gosto desse tipo de apresentação.
Unknown Number
Simon: The power if Jesus comples you!
Benymm Johanson
OMG. The best spooky magic show.
Just A Pile Of Fandom Trash
whoa this is like sober Gamzee level spoopy
Kiko HD
That's The Sacred Riana! She performed in Asia's Got Talent too!
Gavin Williams
dark magic *someone* AHH in the backround 😂
Mpilo Msomi
Simon is such a troll dude😂😂
Lil Fruit
Fun da n it is to scer i She is led a cumin is in hur
Melissa Edmond
My heart jumped
A g n e s M a k i
They did the cross😂😂➕
lance gonzales
Im used to gettin scared for some reason im not scared of REAL SCARY but im scared of not scary idk right ;-;
Gia SK
The look on Simon's face while she walked behind him- precious. But I didn't find her scary. Funny thinking a ghost auditioning for a talent show for a million dollars.
Tedy Ardyansah
the best of magican from INDONESIA 👏👏
Willy Arias
Simon soo scared!!!😱😱😱😱😱 creepy in the beginning tho!!!😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😂🤣🤣😂 lol simon!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zy Zy
Oh uh uh caught the chills 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
TheWereWolfGirl 362
0:29 When the teacher says that theres an exam tomorrow and you dint studied at all
Zenetta Durley
0:11 ooooh hell no if. Ii saw that crawling on the floor i wolud be out of there
Lalbiakhlui Khiangte
THAT GIRL SCARED THE [email protected] OUT OF ME😭😭😭😭
bluesss 149nsss
Simon is not scared. he tape the buzzer to scared the other judges
Camie Leger
Xpresi Gaming
This is scary. I'm afraid
xX Comfy Xx
All Indonesian People Know This Trick ;)
Didn’t know demons have terrets 🤷🏼‍♂️
Narwhale Waffle
Mel B: OH MY GOD! Bob is behind me! I laughed so hard!
Barbie Yhang
this so Amazing and exciting.. this is the Real talent and magic
3:43 "You should go away... Go away now." 😂
overwatch healer name ikr sad
'WHO CAUSE THE FIRE?" 'pick a name?'
Great Time With Naila
Indonesia? Scary riana is from Indonesia
Preston Reber
Simon scared the crap out of the other judges tho
Heloiza Lima
Nenhum programa é igual ao x factor sem Saula Abdul e Simon juntos....😢😢😢
LovelyHyumi 1027
2:07 Shocked the Hell out of Me ;-;