Zombies of Nairobi

SUBSCRIBE - /> The story of Kenya's liquid drugs and their impact on street children In the second episode of Toxicity we take you among Nairobi's street kids, turned into zombies by lethal sniffing drugs such as glue and jet fuel, which they inhale hundreds of times every day. These drugs mess with their brain functions and transform them into junkies incapable of controlling their mind and body. Report by Pablo Trincia

I didn't come in to this video excpecting much but damn.. That was a great documentary! Very good!
Wow and I sit here in my comfy computer chair, surrounded by electrical things designed to amuse me, and dare to think I've got it bad 😕
"we have to go.." "why?" anyone with eyes can see what is about to happen. The vibe has changed.
andrew richards jr
It’s crazy what we take for granted. Stay humble
This hurts my heart to see humans in such distress .
John Namutuwa
"i want people to help us" i felt that.
Combat Bananas
God bless Adam Sandler and his documentary.
Tyler L
Lawd I got so nervous when he was interviewing the gang member and he was swinging the knife around
romel john delgado
"i want people to help us"...damn..what happen to us?.this just broke my soul..we just lost humanity for these people..
M Leibs
😮 Truly one of the saddest situations I’ve ever seen. So humbling. 😔
Franklin Jones
Yes if Christ is going to come back now would be an appropriate time.
K Clouds
No hatred or prejudice or racism can be said about these people. They are human beings living in dirt. Starving to death daily while still needing to survive in every day life. Hard to believe humans still live like this. Hurts my heart
Tahseen Khan Wardag
Feeling so sad after watching conditions of these little kids May God help them :(
Yontzi Yontz
I've been sniff when i'm teenager, but i stop immediately in one month.
Gherald Ramos
That ring was somebodys engagement ring.
Tyler Shereace
60 THOUSAND HOMELESS CHILDREN!! Seriously, humanity is lost.
This should be broadcast in every classroom in every school across the civilised world. The 'me too' movement and entitled Millennials would vanish overnight.
Graham Gakami
I'm Kenyan...and this ain't just a documentary...it's facts. Big up to this risky yet detailed documentary
Martial Matters
That Steve kid got some raw charisma, pretty sure he will make something outta his life.
night on the tiles
Makes you wonder what the government's in Africa do with the vast amounts of foreign aid they receive, there always seems to be a crisis of some sorts, which is unfortunate, but when it's a continuous cycle that never seems to improve, it kinda makes you ask why, well I say watch the south African equivalent of parliament in action and you'll see uneducated people who have been voted in by even.more uneducated people,based on nothing other than colour, that place is going to hell in a handcart
The moment he showed his bed and he said “ I like it here because there’s no rain coming in” broke my heart 😭
Gautam Rawat
God bless that organization,may they will build faster
pravesh Adhikari
And I am here arguing with the Mac Donald’s staff for giving me wrong order :(
Shingirai Bondai
Yet Africa is very rich...literally controlled by vampires at the top
Juan D Diaz
The balls on that Jounalist and his Team
Jaaron Lee-morgan
I got so anxious when you were trying to escape all the people on glue and jet fuel. I thought they were going to hurt you lol.
Denis Jerkovic
This reporter has balls of steel, I don't think he knows in what kind of dangers he was in doing this documentary.
cate Catherine
Ashamed of my country kenya😢.....corruption and bad governance results to this.
Patrick P
I almost feel like these people would live a much happier life if the western civilization never reached them. They would live in tribes hunting and farming. No access to abusive substances or greed to seek material objects.
Penny Dreadful
The best part of this was what that Italian organization did for Steve. He still had light in his eyes and am glad he could be saved. Too bad it wasn’t the same for many of the others but they were too far gone.
Aman Arora
I want to thank God for giving me a privileged life. From now on, no cribbing about anything.
Kelly Farmer
This is God Awful!! May God have Mercy on their SOULS!!
Caractacus Potts
Why did you sell glue to the kids? I dindunuffin.
After watching this I vow to never ever complain about anything in my life, ever again.
justsomerandomguy 2
Here in my house with all the things i need Food, Water, Etc. And i realize that im the luckiest person.
Glue was so 90s. Catch up Nairobi for heavens sake. Dmt is in atm.
Allan Ivey
I been to Nairobi slums.....you got big balls for going over to the places I wouldn’t go!!! With out arm person.
L Brown
Looks like I found my next vacation destination!
Fusion VEVO
Africa really needs some strong leaders to take them out of these situations
Resident Evil 5
Chris why aren't you killing them (Capcom)
Jr Johnson
Here in phillippines we call it RUGBY If we saw some group of childrens in the streets sniffinng rugby we call them RUGBY BOYS
Abdullahi Muhidin
11:47 the kenyan guy said “ warya he though he was Somali
Damn i am a kenyan YouTuber and Yes there is a big big problem... Nobody cares for them...
"we hungry" Literal farm animals right there and running wild....
Shingirai Bondai
The worldwide kerosine n glue is cellphone n internet got kids like zombies 🙄
Roy Moore
"Send more journalists."
Risto Pde
The real zombies i had ever watched on YouTube
Styx Zero
I love that some peoples in the comment section act like these peoples had a choice in life. You got lucky. They did not. That is it.
420 CALI News
Great video, devil wins some battles but jesus comes back and is saving people.
Still safer than England. In England even the rich hassle you.
draxx Sklounst
How tf did this guy not end up decapitated?
Tony Karim
U went to Dandora dump site and came back whole ,,lucky u ...and plus for speaking swahili/sheng
Marlo Kemp
this guy just became my new favorite journalist
Believe & Achieve
The current President of Nairobi, Uhuru Kenyatta, should be put on trial.
War Child
Leave them alone and just go back home. You cannot help them brother. I care but what can we do other than pray for them.. .
Thank you God that I am so fortunate to not live in a place like this!
Mark Saints
When you complain about something you don't have, think about these poor guys...
Hunterson Subash
Watching from nepal And we called it Dendrite glue
Brad Lewis
This is same as in New York slums .. and it is always growing in ghettos
Derek Marlowe
they were better off as a British colony...
Juanita Harris
We're in Trouble🌏 #Lovethyneighbor_Failed
alex B.
May God bless all the good persons doing the right thing everyday !!!
Pietje puk
And these are all comming Europe
I love how this white guy sounds more black than many of the nairobians
I lived in Kenya for seven months and have visited the kibera slum in the day time with 4 blokes keeping an eye out...If this chap had gone in without protection they would be eaten alive... Fair play to him for showing the rest of the world...There are glue kids all over Kenya, not just Nairobi...
Rob. brown
That kid in an England rugby shirt made me question everything. Unreal poverty. How lucky I am to even be able to write this comment. Subscribed
So You Think.
The Zombie agenda is real.
Zombie Isaiah
14:32 I like they way he said *cough*......Good
Uncle Sam
According to CNN and the left wing media.. This is white men's fault
I thought that was Adam Sandler at the thumbnail
scary place, you have guts for going there.
Jithu Nair
Opened my eyes in so many ways.. Good this video ended on a positive note, I was going into depression but the climax gave me hope
Cero powa
It shows the level of Corruption done by the Government of Nairobi (Capital of Kenya).
Gene Ross
Yep nobody GOES to hell. We're already there.
Tobiassini •
How to get high on glue level hard...
Makhulu Mapogo
Corrupt government is the worst u can have In Somalia we are at war for almost 30 years and we don’t have this epidemic
ibrahim kabir
I am just sitting on my bed in Dhaka Bangladesh and just thought that how much lucky i am...i am blessed
Itz _Walfa
bro i am from kenya why did i click on this
T Vlogs
Wow blew me away. I loved the reaction of how happy the boy is at the end, so thankful and appreciative, really made me cry. This organisation is doing an awesome job !!
This is terrifying! These journalists are the bravest EVER!! 😮😢☹️
whyte rhyno
The natives (Aboriginals) do that here in Australia nothing I haven't seen before 😂 supply them with glue doing the world a favour 👌
Tony Tang
You guys are brave...I have been some places like that but would never use camera filming them.
Nubia Cruz
Oooooo I Hear The Arcana soundtrack
jim fabregas
God bless the people who work tirelessly in helping children of Nairobi.
Omar Yusuf
The smile on that lil boy breaks my heart God bless him and all the children is not there fault.
That level of exposure to solvents and VOC is deadly, and if they do get to grow old they will suffer till death. Think of gulf war syndrome X10.
Chris Baluyot
Sad to see those babies carried by their moms😢. This video will make us realize how far-blessed we are compared to these people. 🙏🏼. Praying for these people
Ronnie Mungai
Am from Kenya but that's the reality corruption is very high there.
This film displays a very negative image of Kenya, Using very strong terms such as "Most dangerous place in Africa" and generally showing nothing good about the country. It's a nice film but a biased one. Call them Zombies, they are everywhere. More than 70K Americans died in 2017 alone from fentanyl with so many underages, Heroin is a big problem there, the US is also second after India to homeless people. The same problem is in many other countries. Its always good to give a more broad picture of anything. Kenya is not as dangerous as you make it sound to be. Nairobi was listed as top ten to travel cities of 2018. :::With LOve from Kenya !
None of us got to pick where and when we were born. The children of Kenya are victims of circumstance and government corruption. Great documentary
kakemann likmann
I regret sniffing Shoe Boot Patch and fuel back in the days. Cancer now..
Froilan Esteves
Jah Bless! a very stunning video!
Issa Issah
Who else thinks the little boy is funny?? He should be given a platform
Kickazzmikey pain
Imagine pulling up and mowing down mobs of them or just going through like the doom guy
Shout out to Adam Sandler on the thumbnail
The song doesn’t match the intro
Wow very touching, if I can get a sponsor to donate money to me I’d made the best of every cent over there, my heart is crying when I know I have the will to help the ability to help the strength to help but not the money wow! And we now a days have famous actors donating $100,000,000.00 to rebuilt a church .... 😔 I guess you need to ( War-Ship ) somewhere with a roof when god is in you smh 🤦🏼‍♂️ damm I’m sad I can’t help. .. hey better off people put me in the game couch as they say! Use me but don’t use me 🙇🏻
Chuub Lotto
@15:29 which language is spoken in Nairobi? Because, if he is saying Gaadi = Car Daaktaari= Doctor Paisa = Money Thats very similar to hindi/urdu.