SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED - Donington Park - Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION IX MR-Edition

SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED Helmet Cam Gameplay. ~coming soon~ SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED PC Review.

Ashley Patten
@lilmario0 I prefer Dirt 3 because I loved playing rally games when I was a kid games like V-Rally & Network Q RAC are the ones I had, I like Shift 2 still though because there are more cars and more customization.
hey , u prefer shift2 or dirt 3?
lookin' fu**ing great!!
Ashley Patten
@iTzJack99 It appears that youtube doesn't allow you to watch videos at 60fps any longer which is what it was recoreded at, because it's playing at 30fps it's skipping half the frames which then makes the video appear to be running fast.