Is The Earth Hollow? | The Hollow Earth Theory

Is the Earth Hollow? | The Hollow Earth Theory. In this video we take a look at the hollow Earth theory. Many readers of the paranormal and the unexplained are familiar with the theory that the Earth is hollow. The idea is based on the ancient legends of many cultures that say there are races of people, entire civilizations that thrive in subterranean cities. Very often, these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we on the surface. For many years people have believed that there is another world lying just beneath the surface of our planet. Modern science holds that that the Earth is an unbroken series of layers, crusts, and liquid magma surrounding a dense, hot core made primarily of iron and nickel. But not everyone is convinced. In the 17th century, some of the leading scientific minds of the time came up with a new theory that the planet is actually hollow. This idea has proved incredibly durable. Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

Sliiim Cridder
First off....let's leave the "hollow" part out of it. It confuses people into thinking Earth is like an egg shell. The theory is that inside the Earth are a bunch of large cavities, caves and tunnels created naturally. The sun in the middle could be true. And apparently a species of humans fled to the middle of the Earth after a great cataclysm or felt threatened in some way to flee. Just a theory but very interesting.
Bloody Persistent
Real or not, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of a hollow Earth with civilizations living below ever since Final Fantasy IV. 😂
Lol comments are hilarious
team 89er
wait a sec, FLAT and HOLLOW !?
Jeremy Brown
Electromagnetic waves or Gravity. If we are wrong about gravity and it’s electromagnetic waves then our whole understanding of the universe needs to be rewritten.
Earth itself has a hollow void but it's filled with magma.
I would love to go to Antarctica just to see if there is some type of civilization that were not aware of
truth out there
In india we have stories about civilisation live under the earth only they know how to access there world.
Glitching NPC
Saitama will kick those subterraneans back into their holes :D
Hardstyle Dom91
So earth isn't flat! There are numerous massive holes in this. Earth is hollow in parts but the voids are filled with magma, powering tectonic plates and volcanic events.
Abya Yala
You completely negate the fact that science can be manipulated in a way that regular people wouldn't be able to poke holes through scientific "discoveries". Gravity as difficult as it is to comprehend could easily be a lie. As mental as that sounds the only way we would know is if we were as intelligent as the scientists who make these claims. As every day people we can only trust. There's plenty of regular pompous people who think they are as intellectual as those scientists but they aren't. Just because you agree with a scientists findings doesn't mean you understand how he or she made those findings. I'm not one of those pompous people I just question everything and don't have 100% trust in things that are generally accepted to a majority. Always question everything.
Jackson Dunno
The falmer live below us.... next comes dragons and all the skyrim hacks... enough light, lol. Great theory. The cave systems through out the planet are huge. Possible. Shi balba.
Too many holes in this theory. Not grounded in reality.
Jeremy Brown
Also, project high jump. Something is not right at the poles....
the Moon is, THO
Awesome vid. However you forgot about the green kids of UK which were found ... As for hollow. It could be. Don't know. Would go to the Arctic tho! If given the chance
I read what is said to be the diary of Admiral Byrd that is posted online and no where in it do they use the word planet. There is a reference to an interior of the earth but it does not say anywhere that the earth is a globe or planet as you are claiming.
I must say, Antarctica & the north pole is heavily guarded. Hmmm? Great vid
Very interesting.
Kevin M Kraft
I will say this: Science routinely tells us things that are 1) false--but they need us to believe because they would be ruined if we new the truth...and 2) opposite of what we had been taught for decades, even centuries. We have been trained to believe that scientists are unbiased and deal only with facts, which is absolutely false. Also, in the past, science has been absolutely certain about something they ended up being proved absolutely wrong about. Personally, I think the theory of a hollow earth, for the reasons I mentioned above, may, in fact, be likely.
Laura B
The U.S. government always seems to destroy evidence and put rules and bans in place whenever someone talks about/finds/does something cool... It does make sense, I mean, what government wants to lose control over people who found out that the inner earth people/aliens are more intelligent than them? “Inner earth has teleporters, what do you have? Twitter? Bye bye, shitlords, moving to inner earth!” Byrd seemed like a guy who wouldn’t make up stories for kicks and giggles, so I think he was telling the truth.
Jeremy Watts
Actually it's since the BC ages with shambhala what they call aagartha andia and this has been research by me by SeT Jeremy Lisa Jeremy Watts now that I have
I love pseudoscience! Makes for great SiFi
That voice is a more of mystery as why it winds you up!
out back
🌎 is a DYSON SPHERE, land in & out? Maybe?
United Mongers of Thailand
Admiral bird was an old drunk, he was pissed out his mind when he made all this up. He wanted fame, plain and simple.
Roger Th' Pirate
great videos You do a lot of time resarching and effort to put together ineresting Videos
Dawson Garret
If there are beans in the hollow Earth, then they probably live longer than us and live in a healthier atmosphere that was built for themselves. We basically live in the radiation filled surface of the Earth that kills people with diseases amongst thousands of other things
The Glitch in the Matrix 730
Admiral bird have never said those things...
Ťhâ Vïķïņğ
I think what he found was monster lorge kabrick's
Ivan Hewitt
I remember a day when there weren't ads before every single video and then every 2 minutes during video
Julie R
When I first saw the title of this vid, I immediately thought of Godzilla! In film/TV, makes for a great theory. But in real life, not so much.
Charlotte Murrey
The Admiral Bryd one is strange, he has a lot a stake. I guess we will never know
Jason_of_Rivia 619
Visiting the north pole is now a bucket list activity. I’ll save it for last just in case I get killed by a polar bear or a lizard man on the way there🤷🏻‍♂️
Jackson Dunno
I caught up... ha! Lol
Dawson Garret
There's so much evidence that the Moon is hollow that it is stupid. There are actual tunnels on Mars that you can see that reflect light. So what if Mars is hollow, the Moon is hollow, the Earth is hollow, and that's just how most planets are because they are all artificial?
Homer Simpson
I have always followed this theory, to me the flat earth is propaganda to steer people away from the hollow earth theory. The gravity problem could also be explained if there is a 2nd sun internally we could possibly have a balanced 2 layer gravity system, one on the surface and one internally. I love how it's a NO fly zone... why? hahaha!
Pothead Mike
Pfffft-HA! With earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods....It's all we can do, to survive up top.
The Openminded Skeptic
We know the northern light to be sun particles and we can even see them coming.
Destroy me please.. Ps ur pazuzu vid is dope man.
Richard Young
Byrd is also credited with saying the Earth is flat so we live on both a flat and hollow Earth
Slim_ Skittle
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Pull My Pants Down
Admiral Bird was an old drunk, no one takes him seriously ....
the earth is hollow, accept it
Lavender Moon
not only that,our Navy was attacked in Antarcica by Nazi UFOs,we had to retreat,lots of info out there on that and Admiral Byrd very fascinating,and they want to hide the flat earth besides
In the ancient Hindu religion, the Rama Yana, Rama and his brother were supposedly banished from the kingdom of the hollow earth. Check the Hindu religion. There are many tails referring to the hollow earth
Tone B just wants to know the truth. B
So what happened when Admiral Byrd returned for a second tour in hollow earth?
Something tells me there is something very special about the South Pole and the North Pole has the government do not allow people to fly over it and we cannot forget the high military presence right now on South and North Pole
Ymr Bleav
The globe is"NOT FLAT!!!" LOL
Charlotte Murrey
Also enjoying the vid so far
Alien -
Hollow Flat Earth??? Hmmmmmmmm Only possible in minecraft.
David Savage
I want to see it for myself. I want to fly over and through the planet. I don't know if the planet is hollow or not, but I do know it is not flat.
C Cot
Lava must come from another dimension I guess.
Huge caverns and cave systems. I see nice try though lol of course the earth can't be hollow but there are huge cave systems that have their own ecosystem. Imagine ones deep within the earth we having explored...
Naa she Thicc af tho!!! I'd smash
André Gil Sabanal
yup the earth is hollow and flat at the same time...
Anonymous Anonymous
the pressure inside the earth would crush you,we've dug deep enough that we couldn't go any further due to heat and pressure
Damarys Dingui
I wake up late and Pothead Mike didn't told me about this video..😂
Lemon Pie
It's shaped like a polo mint, flat and hollow and very minty
RiTisH M
I always feared that earth is flat and hollow now don't care about i just want 2 live my present moment of my life just like now i enjoy your videos very knowledgeable much 2 learn
Black Water
The Earth is hollow and flat at the same time.
Patrick Bone
So Admiral Byrd lied, to what end?
Diane Essex
If the auroras are a reflection of campfires inside the Earth, doesn't it stand to reason we would also see auroras from campfires on the surface? How cool would that be?!?!?
the silly sadist
if the earth was hollow wouldn't it weaken the gravitational pull?
Michi Mari
This would be a great movie.
Crazy Owl
Jules Verne😁
George G
Bwahaha got tired of saying it’s flat! Hahahah!
Rocky Silvestre
Where does the never ending water supply come from????
JoyMike Stanford
Of course it's not hollow. How silly can u b? It's flat! Duh!!! 😕...😏
Hollow... Seems legit to me
Oh how I love geniuses
This explains people way back in the day saying u can sail off the edge of the earth they really saw the pole hole lol
the problem with a hollow earth is many but as i said so is the problems right now with science in general, for instance gravity it there but they have yet to figure it completely out. For instance rotating of the earth is suppose to produce gravity, ok far enough but how does one test that theory and if it has been tested is there a paper on it? Same with the earth we know there is something under are feet yet science is just running on theory right now. Again with that as unexplained Mysteries mention science say's there is a lot of lava and closer you get the hotter it gets. Yet this year they found out there is a ocean under the earth that is at least as big as all the oceans above ground. Something again science was shocked by how could there be that much water their etc.
Dank Dale420
It is Indeed hollow
Derek Aguirre
and now to begin my journey! Will report back soon... Or not (;
Vipul pandey
then we don't have to travel light years..we only need to dig, like a madass..
louise lill
Your videos are captivating will we ever understand the earth and other planets etc
clifford davis
Well I’d be more likely to be open minded to holler earth than flat earth.
Benjamin Johnson
I don't buy that the earth is 100% hollow - I think it would likely be like the moon, with gigantic "caverns" and empty pockets that could hold entire countries in them. It would make more sense than being entirely hollow.
Ymr Bleav
If this is true, then why hasn't anyone else journeyed to this site???
White Moses
Is my head hollow?
we know earth magnetic filed will flip over time,, the sun does it every 11 years,, so a inner sun plasma revers in polarity would make more seance then a huge magnet in the center of earth because metal looses magnetism under heat.
Jose Cuevas
At the very least it would be pretty cool
It is hollow.
Nikhil Kumbhare
If I want to go to Antarctica, how do I go?
Ezekiel Amaterasu
Planes have & do fly over the Poles!!
Short answer: no.
Meow Meow789
i can't help but wonder what hollow earth followers think about eruptions and lava flows...i mean..if the earth is hollow...then where is all the magma coming from...and what about that cave of giant crystals that is super hot cause it's so deep....or do they just ignore that.
Mr McGregor
Thunderbolts projects Wal Thornhil has stated that the earth, and all large bodies in space, are probably hollow. He uses actual science to support his theories... wow imagine that, real science.
Geniale Lanzo
I like watching these videos very entertaining even when faked best I ever seen in total fake videos
louise lill
Man has drilled as deep as they can for now because the deeper they go the hotter it becomes so hollow earth mmmm
Flat Earth no. Hollow Earth maybe. I remember seeing a video long ago where it showed plama forming a hollow sphere while in a vacuum. Now apply that for when the planets formed. Gravity and its weak ass strength is nothing compared to the electromagnetic force which is 10 to the 39 power more stronger. In the electric universe model, there would be enough strenth and inner gravity outwards.
Comments are funny, Corny Mofos.
a b
I want to know how much fuel was Byrd carrying and what his miles per gallon efficiency was because he had to turn back at the half tank mark theoretically to make it back, so flying an extra 1700 miles times two equals 3,400 extra miles seems like he would have had to have alot of gas.
Diane the Dinosaur
I'll believe the world is hollow when I float off the earth. I live in the southeastern United States & we see the Aurora Borealis this far south sometimes. There are no campfires that can go that distance from a hole in the North Pole.
If you think the earth is hollow, Then your head is truly hollow
Krzysztof Bobkowski
This admiral must have walked down to the centre of the Earth for at least 12km ... at least that’s the deepest we got with drilling and apart from extreme temperatures we found nothing. Even if we ignore that little detail, this expedition would be more challenging than climbing Mount Everest ... from the sea level. Just saying.
Kratom connoisseur
Its wakanda