Kamalio Trick (Tutorial) :: Freestyle Football / Soccer (LOWERS) with Philip Clarke

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● Instagram ► />● YouTube ► /> Foot Stall tutorial = />Clipper tutorial = />LOWERS Playlist = /> How to do the Kamalio Trick or Rake in freestyle football / soccer featuring Irish football freestyler, Philip Clarke. Kamalio Trick is a unique variation of the basic foot stall, it's like a reverse hookover. Check out our channel for more tutorials :) /> Music --------- Copyright Attribution: Title: I Dunno -- Creative Commons | Royalty-Free Music Artist: Grapes Copyright: 2008 Grapes. Licensed to the public under Verify at

Kieran Brown
Nice tutorial! Love the Kamalio, such a good looking skill :)
Class tutorials lads, the clipper tip is a great idea.
thanks so much man, you just helped me out. Keep up the great work:))
smh make it look easy
Irving Olvera
I can't even juggle that good like that
Fergal Conlon
Well done Phillip. Im so proud of you!
Yan Toha
Lol, he could sound more excited...
Conor Gaa
sick and I m from Iceland
Nuno Ricardo
OMG😱 like
Muhammad Faiz
Stigma Shann
sooooo sick!
Conor Gaa
Ireland not I certainly land
Bayu Putro Bintang
My favourite is Magellan, I wish I can do that
pankaj suriyal
i just landed my first kamalio trick today! thx for this tutorial dara
co kurwa?
i try to keep eye contact with the ball but it always looks away. :| any tips?
is soo cool
Conor Gaa
I am from Ireland
Misha Demidov
nice tutorial bro! Gonna try it soon.
Why is Philip wearing a Huskers sweater?
Oreo Cat
Conor Reynolds
Perfect tutorial :) can't wait to try it out
crazy things people do
Make a video of how to juggle more perfect plz
Van Thanh Nguyen
HAY qua
Hery Irawan
futsal players good
Phoenix Coursey
I love it when they say the exact problem I'm having. Thanks
TFL - The Freestyle Logic
Clipper is really nice idea to make this trick easier.
que guapo lo voy a practicar
Haris Razzaq
almost did this trick but as I was bringing the ball up in the foot stall position I crashed it into my plant leg by accident, got really mad after that cuz if that didn't happen I would've done it :/
Blake Bellamy
Has a atw to kamalio with no touch in between ever been done
Zach Foard
I have two pairs of those elastic pros
ayush Sharma
So smooth
Ali Ibrahim
I live in nebraska
juantho freestyle
haces buemos tutoriales por fa pasalos a español
SqueezY- tube
Ur great
Zaman Fahim Imteaz
what shoes are you wearing?
i love you guys
please give a tutorial on around the world
Srijan Das
really great tutorial! love the trick! 
MOC media [My own creations] TM
U r awosome brother
ArturV Reis
Very easy and funny to do! Thanks
The Kamalio  Trick is very good, but I can't step 3 because I can't control the ball and the foot stall is very difficult to make. What I make wrong? 
Humaiz Seven
Which shoe u use ??
FreeStyLe FutboL Rubio
Visiten Mis video 👍 Intento hacerme un hueco en youtubee..Graciass✋
soccer rua
very nice
t video..subbed you.. one humble request to visit my page and and suggest me one my videos
Meech & Mark Football
Great trick, very helpful tutorial! Come check out our channel! Cheers!