Evolution of Age of Empires 1997-2018

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Evolution of Age of Empires 1997-2018 Age of Empires 1997 Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome 1998 Age of Empires II 1999 Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings 1999 Age of Empires II: The Conquerors 2000 Age of Mythology 2002 Age of Mythology: The Titans 2003 Age of Empires III 2005 Age of Empires: The Age of Kings 2006 Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs 2006 Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties 2007 Age of Empires: Mythologies 2008 Age of Empires III: Complete Edition 2009 Age of Empires Online 2011 Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten 2013 Age of Empires II: HD Edition 2014 Age of Mythology: Extended Edition 2014 Age of Empires: Castle Siege 2014 Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms 2015 Age of Empires: World Domination 2015 Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon 2016 Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas 2016 Age of Empires Definitive Edition 2018 Age of Empires IV 2018 Produced by Andrew Louis

Andrew Louis
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Age of empires II was my best game
Niko here
I grew up playin age of empires ii & age of kings. And i remember when i bought AE3 pretty ok graphics but im more into AE2. I still have them haha as of today
Charlieboy 617
God damn age of mythology is genuinely my entire childhood
Japhy Ryder
Age of Empires IV (2018)? Well, it's 2019 and there is still no sign of this game anywhere, so... no.
Age of Mythology <3
Alpha Wolfie
Wololo, I own this channel now.
Zero Bandicoot
7:15 trivago? xD
eladio echeverria
Aoe2 and aoe2 age of kings are the same thing
vinicius pessoa
Why they don´t developed the Empires/Mythology after the Empires III dlcs in 2007? 10 years wasted on crap like nintendo DS and lame remasters
TitereLacrimoso RXC
Empire Earth, Rise of nation and rise of legends, Rome, StarCraft, StarWars battlegroud, Warcraft I, II, III, American Conquest, Age I, II, III and mytology. <3 toda mi infancia juegazos <3
Wassim Ait Younes
For me Age Of Empire 1 remains the best
William Nati
mythology es el que mas me gusta :3
Jonathan John
Age of empires 2 is hands down the best one ever.
kinda funny how you listed AOE2 and AOE2: Age of Kings as separate games. They're the same game!! Did you think it was an expansion or something?
The elephant In the room
Age of empires the conquerers was probably the best one or the 3rd one wasn't bad either
Isabella Oliveira
I Love AOE 2 Rise of Rome, but 3 have this incredible gates. I wish they had the same graphic and content as 2 plus the gate of the 3
Aoe 3 & aom / titans = life
Ray Jones
2019 no age of empres 4
Mar Godinho
AOE 1 the best. Go voobly!!! by 7woa_Morcego
You won’t believe this but I am still playing the 1997 version.
Victor González Guerra
evolution, same games, better graphics
Coco Baba
Legendary unit :- TEUTONIC NIGHT
GONinja The Projects
use the cobra for win the game and the monster truck by enter: tuck tuck tuck how do you turn this on
can't wait the relic game of aoe 4. They did great with warhammer franchise
11 didn't even do his research.. there was never a release just called "AGE OF EMPIRES 2".... THE Age Of Kings was AOE 2's first version followed by conquerors etc.
Age of Empires 2 HD was released in 2013 and Age of empires IV has still no release date. It will be not in 2018. There are AoE 2 and 3 Definitive editions too but we dont know release date. Probably these definitive editions will be before AoE IV.
Petr Marek
Fargorn 13
It's 2019 where is my aoe4?
Horia Sasha
Age of empires 3 😘
moh tl
اكو احد عربي يلعب هاي لعبه 🤔🙈
Hal ou Heisenberg ?
Age Of Empire II Age The Conquerors Expansion ❤️
Yaroslav Palamarchuk
AoE 2 HD was made in 2014, not in 1999, graphics were uglier
Jan Halouzka
how do you turn this on, robin hood, lumberjack, furious the monkey boy.... anybody? xD
Bence Weszelovszky-Balogh
6:18 who else noticed the moonwalking cavalier at the edge of the screen? XD
I thought Age of Kings was just another term for AOE2, not an expansion. Also, how was AOE 3 complete worth note but not AOE 1/2 gold?
Amomimus chafa v:
live Age Of Empire II + EXPANSIONS :V good video <3
Juan Suastegui
On original aoe2 you played the HD edition... welp
Coco Baba
ErtoĞàŁ BąŇ ŞołimàŇ Śãh
age empirer 2 the best Pretty I'm surprised why the designers of that game did not develop in the same way as the second part 🤔
Yuri Nikolai
I grew up playing the originals (97-98). I loved them so much.
Johnatan Brandao
Age oficial mythology nunca foi de 2014! Ele é de 2002
Coco Baba
I can tell you that the definitive edition is beautiful
kim jongun
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings and still playing today. what a wonderful game ever
Cheeze Pizza
JEEEZ!i just notice mine is way far! mine is II anyway
Mr Yitar
Age 4 in 2018 jajaja
Rafael Vázquez
I think a great AoE would be AoE II with AoE III graphics, that would be awesome, I love the ships!
issarapong wongson ドラえもん
Doraemon evolution pleas🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jonathan Seiersen
Played AoE 1 and 2 as a kid. Only one game series have I played more, Pokémon. Oh, the nostalgia!
F. B.I Motherfucker
I play Age of Empires 3 It my favorite game
fuuuuckk!!! age of mytology is my first game player!!! jajajajaj omg its the best game *-*
Guilherme M -
We need a New Age of Empires! but in Real Life!
MaxikingHD Clash Royale Und Mehr
This is my childhood in one video
Harold Raleigh
I grew up playing Age of Empires always loved the scenario builder, still have them all to this day including age of mythology
rodjer joni
Age of Empires vs Warcraft
Melbourne Meliodas
Nice vid! Really shows that editing skills!
Rajvi Solanki
I have played it all and 1 is still my favorite
Akhil Raghuvanshi
Bro this game was my fav game how to download, install my pc...??
N ???
2:45 my favorite i'm play with this 12 years ago
Umut Ateş
Pls make New lord of the rings evolution🙏
Alexandre Cerqueira
The peak of the franchise was in 2004 with the Titans expansion, after this.. they just made copies with little enhancement.
Restine Vergara
Thank you and God bless
why is it that aoe 1 & 2 we're simply the best?
victor ramos almarza
Cuando saldra el age 4?
mnaatb 47
i just played 1&2 and i think 2 is one of the best ever
Mahir Shuvo
AOE 3....Graphics was lit
gamer 938
Age of mythology was and is the best
pop pop
i love 1999 ^^
Age Of Empires II is the best game they made, anyone else agree?
Casthru Hater
AoE II my favorite game ^-^
Age of EMpires 4 wut?
mr. one
what an achievement by microsoft, 2018 game with 1995 graphics, hehe
AoE 1 / Rise of Rome, grew up playing and still go back from time to time. Age of Myth was good too, was a nice concept. Loved to summon my Titan on the field.
Ciro Gomes 12
Tinha jogado no Pc de um amigo na infância, passei anos e anos querendo saber o nome dessa franquia kkkk joguei pela primeira vez em 2011 se não mim engano
Sain Kuzembaev
steven desnos
"AOE II 1997" still HD edition captures... :s
star tiv
Hahah wow this game amazing.. When i was in the junior school 2000 i knew and still playing until now.. I think this game much better than others bec already legend... 😁😂
Hagag Hamed
Ancestors legacy is the next step they need to be more dynamic and realistic
Kp cp
Aoe 3
AOEII HD came out before The Forgotten, both in 2013, and you used footage from the HD edition for the original AOEII releases. AOE IV was announced in 2017 and does not have a confirmed release date, nor did it have one when this video was put out. This is petty low-effort content capitalising on nostalgia. You could've at least read the wikipedia article properly.
AoC2 my favorite of all AGEgames and Mytologic
Zero Bandicoot
heya :D nice work dude
1 boiii
Age of Empires I is still the best game ever
The Lunex
If that was you playing in those clips. You Suck. Bigtime. The Video was okay, though it could have felt a little bit more, dunno something felt missing. :/ Maybe music? Meh. Also I believe since "The forgotten" is an expansion to the HD edition of AoE2, I should come AFTER the release of HD, shouldnt it?
gotta say aoe3 is my favorite, but i love aoe2 as well
I hope age of empire IV will have realistic graphics !
Gamer Pro
The best one for me was the time of 1999
Любомир Ковальчук
SuperTN A
Where's the original AOE2. Last time I remember it wasn't the HD version.
Lázaro Rey
The father of all games!
The Masther
Age of empire 2 HD:rise of the rajas 💗💗
Сергей Сергеевич
1997 - the best!
This is my favorite game in my childhood .. The best old strategy Game
Coco Baba
Alicat the Fangirl
Omgg, I remember playing all of the originals and watching my dad play them. I think Age of Mythology got me into all of the lores and stuff lol totally buying this for myself now