The Vampire Diaries 2x06 ** Best Scene ** | Stefan Crying | Athlete - "Wires"

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Nikhitha Yeturu
stelena forever
anna lua
i like so much this scene, finnaly! after this open way to damon
Mona Lisa
Such a great scene.. Stefan did so good.
♛BLAKE dark heart (AJLG)♛
One more minute and Damon has cried too.
Philly Scorpio
The moment I fell in love with the Vampire Diaries... Wires ...made this scene pop too!
Rocio Gregorio Urzagasti
:'C Como lo amo!!! Me quiebraaa!! :'C
Tay Moreira
TVD robou essa cena de (One Tree Hill) essa Música, assistam OTH e vejam. Obs OTH foi lançado em 2003
Jenni Garcia
My heart:( 💔
Emma Fields
this song made this 10x more sad
Sofia the Experiencer
omfg i cried so much... just stefans tears made me feel so sad :( true story
Jose Delgado
What a great seen.. man that was intense
wesley sniper
nerede olursan ol ne yaparsan yap seni daima bekliyor olacagım seni cok seviyorum Esinn..
Paul Wesley crying? My heart instantly feels like it's being ripped out of my chest.. It feels all too real! :(
Ohwhy? why did the writers have to ruin Stelena! It's such a wasted potential cause these two look ridiculously good together!
Becca Jane
Paul Wesley is so passionate about his acting, and it's what makes Stelena fans keep their hopes up....I miss you Stefan&&Elena, I wish they'd find a way around Stefan's new ways.
Who sings this song they r a great singer this scene made me cry
Django Unnamed
so amazing i even forgot to "like"...