TRIP REPORT | Silver Airways - Saab 340B+ - Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) to Key West (EYW) | Economy

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Welcome to a special trip report. Back on April 4th, I flew from Islip to Sacramento via Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, & Atlanta. I've always heard of Silver Airways, but I've never had the opportunity to fly them. But after reading an article about how a guy was kicked off a flight for taking a picture, I was encouraged to try trip report them and see what happens. Well, the flight attendant was extremely nice, and I had a long conversation with her about how cool the views are on their flights to the Bahamas. The seat was honestly very nice for how small the aircraft is. The overhead bins were completely empty, which is something I've never seen. I was disappointed with the small service, but it was a quick flight so I can't blame them. Also, I didn't know that the ocean was right next to the airport exit, so I chilled there during my layover. Hope you enjoy! Airline: Silver Airways Aircraft: Saab 340B plus (N327AG) Seat: 9A (Economy) Flight Number: 3M93 Route: FLL to EYW Flight Time: 50 minutes —————————— Check out my plane spotting photos: /> Subscribe to my other channel: /> Equipment: Sony A7S, Sony AX-53, Sony RX100 III, GoPro Hero5 Music: YouTube Audio Library Instagram: @qfsaviation, @quintinsoloviev Snapchat: quintin913 Any ideas for future videos? Please comment! —————————— © 2018 Quintin Soloviev/QFS Aviation

Mirza Ahmed
"60% less fuel per hour than a 70-seat jet." Yeah, no wonder. The SAAB only has 34 seats.
60% less fuel than a 70 seat jet? Well Da. It also holds 40 less people and is 300 mph slower! A wheelbarrow gets better mileage than my Vette too.
David Dillon
Good video, love the props, but ain't no Q400 :)
I LOVE the Saab 340! Especially the Silver Airways one
One question, where we droppin boi's?
I like the JetBlue "retro" livery at 12:12
I used to fly this plane pretty frequently back when it was N427XJ flying for Mesaba/Northwest Airlink in the Midwest out of Detroit and Minneapolis. Thanks for the video- the Saab has an extremely unique, dynamic sound when taxiing and you captured it perfectly.
D Brit
a typical wet Florida takeoff....That back row would make a GREAT sleeping spot...SILVER is Getting a fleet of NEW ATR42-600's, they also fly into PNS........Did you get your feet WET....haha......great job Quintin
thanks Qman. good job. and key west is cool, even if it is "fuckin hot" lol
19:29 Why is there a Cubana plane??
Very nice, you will like the ATRs they are getting. They are very comfy.
Great video! I've always wondered what Silver is like after seeing their Saabs sitting around at MCO... You've earned a new sub!
Funny that their name is Silver airways because there used to be a swedish airline called Golden air which also operated SAAB aircrafts ;)
Nice to see you had a good experience.
Charlie ND
I love the Saab!
Sea Urcin
100,50,40,30,20,10 MMMMMMMMMMMM butter!
Marnie Colby
You drinking water was the highlight of my day
Derelict Dash 7, 19:28-19:29
AdamGropper AG53
I flew Silver Airways once. Flight Crew were very friendly.
Aviation . com
On the left at 1:39 is the plane that I flew
Alisson Mendes
Sempre bom esses vídeos
Niklas Enblom
RIP Saab and this native Swede thanks you. I drove a Saab 93 for many years and, let me tell you, that car had some SERIOUS HORSE POWER!! It was a turbo and, yes, I got a speeding ticket.
The 60% less fuel statement is an obvious one but it is specifically to state that the Saab is more economical and has less of an environmental footprint vs a 70 seater jet that may be used on the same routes.
Sea Urcin
100,50,40,30,20,10 MMMMMMMMMMMM butter!
Jerry Lentz
Let's take a look at that fuel consumption claim. Using round numbers for easy math, let's say it takes a jet 1000 gallons to move 70 seats 500 miles. The 340 moves 34 seats only 250 miles in one hour at 60% less fuel, or 400 gallons. To move 34 seats 500 miles takes 800 gallons or 23.53 gallons per seat. The jet uses 14.29 gallons per seat. The jet wins!
Kimmy Middleton
yea...NOPE!!! y'all ARE FAR BRAVER humans than I...I would rather swim in a shark infested ocean, get bit, get hypothermia, drink sea water..etc..etc...than fly in a PROP JOB>>>single engine.. twin ,ma' way JOSE!!! just can't do 'er
Fernando Albuquerque
Thomas Pease
sounds like the pilot is stepping on and off the gas pedal lolololol
Thomas Pease
sweet lil plane
Forza Aviation
The size of the Azul A330-200 was like monster to the little Saab 340+
Donovan Shaffer
Did u hear of peidmont airlines retiring it's last Dash 8s. I'm so sad because I feel like Americans are too afraid of turboprops but you are a brave dude
Matt from Florida
I like flying into EYW. Simple little airport. Did you notice the white Cubana AN-24 at the Southern end of the airport out your 340B window? It's just inside the airport fence. It's a hijack from the '80s or '90s that we never returned to Cuba (in contravention of international law!).
Domenic Lavigna
Key west airport looks sloppy for a huge tourist area they need to get it together
The SAAB 340 is one of the safest most reliable planes ever built. Honest... They are tanks and were built to last.
Alex Francis
What music was that ?
Connor H
Of course it small
I like EYW! Most airports are sleek, slick, ultra-modern..... antiseptic. EWY is the opposite, very rough around the edges, I particularly the original 1950ish terminal as it is my favourite, it has a charm that that takes me back to my youth. While I hope they keep it like it is, I doubt they will.
Excellent video! VERY busy time at KFLL!
Dumitru Langham
Boeing 737 banzai at the begins, what app are you using to get all the aircraft info?
nice video
The Official Ashton Garza
Looks like a small embraer with props
In Saab 340's rows 4 and 10 are the best for a window seat, and row 2 has no windows at all, row 2 is directly in line with the prop blades.
11:26 what plane is that ?
Thomas Pease
cool sounding engines
Great video! I miss the 340 Mesaba flew them a long time (Northwest Airlink)
Ahh my favorite airline
Christopher Jacob
I used to fly the SAAB 2000. Much bigger aircraft and galley is located at the rear of aircraft. Missed flying the SAAB
Damian Weideman
Wahat a good video! Love it! :)
Ethan Price
The Saab cabin reminds me like my school bus lol the 2-1 and 5 configuration
Thomas Pease
wonder how much fuel was burned during the taxi
The SAAB was ahead of its time in the day. Still a lovely little thing to fly on if you can stand the noise
Fernando Soares
i saw in the video a brazilian aircraft azul company airlines
Ryan Essex
That's called condensation you ballbag.
Charlie F
+QFS Aviation Great Video ! I would love to see more of these videos! Also what airplane app was that that? it looked very cool ! Have a Great Day ! Charlie F
Geminijets 46
Awesome video man liked
Nice report! Oddly enough, I flew on this same exact flight on the same exact aircraft in the seat right in front of you a few weeks prior to you did!
that's one heck of an itinerary... I like it!
Thomas Pease
that was a long taxi
Christopher Jacob
what's that app you're using to locate those flights ? That's cool
Random Pilot
Nice view of John U Loyd Park. I fly out of FLL as well. Love east operations for T/O. Especially during the early hours.
MGTOW Academy
Silver is gonna replace the SAABs with the ATRs soon...
Maulan Wong
I like runway 10r at fort lauderdale airport cause the planes that land on that runway pass by my school
Radin Claw
What is that "Twang" from the props during taxi?
A lot of action at FLL that day!! Love this video!!
Marcus LeeP
Looking nice. Fly safe always....
Very nice flight report dude ! I'll fly with Silver Airways this summer by the way :D
Jake Green
Nice video and like the new intro you should keep it!
Nice! These will be replaced by ATR's.
That intro never gets old
TYler_ SChecter
I live very close to FLL and I ALWAYS fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale
Jon Brown
No restroom? FA's seem useless on flights like this.
Oswaldo Öberg
Very interesting trip report! Awesome views!
Aiden nothing
5th comment lol and that's my favorite aircraft.
Evan Popchock
very nice video.
MM Aviation Productions HD
Awesome report man! Really like Silver Airways! Huge like and Sub dropped for you! Feel free to sub back for my future flight reports as well!