Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Shallow (Alternative Editing with Different Takes)

Alternative version of 'Shallow' music video shows backstage scenes from 'A Star Is Born'. I don't own anything | All rights to Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and A Star Is Born. Super thanks to Image Factory Prod. 🙌🏻 #ladygaga #shallow #astarisborn #soundtrack

Caralho será q eu não vou parar de arrepiar todas as veses q vejo isso 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😍
Klaus Barbie
Extraordinary . Brad Cooper's acting in this movie is so superb that I hated his character ...Lol
Holy Cow
am i the only one who waits for the NEXT movie of them together?
O.M.G. Gaga, without the costumes. Without the fancy sets and staging. Relying on just raw talent. I knew she was great. Until this video, I didn't really know how great.
maud moreau
Pas fan de Lady Gaga mais j'avoue cella là j'adore... ❤
Franklin Arnett
She is so much prettier with her natural hair color and no makeup.. didn’t know coop could sing
JCFrancez Internet Host
And this version is much more exciting than the one in the movie ...
Messi Best
Открыл для себя по новому личность ЛЕДИ ГАГА!!!!
Ric Hard
Lady Gaga est sublime lorsqu'elle est naturelle, sans fards ni sophistication. Tous les deux forment un magnifique couple dans ce film !
Solange Galvan
Casal perfeito, música linda... Amo demais!!!🥰
Cláudia Gomes
Já ouvi falar dela e já assisti filmes com ele, mas gente, eu realmente não estou sabendo lidar com isso.😍😍😍 Que sintonia não sei quem alavancou a quem ou alavancaram a mim..
maria aparecida
Linda música!Não canso de ouvir. Amooooo 😘❤🌷.
Marcos Antonio
Nunca imaginei que lady Gaga era assim tão linda!
Greg Simmons
What a natural beauty and then top it off with amazing talent. And to think record companies told you NO.....Proud Lady Gaga Fan
Warren Paulins
Lady Gaga is incredible in this stage video. The chemistry between her and Bradley Cooper is magical.
marc wouters
Thank you God For this amazing Voice <3
Solange Larocque
A quand votre prochain film ensemble 😀❣️
Jerry C
Watch the way she moves to everything he does, the way she runs her fingers through his hair. Then tell me again that they are just "friends"
tree man 1965
little lady I did not even recognize you , YOUR BEAUTIFUL, NO MAKEUP , look awesome , great job coop
Tatiana Ferreira
Que casal! Que química!!! Perfeitos comunicam só de olhares...
pwog arnex
E206👽👾6:15 pm July 2-3 wk Wednesday
karen scheetz
I Love this movie. Every women wants to be looked at how he looked at her
Yann Vape
Lady Gaga is better natural she is too beautiful
Silver Brahma Paolino
Lady G meravigliosa con il suo colore naturale!
Alex Simpson
Swear one of the camera guys is singing along hahaha
Αͷͷα Gʀɜʏ
They make a great couple and they can sing too. I love watching them together. Just magical!
Davide V
Bravo come attore ma...lassate perde la musica è altro
Jose Breno Brito Alencar
Juntos e Shallow now Versão original : nasce uma estrela Versão brasileira : morre uma estrela
Sean Beck
I love you Abby Silfies
She is so damn gorgeous without makeup. Her natural beauty is mesmerizing.
cookie Cookie
2:00 the camera man 🤣🤣
Twisted Bones
My god she is absolutely beautiful without all the make up!
Vince Hughes
Watching Gaga in Vegas, December 28th. Whoo whoo......
Yara Viera
The most inspiring movie God bless lady gaga Bradley Cooper Bradley Cooper Bradley .
Jordi Moreno
To people asking "Why does she look so scared I don't understand" Guys, It's a scene from the movie "A Star Is Born". She plays a character, so does Bradley. He's not Bradley Cooper here, but Jackson Maine. She's not Lady Gaga here, but Ally Campana. Btw, their chemistry is wonderful ! Loved that movie, loved them together !
her husband should be jealous now
titou m
This is the best song of 2019 ever ✋💕
Princess Julia
Wow I had no idea Lady Gaga had a voice like that !!!!!!! She is ABSOLUTELY the best Wow stunning voice I'm blown away. !!!!!!
Erika Luz
I love you Gaga e Bradley Cooper ❤️❤️
Tânia Gauto
assisti o filme e sai de lá pirando ! ela é foda
Hendra Prasetya
Gaga seems so comfortable working with Bradley. It's amazing how they performed it live.
I keep watching these videos cant help it
Captain Sar
For one second i though she was Scarlett Johansson.. lol she is so beautiful without make up
I'm inlove with both of them damn,
Ellysa Steele
Casal perfeito ❤ shippo Lady gaga e Bradley cooper 😍
Victor Hugo
Juntos e Shallow Now.
Ted Bundy
And the oscar for best acting in a leading role goes tooo..... bradley coopers wife for pretending she's ok with that shit lol
Ricardo Guimarães Metzker
Se juntos já causam imagina juntos e Shallow Now
Amaury Santorini
Voltei aqui pra comentar que esta música entrou na minha cabeça e não sai mais! Até já decorei a letra! A melhor música da década, na minha humilde opinião!
Ferenc Kovács
Amazing, This is fking awsome to watch this song from different point of views very unique I loved it ! :-)
Amber Souza
,omg😱...that's the first time I actually seen her.....without all the extra😍😍shes beautiful as Is👌
Grejdan Mihai
Wow,Gaga's acting is so good. And she has a huge,huge voice!
Jack Gookler
LOL Modern world. Longing for a change for suicide.
Василий Пупкин
Объясните мне чо тут происходит
Gabriel Maciel Fogaça
Vim aqui só para me curar do desastre do " juntos e shallow now"…
Carla Lima
Que voz divina. Essa música transmiti paz e amor. Merece o Oscar. Ela sem maquiagem é linda.
Aline B
Daniel Fuchs
Both fantastic singers and Lady GAGA with her amazing voice.... one of the best
just give them the damn oscars!!!
So what happened to the alternate ending or was that Clickbait?!
Sidney T. Ono
amarei eternamente agradeço momentos maravilhosos marcaram esta trajetoria deste encontro !!!
Neia Nunes
Lindo demais esse clipe,a música o filme e perfeito, a gaga arrasa e esse homem e Lindooooo!!!!
opik noviartha
I read ‘alternative ending’
My YouTube
Try to watch the video on 1.25x speed, thats amaizing, and mutch better than on normal speed !!
wild fire
Wow! I've never seen this, she is so beautiful
Hans van den Akker
this is my first time i admire Lady Gaga. I wish she would always act/sing like this.
Wanderson Reis
Esse música de algum de extraordinário . Minha nossa toda vez que ouço fico todo arrepiado.
Day that Fallows
She is actually very pretty without all that makeup
Digna Muñoz
Love you Gaga i always knew that you got talent, for that reason you got a Oscar, congratulations cause you deserve it
John Presnell
She is definitely a beautiful woman and amazingly talented as well. Her natural look is stunning.
[email protected] Madisonanelis1027F
Que trabajo tan espectacular q hacen los camarógrafos 👏👏👏👏
Wood Stock
It's amazing how well she portrays the emotions of a shy, insecure singer, right down to the tiniest details: the face she makes at 2:02, hand on forehead 2:28, then she finally starts to roll with it and then when it's over she's like "wtf just happened?" and she goes back to shy, putting her head on his shoulder trying to hide her face. Hard to think that she is actually the opposite of all that. Her friend in the background also looks so genuinely excited for her, and Bradley looks so proud. Love this particular edit, I keep coming back to it, thank you!
Dom Dukes
This should’ve been the take used in the movie. Gaga’s surprised face is touching
just look at the her looking at him... It looks like true love
J Kh
Wow! Lady Gaga is beautiful
vanessa franca
Essa mulher deu um show de interpretação nunca gostei dela mas temos que tirar chapéu ela e é claro ele deram um show
Priscila Mattos
owwwwwww Que Vozes, que sintonia, que olhares, que coisa MARAVILHOSA!!!!!!! É de arrepiar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Priscila da Mata
Quem já ouviu 1000 vezes levanta a mão!😂🙋‍♀️
Pablo Santos
Amigos vcs tem q assistir o filme desses dois. Se chama" Nasce uma estrela. Essa parte deles cantando no filme é mto show
{labilou}1380 NG
Vous chanter trop bieeeeeen ! Continuer comme ça et Mady Gaga tes trop belle 😘
Cobie Chinyavong
it seems so natural even though theyre filming a movie
Ania Tomaszewska
Piękna piosenka uwielbiam 😍😍😍
Julie Thomas
Lucas Nelson playing guitar in the back of Bradley :) Love this Version - Gaga is Over the Top
The way she looks at him damn...
omg - I almost started crying right away
Tenzin Kyinzom
U know if there is 100 people in room nd 99 dont believe in u but only 1 does and that will change ur life 😂😂
I was listening to this song in China, inside a public bus lol. Few people knows English start singing quietly. This is how amazing this song is.
Joel Ceron
Que voz LINDA MARAVILHOSA da Lady Gaga.
Danilo Campi
01/05/2019 ouvindo essa obra que mexe com corações ...
Rini Rahmat
Love lady gaga.
Lee Chow Yong
Lady gaga kinda sounds and kinda looks like black widow
Sue Gleeson
Bradley cooper = most talented male. Lady gaga = most talented female. An actor that can sing and keep up with a singer. A singer that can act and keep up with an actor. I think even the greatest showman couldnt do it as good as this
earshad azeer sulaiman
Gaga looks so naturally wonderful without heavy make up
Cannot help watching these videos especially him
Joe Margetts
Bradley sounds great until Mrs. Gaga pipes up. What an immense talent. Always thought so.
Amaury Santorini
Dignos de Oscar! Ariquemes Rondônia Brasil manda um forte abraço!
Vessy N
OMG this is the best day of my week. So happy to see unshown footage. I am in love with the moment she tucks his hair behind hie ears and the ending.....I would retweet this a billion times if I could.
Stephen Grass
Gaga actually is a serious talent. So's cooper, actually. Actually.
Samber Cislanksie
Teu ngarti bahasa inggris tapi resep..
Lady Gaga is virtually unrecognizable now that she looks like a normal person.