‘Pretty Woman’ Cast Reunites 25 Years Later | TODAY

Actors Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Laura San Giacomo and Hector Elizondo and director Garry Marshall sit down with Matt Lauer more than two decades after 'Pretty Woman' was released. » Subscribe to TODAY: />» Watch the latest from TODAY: /> About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: />Find TODAY on Facebook: />Follow TODAY on Twitter: />Follow TODAY on Google+: />Follow TODAY on Instagram: />Follow TODAY on Pinterest: /> ‘Pretty Woman’ Cast Reunites 25 Years Later | TODAY

Susan Sealy
hard to believe a story about a prostitute was a Disney production
Let's be real, this film would have been nothing without Julia and Richard's chemistry. He just looks like he adores her every time he lays eyes on her.
Julia is not lying about Hector. He hasn't changed a bit. Still looks the same from Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries, Valentines day and present day.....
Alton Wong
My favorite scene was when Julia walked down the lobby as hotel staff members turned their heads to see a stunning pretty woman in her bright red dress.
Wow, way to completely ignore Laura and Hector. Boo!
Debra McDonald
Matt Lauer is the worst interviewer ever.  He completely ignored Hector who is an icon in his own right and Laura.  They sat there in awkward silence.  It was as simple s Matt addressing a question to each one of them to make them feel a part of the reunion.
Law Office
what about the other two cast members sitting there????? Rude to ignore them.
Hector & Laura are wondering WTF they even showed up for.
Lori Dubbs
I feel sorry for the other two actors who are being totally ignored.
Anabela Cardoso
I love this movie, and i think that it was quite unfair that Laura San Giacomo and Hector Elizondo didn't get to talk much. They played an important role and it wouldn't be the same without them.
D. Viswanathan
one of the best movies I have seen ever
Buttcheeks Mcgee
are they gonna let the other two talk!! geez
LASunset Cali
leaving out the costars was rude. interview wasn't insightful at all
Jacqueline Lee
As much as I love love love Pretty Woman.....I felt so bad for Hector and Laura while watching this video. Julia and Richard have the celebrity power to swing an interview any direction they choose. They easily could have included them. Sad to watch them sit, grin & pretend to care about Julia's favorite scene. No wonder some of them haven't seen each other in 25 years. DUH!
Chris Stone
Laura and hector might of as well stayed home! talk about ignoring them! JEEZ!
Jackie Price
It would've been nice to hear from Hector and Laura, too. They were totally ignored. Wow, such poor form!
oh god...the other two actors are just there awkwardly keeping up smiles lol
Erica Stone
So are the other 2 actors just there to warm chairs? If they needed nothing from them why invite them.
Stacy McArdle
Laura San Giacomo is just sitting there being ignored. I think that's pretty inconsiderate. I expect better from you.
Sarah Roze
RIP Gary Marshall :(
kamille seven
how don't you talk to Laura and Hector!!😭
I feel bad for Laura and Hector... they are pretty much left out of the interview.
Poor Laura San Giacomo sat in the chair like a turkey waiting for someone to interview her.
manuel parra
I never liked him and I was right.
Matt lauer is a total douchbag...
shelley annette
Very bad interview as costars not even acknowledged, let alone asked anything.
Carlos Andrade
So rude invite actors for a such important reunion like that and make them be a decoration in the room. Just Julia ,Richard and the director spoke...RUDE
Laura San Giacomo didn't even talk! Come on !
Eric DeVito
Just heard Gary Marshall died today! RIP!
I wish Julia and Richard where married they make wonderful couple love this cast ...
Petillante rubii
I've watch this movie litterally 20 time the best movie ever
One of my all time favorite movies and sound track. I have never tired of watching it and never will.
Cassandra Akinde
yeah he has aged badly ,Hector looks good
I will always love them! Pretty Woman! Richard Gere and Julia Roberts!
Eureka Squared
Julia Roberts is one of the stars of all time in Hollywood. When you look at her list of movies it's mind-boggling; Pretty Woman, Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias, Sleeping With The Enemy, Runaway Bride, Conspiracy Theory, Notting Hill, My Best Friend's Wedding, Erin Brockovich, Ocean's Eleven...the list goes o n forever and she's still at it!
Faith Randon
Three of them made the runaway bride movie together so they have seen each other in the 25 years.
Alain Bruno
I love this movie.
Mikey Trahant
Sooo much for Laura and Hector.   Jeez, Matt Lauer.
Mofax Zulu
Boo NBC, they ignored Hector and Laura
Maur Byrne
Laura SanGiacomo.... Looks amazing!
Signorina Bohemia
Why invite Laura and Hector for? Gosh poor guys!
It's hard to see that Richards changed so much, because I was looking forward to the same relationship between him and Julia
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Richard gere never remembers anything. Lmao
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts should do another movie together !
Geo Skan
I watched this for Laura and nothing...
Hannah Rose
Where is the rest of the interview? Can anyone point me to it? Thanks!
Would like to have heard from Laura San Giacomo too. Julia owned the room and Lauer failed as an interviewer by letting that happen. Interviewing several people at a time is a delicate juggling act if it's done right. Julia is beautiful, talented, and witty, but I wish she'd get over herself as The Star.
Diane Chavez
I love Laura San Giacomo! I love her in all her films but my favorite is Sex, Lies, and Videotape!
victoria grant
Wish Jason Alexander had been here lol
They're missing George Costanza.
Laura didn't even say a word did she??
Andrea Pyne
Richard Gere is still handsome as ever
Day Treadwell
Steve Forrester
Where's Jason Alexander, Ralph Bellamy, Elinor Donahue, and Larry Miller? They were in it, too.
Soon be 30 years...
Oss Delmar
Why bring Laura to totally ignore her?
I wonder why Jason Alexander wasn't there. The reunion doesn't feel complete without Stucky :)
Its unfortunate that Laura San Giacomo and Hector Elizondo never got to say anything. Typical Matt Lauer interview,stinks as usual.
A Cherished Gem
Love Richard Gere especially in Officer and a Gentleman and love Julia Roberts especially in Steel Magnolias.
Talia al Ghul
Where their characters are at today..... Edward Lewis is a more powerful CEO. Rather than raiding companies, he's become a big philanthropist after he retired from ship building, Vivian Ward-Lewis, still married to Edward, she was a socialite then she became a successful author of a biography called "The True Cinderella." Kit De Luca also left prostitution and still keeps a close friendship with Vivian. Thanks to Vivian, she became a fashion designer and married a successful actor. Barney Thompson, he went from being a hotel manager to running a successful online hotel booking site that rivals priceline.com. He was also good friends with Edward since he became his best man at his wedding with Vivian.
Michelle Mial
I was hoping that they would have done a part 2 to this. I wanted ro see the outcome after Edward came back for her.
Maria Maria
People complaining that Hector and Laura was ignored did not watch the end of this video. There is a part 2 where they were interviewed
Johnny Clash
I always had a theory that the last part of the film when he goes to her house in a limousine was all in her head probably because of some drug or something...it's too perfect of an ending,particularly after what the black guy on the street says "Welcome to Hollywood what's your dream?...So keep on dreaming".
Maui Dizer
I've been a fan of Julia Roberts since Pretty Woman. I love her genuine laughter.
M.Afreen Shreya
I just finished watching it for the 14th time :')
April Adkins
Still one my fav movies as a teenager and 46 now.
Quiz Master
those who are complaining Hector and Laura did not get a chance to speak, please watch 7:40 onwards and watch till the end.....😑
mercy mallari
Richard was obviously adores julia looking her frequently 😊❤
Everybody looks so old...
Evelyn Rubia
The cast looks amazing I think Hector has always been so attractive Love the movie then and now Classic
Paris Chanel
Julia Roberts is GORGEOUS she's aging really good I LOVE HER Pretty Woman is one of the best movies
By far my favorite movie.
Cathy Gruman
Love Pretty Woman, love Julia and Richard, but they didn't include the other two in the conversation. :(
Jai j
Where's George Constanza?...always late..lol
Genivalda Alencarde Oliveira Oliveira
Now 27 year👀 Julia Robert os beautiful👍
Bella B
Love this movie 😍😍
this movie was Disney??? lol whaaat
Rodoula Doulos
Aguy I know looks exactly like Richard...and yes...I do go weak in the knees when I see hiim!!!!
Tim Tobias
Favorite scene, Laura breathing on the desk. " 50 bucks grandpa, for 75 the wife can watch!!! " LMAO!
Elvira Dela
Great talk and great energy between them. So lucky to see this reunion! I love them all.
ann landers
Julia Roberts has a big mouth. Literally.
Maxula Pretto
Richard Gere was handsome but Julia was a knock out!!
Calibri The Skeleton
Richard is my favorite 💜
Desi D
why did they bring on the other lady and wont even include her in he conversation? and where is the guy that played richard's lawyer?
Nithi Anandhakumar
I love Richard so much after watching this movie. Very handsome.
They met in Richards Apartment Gary Left The Room A Julia Gave Richard A BJ And The Rest Was Movie History ! Movie Business Magic !
Gary Hawkins
So, TODAY, why haven't you posted Part 2 of this interview? It would have been nice to hear Hector and Laura get into the conversation.
Noor Sihan
one of my favorite movie.. yeaaahh.. I was only 10 that time!
I miss Garry Marshall. Best Director. What a legend. ❤️
Willie Finn
when julia smiles all the lights come on......all the big stars have their special trick...that`s hers.
I just watched it for the tenth time on Easter
[ 76b ]
i don't know why i love the Pretty Woman movie i watched maybe more than 10 times in my live and i still want watch it again this movie is an icon such as the Friends Series
Albert Kerpi
The most wonderful film of great staff and actors 🤗
Rual Smith
Laura didn't get to speak once. I didn't like that. She was precious in that film.
Adriana X
Richard gere LEGEND #so handsome
Jennifer Barnard
Iconic film Richard and Julia's chemistry is great. Love this film
waleed alawadhi
Richard gere never changed
Julia Mccamman
My favorite scene was when Kit comes to Hotel and older couple is at Reception desk and Kit says, $50.00 Grandpa! ,for $75.00 the wife can watch!
Francesca Guglielmi
Laura was never asked anything, poor woman!
Get In
Where is the rest of the reunion footage?...never seen any.