Full Body Stretch Yoga - 30 Minute Flexibility & Deep Stretch Workout

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Full Body Stretch Yoga - Cole's 30 Minute Beginners Yoga workout, is perfect for you complete beginners, & advanced yogis! This 30 Minute Yoga class will Stretch your back, lower back, neck, shoulders, hamstrings, and leave you more flexible, and feeling relaxed. Learn How To Safely and Holistically heal pain in your lower back, upper back, neck & shoulder, and even sciatica pain with this Follow Along, Instructional Yoga Video. Certified Yoga Instructor, Cole Chance from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video. OUR WEBSITE /> BECOME A PATRON & SUPPORT OUR VISION /> Check out some of other fan favorites of Cole’s: Cole’s Morning Yoga For Beginners - Gentle & Relaxing Yoga for Energy /> Cole’s Full Body Stretch Yoga - Total Body Yoga Workout with Beginners Poses! /> Cole’s Bedtime Yoga - 20 Minute Calming & Relaxing Night Time Flow /> Yoga TX website: />FaceBook: />Google +: />Twitter: />Tumblr: />Instagram: /> Cole's playlist: /> Music by Jim Butler: /> © Copyright 2015 YogaTX. All Rights Reserved.

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Jessica Gammie
Discovered that I CANNOT wear my hair in a bun while I do yoga or else my cat will attack it while I'm in downward dog.
Garlic Girl
This was wonderful for me a not so new but not advanced or even intermediate person. I felt I could do this. I feel so much better. I was anxious and tight in muscles. Feel lose in body and mind now. Thank you. Good instruction.
Fefe Desaulniers
it was so soothing to be interrupted by two Kevin James movie trailers during this routine.
This was my first ever time trying yoga. I would consider myself very "athletic", I gym 5 days a week, run multiple times a week. This workout had me in so much pain (the good workout kind). It's a whole different kind of fitness and flexibility required. I never realised just how tight my calves where until I was supposed to be doing hamstring stretches and couldn't get a stretch because all I could feel was calf. I think I might have found a new sort of workout to incorporate into my routine, I was working muscles I didn't even knew I had during this routine.
+Yoga TX,THANK you so very much! You are so natural at this. I've tried working with so many other videos but stop in mid air. Your energy is so gentle and easy. Wonderful instruction! Peace and love
T Evs
this hurt like hell, but i needed it. Im one of those computer guys...
blogby day
Great yoga instructor. Thanks for it!
Alice-Faye W
I own teaspoons more flexible than my legs, the amount of times I have to stop and stand up/kneel down is ridiculous. Can't wait to see that improve.
Kat Musni Fitness
Cole is the coolest!! ^_____^ Thank you so much for another amazing class! <3
lee fraser
I love how you explain also how "not" to do things Cole ! This is an amazing free video and a gift to us beginners. I watch your videos first to learn the movements -then follow the next day... I say oomph or aaaaa at many , especially the cobra 😱 fantastic job Cole .. Thankyou so much
I did a full body workout yesterday and was so sore when I woke up...this soothed my muscles and my body feels super relaxed now : ) Thank you and I hope everyone reading this has a splendid day!
I have noticed that a lot of instructors will talk for a long period of time after they say to take an inhale. lol So for a while there I was holding onto my breathe while they finished talking then would be out of breathe. So I learned to go with my own breathe. Inhale while lengthening and exhale while releasing.
Paolo N
i really enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing.
One of the most relaxing stretching videos I've found, perfect after a workout!
Tom Scott
Thank you Cole for killing my hamstrings. Hurts so good :)
Hello! Always love your videos! Really opened up my back. Hey Youtube! Don't put 2 commercials in while the video is playing. It messes up my flow!
Ellen Fussell Policastro
I have started yoga many times. This is the first time I've stuck with it. Thanks for all the video choices, time lengths, and great stretches!
Desdemona Faye
I loved that neck stretch!!! I felt so relaxed
Jen M
This felt amazing! Thankyou so much!!!
I just had my first massage and she positioned me in this stretch 3:30 then told me I need to work on flexibility and range of motion. Might have to try this yoga video
that was first time practicing with you so thank you was wonderful good deep stretch cant wait to try another session. Yoga is very addictive i keep craving more :)
Wow what a great workout and great teacher! Good stretches without feeling too strenuous. I feel so relaxed after doing it. Gonna do this regularly!
Rachel Ann Eades
This was really great! I'd love a yoga practice/meditation to help with depression. When I'm not feeling well I end up spending a lot of time in bed which makes my body feel worse and continues the cycle. This really helped though!!
Floor van de Velde
Fantastic adjustments. There were many things I was doing wrong for so long. Namaste!!!!
Jennifer Ford
You're so awesome! I'm a beginner, and this video was perfect. Love the way you describe the poses. super helpful! :D
lisa b
good stretched pyramid was hard
Rhonda Nesbitt
Hello and thank you from the bottom of my spine ;-).. My left femoral nerve has been pinched for about 3 weeks. I have been stretching everything I could think of to get to the root of the problem. Some stretches helped a little but nothing freed up my hips like this routine of yours. You can believe I will continue to work out with you. If you are ever in the Denver area please look me up ( I owe you a massage at no cost) at Praising Palms Massage. Thank you thank you thank you. I can walk again with less pain and stiffness and more freedom. Rhonda
Max P Visuals
great thank you from barcelona :)
Lala B
Nice, woke me right up, thanks!
Amy Zaragoza
Just completed this, thank you😁
Jalan Grady
I am 5'10", 140lbs and these stretches were great after I did my kick-boxing. I will be adding this video to my workout collections. THANKS.
Annette Hoiseter
This is great! You are really pleasant to listen to and easy to follow ^^ Thank you.
Isabel Devia Gavini
I'm in love with this routine! I'm doing it every morning and it feels so good to start the day with it. Great teacher too! Thanks a lot <3
I greatly appreciate the direct, focused, and clear approach. I find myself feeling the wonderful stretches much more fully when not distracted by the chatter of some yoga videos. I wasn't aware that the more talky videos took away from my practice until feeling so great during and after watching yours. Thank you, and please don't change your style of presentation!
Scout Fowler
This feels gooooood
clara m
great teacher!!!
Jeannette Marie
This is great, been barbell training for over six months now, felt really tight in my entire body, first yoga i ever did, feels awesome! Thanks Cole!
Stuart Ford
Looking good Cole!! I have no flexibility whatsoever. This year we change that :-) greetings from Aus!!
Pamela Guaicochea
Awesome flow! Thanks Cole 😄
Margaret Hardy
awesome workout!!
john bohlinger
Thank you. Just what I needed.
McFraneth Fradet
My cat was demanding to be stroked during this... Typical!
Amarildo Fecanji
Thank you 😊😊😊
Florinda Sznol
Thank you for this and all yours videos.
Abre Letras
I woke up late for my yoga class, so you did my routine. So I am flexible and happy. Thank you very much, from Mexico.
Lesley Agams
Amazing. This felt great and I've discovered lots of new things. Thank you!
It was totally amazing
Candace Hitchcock
Excellent!!! Once again . . :-)
Stephan Obadia
Merciii ! Your class had a long lasting magic effect on my body and soul.
John Conner
My wife and I loved your Deep Stretch Workout.
Every Day
Damn you are hot baby!
Tracy Raven
Thank you.. new to yoga and this is an excellent routine which is slow enough to follow but challenging at the same time.. 🌼🌼🌼
Seph Mist
Ah great. I just did this as morning yoga and it feels so refreshing
my hamstrings are far too tight and really restrict any posture that involves them including down dog even
JGS Music
I want my woman to be a yoga instructor one day. They are always the sexiest and seem to take care of themselves the most.
Silver Winter
Wow, this was great! My favorite yoga/stretch video I've seen so far. Really enjoyed it, thank you. c:
So nice! If my phone didn't die around 17min I would have done it all.
Winky C
Best and nice stretch , easy to perform at home for a relax.
Andra Hibbert
I would love a practice that focused on self-compassion.
Beaumont Anderson
I HATE OREGON! They just interrupted this yoga session three times with their stupid ad.
I am not flexible at all, so a week ago I decided to start doing all kinds of stretching flexibility exercises every morning before work. My question is, should I may be do this video only, every morning until I will get more flexible or should I do different stretching videos like I do now? Thank you! :)
M.A. Logan
I loveddddddddd this sequence. I've been doing a yoga challenge for this month and was becoming so frustrated because of the style of other YouTube teachers. But yours was very creative, you talked through it, had great visuals and learnings and it didn't seem like a tedious chore. It felt like I was doing my body well. THANK YOU! New subbie!
Am I the only one who found it hard to follow the on screen instruction whilst doing these exercises? Had to keep looking up and interrupting the movement :/
gold lion
tried so many other yoga videos but yours are the best, Cole :)
Thank you Cole!!! I added this to my faves and will be doing it again today, I am having so much lower back and hip/bursitis pain today and this helps relieve!!!
This was so good, thank you!
Caitlin Pickett
That was an amazing deep stretch! My back and shoulders feel so loose now, thank you & namaste
Shell S
Oh, those were wonderful stretches! Thank you😊 Namaste
Thomas Grabowski
Cole you are a sexy woman and an amazing yoga instructor. Thank you for the yoga class :)
Alethea Vespa
Perfect for this day. I hope to join you in central America next year. Namaste
Thank you Cole.!
636 OC
where in asia did u go Cole?
cinnamon girl
Cole, you are fantastic! Love the music in the background too! Thank you...
Maryam M
thanks you so much. my body really needed this.
Alicia Madden
How on earth is your hair styled? I love that look, how did you do it, what's that called? Please! I have lush brunette hair but I want to do something expressive with it the way you have it!
Duncan Emery
What an interesting flow my energy feels much more activated than it has in other yoga videos Ive done, plus I feel worked out! Love this!!
the gameing Fox
better than the gym :)
The Jones'
Joshua Richardson
Thank you! I would love to see a morning (accidentally nearly sent boring!) Yin :)
Is it ok to do these exercises on the fists instead of on the palms? Very nice video, I feel so much better! Thank you.
Elizabeth D.
very relaxing and as I'm getting back into my work out routine after a few months off, I found it a little challenging but still doable
Olivia pappas
"computers are trying to kill us"
10/10! AMAZING stretches that calmed me and really stretched everything. My back feels looser than ever, my arms are relaxed, and my legs stretched farther than ever, and felt the burn! Loved you and this video! Also, that yoga area is goals :)
Nicola Benvenuto
cool ;)
Amazing class. This is the first one I’ve done in years, and first one at my house in the country. Doing this class, looking at the birds and tree’s through my window, it was very amazing. Once that I know I will ‘stick with’ the yoga I will subscribe. I’m going to try my best to stick with it, for sure!.
Thank you for this video. I will start this tomorrow, you look great, have a blessed day.
Vanessa Delgado
This was my first time doing yoga! THANK YOU<3 I am now hooked! love from a fellow Texan <3
This was such a beautiful practice that has really calmed me. It was really helpful being carefully talked through each pose slowly and being reminded of each variation when I couldn't quite reach a certain position. Thankyou. Namaste.
Khaled Darwish
hello and thanks for this video but I want to ask please I have been suffering from neck pain and between shoulders and when I did these yoga exercises in the video ..the pain increased !!! could you advise me please? I have to take some antibiotics or painkiller for example????
Yoga is like ASMR for muscles for me. I felt so relaxed I thought I was going to fell asleep doing more relaxed poses. Total bliss.
thank you for doing this! :)
jenna ammons
I really liked the instructor and routine was beautiful and relaxing :) just wished it was longer
That was great.  Thank you for that!
Nisha Gupta
this is exactly what I needed today after my first marathon yesterday! Thank you so very much! Its a great video ! Please keep it up.
Fely Y
just finished and I am sweating, feel so warm.