Full Body Stretch Yoga - 30 Minute Flexibility & Deep Stretch Workout

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Full Body Stretch Yoga - Cole's 30 Minute Beginners Yoga workout, is perfect for you complete beginners, & advanced yogis! This 30 Minute Yoga class will Stretch your back, lower back, neck, shoulders, hamstrings, and leave you more flexible, and feeling relaxed. Learn How To Safely and Holistically heal pain in your lower back, upper back, neck & shoulder, and even sciatica pain with this Follow Along, Instructional Yoga Video. Certified Yoga Instructor, Cole Chance from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video. 🎁 RECIEVE A FREE GIFT - 1HR YOGA FLOW 🎁 /> ✨ OFFICIAL YOGATX APPAREL ✨ /> 😍 NEW EXCLUSIVE 1-HOUR LONG FLOWS AVAILABLE 😍 /> 🙏🏽 SUPPORT YOGATX & HELP US MAKE NEW CONTENT 🙏🏽 /> ❤️ NEW BACK PAIN RELIEF YOGA ❤️ /> Check out some of other fan favorites of Cole’s: Cole’s Morning Yoga For Beginners - Gentle & Relaxing Yoga for Energy /> Cole’s Full Body Stretch Yoga - Total Body Yoga Workout with Beginners Poses! /> Cole’s Bedtime Yoga - 20 Minute Calming & Relaxing Night Time Flow /> CONNECT WITH US: ____________________ YOGATX website: />FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: />TUMBLR: />____________________ 🎁 🎁 WHERE DO WE GET OUR YOGA PANTS? 🎁🎁 Check out our YOGATX digs store: /> 🔹🔹🔹🔹 YOGA PROPS 🔹🔹🔹🔹 🔹BLOCKS: />🔹STRAP: />🔹MAT: />🔹BLANKET: />🔹BOLSTER: /> 🔹🔹🔹🔹 EQUIPMENT WE USE 🔹🔹🔹🔹 🔹CAMERA: />🔹LENS: />🔹MIC: />🔹LIGHTS: /> 🙏🏽 SUPPORT OUR WORK 🙏🏽 Your donations help us make better content /> Music by Jim Butler: /> © Copyright 2015 YogaTX. All Rights Reserved.

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T Evs
this hurt like hell, but i needed it. Im one of those computer guys...
Fefe Desaulniers
it was so soothing to be interrupted by two Kevin James movie trailers during this routine.
This was my first ever time trying yoga. I would consider myself very "athletic", I gym 5 days a week, run multiple times a week. This workout had me in so much pain (the good workout kind). It's a whole different kind of fitness and flexibility required. I never realised just how tight my calves where until I was supposed to be doing hamstring stretches and couldn't get a stretch because all I could feel was calf. I think I might have found a new sort of workout to incorporate into my routine, I was working muscles I didn't even knew I had during this routine.
Jessica Gammie
Discovered that I CANNOT wear my hair in a bun while I do yoga or else my cat will attack it while I'm in downward dog.
I have noticed that a lot of instructors will talk for a long period of time after they say to take an inhale. lol So for a while there I was holding onto my breathe while they finished talking then would be out of breathe. So I learned to go with my own breathe. Inhale while lengthening and exhale while releasing.
lee fraser
I love how you explain also how "not" to do things Cole ! This is an amazing free video and a gift to us beginners. I watch your videos first to learn the movements -then follow the next day... I say oomph or aaaaa at many , especially the cobra 😱 fantastic job Cole .. Thankyou so much
Garlic Girl
This was wonderful for me a not so new but not advanced or even intermediate person. I felt I could do this. I feel so much better. I was anxious and tight in muscles. Feel lose in body and mind now. Thank you. Good instruction.
I did a full body workout yesterday and was so sore when I woke up...this soothed my muscles and my body feels super relaxed now : ) Thank you and I hope everyone reading this has a splendid day!
Amy Zaragoza
Just completed this, thank you😁
Bill Goldschein
love your work esp your attitude and insights follow you alot thanx But indoor or out in the park with the wind the sound could be better other instructors do better at Yoga TX talk around
I own teaspoons more flexible than my legs, the amount of times I have to stop and stand up/kneel down is ridiculous. Can't wait to see that improve.
I greatly appreciate the direct, focused, and clear approach. I find myself feeling the wonderful stretches much more fully when not distracted by the chatter of some yoga videos. I wasn't aware that the more talky videos took away from my practice until feeling so great during and after watching yours. Thank you, and please don't change your style of presentation!
blogby day
Great yoga instructor. Thanks for it!
Virginia Swift
fantastic stretch .. my whole body feels awake & rejuvenated. I'm saving this one, thank You, Cole. Great workout.
Cassidy Stelling
this was amazing! I feel very relaxed and i'm going to be starting off my mornings watching your videos from now on(: thank you so much!
Rachel Ann Eades
This was really great! I'd love a yoga practice/meditation to help with depression. When I'm not feeling well I end up spending a lot of time in bed which makes my body feel worse and continues the cycle. This really helped though!!
Jillian Pingrey
I have been looking for a yoga video to do, that I could ACTUALLY do, I absolutely loved this one!!! Thank you!!!
Stephan Obadia
Merciii ! Your class had a long lasting magic effect on my body and soul.
The Evolution of Natural Talent
Perfect yoga session to start my day. Your a great yoga instructor... I look forward to the next session...Many thanks for sharing this gift with us! Blessed Be!
Virginie Hebert-Menard
This is my me-time at the end of the day (my 3-month old keeps me pretty busy). Perfect for streching those forgotten muscles. Love all your videos :)
Floor van de Velde
Fantastic adjustments. There were many things I was doing wrong for so long. Namaste!!!!
Jamie Maharaj
Press up into cobra aaand trigger back spasm which causes me to squirm like a worm on a hot pavement. Besides that unfortunate moment this has to be the best full body yoga video I've watched, keep up the good work :D.
Christopher Lawnsby
Awesome practice. Thank you!
Hello! Always love your videos! Really opened up my back. Hey Youtube! Don't put 2 commercials in while the video is playing. It messes up my flow!
Thank you alot finally a class for beginners it was easy to follow along and it was really relaxing
One of the most relaxing stretching videos I've found, perfect after a workout!
C Grasser
Best yoga stretch routine I think I've ever done. Thank you! Saved my back.
Jodie L
There's too much time in this routine with your head down
kerina moorsteen
Cole Chance, I love your name, your stretches and routines. I used to do yoga nearly every day, and then spent 10 years away from it. Now I am so tight, I was hopeless to ever get back. But your video, (I couldn't face more than a half hour right now, and can't get myself out of the house to a class) has changed all that. Now I look forward to seeing you every morning. Thank you for giving me my body back. There are no words for my gratitude. (I hope your menopause goes better than mine, when you get there!)
Margaret Hardy
awesome workout!!
Morrison's Apothecary
Love, love, love this video and this channel. Keep up the great work!
Beautiful workout and so well explained. Thank you!!
clara m
great teacher!!!
Florinda Sznol
Thank you for this and all yours videos.
Thank you Cole this class was awesome, very well explained, relaxed, just what I need it Thank you thank you!!!! love
Pamela Guaicochea
Awesome flow! Thanks Cole 😄
lisa b
good stretched pyramid was hard
Fonny Meliana
Yoga tx bagus kwlas strecing
Annette Hoiseter
This is great! You are really pleasant to listen to and easy to follow ^^ Thank you.
Alejandro S
Ah great. I just did this as morning yoga and it feels so refreshing
Veronica Bartlett
Your yoga videos are amazing! Eager to participate every day! Thank you so much!
Woah this was awesome for strength and flexibility in my back, haven't worked it that much in any yoga vids before, thanks Cole!
Sari Mayer
Cole, you are amazing! Thank you!!
This feels gooooood
Vinai Uthipratuma
It's been a while since I've been in practice. Thanks for creating an approachable and relaxing beginner workout here.
Livy Lou
One of the best stretch and relax while strengthening videos I've ever seen/done! Thank you!!! <3 Blessings
Kat Musni Fitness
Cole is the coolest!! ^_____^ Thank you so much for another amazing class! <3
Alexander Bennett
Very good for what I needed.
kay boulton
loved it, thank you :)
Iron Wrath 444 - Doomsday Yoga
Roberta Schinocca
Thank you, really helpfuI! I improve my flexibility, and my back pain is much better!! I'd like (if is possible) some video just about breathe :) thx thx thx
Samantha McNamara
Fab practice - feel relaxed and open. Thank you.
Brooke Mooney
Thank you for this video Cole I've struggled with back pain for years and since I've started watching your videos I feel the best I ever have!
Mari S
My favorite yoga workout! Work perfectly for me :)
Jim McCarthy
This was great! I was looking for something to help me get more flexibility. The time flew by. Thanks Cole!
Daniela Bertoli
Thank you so much for sharing this. It was very helpful.
Karen Slocum
Great video! Favorited it for continued practice. Love the deep stretches, especially after a very long day at my desk!
Mary Beyer
I'm. A beginner and you explained things so well thank you so much! This felt great I'm going to keep going
Sara Farlow
Amazing practice this morning! love yogatx!
Don Mabley-Allen
Just discovered your work Cole, and I love your style - the timings, arrangement of poses, and specificity. I always feel great after one of your videos. Thanks so much!
Mathew Kelly
Thank you :) absolutely loved this ✨
Paolo N
i really enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing.
this was wonderful! thank you so much!
Kevin Bowden
great class , transitioned well for me - Thanks ☺
"Computers are killing us" So true!
John Conner
My wife and I loved your Deep Stretch Workout.
Paul Vecchione
Great pacing and tempo for the beginner. Wonderfully done.
This was great! I was wondering if any specific yoga workouts could be done to help relax after strength training/cardio?
Susana V. Urban
Thank you Cole for sharing this routine! I Love it! 💓
cinnamon girl
Cole, you are fantastic! Love the music in the background too! Thank you...
Shell S
Oh, those were wonderful stretches! Thank you😊 Namaste
Lonely Traveller
I very much loved the video and enjoyed practicing along. Thank you!
jenna ammons
I really liked the instructor and routine was beautiful and relaxing :) just wished it was longer
Kati Vernon
Love this set thank you :) will be my new go to morning routine, just what I needed.
Tom Young
Thank you! The extended side body really helped me :-)
Shawna Sherwood
Thank you!! I feel great afterwards😍😍💞💞
Thank you Cole.!
Dani Rhys
great meditative sort of workout. do you have a series of workouts that increase in complexity and difficulty? like a yoga course?
Yoga is like ASMR for muscles for me. I felt so relaxed I thought I was going to fell asleep doing more relaxed poses. Total bliss.
this was just what I needed. thank you!
Belina Sengmanyvong
Did some intense salutations yesterday and loved this routine this morning. Thank you.
Lis Christy
Really enjoyed the this. Thank you so much for sharing. Can you share with me where you got your shirt? I love it! :)
Atchima Ruekthavisuk
You amazing it's really help me stretch out my body. Thank you so much
Nisha Gupta
this is exactly what I needed today after my first marathon yesterday! Thank you so very much! Its a great video ! Please keep it up.
Thank you for the great, relaxing stretch routine! I am doing an intense workout program and I really need to improve my flexibility. This is great since there are so many ways to modify or deepen each stretch.
Catreeana Saunders
Cole I would like to thank you for you generous offering of the web class. Your teaching is wonderful and I slept so well after this Class. I give all day with my work, so being able to receive your gift at the end of my day helps me allot.Many Blessings to you. Much love from across the ocean.
Isabel Devia Gavini
I'm in love with this routine! I'm doing it every morning and it feels so good to start the day with it. Great teacher too! Thanks a lot <3
Andres Reyna
Super thank you so much!!!
Jalan Grady
I am 5'10", 140lbs and these stretches were great after I did my kick-boxing. I will be adding this video to my workout collections. THANKS.
Noah Dancaster
Very relaxing routine, thank you.
Rin Seguin
Amazing instructor!
nxo ovo
thanks for the video, always come back to now and then
Desdemona Faye
I loved that neck stretch!!! I felt so relaxed
Thank you. Cole, you are an amazing instructor. Bye bye sore, tight muscles:) I feel like a ninja after I do your sessions.
Caitlin Pickett
That was an amazing deep stretch! My back and shoulders feel so loose now, thank you & namaste
Amy KJ
Thank you for sharing this! You're very pleasant to listen to and watch, and easy to follow along with!
thank you for doing this! :)
Tom Scott
Thank you Cole for killing my hamstrings. Hurts so good :)
doggy position expert 9:11