Hot Fat Burns - Bizarre ER

Chef Jean Green's recipe for roast potatoes has turned into a recipe for disaster. After heating the oven up to 180 degrees, Jean had not realized that her husband had already put the fat in the pan, when she went to remove it from the oven the sizzling substance poured all over her arms. Check out more Bizarre ER at:

Brittany Taylor
I want to be a surgeon so I'm mentally preparing myself
I am surprised how calm she is, because as much as I can remember it hurts as hell.
She took roasting to the next level.
Lalisa Is My Cinnamon Roll
when she said not something you wanna save for your gravy I almost threw up.
Deep fried arm skin... nah, I'll stick to pork rinds
Paul larsen
dang she was calm for someone who has gigantic yellow... thing on her arms
jordan becknell
Did a potato fly around the room
donny youkhana
She's soo chill I would be like FUUUUUUUUCKCKCKCK! I would set the house on fire and watch it burn down
The roast yourself challenge gone wrong
how on earth did I get to this side of YouTube again??
After listening to how casual this woman was about her burns, and how she carried on cooking after getting hot oil all over her arms, I'm starting to notice a correlation between a woman's age, her skill at cooking, and how resistant to flames she gets. My mom is the same - superb at cooking, so she picks up hot saucers and pans without a care or even a hint that the temperature might be too uncomfortable. The control group here, is my dad and I. We're both terrible cooks, and whine at the slightest of burns.
Looks like Boomer arms/hands from Left 4 Dead.
Gabi Fabela
TBH I almost puked .-. I dunno why I keep watching this stuff
I love the way she says, "it was a bit of a shock, it was hot"
I love popping blisters when I get them lol I'm weird. I also enjoy popping pimples and what not.
Wow, I just realized she started to look like a Boomer from Left 4 Dead xD
Anyone realize that Martha from doctor who is narrating this
Jan von Studnitz
What a lovely sight! *pukes endlessly on the keyboard*
Joni I
Did the narrator really just give us a recipe for burning ourselves? 😩
Yotoo Shows
I must say every episode i see people stay calm and laugh if that was me i would have passed out or rolled on the ground crying i'm
And this is why we stay in our rooms kids... Stupid outside world...TAKE IT AWAY PENNY!!!!!!!!-_- like this comment if you get this reference
Holly Smith
i felt like puking... but yet i couldnt look away
Well really shes lucky the oil didnt burn her lips when it landed straight in her mouth and damaged her teeth.
Olivia C
I love how she continued to eat her roast dinner what a trooper
l didn't want to eat today anyway
This Lady should of played a role in the new Hunger Games movie .. for the gas scene!! O.o
Natalia Smith
How is she laughing id be like ''OW WTF ARE YOU DOING TO MEH ARM'' yep I know I'm weird
Sushi? Sushi!!
How is she so calm?
Is the audio out of sync for anyone else?
I wonder what Gordon Ramsey would think of her dedication?
Crazy Hans
Second degree burns, still eats roast dinner like a champ. Hot damn she's got girl balls.
Brenda Jackson
They popped the blisters. When I got blisters all over my face (not as large of course) from the sun, I was told not to pop them not touch them
xXMrs MintyXx
Tbh they say cheesy jokes like "the doctor cane to see What's cooking" .... 😳
P Grapefruit
Tries to help you by making blisters, but instead can lead to an amputation
Rosie Carlisle
Is this out of sync for anyone else?
How is she so positive???
I feel like I ate drugs what I ate: 2 BIOGLAN KIDS GUMMIES MULTIVITMIN for BOYS and 1 Nature's Way Kids Smart Gummies VitaminC + Zink yep :/
All these great blisters in random vids and seeing them not drained or popped in a good way is frustrating.
Hannibal Lecter Approves.
Delightra RainbowRiver Cardeanne
I'd be in AGONY. She's a tough chick.
Rebecca Newby is not a reassuring nurse name!
I can't believe how well she handled the pain! I don't think I would have done as well...
Ronald Grace Garcia
How come they can get to laugh with those serious injury
Only Brits can be as stoic and good humoured with all these wacky things.. "so burnt my arms to a crisp let's wrap it up so I can go back and finish my meal then.. "
Alexandra Lumerman
Thank you for making it one video instead of 2 or 3!
When it said the Nurse's name, I thought she meant she was a newbie...
wtf go to the doctor asap when hot oils spills over you
either she is drugged up or has extremely high pain tolerance
Vixen Jay
It's the Boomer!
0x0anastasia0x0 MSP
A potato flu around my room 😂😂😂😂
Logan Delgado
The woman said "it was hot." Me -No it was ice cold!!!!
i dont have the guts to be a doctor or nurse. i can barely watch the video lol imagine it in real life
Sandy C
My son was 3 at the time and he grabbed a cup of coffee off the table and got third degree birns on his chest and they had to remove skin from his other arm and bottom to do skin graft on him.this woman is son is scarrd for life
Arlind Sadikaj
I hope this never happens to me or anyone as a matter of fact..... However if it happens I would pop those bad boys my self!!! And then go to the doctor
Brian Collins
What a champ! Finished cooking and ate her meal 😂
The people's lips and what they are saying don't match up. LOL.
Is that FREEMA AGYMEN that's the narrator?! (Martha Jones from doctor who)
Everlasting Spring
Seems like this lady lost 14 pounds off one of her arms.
Rob Fraser
I still can't make heads nor tails of this.  She heated the oven to 180 degrees just to take something out of it?  Not to mention her husband had put a pot of boiling oil in to the oven for some reason, this is sounding like Spy Vs Spy, I think they were trying to maim each other recklessly in some sort of Clusaue/Kato roleplaying mischief.
That pun though...
Dorian Andirijic
Im watching this while eating
Man that ladys tough If I got burns like that I would be freaking out and asking if they have to cut it off
Jack Griffin
That was rude, putting pixilated booming noises to her walking at the end of the video as if she shakes the ground as she walks.
Z J.
2:26 someone in the background is screaming help over and over, and they're just being super calm ahhaha
is it weird that I felt like popping those pus filled blisters?
Isaak penunuri
2:30 whats up with the screaming lol
Devian Gaming
What if someone left that 'juice" inside the staffs fridge and someone thought it was honey sauce and used it and ate it.
one time i kicked a smoke bomb with sandals on then the smoke bomb got wedged between my toes and sandal... i was nicknames smurf toe for 2 months and had 3rd degree burns
Kyla Puyat
roast yourself challenge
Oodles Gambino
"Nurse Rebecca Newbie" I don't want a noob treating my blister burns
iTexasGirl Growtopia
This happened to me except it was on my thighs and it was probably worse lol!!!!! I was 8 and I spilled ramen noodles on myself lol
Taze Hellfire
2:28 dem sounds do
Wait Wait, Pop the Blister, Better Cover my Eyes!
Mocha Princess'
didn't any one hear someone giving birth in the back ground 😂😂
Poor thing :(
Hannah Chase
Lesson for everyone who interferes with someone else's cooking unbidden: BUTT. OUT.
Banana Chan
Why is that one lady at the beginning of every video for these?
Basil II 'The Bulgar Slayer'
I soo much wanna pop those bubbles, but I almost threw up at the same time.
TypeONegative 1377
That ending o-o
Gaming KaYz
At 2:30 listen to the sound on the background
Leon Troffigue
She seemed pretty calm about all this
Brave Woman
Nearly burns arm off, whatever, need to finish cooking.
I had blisters on my knee like that, MUCH SMALLER THOUGH, and it was from liquid nitrogen 😓
killer cows
this happened to me so I was playing with fire and I lit a dorito on fire and wind blew the fire and the fire burned my finger to a crisp and so then I got tackled by 4 year olds it hurt plus I never new that doritos were so flammable LOL
My Life As Chynna
Holy damn that must of hurt. I couldn't imagine touching them. Everytime I touch a blister or anything, I feel as if I will pass out.
Animationz Pixel
Small Potaterz
When i see these thumbnails GOD PLS DE DEVIL IS BLINDING ME OOOOO
Erla Dís Ólafsdóttir
Ouch :1 but them puns tho :3👍(I left the like here because if I give any you tube video a like my Iphone will lagg so friggin much)
she burnt fats to the next level..
Pamela Neff
I've had blisters like that except mine was from a sunburn
Claire Bacchi
That poor lady. She was so brave. I hope she never gets a burn again!
that's it im never cooking ever
Molly Smith
Omg its Martha from dw
Wrong Answer
I will never cook again
I followed the instructions... Thank you for giving me third degree burns
Professor Newbie
Mary Tate
Hiram Valdes
Reminds me to left4dead