Vampire Diaries 2x06 Athlete - Wires

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 6

Chrissan Lewis
Stelena forever and ever😍😍
Even Delena fans cried watching that scene. Be honest.
Maurice King Jr.
When you come here after watching the season 8 finally for old memories 🔥💙
I cried my eyes out in this scene, I love stelena with all my heart and soul ❤️
Stelena :( ♥
Nellie Beicker
DELENA is endgame... But i dammit i cried during this scene
Damon Salvatore
Very few Stelena shippers are left so the ones that remain MUST STAY STRONG! Stelena forever I am loyal 😍
Ingrid Amaya
When I see the scene or hear this song I start crying Stelena forever and ever no matter what. #stelena forever <3
I'm always team Stefan, I don't know why I just know that Him and Elena are going to end up together, they belong together❤️
Andrea Estrada
hey escusemee
doesn't matter stelena or delena...everyone deserves love ...and when you have to go away from the person you love it hurts a lot...
Aamna Instagram
in this scene where Stephen does is so sad ...... I cried 😭😭😭😭
Sofia Pontes
am i the only one getting pretty depressed and sad after listening this song? 
night mare
I cryed so hard. This scene kills me everytime
Salma Malik
These scene broke my heart into pieces and I'm still hurt that she chosed Damon after all of this
Rose Mata
I love this song and the vampire diaries <3
Danielle Silva
amo essa música 😍
Alenea Wagner
Yea I will admit I cried at this scene too lol. love TVD
Karen Keilley
love this anyway tvd makes it better xx
Dalal Ibrahim
OMG this scene 😭😭
Nilton Azevedo
música foda <3
Sheylla Maciel
amo essa música Stelena
Autumn Mccatty
Stefan is meant for elena. Her and damon r not. Yall need to starr believing in fate
I just love the song. Forget vampire diaries
Kamila Guzmán Ortiz
i'm delena but my stelena heart in this scene was broken!😢
poor damon, i to know the sting of being in love with a woman who loves another
Klaudia Grobl
Because they are awsome !!
Them breaking up was inevitable. Sorry Stefan she's not meant to be with you.
Zoe Gutierrez
I cried its was heart breaking but I go for delena
I don't know how many times I have hit the replay button!
Such a good song, such a good scene ;) I'm totally a Delena shipper, but seeing Stefan cry was heart breaking, I balled.
emeline gallois
no delena yes stelena
I love the music in TVD
the way he says wires is a little weird :/
Everytime i hear this song, i cry.
For some reason I think of Klaus singing and playing this when I hear this.
한숭라 loves ONLY BTS
Love this song :)
Summer Passeos
when stelena split i cry evertime
Yuri Franklin
Chynna Stewart
I cried like a baby at this part...
Jessica Figueiredo
When I see the scene or I listen the music I always cry ! Stelena <3 forever and ever ... <3 Team Stefan <3
this song has soul, like real soul!
Aiden lee
yet you clicked on the video with the picture of VD.....yeah okay.
could some1 tell me what version of the song this is?
Vanessa Miller
Wahnsinn, Gänsehaut pur, dieses Lied. Hab es gerade seit langer Zeit mal wieder im Radio gehört, der Effekt war einfach umwerfend...
This song was written by Joel Pott (lead singer), about his daughter who was born prematurely. If any one wanted to know the meaning behind it.
Shirley Martinez
The Vampire Diaries Brought Me Here -3
Music teacher:what's youre type of music Rock,RNB... Actually TVD type sir
there's no one LOL
thumbs up if vampire diaries wasn't the reason for you listening to this song
Georgia Hach
Ohhh Ich heule ja gleich los! Aber ein sehr sehr tolles Lied und eine so verdammt geile Stimme!
Diane Gomes
Ela é perfeita ^^
wikaa monic
diese musik ist richtig hamma aber sehr traurig..:DDD
Bruna Valandro
Ok, I confess I cried when I saw him crying.
Bruna Valandro
Isn't he cute? I feel like hugging him until I die :( hahaha
The part where Elena is calling it off with Stefan. v_v
Season 2 Episode 6... (around the end) /watch?v=jmXk1ZUumxA
Because vampire diaries is the best. :)
Ellie Lewis
When this song plays when stefan and elena break up I nearly cry everytime!
nour mandouh
best show ever made
best songs best show
ally tran
i love stefan and elena....
Do You Believe In Magic
Me gusta
Richard Acuñ C
Muy Buena Cancion
@ZINNYE Seeing Stefan cry made me say "awww, he's crying" a sad way. >_>
I cried although the fact I saw this scene three times. This song is awesome. Moving. Such as all the songs from TVD!
Matt Gurung
Seeing Stefan crying is just breaking my heart...
Sini Kangasniemi
@TheTimeIsaRunaway elena and stefan brakeup
Hilal Mert
which scene is that?
Annalisa Paris
ma questa è la canzone della scena di finale di tyler quando scopre che mason è andato "via" in florida?
this song is amazing! this scene made me cry so much ;(. The Vampire Diaries is a phenomenal show with incredible actors, actresses, and songs!!! :) BEST SHOW EVERR!!!! ;D
I love the song...but the scene is verry sad
Tyllah Rose
I love Chris Mollere.
so looking forward to the new season can't wait for this week to be over so next week can start already!
Bianca Souza
A música mais bonita para o casal mais bonito ♥♥
Ariyana Ann
Stefan crying made me cry😭😭
Anna Brito
I'm broken 💔😞
Aoibheann Doherty
I'm a Delena shipper. But this scene made me cry so bad.💔💔😭😭:(
Khasoa Sylvia
Stefan's cry face.
Maya Galvan
the vampire diaries😍
Andy Avilez
“I see it in your eyes, you’ll be alright” gang, gang ! 😛😎🙏🔥
Elisberto Barros Do Nascimento
I'm a fan of diaries of a vampire master I gave more!
Canal Join-Us
Anderson Sousa
its nice this US music
Stefanie G
Cauã Mendes
Jaylynn Rodriguez
Stelena ♥️♥️🙈❤️😭
ylr 12345
Qual é esse estilo de música? ??
i remember this scene... when stefan and elena broke up because katherine was tormenting her btw delena forever :)
Caro Amado
Delena a beautiful song.
Karen Keilley
love this anyway tvd makes it better xx
Tiago Bimmer
Team DELENA ❤❤
Charity Rich
Boring Stalena's break up scene 😂😂😂😂😂
lyrics symphony
Poor Stefan :(