Windows 10 Build 17733 - File Explorer, Your Phone, Game Bar + MORE

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It's been a while since our last build video, so this demo is going to incorporate the most noteworthy changes found in all the builds since 17711, including the updated dark mode in File Explorer, the new Your Phone app, and Game Bar changes! Subscribe to our Youtube channel: /> Follow us on social media: Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter:

tell MS to not load bloat again after YOU REMOVE IT omg please guys
Microsoft needs to hire proper UI designers/developers, their UI is hideous and inconsistent.
Plenty of people on deviant art done way much better job than this when it comes to 10 themes. They should hire them!
they should change file explorer to fluent design also. It would make everything seem so much better,
Why do I have 100% Disk Usage
Rassoul Edji
Instead of updating old assets they need to completely revamp them. They teased a full redesign of the File Explorer as part of their Fluent Design video but we are seeing nothing about that. They need to slowly but surely update everything in Windows to have the same consistent Fluent design starting with the File Explorer and the 59 different styles of context menus. I understand that they are different UI frameworks but updating them isn't solving the problem, its just postponing it. Take your time to completely unify all of Windows elements under one UI framework - better for Microsoft themselves in the long run and a better experience for the end consumer. They're making the same exact mistake Google made with Material Design. Laying out an amazing set of guidelines but doing a horrible job of following them themselves.
Deviant XS
I feel like it gets more inconsistent with every update, this update just looks even worse with broken "fluent design" elements.
File Explorer, whether in light or dark mode, should have Fluent Design!
So this is called 'New features' these days?
Why Microsoft made the dark theme for the file Explorer legacy version? Are they not working on the new UWP file Explorer as they showed us in the fluent design announcement video?
how many version of windows 10 do they need to kill the old control panel ... and the file explorer , i already saw a new one with fluent design why did they removed it
Dominik Seljan
Omg look at all the bloatware when the start menu is opened. This just shows how Microsoft is a sellout. This OS should be for professional use for christ sake.
I like Windows 10 *except* for the fact that you have to spend about an hour deleting all the crap, changing registry values, turning off nonsense features and services, and digging through menus hidden all over the place to finally make it feel like a familiar desktop experience. Since you have to do this after almost every update I've gotten quite skilled at it, but those are hours of my life I will never get back. Other than that it's a great OS though.
Narcis Margean
Bring back Windows 7
Suman Roy
As usual looks boaring. . See MAC file explorer is way better polished and looks great.
David Biate
Microsoft seriously need to redesign their icons. It's just so dated and yesterday. The recycle bin, the folder icons etc make it looks like part of Windows 10 is still living in the 90s.
Succy Succ Succ
macOS made a really good looking dank theme. And Windows? It's like a pile of trash piled onto another pile of trash. Microsoft should fire all their current UI designers and hire people from places like deviantarts. They should take note from Apple when it comes to UI design.
José Fernando Morera
Is Microsoft working on Tablet Mode? I mean the Surface Go look amazing... but it needs a better Tablet Mode so the UI works better.
Hammy Sammy
Ohhh look another update that adds a bunch of useless crap that installs itself even if I delete it. I really hope my copy of Windows 7 works when its finished downloading
Why the hell hasn’t fluent design been implemented yet at least in the file explorer and taskbar? I mean wtf was the point of revealing it so long ago if they weren’t gonna do it?? Windows continues to look sooo outdated
João Almeida
It’s been 3 years since W10 came out and still yet we don’t have a solid design. This File Explorer still looks terrible
Nicholas Zuccarelli
What a joke the Explorer looks like now. Should've kept it white and either started building a UWP version, or putting their effort into refining other areas of the OS, rather than creating an inconsistent mess.
Reedith Graham
Windows is getting pretty amazing loving the dark mode finally.
Carl Spiby
Another half-assed attempt by Microsoft, how hard is it to make the UI consistent?!
tapph tapph
Shauna Ymos
thanks for the update. . . .. .but windows 10 should have a feature to change folders as easily as FolderChanger. I use it to manage and organize my windows folders easily. Google "folderchanger" .. works great
I really hope the Fluent-designed File Explorer will show up soon.
Techno Arafat
No gaming improvements
Sybren Generic Surname
I think ms should just scrap windows, and redo it from the ground up. I think apple had to change two lines of code to add dark mode system wide...
Have they fixed the freezing on old pc? (Sorry for my english if i have write something wrong xD)
Windows 10 has the worst UI I've ever seen.
I would LOVE a Windows 10 theme that's like the one on the new Steam UI. Honestly, I think Windows would be better off if devs could independently make their own themes which could effect the UI, as opposed to just a wallpaper and a custom colour.
When will I be able to use Game Recorder with a gt 1030? I mean its above the minimum reqs, isnt it?
Microsoft is still fighting to implement a proper dark mode since 2015 while Apple did it in a year with macOS Mojave and it looks so much better and consistent than this, we are not asking them to apply it to third party apps, but system apps and other parts of the UI should be more consistent.
Faris Firdaws
That dark mode looks amazing, good to see finally some consistency coming in bit by bit
Bartosz Olszewski
I paid $100 for a broken system, what a joke.
Arian Mozafari
I don't know what the hell is Windows design team doing actually.. Everything is just half-baked and undone, even fluent design and XAML UI Islands don't help at all (note that reveal and most acrylic parts are gone in this build which is a big meh. Anyone remembers islands?). Dear Dona Sarkar, please stop releasing biannual updates and focus on polishing the UI first for god sake... macOS isn't even close to Windows in terms of features and usability, but people love it more because of its uniformed clean UI. * drops mic *
irsyad harfiansyah
They should build an entirely new explorer. Move bit by bit just like the settings that will replace control panel in near future.
Harrison Lamont
I understand that it's hard to change system applications to look better and be compatible with 1000s of devices, otherwise we'd have a launch of Windows Vista all over again, but I do feel that Microsoft is too focused on adding new features that most people will disable because it's new (e.g. My People, Sets). If MS focused on unification, that would make Windows 10 a much more appealing OS. Just look at that Game Bar! I, for one, think that looks pretty fantastic, and if everything could follow that or something similar, Windows 10 might actually be one step closer to looking alright.
How do they manage to break things like the acrylic effect in these updates, I can't see why they'd be messing with that at all just for a dark explorer theme? I can't work out how or why Microsoft seem to be having such difficulty in eliminating bugs, either those still present in Windows 10 or new ones introduced by updates. Did they fire all their QA staff or something?
Jamie Sharknado
Text box thing is going to be pretty handy with the surface go, and smaller tablets.
Viktoras K.
Lol task manager shows 100%cpu usage, but all apps shows 0% cpu usage. All apps closed, just task manager open. And when clicking performance tab, task manager stops responding and closes. Cpu is i5-7300hq
Wapper Jaw
So tire of MS blunders!!! This update refuses to let me change page file to a different drive. MS ... I DO NOT NEED NEW FEATURES ... JUST FIX YOUR DAMN SCREW UP BEFORE YOU ADD NEW FEATURES!!! Since I was having this issue ... I decide to format my drive and did a clean install of the new Windows 10 build ...etc. Which means I downloaded the new build with MediaCreationTool1809. I still have this issue!!!
CreativeGamer 03
When you keep seeing new builds of Windows 10 but your Windows 10 PC *still doesn't* fully download the update and install it, especially if it's around 90% and, after restart, back at 0%.
Thịnh Vương Quốc
dark mode in File Explorer but the fonts should be White instead of Grey. The Ribbon should have some animation and one more thing scrollbar should scroll smooth that make windows more synchronous
Max Mustermann
Microsoft should go and theme the title bar for other apps aswell.
such a mess
Does the phone thing work with with Windows Phones? (yes, I'm asking if a Microsoft app for connecting the phone to a PC work with Microsoft's own phone OS? That's the world we live in where that is a valid question)
I wish they'd improve tablet mode so it looks and feels more than Windows 8.1 :/
Jamie Megaputra
Is the update out yet?
Quantum breeze
Should. Upgrade to Windows 11
I hope windows also offer the ability to customize themes and Icons.
Raul Rojas
Which is fantastic... but i still prefer gnome ha!
Ugh they ruined the dark file explorer the nailed perfectly the FIRST TIME. Its not even dark anymore its all Gray, this is a gray theme not a dark theme, who on earth thought making everything gray would be a good idea? Not to mention this ruins battery efficiency on OLED monitors and OLED devices.
Kimoon Nam
Ugly file explorer looks even more ulgy Please MS! Redesign it to fluent design system
Scrollbar is not dark.
Kindle Fire
Abir Hasan
Windows sucks at designing ... and they are planning to charge on update 😂😂 then windows 10 will extinct like Windows phone
Youre Not From The Logang
This progress is pathetic.
Ygor Cortes
I wonder if they'll ever include the Fluent Design elements in the files manager app...
Chris theGeek
i could tolerate windows only on my work , on my home i don't want anything that has to do with microsoft , everything that comes from microsoft bores me as hell ! Thank you ms i'm good ! Apple Macs and linux are the only considerable options for me.
Joseph DiSalvo
Microsoft needs to start the ball rolling on making their user interface elements more modular - using variables changeable globally rather than baking everything in. It's so weird that it takes a multi billion dollar company years to change the theme of an OS one application, ONE DIALOG BOX, at a time.
IM Ibatuan
Have they fixed Windows10's incompatibility with legacy drivers? My laptop's brightness control, special fn functions and vga are all not working so i reverted back to Win7. I am using MSI CR430🤣
To be honest, Windows 10 is the most hacked together os I've ever seen with ui elements not matching nor proper way to implement stuff, tons of bloatware and unwanted bs along with updates that may uninstall critical drivers and cause the machine to show you a sad face instead of a proper error code. Don't get me started on their "E.T phone home" telemetry.. Honestly, Windows 10 doesn't need an update it needs update that replaces all excising UI elements instead of adding to an excising u.i from windows7...just saying..
Thomas Haulbert
Bonjour, encore une fois on notera un travail non fini pour le dark mode. Windows est très bien pour les travaux non finis. Un système non fini avec une interface graphique qui ressemble à celle des années 90....
indian scammer
Windows 10 already has a broken UWP file explorer so why update the old working win32 file explorer? I thought Microsoft wanted fluent design everywhere...
Not The One
The "My Phone" app probably won't work for me since I'm still using a Lumia 950xl. However, I use Onedrive for photos and I can already text from my PC through my phone so I'm not sure what this would do for me.
More importantly when do they finally manage to allow fluent scrolling like apple has already for ages. Stepwise scrolling is such a pain. Also the volume control on apple devices is much more fluid than on android/windows devices. The sound drivers are so much easier to use. The ASIO system for music producers is just terrible.
Steven Caldwell
Phone text messaging does work, in Cortana for Android. They show in action center and allow you to text also. I don't know why you can't get it to work within Your Phone though. Weird.
Prakhar Srivastava
Want help with issue Is anybody have a solution to the scroll bar problem it keeps on scrolling to top...very irritated with this problem and I have two laptops and both have this problem and both are updated to the latest build...????
They should just do away with old features such as control panel and bring everything into the new. Then make everything follow a strict design because everything is just inconsistent and ugly. The solid colours look horrendous sometimes. If everything was consistent then I'd be so happy. I mean sometimes the design choices are questionable. Mac just looks so much better and the same with android.
Shahbaz Shahin
Why don't they make the file explorer translucent as well? That would look fantastic. And i don't like the settings view at this build. The current public build covers all the settings option in one page which looks clean. This here it looks messy.
Danya Kid
Привет русскоговорящим
Even though everyone else is using windows 10, I'm still with windows 7, same with most school too.
Blue Jeans
I can spot so many bugs in file explorer dark theme (when Microsoft declared it "finalised") but this guy didn't even mention any of those. So much with Microsoft kool-aid?
Hey windows central when are the android integration features coming to windows like answering calls and sending messages that we saw previews of earlier in the year. Also you should be able to schedule windows to switch between light and dark my depending on the time of day
Brent Mifsud
macOS Mojave darkmode still destroys this. Why is is so difficult for Microsoft to implement this? It took one release for Apple to do it, whereas darkmode has been available in parts of windows 10 since around its release.
When does they bring white mode to task bar, start menu and action centre?
Hi Zac. Will File Explorer bring back Recent Places like in Windows 7? Does My Phone work with iPhone and Android phones?
Sebastian Hahn
Control Panel isn't legacy imo. A lot of options are missing or pared down in the "settings" app, and until that's rectified, Control Panel is still current.
Boe Dillard
Let me know if they get the master browser working - broken since CU. See a WORKING component that they broke is far far more important to me than an new emoji or a dark background or a paint program.
Ryū Beats
What you mean the Copy Dialog might not be dark??? Microsoft is terrible at Editing all that money and wealth, they never can get anything right.
Dániel Marton
Well it's looking a little unfinished for me, for example the logos should change in dark mode I think and things like that, but looks grat, at least my eye won't burn out every time I open file explorer.
Weird question, does anyone know how his folder icons looks "opened" while mine look like they are closed? and how can I change that
Jon SnowDZ
from where i should download the windows (redstone) sites(which better) ??????
Jānis Rišis
Windows getting worst, always some problems. why they don't include all good things from old os in one or optimize windows for older computers and tablets. Corporate shit.
Sunil Datla
But File explorer still doesn't have Transparency look. There is huge inconsistency in UI part.
Sampath M
can't understand why Windows designers are this bad? every Windows versions after W7 was really ugly. :(
They should change the folder icons to something modern.
Jayb Yorong
I miss WHITE UI. As in white #ffffff. Cant set on windows 10. And manipulating transparency . Hope they add those 2
I'm not getting that allow notification on my phone, don't know why, I've looked into fixes on the microsoft site but nothing worked.
Akeem B
Microsoft should just create a system wide dark mode. Everything white should be dark. That's how a dark mode should be.
Rishit Pallav
Cortana not working when you first turn on pc without internet
Thomas Haulbert
Hello again a work it finished representing well Microsoft windows world... something not finished looking like crap. It is a shame for the price we pay for it...
Does sets support middle clicking a folder to open in a new tab and keyboard shortcuts for a new tab (ctrl+t)?
Ludvig Holst
Do not under any circumstance change the File Explorer! I use it all the time! I wont be able to use it again :(
Tony Barrett
My my, if that's a fresh build, MS are really loading up the system with junk now aren't they! Can't get over how many junks apps are in the 'Explore' section in the start menu.
Danger Dan
I "upgraded" from Windows 10 to 8.1, best decision ever.