Stereophonics - Have a Nice Day - Isle of Wight Festival 2009

Stereophonics - Have a Nice Day. Apologies for the wrong title

I love you this the song
lane nebraska
OK, I really like this Tune and Rhythm! But the lyrics say nothing :-) It doesn't really matter what he's saying, as long as he gets to the chorus :-) So Have A Nice Day!
Steven McHugh
Nah, thats just how good they sound live :D
lee storm
i was ther mate they where bloody pukah best band ive seen live
I think they were lip syncing this concert
he said "nice" to someone after laughing at whatever they were doing lol wonder what that was?
was there, the 3rd time i have seen the stereophonics and was by far their best performance, highlight of the weekend was maybe tomorrow
Isle Of Wight Alternative Attractions
Pffft.. lol
Shauna Byrne
....yeah....this is Have A Nice Day not Dakota. :)