1971 Oldsmobile Delta 88 by Mario Barajas - LOWRIDER Roll Models 34

Keeping it in the family is what it's all about. Check out an all new episode of LOWRIDER Roll Models now! Music: Monument Valley by Brock Berrigan /> /> Classic by Jordyn Edmonds /> Alive by Marsnare /> Adrift by Joel Ceballos

Jerrett Whitelaw
The Delta 88 is clean. I like the rare cars thats hard to find. Thanks for your service
I've been waiting for this thank you guys this is the best show in YouTube
Aries Murillo
that’s my brother right there❤️!!!!!
rodrigo oliveira
Nice car one of the most beutiful oldsmobile ever made. Greetings from Brazil.
Martin Rodriguez
Ty for your service 👍great story & nice /clean ride....
Kimberley Espinoza
Super CLEAN! 👍 & that Burgandy interior! 😍😍😍
Stephanie Manzanares
Dream's do come true, listen to your ❤ I love Lowrider 👍🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nice clean ride. Semper Fi Oorah!
Barbosa Uribe
Awesome video !! Good job lowrider brother!! Thanks for your sacrifice .👍👍👍
I love the interior and it just goes perfect with the outside color. Amazing and unique build! Thank you for your service Sir. And may God bless you!
Amazing looking car man love the ingraving so nice 👍
Nice low rider👍🏾💯
Beautiful car. Thank you for your service. Keep doing Fresno proud ✊🏼
Jose Saenz III
You make the raza proud
Dan Na
Outstanding young man Outstanding !!!! Keep up the great work !!
Битній десятник
The worthy son of chicano folk!
Frank Hancho
Thank you for your service young man! You are an inspiration to all and god bless.
Jesus Bakle
I would like to say first off thank you for your service thank you for all you've done and continue to do mad respect and much love fellow lowrider enthusiast from the same neck of the woods Brother . My admiration and respect to you Always , Jesse Fresno cal. In a little place called calwa keep them lowrider roll models coming great videos
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First and foremost Thank you for your Services. Great story and a beautiful ride brother. That's my birth year 1971 I'm still looking for a car that year to build. I currently own a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon that I had on 13s But I'm rebuilding it better than it was before. Ride on brother.
Grasshopper plays guitar
Yes Sir. 🏆
Mark W
Bad Beast... Hard to Kill. Helluva $400 car.
Boris the Blade
Good story good job lucky man♠️
Ernesto Martinez
That was an awesome story if that doesn't inspire you nothing will God bless😎👌👍👊💯✌
👏👏👏👏👏👏Bonita ranfla, Bonita history
Daniel Castillo
Awesome story, thanks for sharing this
Harris Caldwelly
Yours remind me of my car but yours is WAY cleaner I had one of those 71 olds Delta88 4 door back in the day ..black with Tru's & Vogues not lowered though ..till a drunk driver took it out😢
Gilberto Cortazar
Awesome job on your success💪👍👏... Thanks for your services
trumps trigger finger
i have a 71 delta royale convertible ive thought of doing this to....will the big block 455 create issues with the hydraulics up front does anybody know??.....its heavy
Luis Esparza
Thank you for your service another great story and you have a beautiful ride man
Off the Hook Mario...A piece of ART work/CAR...To say the least...
I salute you ...thank you for following your dreams and being an inspiration to ours kids and all of us god bless
Ivan Wallace
Damn bro i had a 75 cutty charcoal gray...was the nicest low ive held but sold it so i could buy a truck for work..the delta brings back great memories for me...gracias por todo G!!!
Ima be the first lowrider roll model from Alaska💯
John Beer
i like that car is rare and nice big body🤔👏👏👏
Jwide Last
I've also been waiting for another episode. Thank you for making another! My kids love it too!
Louie Louie
Very Nice...Thank You for Serving the United States of America. Much success in your next career!!
Great car and human being!
Love this series!!💯
Memphis 2 Houston
Much Respect! Humble Salute
Sittin Low
Badass Video like Always! Much Love to MARIO!!! 💯 A True Rolemodel! 👊🏼
Nacho Hernandez
Thank you for your service and strength. God bless primo
Joel Alvarez
As a U.S. Army veteran i would like to thank you for your service and all that you do for your community.
Matthew Kline
I remember scene this guy...his car came a long way
I wonder if he fixed all of the weak points in that 355 olds. I hear they have alot of shortcommings as a engine but you can tell he wanted to keep as much original to the car as it came with.
El Fuego
👍 https://youtu.be/iA4OKrYM_iQ
Martin Hernandez
Thank you for your service beautiful ride
Amanda H
❤❤❤Oo-Rah for the lic.plate
Rudy Flores
Thank you sir for your service to our country
COlorado Grown
I love your story bro.
Janet Ferrell
Warren Buffett
Awsome ride
👍👍👍from Okinawa Japan.
old man
Ty for your service.
in shape wit ape fitness
Dat mf cold!
Tony D
Dammmm !!!! Abel Bs nephew wow I remember this guy as a young kid !!! I’m happy to see you doing the dammm thing You are a good choice for a role model bud !!!! Good luck at the Academy!!! I’m sure you will kick ass !!! Old Friend A. Delgado Delgots
lee soliz
Albert Servin
Low riders
Jose V
Semper Fi.
I just drooled on myself.
EMK2210 Martinez
Hell Yea Currently serving in the Army My dreams sound similar to his Join the LAPD when I transfer back into a civilian Although money is tight I’ve dreamt of owning a low rider This Well Defend-Semper Fi Brother from another monther
dj billbill#badDJ
Beautiful car
bruce cryor
t_from_da_LB Galarga
And here I am still can't fix or buy a LOWRIDER in 2019 smh just have the 1994 Lincoln Town Car sitting there.
Jorge Carretero
Always loved this body style 71-73 old delta88 and 71-'73 Buick le sabre the way the back window slopes down NOT repeat NOT the fast back look so making the car look even lower 71-73 Pontiac Catalina is the same but has a Ridge that comes up behind the doors and tapers off into a Fin almost Cadillac style,,,,,,, And those custom skirts on the 88 make the car looks even more sexier you knocked it out of here.Much respect
Mathew Maldonado
Tight video
Strategy One
Dope dope ride.
B. Rod Clark
B-U-T-FUL Delta ese!
Tomas Echevarria
Nice ride. I'm a Marine veteran. I flew out of Fresno Meps, but I don't like bulldogs. I cruised Whittier with another devil dog "Turtle" when we were stationed at MCAS El Toro
Michael Armenta Sr.
Cool story and clean ride.
Matthew French
Whats that chrome thing on the back dash??
Boss Hoggg
I hate to see classic American cars turned into low riders.
Chuck Hiccox
Mac Dee mac
What's up with that slow talk outthere.
Barbara Hernandez
Great video
jungle jones
Joel Figueroa
Very nice
Adolfo Avendano
when is the 1st HARLEY lowrider video?
I'm a huge fan of lowriders. But I think they should show custom trucks on billets