"Singh is King" feat. Snoop Dogg & Akshay Kumar

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co directed by Ted Chung and Todd Ankasuwan and Produced by Morgan Stone.

Be Like Brinder
Anyone listening in 2018
i m indian muslim (Alhamdulillah) & i love sikh brothers.. who's here in 2018?..singh is king👍
शिवाय रुद्राय
श्री "वाहेगुरु" जी दा "खालसा" "वाहेगुरु" जी दी "फतेह" धन धन श्री "गुरुगोबिंद" सिंह"जी जो "बोले सो निहाल "सतश्रीआकाल" SINGH IS KING
The reason why Sikhs take so much pride in their culture is because their history, even though short, is full of real life badasses. Just look up Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh and his four sons, Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Arjan Dev, Baba Deep Singh, Baba Bhagail Singh. These are just a few of our many role models. There are even women like Bibi Mai Bhago, Bibi Nanki and Mata Gujri.
Sarang Shastry
Dedicated to all my Sikh brothers ,we can never forget the Balidaan of Sikhs for Hindus ...
Azaz Khan
i m from pakistan punjab and i m pukhtoon but i love punjab sikhs indian culture and songs...😍😘
King Buliwyf
Truly singh is king..sikhs are damn fine warriors...
Khan 36/25
Respect for every Religion!❤ But Singh is still the King
SomE DuDe
Every bollywood artist is going to hollywood now...but akshay kumar is the one who bring up hollywood in india...Singh Is King!
lucky sharma
Singh is Real King..without turban youth not look king..who always wear turban is the Real Singh king.. i love sikhism more then my soul..Salute u..Respect to every sikh...real kings grt warriors sikhs thanku so much to protect my country nd my hindu religion...Due to u i m on earth..thanku so much...
Sonu Verma
Who is still listening in 2018 🤘
Vipul Jawalekar
Sikhs are real James of India. Because of their highest sacrifices for nation. Singhs are real kings.
Khurram Qureshi
To All the Punjabi Nation around the world Love from Pakistan ! Punjabiz Rock!
Chandrachur Mukherjee
Though I am a Hindu......but still Singh is King
Harry singh
save country die for your people live like legends is called son of sadaar
Paresh Vaktania
RDB stands for "Rhythm Dhol Bass" A UK based Punjabi music group. They are three brothers, Sunny, Rameet, and Mafi. DPGC stands for "Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips". In Snoop Dogg's latest effort, RDB is a nod to the Punjabi trio (who collaborated with him) in his song for the Bollywood film "Singh Is Kinng" soundtrack.
vishal singh
January 2018 🎧🎧??
Gaurav Chugh
singh is king and taj mahal!!... irony. our sikh brothers fought against them( mughals)
Tanusha Majumdar
Yes, Singh is King. Singhs are made to stand up for the right causes. They have a glorious history. they have to contribute more for a stronger India.
Rajarshi Roy
I am bengali and Singh is King
rajvinder singh
i am punjabi i feel proud because 80% bollywood artist are punjabi
Kay Kay
I wish I was born punjabi
The Braveheart
USA and Punjab !!!
This song still sounds great in 2016.
Lovepreet Singh
Singh is better than king
I just came here for uncle Snoop. 4/20 blaze it
Holla Playa Videos
Akki also bought Ludacris in speedy sings. shera di kaum punjabi.
akash singh
Sikh anthem thanks akshay for this song
dragon darshan
snoop dog is finnaly in a punjabi song
Tormund Giantsbane
representin that POON-jabi indeed snoop!
Shahrukh Afzal
I admire that Sing are kings love from 🇵🇰
Kanishka Ranjan
Who is listening in 2k18 ??
hahahahahhah aki and snoop dancing as Punjabis ....ohhh mann  lov akshayyy lol
Singh is king.. In true sense they are the real king....sikh k sara guru k mra sacha dil s naman....satnam waheguru...
Avjinder singh saini
love this song! Sardars have unique style!
TTF Entertainment
2018 mein dekh rahe ho ? Mera channel bhi dekh lo. 😉
papa ji
I love punjabis.... They are mast and brave and so kind.
Hari Aryal
i think i am not only one who is listing this song in 2016....
preety saroha
Still in 2018😘...on repeat
Ocavi Cabavi
Punjabis are kings
Parminder Singh
super mix of america n india love this song
Prakhar shekhar Parthasarthi
Thumbs up if you are listening to this song in 2017 Happy New Year Guys!
Lakhvir Singh
bro in video person not muslim thats sikh .....
tarun singh
I'm not the only one that listen this song in 2018
Ashish Jaryal
sing is king
Manas Joseph
lol i dont even know wot there saying i just think it sounds good
Megan Singh
Who's watching this in 2017?!
Babr Malik
Punjabian Di Shaan Wakhri 😎
Fizan Shareef
Who is listling in 2016?
Advocate Harsimran
meet singh
singh is better than a king
Black Angel
Snoop dogy i love u💋💋💋
Supreet Chavan
I have great affection to sikhs due to their contribution in history and army👌👌👏
Tushar Tyagi
So basically Snoop Dogg smoked the song lol
Yogender kumar
Singh is.... King Wahe Guru
Autumn Raye
We need more USA and Punjabi songs together 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Mian Waleed Gujjar مياں وليد گجر
punjabies are king
still better then PHURRRR
vinayak mishra
Nothing like these songs!
dead pool
who else is listening this song in 2017
saurabh agarwal
I am listening this song now 2018
lapsy singh
Who is listening in 2018
Abhishek panwar
great song #akshay
Umang Khandelwal
Who listening in 2019....?
satbachan dhANJAL
tejinder singh
Anyone in 2k17????
Md Firoz
all the punjabis in the house make some noise
raman bhadana
who is listining in 2018
Carl Carlson
3:36-4:01. I could dance to that shit ALL DAY. Can anyone show me where that's sampled from, or bhangra similar to it?
Rana bai
singh is king
Ankita Minhas
Sounds great in 2017 too!
Beata Al Saud
I ❤️ this song #2017
Omg snoop Dogg is here🤤🤤🤤
Eric Singh
2018 anyone?
Laura Finlay
hahaha the best part in the end when the chick try to get his chicken hahahahah
Raja Randhawa
Singh soorme rahde ne aan Agar lod pai ta deden ge jaan Proud be punjabi
Singh is king😍😍. Veere like karke vidkhado apna power ma de putra nu
Gagandeep Singh
SINGH IS KING Duniyan jane
mohit maurya
Singhe surmaie, rakhde ne aan, Agar lorh payi te dedenge jaan, Raaje maharaje vi karde assi maan, Rakhde si pagh unchi, Bande si shaan Jo singha ne kithiyan kurbaaniyan ne, oh duniya te chad gayi nishaniyan ne, Duniya de ban gaye singh badshah, Par sabto uccha ho Saccha Padshah..
Muhammad Faisal bhatti
Hemant Garg
03:16 THANK ME LATER 😉😉😉
Love Bite
anyone 2k18 ??
Cinematography Database
vortexx killaxx
i'm Aussie but love Indian music!! congrats on your big cricket win
Gurpreet Dadral
❤️Singh is KING 👑 ❤️
Linda Chica Ramnarine
tanu sandhu
singh really king ha . puri dunia mai about 180 country
Ashu Singh
singh is kingh......har koye jane😎😎❤️❤️
Rishabh Lehri
A man wid turban( singh is king )
Sajal Choudhary
2018 still love this song
Santhu567 Salkam
Any one 2019
asad ali
who is listening in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 ;)?
Prakash Panda
Anyone listening in 2019
Supreet Chavan
Akshay made it more Awesome🔥⚡🔥✨
Lakshaman Prashad
I love You Akshay Kumar and Ranvir Shorey and Kartina Kaif😀😁😍😍😍😘😗😆😀
PuNjAbI SwAg
my fav song 😍😍😍 Snoop....
AB Trader
pls upload video in hd or 720p
Gill Singh
Snoop Dogg ft akshay kumar Bollywood king
Anyone in 2019???????