Liquid Ass Elevator PRANK! Greatest Elevator PRANK!

For this prank we sprayed Liquid Ass in the elevator and watched peoples reactions! It smells horrible!! This is one of the greatest elevator pranks! Please SHARE, LIKE, and COMMENT on this video! Previous Video: /> Subscribe to be notified when new videos come out: /> Twitter: @Fluidstraw />Instagram: @FluidstrawFilms /> Music provided by:

Bernard Covington
The part when the guy didnt even ride the elevator xD
Chase Williams
Lol I bought 5 bottles of this stuff off amazon. I sprayed the whole school and it's closed for 2 weeks because of fumigation lol lol 😃
0:58 the man in the corner smelling his armpits tho
Mikhail Smirov
Just take the entire top off and pour the contents on the ground...
Tyson Hammock
If I walked in there... Immediately I would start asking who farted... Then I would just start accusing people 😂😂
Violator Lenxi
Before they get in: Excuse me sir, I hope my horrible ugliness won't ruin your elevator ride. Them: Not at all boy. *steps in* *sniffs* ....'DEEEAUUEEEAUGHHH'...
The perfect icebreaker
Dubsteppy Ninja
Someone sprayed this in the halls of the school I go to. It's AWFUL
Connor B
"smells better already" hahahahaha killed it!
Diamond Waterfalls
It's crazy how a fart has certain reactions ANGER , CONFUSION or LAUGHTER
I love how everyones initial reaction is to start hilariously laughing haha
2:37 He said actually no! Fuck that we're taking the stairs 😂😂
2:37 Actually...
Jamie Lloyd
You guys should of waited for a full elevator, and then sprayed that way the people in the elevator won't  immediately think or assume that it's you.  Let the smell fill the elevator gradually then they'll start looking at everyone as a possible culprit.
Acts 13:41
@ 3:13, I thought that guy was going to shoot both of you.
I remember my brother spraying it all over the house and I literally started gagging T.T it SMELLS HORRIBLE AGH
Panth Mantheon
Imagine if it got stuck, and you guys had to sit through it for like an hour or two hahahaha
Why do farts make us laugh
How to get your teacher to leave class first spray liuid ass on yout teachers seat and table and done
neffets kivøh
now thats a gass chamber lol
Jerico Biermann
One of the funniest moments in my life was dragging a silent but deadly into a full elevator at the hospital with my brother. Nothing surfaced until we hit the next floor and these two dirtballs on the rehab floor entered...then came the stink. Everyone thought it was the potheads. My brother looked at me with a face that looked like he ate a lemon....I couldn't hold my laughter in. Next floor everyone bailed out in a frenzy....accept the potheads.
i bought it on amazon and i've stunk the hole house up only by taking the lid of once
- QuantumPigics -
Like, honestly what if the elevator broke down?
When I was a kid back in the 70's, we used to do it in the movie theater. One time they stopped the movie to clear the place out.
Todor Melios
that guy just straight up left like nope!
Spaceman Spliff
It's funny how the women laugh the most, whereas I'd expect the dudes to laugh.
is that sercurity? BOOK IT
I sprayed ONE TIME at work, literally one single press... it was so bad they closed down the office entrance and called sanitation services. And the smell lingered for a week.
Morris Falker
Just a quick question, why spray liquid ass while you're standing in the elevator ?
LOL at that hitman!
Todd The Humble
seriously... SPRAY THE WHOLE BOTTLE IN THE ELEVATOR!!!! ill be waiting. plz :D
She looked at the camera 2:19
damn dude that smell is so bad that i could smell it from my computer great vid!
Thomas Atkinson
Why were u running from security?
Ryan J Hernandez
What if the elevator gets stuck
Euro szka
That stare at 3:05
now all you need is a pooter that sounds like playing a clarinet that's full of custard.
rena lopez
Why would they continue to proceed into the elevator if they knew it smelled bad? They deserve a liquid fart in their faces 😂😂😂
Lee Everett
Man the women are cracking up inside the elevator more than than guys. Awesome
Isaac Williams
Hilaurious good job guys
Hahaha. Well done boys! One more video please.
3:07 imagine he pulled out a gun to shoot the camera
John A
With 5 nasal surgeries I can't smell anything at any time. I would be perfectly happy on that elevator.
It’s more like laughing gas...
V - Pony
LOL, that one guy was like "f**k this," and got back out XD
Diamond Priincess
Im gonna buy That😂😅.
I literally just cried for the entire video. Top work there lads. Another please!
Jeff Simpson
that must stink bad
John clark
Will this stuff work outside?
Imagine if the elevator stalled, and someone spilt the whole bottle
Jazzy George
0:50 "Smells like toffee." What kind of toffee do you eat?
what does it smell like does it smell like fart?
Do you guys go to school?? Because I would love you guys to do a fart prank in class
Jon Dowling
Spray a bunch when you have a full elevator!
Prank Girl
That guy was so mean to those girls because they were pretty.
Justin Springer
1955: We'll be living on the moon and flying in cars in the future with our wonderful inventions 2018: ...
Jason Jackson
This just goes to show you, that almost everybody laughs at farts.
lol imagine if a person sprayed this on somebody
Jasmine Perez
I would so do this x'D ! At target or maybe walmart next to a Worker to see there reaction .
Aron Ray
😂😂😂 It smelled so bad, somebody called security!! U kno it had to be bad! 😂😂😂
mikenzie butler
it would suck if the elevator got stuck. 
Epi_ Gaines
It smells like "Takis".
randyland inc
That dude was like up and the couple says actually no. And he bolted. Lol. Got out of there fast
DA_MAN _30
It smells better already 😂
Dylan Wicklund
See people find farts hilarious they all laughed except that 1 guy was like nope and just caught the door lol
Christian Tolosa
I dont know why but i cant breathe while watching
Marshall Garrett
I'd be like,hold that door. I'll take the stairs!
Samuel Schneider
Brand of Elevator: Schindler
Sol Echo
abd Alinviei
the guy that was in the green Hoody in the beginning of the video looks like King Joffrey from Game of thrones XD
Mike P
You need to do this at nix dt San Antonio world's slowest elevators
Pat MySac
that guy that dident even wanna use the elevator killed me
3 stairs and taking the elevator? Typical us and a.
MrKitty TheKitty
0:50 me when I fart listen to what the dark haired girl says lmao
Busch Wacker
Some people just don't like to laugh, cause that was funny ♡ Hey you guys did you see the size of that chicken? MWMEMID9D9
PRANK!!!! the greatest PRANK!!!!!!In the known PRANK!!!!! Community
william ratcliffe
Thank you for the laugh! I needed that!
nostalgic 80's guy
Hell yeah!! Lmfao! Thanks for the message! Subbed for life! Nice!
Schindler MT!
It's funny how everyone didn't even hold back and said it fucken smells point blank haha
I would be so pissed
I'm covering my nose while watching this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robin_ Draws
you should do the same thing on a train. if you can ...
Yo what's that background music I can't remember but I've heard it a lot
That first guy is a famous comedian, greg fitzsimmons.
Doug Douglas
its so hard not to laugh but if these dudes could somehow pull it off, this prank would be even more gold.
The captions popping up is almost as funny as the prank
Michael Myers
This stuff is made in my town. Best prank liquid ever
Teeqo Merrell
I couldn’t hold it after 1:11 😂😂
Saeed's Gaming
how will the find the back ground music played ?
Funnies TV
Would love to feature this on the community channel send me a pmwith permission to upload 
John T. Deck
I love how comfortable these people are joking about farts!
I need to bring this to school
are you on four? yeah. actully-
LMAO!! - that was nice
scy seeer
Go into a high rise and go from second floor to first....Spray and leave..lmao.. great vid..