Pass The Patron by Tony Yayo Ft 50 Cent Directed By James "Latin" Clark | 50 Cent Music

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SUBSCRIBE: /> Official Video to Tony Yayo's new single ""Pass The Patron"" Feat. 50 Cent. 1st official single off his upcoming album. Download here - /> /> About 50 Cent: Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, and actor. This is his official YouTube Music Channel. Connect with 50 Cent Online: Visit 50 Cent Website: />Like 50 Cent on Facebook: />Follow 50 Cent on Twitter: />Follow 50 Cent on Instagram: /> Buy 50 Cent Music Online: iTunes: />Amazon: /> Pass The Patron by Tony Yayo Ft 50 Cent Directed By James ""Latin"" Clark | 50 Cent Music

Em copied 50s part for the rap god video
Pass the Effen*
Luigi Saraco
haters keep hating they keep on making money
Rowdy King
That was yayo worst song ever lol I know fif like tf was I thinking 😂😂 damnn even fif couldn't save yayo on this one smh
P.K Dionysus
This shit is actually pretty dope. Im looking forward to new solo Yayo heat.
Bole Top
the worst song in the world lol
I never heard this song before ... This was a failed attempt though!! I see where they were tryna go with it though ... Just didn't work out right
Still bumping this shit in 2017 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯😎😎
General #50Cent
50 Cent face lol 0:54
Eminem and 50 friends ;) they can do what they want;)
Wow, Max Headroom changed so much since the 80s.
abdoul karime
2017 still banging
Ron Rodgers
Beat is trash song is trash period this is when I knew g unit needed Lloyd banks to save them
Dacotah Fox
only gangster I know who sport a cardigan and fitted Mitchell ness ? gun powder guru
Danilo Pereira
50 cent é o melhor
I still have my account
Pass the tequila ( im from honduras)
Variny the Crusader
Pass the clip
Sruthififty Sruthi
2018 nigga
Ulek _
Rap é Minha Vida
This is Músic Inspiration Rap God kkkkkkkk
Morrison M Momoh
I like this music
The PROcrastinator
Wow, this is so bad
Remember, when this was the first single from Yayo's upcoming second album?
Tharsan J
lit ting.
Dacotah Fox
I'm tired of looking at girls on the internet. that's how I got to this video!
aleksandar simic
pass pas pass the patron ...... goooood
Giovani Gomes
as duas versao ta boa mais curti mais do 50 
Albert Einstein
Im a baller shot caller
Anatoli Magaleas
superbe ok sondsⓂ
tony davis
Im a baller shot caller
Margaret James
wow men in black
Pavel Petkov
this is bad
Real Nigga
Brah what is 50 saying on the hook, all I understand is pass the patron, shorty.....
Canispavkata SouthSide
g-unit the best <3
Max headroom refrence
50 cent --> the best rapper in the world !! Who agrees ? Like ! :)
Kyle Blenman
who cares
If this video involved Chris Brown the amount of views would have been 10 times this at least
pass the weed
lol 50 doesnt give a fuck
Goace Florin
We don't give a fuck.
bilal zahid
why does 50 look like he made outta clay? lmao
Patrick star
@EvulMunki she dont want you
Patrick star
first time i heard damce i thpight 50 was saying dance dance dance on the floor
Check this out /watch?v=9DYnv9YiG64
Pass the Patronnnnn
Tony Yayo real G
1:44 THe same guy that shot the hoe in Lloyd Banks - S.O.D
wow tough boy
Willian gaudencio
tony yayo, lloyd banks and 50 cent stop lasts yayo always with the letters of the hour
most ya fukss drink beer,.try sum patron,,or sum st8 up liquor..
MrGermanGameplayer - aka Takeo
Don´t say Nigga when you are´nt Black Bitch! Thomas du Knecht :DD
frosty iceyhot
2:36 i think im in love
kunga nobu
yayo bring 50 and banks back
this is party music true story!!!
you my friend just got owned the fuck up!!
higor martins
50 is king men gggg unittt
Vault Dweller 111
Pass Pass Pass The Patron, Shawty Thick I Can Tell From The Front !
samy obbad
lonewolf colin
THESE CHICKS bursting my VOLCANO!!! they are so cute so sexy , serious man they are like Hollywood material or better
twitter hoes ;)
Peyman Shahsavarkhani
dude .. its fiddy cent
maybe the girls found found them :)
Dash 92
sick hook!! damn
50 dont even drink
Landy Donovam
Jessenia Vice. a sexy ass Ecuadorian
i see ya Mike KNox Philly all day 215
Tony Yayo is definitely is the weakest link of G-Unit. Young Buck could a big improvement
Nori G
haha people forget Tony Yayo is in 50's will if 50 cent dies the bigger parrt goes to Yayo haha
Young Albo
he pushesh too Banks... but Banks wanted to be more independent from 50... so he let him doing his own thing, but he still pushesh banks for me personally i love banks music... his punchlines are damn... I'm and still be a G-UNIT FANBOY MAN
Young Albo
cuz Yayo was and is one of his best friends he got... Yayo is one of the most loyality niggas that exist in that rap business... 50 said one time in the radio: Only Yayo can't be droped of the Label. Till Im breathing he's gonna be good and if not he's gonna be very good !!!
Bojan Nišević
Is this advertising, or what? :(
yayo can be cool sometimes, like here he is cool, or sometimes he can be real trash.
babyboy naz
Damn wat da hell happen to 50. He look ugly ass hell in dis video! :-(
Because hes not just an artist signed to g-unit dumbass, hes a very good & loyal friend from back in the day who got 50's back. A real nigga never forgets his close friends once he gets filthy rich and 50 is not a bitch for sure! After all he doesnt give a fuck with all these money he got lol
You know 50 was one of the biggest because he sounded good, and not his lyrics...
alex pinuli
no maan he get's something from yayo
do you know why 50 waste his money and time on Yayo ? because nowadays people like to listen to music that sounds good they dont give a fuck about lyrics anymore thats why 50 does that its sad but theres nothing we can do about it .....
Garrett Jay
Tyler Mondragon
ggggggggggggg Unit pass the patron
n9 kids
take money money
Nas Wu Tang
gggg unit
hahah thumbs up for yayo in the australia top, word up homie!
prodigy kid
YAYO killed it! G-UNIT forever!
Mario Decabrio
i didnt like Tony before but this song is HOT
Bizzness ZeroSeventyZero
why is Yayo saying ''Freeze'' like its a Swizz Beat..
yayo walks funny. hook is sick tho
50 tryna be Max Headroom lol
zaur bagiev
meykhana wins
he talented as fuck, be he's missing the karisma
Perce Perule
Press 1 xD
Grande Kurrac
yayo a boss!!!
You're right though Banks is one of the best, bar none, and may very well be dropping multi-platinum records in a few years.
qosja bose
The best G-unit
qosja bose
Very harrrddd :DD
Ko Leo
shit this beat is crazy!!!!