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The Gas Monkeys track down a Knight Rider KITT Car replica (a 1985 Pontiac Trans Am). They need to move fast to finish the project before the deadline. If they're late, Richard has to give Jay Riecke the car for free! | For more Fast N' Loud, visit /> Subscribe to Discovery! | /> Watch full episodes! /> Test your Fast N' Loud car smarts: /> Watch full episodes! /> Get the Fast N' Loud Mobile Apps: /> Join us on Facebook: /> /> Follow us on Twitter: />

A good reason why you shouldn't get married.
Aaron Rodriguez
"Thanks to my great lawyer I was awarded all the cars." Oh hell no if she was my wife at the most she'd be awarded a bullet between her eyes.
if i had money id buy this car then return it to the man who lost it
What in the hell did she even want the car for? This is just a case of being a mean woman... Even though that car looks like total shit inside.
The slightly more offensive Mel Gibson
1:10 so this 300 pound hag legally steals her ex's dream car. Prenuptial agreements boys always get them. The way divorces end for men just make me sick
Ian Marshall
it was worth loosing the car to get rid of the old hag. boys beware the daughter, they always turn out like mom
OG Old Gamer
Got all the cars thanks to her great lawyer. Wrong. You're in Texas. It's because you're a woman.
Poul Panasonic
Scumbags just scored alot of Money on buying a nearly complete car.
Alex Carrillo
Remember guys to always get a prenup...
Xana Montana
I love your editing, is always nice when it gets cut off right in the mi-
TWO WORDS: prenuptial agreement ! ! ! ! ! !
sean lavis
She was a gold digger!!!
Ed Prawdzik
why would a judge give her the kitt car? i dont care of the circumstances this is bs. this is castration. makes me sick
Agency headquartersDC
american women all same shit that why ill never trust single one of them near me only for bang and thats it leave the dream
This build showed 0 respect for KITT or the buyer. fetch a poorly executed start and then add some taillight blinds and a few speakers -_-
Rasheed Bennett
Just imagine the x husband watching this
Nick S
Another great reminder not to get marrried. Im 40 still single have 2 nice cars for myself only , i wish i had a knight rider car too. Its so nice to be free of all the drama of some women telling me what to do on a daily basis, and then down the line worry if she might one day take my money, and cars.. No Thanks!!!
That Knight Rider pedal car is more rare than the actual replica. There's one on eBay right now mint in the box, but they're asking a little over 2 grand for it. LOL The actual replica KITT looks great too! That's a season 3 & 4 as it has the 1 TV dash, which, was my favorite season KITT. 3rd season was when the green lighted gas pedal came out. Michael to KITT : I need you buddy, KITT : On my way, and then you saw the green lighted gas pedal light up. Total awesomeness!
Chris Knight
that woman should be shot. but the car was crap even when those guys were done with it!
michael lawton
This is why ex wives end up in rapped blankets on the side of the highway
Daniel B
And people wonder why guys have zero interest in marriage
I don't know what kind of man he is, but I don't feel it's right that he lost the cars he loved.
Carlos Bregante
I would of stole that car back from her and set it on fire
Just in this woman is now dead... She was shot in a drive by.. The x-husband has no idea why someone would have done that. Also x-husband has witnesses he was no where near her house. He was watching old Knight Rider shows at a friends house! Well like Peter Griffin said "These things happen"
Carlos Arredondo
That’s why folks don’t get married ...... they’ll take your baby with em!!😓😓😭😭
910AM Superstation Funnies
This poor guy could of legally changed KITT from being known from the State's point of view of a vehicle, to just a robot. I could of helped him, so sad he lost his KITT! The best car ever on TV and in the real world! Knight Industries Two Thousand!
Matthew Meserve
This lady had K.I.T.T in her garage and she's like whatever. My heart raced when they jumped it and the dash lit up lol
Nice cut. Just in the middle of something....
I can see german license plates on the wall
Damn chick took half A good half! Must be some damn legend of a lawyer. Guys word of the day PRENUMP!
I never want to get married and this is exactly why.
Ray Taylor
I watched knight rider as a hobby. I enjoyed watching the series every chance could. obviously I am a knight rider fanatic. I don't mind admitting that I Have always liked watching as David hasslehoff and his adventurous events
That Guy
This makes my stomach turn! yick!
brian stuart
again we don't know what happened in the end or how much you pay for the car thanks a lot stupid
cant find the rest of the video to see it worked on etc ???
Marc Goodman
This is a MGTOW video...
RJ Cromeenes
"I was awarded all the cars" if take the engine and trans and torch the rest
Patchy Antraxxx
Wtf she kept all the cars
Nejc Jemc
What episode is this
Just a major kick to the ex-husbands sack. Heartless woman
Angelino Cristian Salazar Bloomfield
NO wife,HAPPY LIFE!!!😊🍻👍🍻🎉🎮🎼🎶🔊🚨
I find it funny Fast N' Loud does blur seller's home address until they get the car out of the garage.
Fidel Pimentel
Thts why I'm not married 😂
gynocentric America robs yet another man of his family, future and livelihood.
Undergroundracer Stone's garage Stone
There's a ton of those where I live. FYI: The red light in the front is called the scanner. How can you buy this car, and not even know anything about it!?
shadow T
Joder me emocione y todo cuando vi a Kitt.
UZY Fitness For All
where the hell is full episode ???
spyros greece
Does any1 know where i can watch the full episode with the knight rider?? Cant find it anywhere!!
Mark Norville
A good starting point? The car was already done, why mess around with the thing? I have not seen this show, but I certainly want to see the full episode of this now.
Aldo Maverick
Anyone else notice that the woman selling the car has massive teeth?
Yep.... Been to Texas MANY times, This woman doesn't surprise me :/ And it's smart to register your car to a TRUSTED friend or family member, So that way it legally can't be taken away from you
Metin Gordu
Where's the rest of the show?
Jay's Classic Corner
Always a fav of mine!
Jay's Classic Corner
my heart droped when i saw the toy car
Devin Valentine
So sad she said I was awarded all the cars!!! ALL THE CARS ???
Rawlins comes across as a giant douche
I Love Prophet Muhammad
EB Lou Lou
Screw this show and screw I hope she loses everything
William Ridge Sr.
The dash lights are totally wrong. They're not all red.
Women eh, always quick to take what a man loves most. Lol
Luke Skywalker
American women are narcissistic egomaniac users
Sup SUp
Fking set your cars on fire...
I remember reading the story on Jalopnik that some guy had built his dream car, a KITT replica and then his Wife divorced him, and in the settlement she was awarded the Car... Poor dude. All that hard work to build your dream car and then your Witch of a wife takes it away in a Divorce. Then she sells it to these Clowns at Gas Monkey that then messed up a perfectly good replica by cutting out the original taillights and making a cheesy mockery of the show. I found the article of the story I read. Must read for KITT fans. Beware of the threat of losing your prized possessions in a divorce.
Specialized 29er
04/08/16 - A new viewer to this show never seen it before.
Frank Mata
That money she got for the car will turn into dust.Its called "Karma".
Erik Braasch
Cool. German plates on the wall.
I would of gave her a shovel and told her to keep digging for the gold
Garthe Knight
The tail light modifications they made were horrendous and they didn't really do much to improve it. A shame they didn't really show much admiration for the car or the show.
Christopher Graeter
Hab nur ich das deutsche Kennzeichen KIB für kirchheimbolanden gesehen... ?
Wyatt H
Wow.....I feel bad for the ex- soon as she said that. I started writing this and got the hell out of you tube. Big evil on her side I would just assume.
jonathan juaneza
what episode is this?
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Mustang gang 5.0
Damn Ashley is beautiful
Poor guy probably said i just this woman out of my life and said take em
Can I have the full version of this episode
Is it possible to have some sort of contract that would prevent a wife from keeping certain things if there was a divorce
Tim Nunyabiz
Kevin kula
Awesome car the legendary kitt
Jan Rogala
When more Fast N Loud ?
Amy Lynn Romine
so what have you guys been doing with your free time
the litle zztop
that just sucks
andre pelissier
Omg love to see more
don owens
i bet he was very pissed off
men Fo
flaming skull
wut episode is this
Is it Bullet Proof?
Alfredo Godoy
Rayos están locos jaja
Neel H Akash
That's why marriages are overrated!
Awesome :)
SciaticCoast 89
Wat ep?
Makebidz Makebidz
Logankai 7
That replica was in a video of it being built that's sad
Tim Nunyabiz
don owens
i bet he was very pissed off
Lost For
Fck bitch.
Wow she won the kitt in the divorce? I would have been pissed!
Benjamin Collinder
If I where to be in a divorce I’d explode the car or some how have someone else close to me own in instead of the chick
Woman disgusts me