Once Upon a Time 7x07 & 7x08 Promo Season 7 Episode 7 & 8 Promo

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Once Upon a Time

joisamar garcia
YEEEEESS Rumple & Regina together (not romantico) are the maximum :D
ian twy
who else wished drizella was cinderella?
finally henry is getting it on with cinder
OMG, Drizella is such an amazing villian!
Reyna Garcia
I knew it. She would regain her memories. Now all we need is for Henry and Jacinda to regain their memories and then Victoria and Ivy are going down hard
I bet Regina at the beginning of the promo is actually Wish Realm Evil Queen.
once upon a timer for ever
I like how Regina says its a map to a tower in a distant realm It is so sweet 😀😀☺😃😊
Elvira Heredia
maybe Alice is Rapunzel and Hook´s daughter
Florian Barbe
roni and rumple rumple and regina together off stop victoria
Yeah! We get to see Wonderland!
Stephew CordatoPatrick
I'm broken, Once Upon a Time broke me this day
Jasleen Singh
I’m so excited!
Jeff Taylor
Still expecting Henry (Jared Gilmore) to wake from a coma in Storybrooke circa season 1 ending
Oppa Kunn
If there are two different enchanted realms that means there are more Womderlands as well ?
now *she* actually looks like rapunzel! Not that other one! on other news, Rumple and Regina are both back and both ready to team up!! whoo!!
Roselia Angels
#Oncers turn on your TV and tune in and enjoy the episodes next Friday. Let's show that we are strong and the most passionate community ever. #supportOUAT 💪❤
once upon a timer for ever
I hope Regina and Rumpelstiltskin help each other break the curse
Angelina Delena
According to some YouTube videos, Zelena and Zelena's child are coming back for this episode!! Fingers crossed!!
once upon a timer for ever
Regina's voice 😂😂 I die for that😇😇😇
Mikayla Prince-Brown
can't wait for this episode 😊
Newt Wilson
Regis’s outfit looks like the outfit from snow drift.
Arthur Mitchell
The Evil Queen is so hot! 🔥
Esther C
YES! Rumple and Regina! No one can stop them!
Gymnast Dahal
Why is it 2 episodes next week
She’s awake!!!!!YES
So happy to FINALLY see Rapunzel.
After tonight's episode, season 7 is now becoming my favorite! Drizella, though!
German Dimplez
I'm wondering why Regina asked Rumple if he has ever heard the name Rumplestilskin? Isn't he awake? Didn't Tilly wake him? He called Victoria 'dearie'. 🤔
Frederick Hicban
Wait is that wish realm Hook's daughter the 1 he was looking for? The 1 who was imprisoned in a tower?
Omg this looks amazing ! I don’t care what other people are whining about , the story is great
las gemas del mar
yes its going to be awesome
Elio Saber
So hook is the father of rapunzel ????
Isaiah Thurmond
Reginas outfit 😩
Paula GS
I'm sad, bc Hook was my fave character on this show... I really like this wishHook (Rogers), but it's not the same; his story doesn't have a connection to the original characters (beside the fact that he's a version of the original Killian)... all the others characters are family :(
Interlocked toes
Hi I’m not okay
Joshua Plotkin
Hook's daughter is RAPUNSEL!
joe vills
If exist Rapunzel, Mother Gothel too
Winston Gomez
Yes finally Regina Woke Up!! And That first scene it’s Regina from Serum, regina other half. Finally we can see EQ serum again! X
Katie Signer
Hi yeah so I’m gonna need that last part as this weeks mid-week preview because I can’t wait a week to find out Weaver’s answer. Also a genuine question does anyone think that because since it’s a double episode we will get 2 midweek promos
Drizella is the daughter of the hook and wish Queen... or just wish Queen
Holli Joy Roddy
Glad I found out from missing the episode for seeing this promo that it is a 2 hour special next week. Should make up for missing an episode. Hope I can see it online or just hear what happened previously.
Finally Regina remembers now she just has to somehow help Henry remember
2 things ... First- I have a feeling that the next ep is going to be a huge f*ck you to OUAT in Wonderland .... And second- How could Drizz cast the curse without the scroll? She doesn't know the ingredients
Joshua Ford
i would not be surprised if Eloise has a brunette pixie cut cause after all kidnappers sometimes change the victims appearance to throw the investigation off
Ok if here Evil qeuun from wish world why here another rapunzel not from 3x14???/
Florian Barbe
no épisode after 17 november because Américain music awards
Rome Blanchard
I hope they won't ditch Rapunzel this time, they already dumped her on enchanted forest she better be a relevant character this time. She better appear on Hyperion Heights and on the rest of the season 'cause she's giving me Tangled realness.
Luís Dias
I wished cinderella could be play by jessica alba, that would be awesome
Aaron Schuchman
Does anyone feel like these 2 hours are going to be like Season 4 and 5 where the 2 hours for those seasons finally revealed a lot of the "missing pieces," with Emma and the Snow Queen and season after where everyone wondered what happened the past 6 weeks in Camelot and why their memories were erased?
Florian Barbe
next friday is possible trailer of ouat 07x09 ? ouat return 30 november
Tv 101
this season is turning,out to be really good. so,excited for,Rapunzel and,wonderland cant wait
dylan berman
u knew QUAT. in the real rumplestiltskin tale. He isnt a horrible man, he helps a princess by weaving gold for her. HE DOESNT RIP OUT HEARTS, CASTS CURSES OR BE A HORRIBLE PERSON ONE MILLION TIMES OVER
Juliette M
Regina: What does the name Rumplestilstikin means to you? Rumple: Rumplestilstikin 😂😂😂
Notice the s for sexual situations under the TV PG rating. I think many better prepare to see something they don't want to see cause its coming.
Blerk Snarfgut
Did the show's budget increase? Seriously, the set for Rapunzel's tower and the set/CGI for Wonderland look amazing! Some of the best I've seen on this show.
Gemma Corfield
I can't wait to see the wonderland next week (I haven't seen Once Upon A Time in Wonderland)
Kerry Flora
I'm so nervous for tonight help.
jack Round
Is it just me but I don’t miss snow and David I’m not even wondering how there getting on or anything
Danae Lokers
I'm wondering if the thing about this curse that Regina is so worried about is how people wake up. What if Rumple has woken up to some sort of different, twisted reality of who he is?
Beth Reid
wait does this mean hiatus
paher 1
who tf is witch? the only person that barely looks like her is the witch from sword in the stone, the one that can change her form. i dont even know her name tbh lol
Yay can't wait !
Luís Dias
So hook is now flynn rider
rapunzel is emma and hooks daugheter
ian twy
i hate cinderella
Otniel Romeo
I hope Rapunzel's hair will be magical since it is blonde just like in the 2010 Disney movie.