Roger Waters - Rock In Rio Lisboa - 2006-02-06 (full Concert)

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Roger Waters Live at Rock in Rio Lisboa, Portugal - 2006-06-02.(Full Concert). Setlist: 01. Another Brick In The Wall 00:00:07 02. Mother 00:08:01 03. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 00:13:20 04. Have A Cigar 00:22:47 05. Wish You Were Here 00:28:08 06. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 00:33:44 07. The Gunner's Dream 00:41:17 08. Southampton Dock 00:46:49 09. The Fletcher Memorial Home 00:49:17 10. Perfect Sense 00:54:06 11. Leaving Beirut 01:01:39 12. Sheep 01:12:01

Roger Waters Pink Floyd Rock In Rio Lisboa Portugal Rock In Rio Lisboa Lula Zeppeliano Lula Led Full Concert

Adriano Campos
Lendas como Roger Waters é q faltam no rock in rio Brasil, chega de katy perry, Rihanna entre outros.
Clive Weiner
i'm a little bit confused, i'm 65 iv'e been listening to pink floyd when you were todlers// if you can't hear the difference between roger playing live compared to any other band, then go back to 1980 hear roger sing brick in the wall live// the sound was better than anything on planet earth// dark side is roger waters dudes/ if you had rankings like golf or tennis mr waters is number 1
marcio floyd
carros com jorge
É o que falta no Rock in Rio, Brasil Roger Walter, David Gilmour, Pink Floyd. chega dos mesmas caras Esperamos shows assim Alô Rubens Medina!!!!
Juan Carlos Flores
Zocalo Ciudad de México 1 de Octubre
Martin Cummings
I’ve just seen Roger for the first time in Birmingham 3weeks ago, I was at Pulse Earl’s Court 94 to see Floyd and I thought sound and visual effects couldn’t be beaten but Roger was even better by far the music was updated and current + visuals were incredible Battersea Power Station rose from front to back of stadium 100feet long and 100feet high..!! The Trippist shit I’ve ever seen, from start to end effects were mind blowing + a lazer pyramid with colours and lasers.. 😳🤩⚒🎸 the best concert ever you get the chance go your mind will be blown away ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE
Eduardo Chino
nada que ver, aquí en México si las cantamos a todo pulmón, gracias rogers por ese concierto inolvidable en México
andre trindade
Rock in Rio no Brasil sem Pink Floyd é brincadeira dos organizadores so pode ser
Ernesto Manuel Aragão Abreu
Eu estive lá.
Keith Barlow
Roger is a fucking genius his lyrical ability is second to none and has not written 1 bad song..........
Tom Alexander
I heard a live Floyd gig on the radio back in the seventies, I thought it was another Band playing it was so bad, I think Roger may have been singing, something not quite right with the overall feel here.
Alan Tiscareño
Just came to say that Gilmour rules. Bye--
ricardo floyd
Raving and drooling in Lisbon!! Roger Waters forever!!!
Lind Owen
And by the way, who is Pink?!  Love you, Roger!
3. 1415926535
He's overdubbing. He had way too many cigars huh?
It's fantastic Roger show. The best
rockandro mom
fav song gunners dream
yeah roger is great clive!!!!he musta ha a off night , the indio cali concert he did this year in august he sounded great , im 70 too lol , were gettin old he musta strained his voice hollering lol, this is 2013- in the 2016 shows he sounds back to normal
Mike Worth
sry HAVE A CIGAR vocals suck bad,what exactly is Roger doing?
JAMET betty
de BETTY "Pink Floyd" Bonne Musique Le 22.12.2016 Betty de Bretagne ;;
Track Online
reverencia a su majestad!! Maestrooooo!!!
Alan Aungiers
simply the best
Johann Aguirre
Waters is God but his guitarist sucks!!! Never sound like a Gilmoure!!!
marcel braga
Snowy White usually ruins his solo entrance on another brick in the wall... check Earls Court 1980. It sounds out of tempo.
Chevalier Luc
Roger Waters with no voice ? Pathetic :((
Marco Felipe
super show, mas o gilmor é muito melhor, na minha opiniao
Gildo 7minutos
Vagabundo tem de receber um universo de DESLIKES urgente e ta na hora de baixar os shows deles e nao ir aos shows no Brasil fazer eles cancelarem no Brasil....vai fazer show na Venezuela ......DECEPCIONANTE ENTROU NUM ASSUNTO QUE NAO TE PERTENCE...BORA LUTAR PARA OS CANCELAMENTOS DOS SHOWS NO BRASIL!!!
Gilmour Voice is Always Live!!! Waters use Playback!!!!
Polly Ann
Only someone as cool as roger could completely retire his old band. And now have a completely new one!LOL
Polly Ann
Nice guy. You can tell how much he regrets pink floyd not touring. But a guys got to do what a guys got to do!LOL
He said "see you in a few minute" and left forever? hehe
lucineide antonio sousa
SOU SUA FÃ NUMERO UM❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Dan Harris
I like how you can hear the backing track and his 'mime whispering' at the same time.
Charles MARTEL
The former bass player of an amazing band thinks that thanks to his name, a new band that nobody has heard of can do great covers of his former band....this is so pathetic. Sorry but I keep on listening to Gilmour and Wright (@Gdansk for example, or @P.U.L.S.E.). Other bands on youtube do better covers than this. Poor roger.
Rafael Fuentes
Roger Wtares debería agradecer el aporte de la guitarra de Gilmour en The Wall y Final Cut.
jeferson pimentel
um dos maiores músicos do século xx e até agora. muito bom voce existir.
Robert H.
yeah I was going to put a picture up for myself so at least there is a face to the name but I forgot what I looked like to put it up, I crack myself up.... xox lol
Miguel DOS Santos Batista
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Michael Goodall
Fantastic! Fantástico!
David Baker
Hey there, You're A Natural. bright dust What do you think, guys? 1!
Angélica Manríquez
Déjalos pensaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!
Correia Guedes
Estive lá...brutal!!!
Rita Bosacka
Roger co Ty podrabiasz teksty Sindi Loper i ink Pink Floyd? pokłuciliście się? to jest Wasza sprawa - nie nabijajcie fanów w butelkę!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Moreira
Roger Waters, amo até à eternidade, o melhor de sempre, tão bom mais um concerto, não importa onde no planeta, eu vou!
Charles MARTEL
Who are those guys nobody knows and a has been playing Pink Floyd???
jiu-jitsu Dominese
Adriano campos vc ainda nao falou da pior que é a Ivete sangalo me diz oque que ela tem haver em rock in rio? deveria axé in rio kkkk olha no meu tempo era alice chans alice cooper kreator sepultura guns in roses pear jam ratos de porao porque naquela época or verdadeiros rockeiro nao deixavam os viados entrarem no nosso meio hoje os viadinhos seguidores de riana ivete isso quem chamam de musicas estao todos entrendo po timao do sao paulo e vestindo a camisa só quem é os vddeiros ROCK IN ROLL SABE DOQUE ESTOU falando oss! sem contar os covers do nirvana e muitos outros vovers que vinham otimos concordo com vc mano
pink floyd e sem duvidas uma das melhores bandas de sempre..mas este show em portugal foi mto fraco....peço imensa desculpas é minha opiniao
kakaos Noma
Pink Floyd play only Dark Side and Division Bell . But , Roger , play all álbuns . Amazing
Юрий Никулин
Опять уотэрс выезжает за счёт бэк вокала. Дамам респект
Gitte Hedegaard Lund
Mark.2.23 - Luk........lørdage - sabatten.
Thomas Norton
Roger is a great visionary and his voice is great for his certain songs but when he left Pink Floyd he wasn't ever the same. He needed the other guys to make it all fit into place.
Artur Vasconcelos
Viva Portugal!
Daniel Jaremenko
Adriano Campos, concordo com você, mas ainda bem que tem a internet para que possamos, ouvir, curtir. Isso é música.
Wow... verdaderamente intenso...
lionel martin
who is the gutarist...? Looks like steven wilsons north american tour guitarist...
Martinho Paula
extra deslumbrande..!!!
Roger Waters is a freaking Beatle!
Willy Williscroft
Its good and Snowy as good as he is isnt David Gilmour. To get David and Roger back together would be the ultimate!
marco valerio
GOOSEBUMPS... i was there :)
Artur Vasconcelos
Grande ! E ponto!!
Gitte Hedegaard Lund
Ezekiels bog - 45.
Karen Wilson
All I can say is Mr Waters :) What a LEGEND you are and ALWAYS WILL BE. Broke my heart watching this x
George Walker
the first song is the happiest days of our lives
Samuel Wesley
enquanto isto no brasil.slipknot kk
Shine on sounded awful
Qual o nome desse guitarrista cheio de pulseiras?
Keith Ho
No wonder the rest of the members do not want to join him!
Юрий Никулин
Мне кажется это Сид Баред
Koroush Bari
Jim Diakatos
same old same old..............................
Artur Lektor
David Jon Gilmour Pink Floyd
jose bento
Foi excelente…estive lá !!!
Robert H.
does anyone know if this can be downloaded or no
Toten kopf
aleksandr malahov
обалденно ...бесподобно
Andrea Marello
pessima voce di Roger e audio imbarazzante!!!
Francisco Rosas
Toda mi vida he escuchado tus canciones gracias por hacer mi vida positiva
Jerzy Kaczmarek
muzyka wszechczasow mozna jej sluchac bez konca
Southern Man
Behold...The Wal-Mart version of Pink Floyd........
I hate how the sound of the snare doesn't match the over-all sound.
Olavo Medeiros
é um vício ele sempre abrir com c o disco the wall?
Gitte Hedegaard Lund
Bahman ELOY
Great show ....Thanks for Posting!
galaxy MW
and video operator 2
savaş alpay
he was ill that day so he did playback
Hana martinez
Magnífico !!! :)
Sendy_ Cat
pink floyd comfortably numb
galaxy MW
I don't no, but sound operator idiot
Jorge Garcia
The second part of this concert wasn't recorded? La segunda parte de este concierto no fue grabada?
Marcelo Deivis
isso mesmo....
Papa Doria Pizzaria
Keith Ho
Man, he sucks!
Csaba Mózes
Miguel .Barroca
This is not the full concert, just the first half