100 Things You Didn't Notice in Tony Hawk Games

It took me forever but its finally here. 100 Things You Didn't Know In The Tony Hawk Games. This includes easter eggs, trivia, glitches, oddities, censorship, and some other interesting information. I actively tried to stray away from anything too obvious and that everyone would walk away knowing a few things they didn't notice in Tony Hawk before. Discord: /> Patreon: />I'm currently working full-time while trying to do these videos, so any support you want to give (of any form) puts me a step closer to putting out videos quickly, regularly, and more consistently. :) The games featured in this video include: Tony Hawk Pro Skater (1999) 0:36 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (2000) 3:47 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2X (2001) 5:26 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (2001) 5:59 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 (2002) 10:15 Tony Hawk Underground (2003) 11:54 Tony Hawk Underground 2 (2004) 15:00 Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix (2005) 19:31 Tony Hawk American Wasteland (2005) 19:55 Tony Hawk Project 8 (2006) 21:53 Tony Hawk Proving Ground (2007) 23:36 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 (2015) 24:17 Know something I didn't cover? Leave a comment or join my discord server and let me know: Clips and References - Tony Hawk 2X Mall - World of Longplays, Player: Spazbo4 /> Tony Hawk Hidden Photos of Girls - Game Fiction /> Conker's Bad Fur Day - Prosafia Gaming /> TYR Glitch - LegacyMinecraft /> Grind Session Burnside - DCxDemo /> Downhill Jam Secret Room - HIDDEN TAPE /> Tony Hawk 2 FIN.K.L - ValdaFreedman /> Tony Hawk 2X Hidden Dog - HIDDEN TAPE /> Tony Hawk 2x Gravity Globe - HIDDEN TAPE /> Spiderman Venom Fight - MacDaddyNook /> Skatopia Walkthrough (Neversoft Egg) - Bigfoot Gaming /> Tony Hawk Underground 2 Out of Bounds Easter Egg - Ruma /> Your Head A Splode - Zac Ewin /> Proving Ground Security Guard Easter Egg - ツ H m m m m N i c e B i k e ツ /> Proving Ground Goat - SnakesNBarrels01 /> #oddheader #tonyhawk Music From Oddheader:

These games had soul, developers used to add lot's of fun stuff, nowadays most of the games feel plastic with no personality whatsoever embedded in them.
Tony Hawk said water is wet before the meme happened
Doctor Medkit
20:51 Um excuse me that's clearly a Powerade. 0/10
7:08 Ironically enough, Skater Island was permanently closed in 2004 after the roof collapsed in real life.
unbreakable footage
"hit pause during the third spin of the spinning eyeball" WHO FINDS THIS CRAP
Take your time
The Pro Skater 5 joke was on spot. Thank you! ^^
DeAn H
When games were games, not money grabs, Devs leaving messages, mysteries to find and leaving fun glitches in the game, i miss those days
Caustic Window
No idea if anyone already said this or not, but for #46 (12:35) doing a bit of research I found out that a guy named Kurt Gutierrez was a Production Tester for the game. I found his Linkedin account: it says he both play tested and created maps for the Tony Hawk games as well as gave criticism and feedback for the other developers. Looks like someone was messing with a playtester ;)
Stoopio's Productions
*d i d y o u k n o w*
Amazing, I never noticed that about Pro Skater 5.
I didn't want the video to end
Noah The Troll-Hunting Christian Spy
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4: did you know that if you grind the rail in front of the haunted house in the carnival level, you'll go through the door and end up in this short, creepy downhill sequence.
Donkey Kong
I miss this part of my life
Liam Donovan
I grew up on the underground games man.
Surprised you didnt mention Star Wars Kid in Underground 2
MASF Reload
Fact #100 is the most known fact.
Una's Gaming Channel
I miss tony hawk 1 through 3. They had the best soundtrack and extra characters. Think two had "world's collide" by Powerman 5000 with the security guard skater....miss my childhood
The terraria Gameplayer
You mean Powerade vending Machine
Justine Bader
the floor reflection is so clever lol
I watched the entire video and i don't own any skateboarding games
You hit my recommended, I've almost never watched a Tony Hawk video, but I definitely played the game as a kid. Very well done! Inb4 this video blows up.
Chase Kapp
#6 it’s because it’s a real life skatepark
Styromaniac ‍
Reflections are always performed that way in every video game.
Ben L.
My dad walked in at 5:31 and saw the roof and said: "Wow video games are so advanced these days"
I cant believe you skipped the tiki mouth in Tony Hawk Underground 1. You can jump into it's mouth, and skate down to your doom.
Oh my god. Thank you for that last one, that is what I was hoping you'd say
Somehow Lucky Gaming
"Don't jump in the water. It's wet." As if kids didn't know that water was wet the moment they drank it.
Darth Dink
You forgot the Star Wars kid Easter egg in THUG2. How could you forget that
These weren't bugs, those were features
The nostalgia of these games is too damn real... rip THPS you will be missed.
Critical Rip
i'm jealous at people who were teenagers in the 2000s
You didn't mention the darth maul force choke Easter egg from TPS3
Information Technology
I forget which Tony Hawk, I think it was the one with the Cruise Ship, but if you were in the skate shop as a female character, the guy at the shop would say "Check you out, checking me out, checking you out, checking me out..." I still quote that to this day.
Cutler VanAlstine
The dumpster actually says 8675309-E-INE like the exaggeration in a part of the song
How could someone give you a thumbs down?
El Gallo Mayor
One of the girls in the picture is Erin Lee, Tony's wife
Yes Ok
2:45 congrats bro you got a tinder match during the video hahaha
One thing you didnt mentioned: in Thps3 some of the fall animations were copied from real skateboard fails videos
Alex Johnson
some of these are creepy
Father Osiris
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5: Did you ever notice that THIS GAME SUCKS
Didn't anyone noticed that the cruise ship at 19:25 its the same one from thps3?? (I can be wrong)
Alexander Lawrence
20:52 I think that's Powerade 🤢🤮
I keep on coming back to this vid, editing is amazing, music is fantastic, keep up the great work.
i did notice that last one
Tristantine The Great
I still have the PS2 copies of THPS4 and THUG2, I might just look for that body in Barcelona.
Anandito Hutomo Jr.
You missed something big. In THUG2, you can actually go to New Jersey level in training if you glitched in the entrance door
Michael Hazuda
That N64 Spider-Man game was so underrated
Spencer Whiteout
Airplane drop gap was really interesting. Great video
Norm HD
@12:30 "The 420 train will.." "Uh, and there's that number again" xD
The high score glitch I assume is due to lack of memory on the N64 cartridge
24:17 yup. Best thing about the whole game was Tyler the creator as a playable character AND NOTHING ELSE
3:21 Oh man, I hated that level! I just never liked it. I’m not really sure why, but it was the bane of my existence as a kid lol
Security guard getting paid under the table 7:33
18:41 Pause and take a look *Minecraft?*
Giraffe Man
You forgot that you can unlock Doomguy in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 by pressing "idkfa" in the cheat menu.
T.H.U.G was a masterpiece AND played on a gamecube obviously
Very interesting man! I can imagine this taking forever to find out and edit :)
These games bring back memories. Especially the sound tracks from them lol.
Joseph Jacobs
I had no idea pro skater 5 existed.. I went from pro skater 3 straight to underground and so on.. I ddnt really enjoy proving ground Luke that and my favorite hast be either underground 2 or American wasteland..
Aku From the future
That mirror with slightly transparent surfaces trick is used in metal gear solid, and many other games back in the day. I love that tidbit.
Gargar Bad
this is what I missed from old games new games are all shiny and everything but severely lacking in easter eggs, inside joke, and unlockables real unlockables, not the microtransaction one things like these make you feel that the developers actually love their games, most of today's games make you feel like a sheep to be sucked out of money through paid dlcs, micro transactions, and many other devious schemes to encourage it
It's a rainy day
How do you know when you have played a game series to much . . . when you can tell people 100 things they didn't know about themXD
Chris Reid
Wow, I've played so much Tony Hawk, was expecting this to be some generic garbage. I'm only 24 in and didn't know about 20 of these!
jonathon pipes
Dude, fact 69 was about the number 420
how'd you know I was gonna watch this drunk
Dropship Captain
The ladies must be the babes who helped build these wonderful games ???
DaGamingCore D.G.C.
Im not a big Tony Hawk fan, but this is the only video of yours I haven't watched at least once lol
tyler g
Kraft how the only 1 I played was project 8 and still think it’s the best one😂☠️🔥🔥
Lol this is dope never knew this
Man, a whole community appreciates your time.
O CANT WAIT TO SEE TOP 100 Oddheader: did you know Me:WHAT Oddheader:that this games *S U C K S* Me: •0•
Nice video! What is the background song? *Edit: Against the current - Dark Colour
antonio griffin
Thanks for this great video.. Bright back ALLLOT of good memories.. Underground was my favorite though!
My favorite tony hawk game is ssx 3
YouTube recommended this to me. Thanks for the trivia, my guy. Subbed
Little Pickle • 22 years ago
We all need a new Tony hawk game, with thug2 engine, but no hd graphic just a normal classic one. BUT A BIGGER WORLD AND TONS OF SECRET!
There *ARENT any hidden tapes.
This is an amazing collection for some amazing games. I love the background sounds stuff - it’s so worth turning the music off now and then.
Man dude u breathe Tony hawk games
I played the Tony Hawk's games so much as a kid, yet about 90% of this was new to me. Great content once again.
I respect that you actually use your own gameplay footage for your top videos a lot, good show.
Zen Zyler
number 100 was the best thing ive ever heard especially listening to flippy tear the game a new asshole
I told myself I wasn't going to watch this one, just because it's only about tony hawk. But then I watched it. And remembered how much fun I used to have back then with my old friends. Damn man. Great video though, brought back a lot of good times.
Wow years playing THUG2 and I never noticed the gingerbread man in barcelona
Zap Actionsdower
started watching this thinking "uh huh, sure, ill bet i know almost all of them". i knew about 2 of them lol great video, i dont think i could have found most of these if i tried..now i really want to play these games!
Mr.Sneezy Anus
all of this is common knowledge if you played any game for 5 mins
17:18 i have never seen that map before but considering how i have only played the Gamecube Version and the Playstation 2 Version, it would’t be the weirdest exclusion from those Versions
Nike 13
Fact 100 had me dead lol
I got one for you! did you know if you pick Jamie Thomas in thps4 and the "American salute" special grind, he will give two unique yells
4:16 jumpscared me so hard...
Infinitepower 8
My favorite is pro skater 3. I always play as my custom, darth maul, or Ollie the magic bum.
I didn't have a console back then so I only played Tony Hawk games at my Friends place. So naturally I didn't knew a lot of things about those games.
Car Silk
Grind Session was so great, thanks for the shout out
Tristantine The Great
Were you in the THPS4 Zoo on THUG2?
Chris Jansen
Your voice sounds so much like Edward Norton!
I just got recommended your videos. Man, that last fact made me sub so fast. Lmao
Saman Dadras
More tony hawk details!
Lmao!!! The last fact is the best!!!!
Andrej Walilko
i learned a lot about THPS 5.
One of my favorite things to listen to was the two guys arguing in Los Angeles in THPS3